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I am a mother of 2 from the USA living in Drammen...

I am a mother of 2 from the USA living in Drammen Norway. I am having my tummy tuck done here in Norway. About 2 1/2 weeks until my procedure. Here are a few before pictures... getting nervous but very excited. Hope my posts can help others in Norway. Ill update this with information as the date gets closer and after the procedure.

More about myself

Just a bit more about myself to help others get an idea of what I am dealing with and maybe they can relate. I have two babies by c-section, both very large at about 10 lbs and 9 lbs. I am only 5 ft 1 in, so there was not much room for these big babies. I started at 135 lbs and over the pregnancies got up to 186 lbs. I lost all my baby weight fairly quick... back to normal size in 6 months. Unfortunately the damage was done to my belly and I continue to look pregnant with this wrinkled pop belly. Now that I am done having children, I cant wait to get this fixed so I can fit my clothes again and just feel better about my self.

I am getting this done in Norway. Advertisement of plastic surgery is illegal in Norway so there are no doctor websites with before and after pics. This made it hard to find a doctor, but through this site I found another women here in Norway and she referred me to her doctor. I made an appointment with him for a consultation...I felt very comfortable and confident that he could repair the damage so I scheduled my surgery for Feb 4th. Contrary to what I previously thought, there are doctors who are quite experienced here in Norway when it comes to tummy tucks... they have done so many over the past years since the health care system actually pays for this procedure if one qualifies. Since a Norwegian women can essentially get a tummy tuck for free (under the right circumstances) there are a lot getting them done ... as you would expect. I am not a citizen so I will pay full price. It's comparable to the USA, maybe a little higher in price, but doing it here will allow me to stay close to my husband and children while I recover. My parents will be coming from the USA for 8 weeks to help me!

Quick post surgery update

Night before surgery I could have no food past midnight... No problem there. The morning of I had to take 4 antibiotic pills 2hrs before surgery and stop drinking liquids. This was at 6 am. I was getting prepared for surgery by 8:15am. Everyone at Teres sykhus in Drammen was so nice, caring, and knowledgeable. Dr. Stubberud marked me up, took some pictures, answered last minute questions and then I was on my way. When I woke I was feeling great, a little sore but no biggie. Nothing compared to the pain of a c section. The procedure took about 3 hours (full abdominalplasty, muscle repair and hernia repair). I was offered coffee and cookies and relaxed as I waited for my husband. Dr. Stubberud came to check on me. Gave me an update and tips on care. Very kind man. Easily the best medical care I have seen in Norway. You get what you pay for. I go back Friday (3 days after surgery) to have my drains removed. I'll post more information and pictures then.

Drain removal

I had the drains removed today. I know it's different for all, but that was horribly painful for me. I have to rest after that. Will post more later.

Quick update

Prior to drain removal I was quite uncomfortable and immobile. Though painful, I am much more comfortable now that the drains are out. It's day 4 post op and I can get on and off the couch by myself. I'm a little constipated but nothing too bad. Pain is very minimal today and I am able to get up every couple hours to make myself something to eat and any other light tasks. I took a shower last night and got a better look at my tummy, very pleased. My belly button is filled with dried blood, but I didn't want to mess with it too much so it's still mostly there. I think the worst is behind me and look forward to full recover. Not sure what else to write. Feel free to ask me questions if there is something I've left out. I think I'll just post pics from here on.


So sleeping in the reclined position is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and painful. Mostly for my back. This is also due to walking hunched over but today I noticed I could stand significantly straighter, so that's getting better. As of last night I decreased the angle that I was sleeping at and laid more flat... It definitely helped. Also, the compression stocking are a pain. I am supposed to wear them all the time for 2 weeks but find myself taking then off in the day the past 2days. I walk around quite a bit so I hope this is OK. I still wear them at night... It sucks but I will put up with it. I find these are also impossible to get on myself. Not sure if anyone else has this problem, but my parents have to put mine on for me. Maybe I just needed a bigger size. I purchased them based on my weight and never tried them on before surgery. I advise buying these early and making sure you have the right fit before you have surgery.

The binder is uncomfortable but does have its advantages. It does make me feel supported, especially when I cough, sneeze, or laugh.... Although I should say try to avoid these actions as it hurts pretty bad. Also, today I put my binder back on myself after my shower but over the past week I needed extra hands to get it on properly without hurting myself. Just goes to show that you definitely need help the first few weeks after surgery.

I get my bandages changed today at the doctors office. I'll get some pics and post later. I've noticed a hair dryer works well to dry the surgical tape and my belly button after a shower. You definitely want to keep these dry and clean. Use dryer on low and on cool if you have that.

I've lost a few more lbs this week and swelling has also gone down a bit. I've noticed that there is some laxity in my skin and my stomach is not as tight as it could be. ... But I'm OK with that. I still have lots of stretch marks and can't expect miracles. I would assume your tummy will stay nice and tight after a tummy tuck if you had few stretch marks and the doc was able to cut them all out. I tried to get close up pics so you can see my scabby belly button and stretch marks... Even with this, I feel I look 100 times better then I did. So still happy.


Here are pics for the last update

Tape change

Getting the tape changed for the first time... It burned a little but not too bad. The cut looks a little scary, but the nurse assured me it will be a nice thin scar as long as I keep the tape on as instructed.


Its been nearly 4 weeks and I feel great. Besides not being able to lift my kids or work out I have pretty much gone back to normal life. My tummy still feels quite numb and it is still very swollen (though less)... more so in the evening. As the swelling lessens I realize there is a significant amount of loose skin left, but like I said its still way better then it was. I have some pics below. None of the incision since its covered in tape anyway. I plan to start using silicone strips on it starting this week. Hopefully this will make the scar nice and flat.

So even with a 5 lbs weight loss and skin removal since the surgery, I still cant fit into pre-tummy tuck jeans. I didn't expect that. Ill be wearing stretch pants and dresses for a while it seems. I do look much better in clothes though and its nice to not wear a girdle.

I was supposed to wear my tummy binder for 4 weeks, but I have given up on that a week early. It seemed to be hurting me more then it supported me. I read other doctors recommendations online and decided to ignore this particular instruction from my doctor. I've felt much better since... so hope its ok.

Not sure what else to write. Next appointment is in 2 months, just a follow-up. Very happy with the results so far. Cant wait to clothe shop.
Kjetil Stubberud

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