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I've been reading through a lot of reviews on RS...

I've been reading through a lot of reviews on RS for the past few weeks and I am so grateful to everyone for their reviews of their surgery experience. It's so easy to get obsessed with this site, especially when you see people with the results you want! Anyway, I am 25, 5,7", 170 lbs with slim hips and a small butt. My shoulders are wider than my hips and over time I have gained weight (I was 145 lbs a few years ago), my waist is not as small as it was and my stomach has gained a "pudge" in the lower abdomen.. not sexy. I haven't been in a bikini in a while and that sucks because I am originally from the tropics but NOW its time to change that. I always thought I would have to get implants but I'm so happy that the BBL exists.. this is perfect for me. At first I was thinking of Dr. Jimerson (he was the first surgeon I heard of that does BBL) but his prices are about $11, 200 and up.. way too pricey for me. So then I found out about the great work thats being done in the DR (Duran dolls are amazing).. that was exciting especially with the reasonable prizes! However, I'm a little worried about the traveling, language barrier, different surroundings, etc.... sooo how about Vanity Cosmetics?? It's in the US and their prices are very competitive so I'm starting to lean towards that. Still not sure though. My journey has just begun! I'm going to start contacting doctors soon. I'm hoping to do my surgery December 2014.

Quote From Vanity

Hi Ladies! so I sent a few emails out requesting quotes from Vanity Cosmetics, Duran and Yily.. I know its gonna take a while for Duran and Yily to reply based on what all you guys been saying about how busy they are plus didn't Yily just have a baby? Anywhoo my e-mail had a few pics of myself and told them I want a small waist and curvy hips and booty. Welllll to my surprise I woke up to quote from Vanity this morning.. just one day later! The e-mail was from Jessica and she was recommending Dr. Fisher. She said she showed him my pics and that for BBL, general anesthesia, anesthesiologist, lipo on full back, waist, love handles, abdomen, full panel of lab work, 24h emergency line answered by the doctor and all surgery room costs will be $4500. I think thats a pretty good price. What do yall think? especially since it's in Miami. I wonder why she recommended Dr Fisher out of all the other doctors there though. I guess I'll ask her later. But I must add she said that I can have the procedure but for the results I want I need to gain around 15lbs!!! I dunno how hard it will be to gain that much especially since I was actually trying to eat healthier and lose weight but I guess that means they are really planning on sucking that fat out and giving me the donk that I want! lol.. But about the price.. they said it was their Christmas special and that the prices will raise for 2014.. I'm not sure by how much. To lock in this price I need to pay $100 by next week and if I can pay $2000 they will give me a $500 discount! I don't think I can pay $2000 right now but I think thats a good deal. Jessica's e-mail was really sweet.. you can tell she is a nice person. I wish I had more time to wait on the doctors in DR to give me a quote but I might just end up locking in this surgery price next week. So lets get this ball rolling huh. I've been thinking about this long enough!! Time to get my body looking right!

Pics I sent for BBL quote

Any Pre OP and Post OP Fisher Dolls out there?? I want to see his work and link up with u guys!

Yayy I got a quote from Dr Duran!!.. and Merry Christmas lovely ladies

I got a reply from Dr Duran 3 days after I sent my e-mail!! I'm so happy because I thought it would take a million years. She quoted $3600 for lipo and bbl which also includes:
•Pre-surgical medical examinations

•Cardiologic Evaluation

•Photographs (before and after surgery)

•Operating Room


•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)

•Supplies and disposable materials

•Medicines (analgesics and antibiotics)

•Medical fees

•One night at the clinic

•One night of nursing care

•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery

•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative

.. I would have to get medical insurance for $150 and post-operative medication for around $150
sooooo the total so far is $3900.. not bad at all. To secure a date I have to make a deposit of $250. I must tell u guys that I'm in LOVE with Dr. Duran's work. You should see her pics on instagram.. she's a beast!! Even with all the concerns I have about going to DR, she would make the trip worth it!!
I haven't fully decided if I should be a Fisher Doll or a Duran Doll but I will be making a deposit to secure a price and date very soon.

Merry Christmas!!! Wishing u all a lovely day with your friends and family..and to all the post op ladies happy healing!

Quote from Yily

Hi ladies! I hope u all had a lovely Christmas! Can you believe the year is almost over??.. Time flies so fast! Well even though I plan to have my surgery a year from now I really felt the urge to start documenting now.. I guess it's because I've been lurking on everyone else's profile for so long lol. I'm grateful for all the info.. the good and the bad plus u guys can be funny as hell!

So at this stage I'm pretty much still doing research. I sent an email to Dr Yily a few days ago and I got an email this morning! I really have been lucky to get my quotes in such a short time.. I really hope that all the ladies that are waiting will get a reply soon. Just keep sending those emails!! I sent mine in Spanish so I guess that helped but most of my replies were in English. My Spanish (from google translate) must have been horrible so they probably could tell that English was the way to go.

Soo Yily's quote was $3,300 for the following procedures:

· Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist
· Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to the buttock

Also included in the quote total are the following:
· One compression garment (distributed by SILIMED)
· EKG test performed by our resident cardiologist
· Anesthesiologist Fee (Epidural Block)
· Clinic and Surgery Fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

Meds will be an additional $250 so the total is $3,550

Optional Costs:
· Lymphatic massages $31 each session (10 sessions suggested)
· Additional garment $140
· Compression sleeves for your arms $60
· Compression Socks $20
· Blood Transfusion $250
· Medical Insurance. It covers any complication that may present withing the first 30 days after surgery. $150

Sidenote: The whole idea of a blood transfusion is really scary! I pray that won't be necessary when I get this procedure. It really reminds you how serious this surgery actually is.

So to round up the basic costs (not including massages, additional garments, etc)

FISHER -$4500 (no meds)
DURAN- $3,900 (with meds and medical insurance.. Not sure about painkillers)
YILY- $3,550 (with meds but not sure about painkillers)


Wow I'm on this site everyday!! As soon as I wake up... as soon as I get off work.. as soon as I get home.. DAMN this is getting outa control!. Even my fiancee is like "Woww ur looking at booties again???!! SMH" lol I just can't help it! Plus those constant RS e-mails make things worse. I always wanna see new updates especially of u dolls that have made it to the other side.. so many snatched waists and banging booties. I'm so excited for you all!!! This year is definitely the year to get the body u always wanted!! I'm gonna make sure I get mine. Can you believe I'm also getting married this year and I don't think about my wedding half as much as I do about how fine I'm gonna look at the end of the year. That's just crazy!! I hope I get it together soon. Anyway I just wanted to show love to all the ladies that just had/have upcoming surgery. You all will look amazing! Just hang in there, stay positive and enjoy the journey to being even more sexy and fabulous!
P.S. Here are some of my wish pics (pretty much Yaris Sanchez lol)

I'm gonna be a Vanity Doll!!

I finally decided that it will be easier for me stay in the US and travel from NY to Miami instead of going to DR. I'm kinda sad.. just a little.. that I won't be a Duran doll (She's on fire right now!!) but I think its the best choice right now. So I spoke to Jessica at Vanity today and officially locked in on a price for my BBL!!!!! It's $5000 for Dr Fisher and $4000 for Dr Salas. I'm still not sure who I'm going to but she said that those 2 doctors are who she recommends for my body type and for the results I want. I've seen some good work from both doctors so I'll keep doing my research and following you future dolls and then I'll make a decision. This is so exciting because I cant believe I actually took this first step and sent a deposit.. it makes it so real!! Although my date won't be till November/December I still feel jittery because I'm really doing this!! I'm actually gonna do something about this pancake butt and get me some sexy curves hunny! lol Soo much to look forward to!!!

IMPORTANT!!!! .. It is true that Vanity's prices have gone up!! Jessica told me that today was the last day to lock in the prices she quoted!! The office was managing all deposits today before they officially raised the price. I'm not sure what it will be now but notice since last month Fisher already added $500 to his quote. I'm so happy I was able to contact them today so if anyone else has been thinking of going with them for this price please get in touch with them ASAP!!

I'm one step closer ladies!! Good luck to everyone!! xoxo

Earlier Date?

Hey guys!! Let me just say that I've been seeing some slayed bodies these past few weeks! You post op girls are looking sooo good! You are really motivating me and making me really excited for what's to come. I know everybody has different expectations and experiences but your journeys have all inspired me... That being said a lot of us need to remember that it is a journey filled with ups and downs. You may not like what you see in the mirror immediately after the surgery but if you had enough faith to let that doctor operate on you then use that same faith with your body and give it time to mold.. It changes everyday! It's ok if you get a little frantic but stay positive! Worrying doesn't help anyone.

Well it turns out that I may be too busy with school at the end of the year so I might have to choose a surgery date in August. It would be great if I could have my perfect body for my wedding in July but I know that's not possible plus I only told a few people about my decision to do surgery so with all that family there it might be too much!! Everyone is gonna be bombarding me wanting to know where alllladat booty came from lol. I don't wanna be telling so many lies on my wedding day. I can't deal. But when all that craziness is over I hope I can get this new body in August.. I'll see how it goes *fingers crossed*. My fiancée is like who uses their wedding gift money on a new booty?? Well I do!! Haha

So far I'm still leaning towards Dr. Fisher but I don't think Dr. Salas is an option anymore. I barely see or hear about his work so I can't really do much research on him. However, I'm loving the results from Dr. Hasan!!!! Omg he's killing the game right now. His booties are so round and natural looking and it seems as if his technique has ur butt looking good from the first day out lol. His waists are also looking good too. I'm gonna keep up with a lot of you ladies who have surgery with Hasan soon. I wish you all the best! And of course to you Fisher dolls you are all looking amazing and those bootys are fluffing up nicely! No matter where you choose to have surgery, always do your research don't just follow the crowd. Always do what's best for you!

P.S. Vanity Cosmetics are straight hustlers.. If you look up hustler in the dictionary they should be one of the top examples lol. Those girls are something else. The amount of calls I've gotten about 'specials' that I can only get if I make another deposit.. It's crazy lol. I do plan on making another deposit next week though. Vanity is something else..

Weight gain ugh!

Soo I've been gaining weight!! Not on purpose of course but my eating habits/cravings have been going crazy!! I don't know what's going on. This would be perfect for my surgery as Dr Fisher wanted be to gain around 10 pounds BUT I have a damn wedding coming up!!! Ugh!! I really wish I found out about this procedure before all the wedding plans started but such is life. Now I definitely need to start a diet and get serious about working out.. At least to get my stomach down. I can't be looking crazy in my dress. I know a lot of you are also trying to lose weight for different reasons so I'll post some helpful ideas. I hope I can follow them too.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good corset?? I think I'm gonna have to get one so I can at least make it seem like my waist is snatched until I actually become a Fisher doll.

P.s. Looking good ladies. Good luck!! I'm hoping to have surgery in August!


Financing Options?

Hi ladies!!!
Just settling in from a wonderful wedding!!! It was such a perfect day!! I wish I could relive that day over and over. Nowww I'm back trying to figure out how to get this surgery by the end of August. Sooo many unexpected expenses have popped up lately in addition to my expensive wedding and things are looking kinda dim. I don't want to wait until the end of the year so do any of you have suggestions for financing options?? I got denied for care credit and united medical wants me to get a cosigner which I don't have :( When you add up travel expenses, accommodation, supplies and the surgery it's a lot. I'm short of about $3000 . Let me know of any ideas you have. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck ladies!! Hoping to be a Fisher doll soon!!

Ok I'll Wait ..

I've decided to calm my ass down.. Literally lol. No need to rush and stress about coming up with the rest of the money in just a few weeks. I'm just gonna go on my honeymoon as planned and enjoy time with my hubby in the Caribbean :) ..what's the point of being selfish and driving myself crazy??! All good things come to those who wait right? So I will plan accordingly to get everything together by November/December like I wanted in the first place. Time flies and before you know it I will be on my way to Miami.. Can't wait!!! Fisher dolls you are looking so good.. Counting the days to my turn.. xoxo


Can anyone recommend a host from airbnb? .. I am thinking of renting a room for 7-10 days in Miami. I want to stay with someone who is ok with their guest recovering from surgery. Thanks!

Time is flying!!

It's officially October 1st!!! I can't believe how fast time flies!! It's been almost a year since I found out about realself and since I decided that I will get this surgery. I have learnt so much!! I really appreciate this site. Life has taken so many twists and turns but things are starting to look up and I'm planning to have my surgery at Vanity right before thanksgiving... Slowly making payments but I'm almost there. Good luck ladies!! Whether you are researching and planning or recovering and healing, everything happens in its own time..

Almost paid in full!!

I made my second to last payment today!! Yay!! I am covered for more than half of my surgery balance and can now get locked in for my surgery date. I have been jumping from one coordinator to the next but I hope I will finally settle with Stefany Amaro. She is so sweet and helpful!! If you are having trouble with Vanity it might be a good idea to ask for Stefany when you call.

Well it turns out that Fisher is pretty much booked for November but she is try to get me in for November 20th. I had a feeling his schedule would be crazy but I'm really crossing my fingers!!!! I really want to go with Fisher, he has been my number 1 choice for the longest. However, if it isn't possible I'll go with Dr Hasan as he has good results as well. I just have to stress that I really want hips!!! and I guess I will have to deal with no drains. Either way I trust them both and I know my waist will be snatched and my booty will be poppin! I'm so excited!!!!


Lost some weight 5,7" 166 lbs

I'm going to be a Hasan Doll 11/19/2014

Unfortunately Fisher is all booked!! Based on my schedule and Fisher going on vacation in December I can't get a date with him until around the end of January. I can't wait that long so I'm going with Dr Hasan!! I've been researching his results like crazy the last few days and I'm confident that he will sculpt my body right and give me curves for days! lol.. but seriously I'm going to explain exactly what I want and I hope things will go perfectly. Time to get supplies and start preparing myself for this big change!! whoo I'm so nervous and excited at the same time..... Still not sure where I'm staying and I'm not sure if my hubby can make it. I might go alone so anybody going around November 19th??? I'm interested in getting a buddy!!!


Still have a lot to figure out and really hoping to find a buddy but I'm so very excited!! Sometimes I get nervous about doing this surgery and going with Vanity and Hasan but post op dolls like Hasandoll2be2014 renew my confidence!!! I really want this and I can't wait for the new me!!

3 weeks to go!!

Paid in full and I bought all my supplies!! I think I'm gonna start drinking a few ensures to gain some weight.. maybe to get to 172 lbs. Some days I look like I have enough fat some days I don't smh.. I don't think I will be able to do labs before I go to miami even though I really wanted to. I've been taking multivitamins and as soon as my pur-absorb comes next week I will start taking that as well. I told hubby that I'm gonna start eating liver and he was so disgusted lol. Its gross but oh well you gotta do what you gotta do. Counting down the days!!

10 days!!

I booked my flight and I'm staying at New Body Recovery Services. They offer private rooms with a caregiver, 3 meals a day, massages and transportation for $150 a night so I thought that was great deal!! They even have supplies available but I already bought my own. The pictures online look good and I have spoken to the owner and everything seems really nice. I hope I have a great experience staying with them. I wasn't going to do my labs until I got to miami but I really don't want any surprises when I get there. I don't have insurance smh but I think I'm gonna just suck it up and go on Monday or Tuesday. I haven't heard anything from Vanity since I paid BUT I do hope that no news is good news.. you can never tell with them smh. I'm gonna call next week after I get my labs done. Anyway good luck dolls!!!

supply list

pur absorb
ab board
lipo foam
female urinal
arnicare gel
compression socks
loofah sponge
alcohol wipes
antiseptic ointment
benadryl cream
first aid tape
digital thermometer
boppy pillow
baby wipes
shower curtain (for the bed)
tylenol extra strength
faja (to be worn while other one is being washed)
sun dresses, tank tops, robe
vitamin water, pineapple juice.. (will buy in miami)

Flying to Miami at 7:00am!! 1 day till surgery!!!

OMG!!! I cant believe the time went by so fast!!!! I just finished packing and I feel so weird. It's just so strange that I'm actually getting this done after planning for a year and thinking about it for forever. Just really praying that my labs will be ok because I didn't get a chance to do them sigh. Really really hoping for the best. Lots of last minute challenges came my way but I am keeping positive!!!! Pray for me ladies!! I will update soon.

In Miami!!

Yess! I'm at Vanity!!! I just signed a million pages of paperwork. Now I know what you mean when you say you feel like you signed your life away lol. Now I'm waiting to get my labs done. It is packed right now!! Lots of people here.. I've seen a few nice booties too lol. Anyway I think I'll be here for a while.

Oh Moni from New Body Recovery Services picked me up from the airport and she is soo cool and down to earth y'all. I think this is going to be a great fit. She has a mini van so there will be lots of space for me to lie down after surgery lol. I haven't seen the recovery house yet because I came straight to vanity from the airport. I'll keep you guys posted.

Surgery scheduled for 6:30am!!!

I'll be the first Hasan doll tomorrow morning!! I'm so nervous!!! But I feel good especially after meeting doctor Hasan. He told me exactly what I wanted to hear!!! He wants to make my waist super small and give me a curvy butt. He knows exactly what he's doing when it comes to a female body. He pointed things out that I didn't even realize. He's funny too.. asking if I'm ready to be Hasanified lol.. Well yess hunty I am!!! I don't have as much fat as I wanted but I'm looking forward to the new me!!!

The ladies at the recovery house are amazing! Really helpful and understanding. I have a private room and bathroom. It's really clean and cosy. Another girl is here who had surgery with Fisher last week but she is leaving tomorrow. Her recovery was pretty easy. I hope mine isn't too hard. I can be a baby at times lol especially since my hubby isn't here.

Anyway I'm just gonna eat, relax and the next time you hear from me I'll be on the flat side lol. Good luck to all the ladies having surgery and recovering!! Xoxo!

I MADE it!!!! Hasan doll

I had surgery early this morning and left Vanity around 12:30pm. I've just been resting, drinking lots of fluid and peeing every 5 minutes!!! Ugh! It sucks that I have to keep getting in an out of bed but the ladies here have been so sweet and helpful. The female urinal is a lifesaver!!! I can't imagine squatting right now. I'm really sore and stiff. My pain is tolerable.. Not too bad at all. I'm taking Tylenol 3 and it's doing the job.

Ok I didn't have much fat at all, I tried to gain weight these last few weeks but my body was like or nahhhh lol but I am HAPPY with my results!! Dr Hasan transformed this boxy body to a snatched waist goddess lol. I was all groggy in the recovery room and he showed me a pic of me on the operating table and he said "girl look at that waist!" Haha.. All I could mumble was thank you lol and yes thank youuu doctor Hasan! And thank you to all you ladies praying for me and wishing me the best! Now the recovery begins!!!! Xoxo!


The pain is starting to kick in now.. I guess the anesthesia is wearing off :( .. I'm draining like crazy! I've lost count of how many chucks I've used. They are a must have ladies!!! I'm constantly getting up to use the bathroom and it hurts my core so I haven't really been able to sleep smh.. I just took some zzzquil hopefully I fall asleep soon. Mann this isn't easy.. Post op meeting with Hasan in the morning!

Day 2 post op

Good morning ladies! Thanks for your suggestions. I've been trying to take my pain meds and antibiotics on time by setting my alarm on my phone and that helps me stay on track. Also one of the caregivers slept on a couch in the living room next to my room so she could check on me periodically. She takes my vitals every now and then and helps me in the bathroom and changes my soiled chucks. I love these ladies!! They are so funny and caring and they are both nurses. I'm the only one here now but I feel so at home. I still miss my hubby though!!! Wish he could have came. I'm now eating breakfast and I'm about to get ready to go to vanity for my appointment. Oh and the zzzquil helped y'all.. I was knocked out in no time..


Ok there is so much to say but I'm gonna keep it short for now. This recovery is no joke!!! Ladies you need a lot of mental strength!!!! Omg I can't even describe it but something as simple as coughing hurts. When getting in and out of bed it feels like your skin on your stomach and back is ripping into pieces!! I didn't realize how much we use or core till now.. I'm definitely gonna have some strong arms after this! I could go on and on but deep breaths and positive thinking go a long way.

So I went for my post op appointment today but Dr Hasan was in surgery so I saw his assistant. She took my garment off, removed the soaking wet pads and said everything looked good. She was like wow Hasan have you a nice shape! I couldn't really see because there was no full length mirror in the office but I was more focused on that damn faja!! It hurts to take off and even more to put back on ughhh!! She said it was ok to take a shower so I was excited about that.

So fast forward after getting back to the recovery house, eating lunch, sleeping, watching scandal and how to get away with murder finale (that's my shitt! Lol) I got my massage. She was gentle but it hurt like helllllll!!!!!! Especially my sides and back. Just horrible. My skin is numb and it's so tender. It doesn't even feel like skin.. It's more like leather or something. It feels like I'm not even in my body.. Soo weird. Any way this is not scare anyone, I'm just being real! My shower felt awesome after all that!!! It was great but then trying to squeeze in a smaller garment (the other one was loose already) was another ordeal. I have the foams, ab board, a tank top and pads underneath the garment. Mann no wonder they say the garment is evil.. I now know why. Anyway once it's on it's fine. I waddled myself back to bed all this while with the help of my nurse of course so now I'm laying down trying to get some rest. What a day!!! But I made it and I still think it's worth it but it's definitely tough. Taking each day at a time dolls!

Love this recovery house!

The ladies are very thorough and take great care of you around the clock! One the best decisions I have ever made!! I could not have made it this far without their help! Moni is the bomb!!!!

Day 3

Oh my the struggle continues. So yesterday I changed from a size 36 faja to a size 34 because it felt loose. The 34, which is a small was really painful to get in but once we got it up and put the pads, ab board, lipo foams and triangle in the back I was like ok this is gonna keep everything right and tight. And it sure did smh.. That thing had me so tight I thought I was gonna disappear! The most uncomfortable thing ever!! I could hardly waddle like I was before and it took all my appetite away because I was so smooshed together like a damn tin of sardines. So you know that had to come off!! I got my massage which was really painful but a little better than yesterday (there is hope ladies!!) and then I had the best shower ever. I'm now back in the size 36 and everything feels a lot better.
I'm still so swollen and numb but there is a slight difference since yesterday. My stomach doesn't hurt as much but my lower back really does. He must have lipo'd the heck out of it because that's where I feel most of the whole 'hot lava' sensation that ladies talk about. I'm taking my pain meds on time along with arnica tablets and rubbing arnica gel on my lipo areas. That really helps. Sometimes I get lightheaded and nauseous when taking off the garment because of the sudden change in circulation but drinking small sips of ginger ale helps. I drain a lot in the massages but otherwise my draining has really slowed down. TMI but I haven't pooped yet.. I have heard bowel sounds and I have farted a few times but nothing else. So I'm going to try the smooth move tea tomorrow and see if I can go. Hopefully that works.

Morning of surgery vs 3 days after

I know I'm still very swollen and these aren't my final results but good lawdddd! Lol

Leaving Miami tomorrow!

Wow ladies the time has gone by so fast and I feel like I'm not ready to leave! Recovery seems like such a long road I don't know how I haven't burst into tears yet. I guess you psych yourself up about this banging body but don't really think about the sacrifice until you go through it. Oh my!!! Well that being said even though my massages hurt, I'm still tight and swollen, it's hard to get a comfortable position and I'm longinggg to just have a damn seat already I STILL look in the mirror and smile. I've wanted this for years!! So I really need to stay strong and push through. A lot of you ladies were prescribed Percocet but I was given Tylenol 3.. Maybe I'm better off not taking percs because of the side effects though. Idk. But I do wish I didn't have to feel anything. Ughh.
Anyway I have an appointment with dr Hasan tomorrow before my flight and I hope I get to see him so he can take a look at my progress and my incisions. Moni told me that I have at least 3 stitches so those need to be checked too.
I've been treated so well at this recovery house! My every need has been taken care of. I will really miss the ladies here and I wish I could take them with me because I doubt my hubby has a clue what to do lol but we will figure it out. But yea if you do decide to go with Moni I think you will be making a great choice!!
Wish me luck on my flight ladies!! I'm hoping the plane won't be too full. NY I'm coming home lol.

Flight from hell!!!

Ok ladies I'm home and doing ok. It feels so weird being home in a faja and ab board, etc like what happened to me.. what did I really do? lol. Being home makes it all real trust me lol. My hubby was so happy to see me and he is in LOVE with what he sees so far lol. He was like I'm not gonna lie babe that ass is huuge (all smiles) lol. I'm like oh boy it's still swollen so it will go down a little and I'm kinda hoping it does because I dunno if I can handle a reaction like that from everyone. I'm shy but I am excited to see the end results!!

Ok so now that I have had some time to rest I am in a better mood but let me tell you about my horrible flight yesterday. Unfortunately I had a connecting flight this time because I wanted to limit the ~4h drive my hubby would have to do. I do not recommend this at all!! If you can get a non-stop flight do it!! even if it is more expensive it is worth it!!... Ok. the first flight was on time, I had asked for an aisle seat and noticed that I was given a window seat. I went up to the attendant in the boarding area and explained my situation and she said she would try but that the flight was full. Turns out they didn't have any and even though I tried to ask around the best I could do was a middle seat in the back. So I was like fine I'm just gonna stand for most of the flight. WRONG!!! That flight had the most turbulence i have ever experienced in my life!! The seatbelt sign was on the whole damn time!! I was so uncomfortable on my boppy pillow I felt like my booty was gonna pop at any minute. I cant explain how horrible the numbness and hardness is when you sit for a long period of time. Hasan told me in the post-op to try my best not to sit for 2 months and that was a FAIL!! I was so mad, tired, emotional, nauseas, everything.. not just from having to sit but turbulence like that is really scary. It has you thinking all types of things smh. I only got to stand up once because I said I had to pee and I stayed in the bathroom for as long as I could before the attendant started knocking. They barely had a chance to pass out drinks.. the ginger ale I got really helped settle my stomach. Finally got off the plane! then I was walking like a damn snail to the next boarding area. My butt was on fire lol (I can laugh now but trust me it was farrr from funny at the time.).. Anyway the second flight was over an hour late, the plane was sooo small and full, turbulence was absolutely the worst and I still had to sit again!! What a nightmare!! ...

So from all that what I can say is.. I hate united airlines!!! The turbulence wasn't their fault but there's a lot more that happened to make the flight horrible. It was a windy day.. so I dunno if its possible to plan around the weather but yeaa and verify that you have an aisle seat. I really hope nobody else goes through what I did smh.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone is doing great! So much to be thankful for. Just a quick update. I'm feeling more and more like myself each day. I still get tired easily and I get headaches from time to time but apart from that I'm ok. The most depressing thing is not being able to sit down :( it really really sucks. We are having family dinner later and I have no clue how I'm gonna play this off. Anyway about my body.. Swelling has gone down a lot even though I still feel puffy. Everything is definitely smaller.. Maybe from me sitting or from normal volume loss. I feel skinny today lol. I'm happy with my results just hoping not to lose much more. Ok dolls hope you are having a great day! Remember to stay away from the sodium! Xo

My booty is 3 weeks old!

I'm doing well! The swelling and stiffness in my stomach and back gets really annoying sometimes but otherwise I'm fine. I feel bad saying that I have been sitting :( :( I just can't stay on my stomach allll the time.. I know better but I just can't. How do you ladies do it??? I probably lost some booty because of it but I'm still loving my results. I wear my garment for most of the day but not all the time. I definitely need a smaller one now though.. I think I'm going to start wearing a waist clincher too. My measurements are 33, 28, 41 and I'm still swollen. Can't wait till this recovery process is over! Haven't really gone out but I'm looking forward to having some fun for the holidays!!

Quick update

Happy New Year!! I hope you ladies are enjoying your new bodies! I'm still loving mine too! Right now my butt is very soft and jiggly. I still haven't fluffed so I'm still looking out for that fluff fairy like where are uu?? lol. I still get swollen in my mid-section when I eat salty foods.. I really can't wait till that's over with but I am completely pain free. A little stiffness sometimes but it's not bad at all. My butt and hips have gone down and sometimes I think it's so small but when I go out everyone tells me how huge it is so maybe it's just me lol. I was killin it in my fitted dresses over the holidays lol.. Curves on fleek!! Lol. I'm so happy I did this procedure, I feel so good about my self now and shopping is so much fun! Except when buying jeans tho.. Nothing fits my waist but I guess that's nothing to complain about. I noticed that I suck at following rules. I was sitting way to early and I barely wear my faja.. So horrible but I just feel over it. I still need lots of compression though because I'm still swelling up from time to time. I need to order a new garment because all the ones I have are too loose. I hate that I have to keep getting new garments but I guess it's for the best.

A lot of people have been asking about the new body recovery house where I stayed. Yes! I had a great experience, I was treated well throughout my entire stay and I would recommend them to all of you ladies. I was quoted $150 a night for a private room and bathroom, 3 full meals and snacks a day, daily massages and transportation. The ladies also do laundry, help you in the bathroom, help putting on your faja and getting dressed, they sanitize the room and bathroom each day.. Just everything. A nurse slept by my room the first night and she checked my vitals, etc but after the first night it was not necessary as I was able to do basic things like getting out of bed and using the urinal. However, I was given a Walky talky to use if I needed to contact them and they came right away. Great area and great people so if interested you can contact them from their website.

Anyway I wish you ladies all the best for the new year!!! Life always has twists and turns (I'm going through it right now) but just keep positive and keep working for what you want. What is for you is for you!!


I think I gained some weight over the holidays so u know what time it is.. Time for the gym!!!! Not my favorite place but I have to at least do one thing right lol.. Let's keep it right and tight ladies!!


I'm doing great ladies!! Just wanted to show a pic of my butt. It's been looking huge these days. I'm not sure what's going on lol. Maybe fluffing? Or is all my junk food going straight to the booty? Hmm.. Well I just wanted to say be patient ladies!! I had moments where my butt looked small and now I'm almost 3 months and it's looking juicy lol. Just give your body time.
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