New DR...Few Months and I'll be a #FisherDoll ;)

So I finally made a decision that I'm ready for my...

So I finally made a decision that I'm ready for my body. I'm 26 I have two boys I hate the way my body looks. Always had hips and thighs but never the booty lol. Im debating if I should do it in the states or go away and get it done. Need help picking the right dr. And making the right choice. Ladies Help!!

So I think I'm gonna go with Dr.Fisher

So originally I decided I wanted to go with Yily. She sent me a quote everything sounded reasonable but I'm not sure if I want to leave the country. I think I'd be safer staying close to home for a big procedure Like that. Now Fisher work is really good his prices aren't too bad I'm waiting until tomorrow for me to be able to get a quote. A coordinator had already contacted me within 30 mins of getting my message but I calls back too late. I'm get excited honestly.

Weight journey

So I'm 5'1 208 lbs I'm hella thick. No one believes me when I tell them my weight but I'm short so it's a big deal. I have hips thighs but no booty lol. So I spoke to my coordinator at Vanity and I have to drop 50 lbs by March. Sounds like a lot and sounds hard but with determination I will make it happen. Now let this journey begin.

Time to say bye bye to this weight

It's official !!! Dr.Fisher here I come

Made my deposit sx date is March 9th !!! Now time to continue with this weight loss :-) too excited now

Picking a recovery house

So I'm trying to find a recovery house but one that my husband can stay with me. He refuses to leave my side any suggestion ladies ??

Weight loss journey

Well it's been awhile since I updated so I figured I should. So weight loss is not an easy thing but you have to motivate yourself and stay dedicated. So far I was able to loose 10 lbs. I still have work to do but I will get it done. I ended up moving my surgery date to April 20th which gave me a little extra time. I'm excited but nervous at the same time. When January gets here I'm gonna look at the time like holy crap shit bout to be real in a few months lol. I'm still stuck on what recovery house that I'm going with. I am traveling with a friend who is also getting surgery the same day only thing is we're going to two different places. I need help with houses ..any suggestions ladies ?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Switching to Dr.Fisher

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