Not Sure Why There Are Bad Reviews Posted About Dr. Zollman (Eyelid & Breast Augmentation)- Carmel, IN

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Let me begin, in 1996 I had breast augmentation by...

Let me begin, in 1996 I had breast augmentation by Dr Zollman, at that time I had a scar on my lip that caused a pretty big bump on my lip. When he first saw me he said that I shouldn't have to deal with that scar and he was going to take care of it for free. And he did just that!! He also asked me if I wanted to be proportionate plus or have huge breast and I said just plus not huge. And he did just that!! Never had an issue with my breast implants and actually over the years a few people that knew I had them asked who did them because they looked so natural and all 3 ended up being Dr. Zollman's patients as well and have never had an issue. He has always been the kindest person and I don't believe these women who post that he was aggressive or didn't listen to them and they woke up with huge breast that they didn't ask for.

Fast forward to 2009..I had droopy eyelids that I went to an eye Dr to have the eyelid surgery done because Insurance would partially cover it through an eye Dr. Now it's 2013 and they droopy eyelids were back, and even worse the right side was worse than the left. I decided to bite the bullet and just pay out of my pocket to have a plastic surgeon do them and Dr. Zollman was the first place I went. I admit, I did see another plastic surgeon for an opinion but went back to Dr. Zollman, while was there I had him look at my breast.

Over the years I'd gained and lost weight and the original implants were sitting higher on my chest than they should be (I had them in since 1996 - gravity does exist and you can't ignore it, plus I had gained and lost weight over the years) so they did need a tune up. He suggested a size at first that made me gulp and think OMG maybe some of these women are right he does do them bigger than you want now. I pretty upfront so I called his office and called it out directly with him and the nurse and was assured that what I was asking for was what I would get and we'd talk more before the actual surgery. The day of the surgery Dr. Zollman came in and showed me what he was talking about with my original implants the amount of extra skin I had now due to weight gain/loss/aging. He told me exactly why he suggested the size he did and how it was going to fill in my breast and make my nipple more in place. He assured me they'd go slow in surgery and continue to check the size and shape as they filled the implant.

Well guess what, he did exactly what he said he would do and they look absolutely fabulous and they aren't gigantic boobs now. They look just like my old boobs but younger, better, fuller, better shape! I told him I didn't want to go up more than one cup size because I was a 36D with my first implants he again assured me the size wouldn't change a great deal, just the appearance would be fuller and more natural. I went to the store yesterday to buy some bra's without underwires to wear for about the next month or so and guess what size I bought...1 bra 36D and another 1 (different brand/style) in 34DD. My eyelids are still bruised but they already look so much better and don't feel heavy on my eyes, the more natural shape is back in my eyes from where the first Dr didn't do them correctly. I now have the breasts of confident woman who can go back to work in my very conservative uptight office and feel comfortable that my gossiping cube neighbors will not make me the victim of their next big gossip ring. I had complained enough about my eyes bothering me that they know I had my eyes done and I'm fine with sharing that with all my co-workers because they already look so much better and it did hinder my ability to see the computer screen clearly during those long work days.

Thank you Dr. Zollman, Thank you Linda & Thank you Amy! You all were awesome, comforting, concerned, listened and I'm very happy with the results. You have to remember there are some people that just aren't going to be happy no matter what you do, so don't be like me and start letting some of those negative posts second guess your decisions. Dr Zollman and staff are excellent at what they do and you'll have nothing to worry about when you are in their care. I do remember back in 1996 there was a woman not happy with her results while I was in the office and he scheduled her that day for a second surgery to change them to make her happy and it was at no cost - I bet some of the posts I read may have ended up like that too but that sometimes probably wasn't shared.

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