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I'm in the beginning of my sx journey and I'm very...

I'm in the beginning of my sx journey and I'm very excited. I've been thinking about this for a few year now and decided I better stop playing before its too late or my health goes bad or anything . I want to wear the clothes that I want to not that I have to with my gut in front of me lolol . So now I'm here,made the decision to DO IT !!! I have went back and forth with different doctors in my head . I started with who am I going to have my SX with ?????? Two girlfriends looking fab, one went to the King Cabral and the other went to Duran they both look terrific . However I had to think about MY body type and what I wanted to look like . So I said let me send them all a request for a consultation. Sent back all my photos and answered all the questions received . Received DR. Belen first $3900.00 he does nice work , then I received my Robles quote $4750.00, then the King Cabral $5000 and Duran $5200.00 inc surgcoordinator. I was surprised how fast i received Duran quote , with so many people stating it s hard to hear back from her , or she is very picky but she did . So now i'm excited and more confused than the beginning seeing all the people I was interested has gotten back to me . So now I'm steady looking at everybody's work and I've decided to go with Robles 80% now looking at another doctor Almonte ...... Well see

Im confirmed soooooo EXCITED !!!!

So I'm confirmed with Dr. Robles for Feb 2017 Lord willing and I'm so excited. I've also chosen my recovery house which is Serenity . Ive heard good things about them and they are very responsive when your asking questions. Being comfortable was very important to me for post op . They have the massage room there plus 24 nurse station, so that's cool. The menu looks pretty good as well. They don't have hospital beds that was important to me at first but they do have recliners in each room . My bestie and I are going together so were sharing a room. I got a little nervous about Dr. Robles because she is not at Cecip but the new place look OK and I spoke with some recent Robles dolls and they said it was fine and clean.

Countdown To DR

Time is winding down

I'm getting excited I have all my supplies except my epifoam. I learned so much since my last entry on here . I decided I will stay at serenity rh to recover . Liz has been so helpful and speaking to Robles assistant who has been so helpful as well has made me feel so confident in my decision. My hemo.started at 12.2 last month in Nov it was 13.1 I'm gonna check it again next week to see how I'm doing . So far so good!
Dra. Robles

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