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Hello im 28 years old and i suffer from diabetes...

hello im 28 years old and i suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure which both is nder control im about 200 pounds and I'm 5'10. I have been waiting to do thee procedures for the past couple yers but i was always so scared, hearin different stories about people not surviving the surgery so i always put it off. This time i am certain that im going to go though with it this summer, its something that i really want to do. Im not confident with my body when i am completely naked i hate looking at it. Im waiting for my doctors here in the us to give me clearance to be able to perform the surgery, they arent to happy that im decided to leave the country to do it so i believe thats why its taking them so long to ok it. I want the perfect body im stuck between going to almonte and medina. Medina is such a great dr because from the firt day i contacted her he have responded within mins and every question i have asked her she have answered, she is also board certified, besides that my friend just came back from DR and she went to d medina and she highly recommends her. But i have been looking at almonte work and I LOVE IT omg and besides that she used to working on big frame women and she gives you the perfet curves , but almonte havent responded to me on whatsapp besides the last time i wrote her 2 months ago and she gave mw a quote. Im so scared to do this surgery and i just want to pick the best doctor because i dont want to do a ound 2 on my body . Medina dosen't have too many pics up but almonte have a lot, what should i do and who should i pick HELP!!!!!!!

Dr.Medina it is

so i have decided to go with dr.medina, i finally spoke with almonte and she is blocked until august. I figured doctor medina is a great choice also because of her credentials and i have recently saw her facebook page and she have worked with many heavy women and they look GREAT. Im still waiting to book my date im not sure if im goimg june or july, im also a student so im waiting for my semester to end to see if i need to take a summer class or not, i will be certain after may 15. I have been contacting my primary doctor about my clearance letter and also some precriptions i need filled for the iron. Iam going to upload pics of myself i was uneasy about it at first but at this point have what do i have to hide. Im so nervous about the decidion to go to dr for this surgery but i badly need it, my mom isnt supporting my decision neither ate my friends ,but my boyfriend is he's even going to take off work to make sure he's there with me for the first few days then he has to return back to work but he will fly down on his days off( he fly free) :). but with all that said i made my choice medina it is just waiting for may 15 to decide if im going in june or july. :) And ladies im happy i found this site becuz its also helping me and i see there are more women out there like me thats just tired of their body and wants to make a change!!

am i backing out???

i been on this site day in day out reading everybody stories and viewing oucs to be honest its really scaring me im so afraid to do this surgery all i keep thinking is something may go wrong i may not make it bac to the U.S. I know i shiuldnt be thinking like this but i cant help it just yesterday i was ready and happy that i was going to be making my deposit friday BUT today i feel so nervous what shiuld i do, i really want this surgery i deserve it im so tired of being unhappy wit my body but im so scared :(


well i made it offical i sent my deposit and booked my date for july 1st..this has to be done. i know im scared as hell but im sure i will gwt over this fear... but im still happy i made the first step :)

Vitamin C, B-complex and iron

i just picked up my meds my primary doctor prescripted me some iron bills 325 mg,b-complex, vitamin c and acid reducer (for after surgery because i will b taking alot of different pills ).Dr.medina said its ok for me to start taking the vitamin C b-complex and ironnow as long as i stop 2 weeks b4 surgery :)

Bio oil

look what came in the mail today, i ordered it friday from amazon and it arrived today, thr bio oil is to be used 6 to 7 weeks after surgery wen your scars are healed .. i also ordered the anti embolism knee high stockings for after surgery to keep the blood circulating in my legs since i will be laying in bed alot not really moving my legs, it keeps blood clots from forming


i spoke with doctor medina assistant yesterday and she confirmed i will b at tropical recovery house for 14 days in a private room. Im so excited about this surgery i cant wait til july 27th im so ready to hit the flat side.. Has anyone heard any reviews on this recovery house?

BAD NEWS (may need a travel buddy)

So my boyfriend just told me yesterday he may not be able to go with me for my surgery date but he can fly down aftter, i think im goimg to reschedule because there is no way im having this surgery alone NO WAY. I think hes backing out because he does not want me to do it, i have no one to support me with this, im getting discouraged now :( i may have to cancel the surgery

UNDER 200 pounds

i have a questiois it true you have to be under 200 pounds to have surgery??????


so my appointment went well, i didnt do my cbc because my doctor wants me to come bac in july so she can check me again before surgery then we do blood work, i did do cheat x-ray and also she told me i should lose 10 ponds before i do the surgery she actually highly recommemded it. She said i am very healthy and my diabetes is under great control. I was asking her so many questions like what if this what if that she told me not to worry im healthy and the surgery will go well she juss want me to lose the 10pounds. She also prescribed me pills for inflammation and pain pills, i asked her is she can precribe me the antibiotics cuz its expensive out there and she said she will wen i come bac in july, im so exicited everything is going great. I juss ordered my last supply from dr. medina list which is the rose oil, all i need is the bbl pillow and the other lil supplies like the gloves and things :) I CANT WAIT TIL JULY 27th


i did labs last tuesday with my endocrinologist and i juss got the results my hemo is 12.6 it has to be at least 13 right??? what can i do to raise it???


i cant believe how fast time is flying i kno these next 4 weeks are going to fly by..Im still nervous but im ready to do this i bedn doing all i can to be prepared for this surgery, i have all the meds dr medina had on her list for after surgery care , i havent yet purchased the other lil things like sunglass tanks guazes and gloves and things i will be getting it all next week tho. Im going to start the gym again because i want to drop this 10 pounds i gained. I just want to make sure im healthy as possible when i have this surgey so i dont have any complications what so ever. I just been talking to god alot about it and hopefully everything goes well


so i been drinking smoothies every morning for the past 2 weeks its consist of beets brooccli celery cucumbers and spinach hopefully this helps boost my hemo

wen to stop b complex and vitamin c

my doctor told me to stop all vitamins 15 days before my surgery so basically i gotta stop the vitamin c and b complex has anyone else heard this? she told me to only take the iron pills


so i just left my doctors appontment and the results were great my hemo went up to 13.4 i was worried it wouldnt go up from last time which it was 12.6. My primary doctor performes an ekg and it was good also my chest xrays came back good, she also precribed all the anitbiotics i need for after surgery IM SOOO FREAKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW :) thank god

6 days left til im a medina doll

well im packed and ready to go to dr sunday , i have everything except a few things im going to pick up today... Im so nervous but omg i cant wait. Dr medina have been so patient with me and i mean i have been writing her EVERY SONGLE DAY with a different question and she has answered every songle one I LIVE HER TO DEATH.. i cant wait to finally meet her sunday

IM HERE IN DR....almost that time!!!

met wit all the doctors did all the teting and xrays ready to go. I met doctor medina she is great omg every one here is so nice and sweet


boy o boy am i in sooooooooo much pain i cant even decribe it ..i didnt get more then 4 hrs of sleep... i felt so much numness in my left leg and left buttock i cried all night i even felt num in my lips idky ..

on my way to my RH

so im doing much better so im leaving the clinic today and heading to the recovery house, first i have to go do a oxygen treatment that Dra medina recommend i have ( ladies i tell u pleasssse make sure u bring extra money with u for will need it) i had to pay for a blood transfusion and oxygen treatmen and endoconilogist. but here are some updated pics

Taking it day by day

hey ladies today makes 9 days post op and its getting harder and harder i tell you, im in the recovery house and i feel its no need to be here cuz im taking my own meds sometimes my nurses forgets to give me certain meds smh, dont get me wrong the recovery house is beautiful and every one is very nice but some nurses are as great. since i been here not one of them have asked to wash me up i have been going in the bathroom myself every day and doing my thing. Im do ready to get out of DR, im miserable and depressed i miss my family my friends and boy friend. I have been draining so much so i know the doctor wont let me leave before next tuesday, i actually think i may have to leave with the drAin in, my friend told me to stay 14 days and thT i would b completely drained but i guess she was wrong, i see it as if imma leave with the drain in why do i have to even stay until tuesday IM READY TO GO NOW !


so my doctor cleared me to leave dr yesterday only thing is i left with drain in she said didnt make sense to wait til tuesday cuz reguardless i was gonna have to leave wit the drain in anyway so i left now im wondering how imma get it out.. i told my doctor i would fly back to dr and let het take it out but that flight so long.. EHAT SHOULD I DO LADIES any advice?


the 27th will make a month post op and im digusted with my results. My stomach soilt fown the middle and i dont kno why and i still have fat in my stomach. I thiught my stomach would b flat or at least flatter than wat it was. My bad pain is horrible i can barely sleep at night and this faja is sucking the soul out of me. I have contacted dr. medina many times asking her about the split in my stomach snd she saying its faja burn and its not the spilt is starting from my belly button. i seen a plastic surgent today in the states and he said my dr did a horrible job i was so embrassed he said i wasted my money. I mean dont get me wrong my stomach is smaller than wat it started iut but wth i did a tummy tuck to get rid of strech marks and ended up getting a permanent mark i dont believe it will go bac to my skin color. im so unhappy i swear


its been almost 7 weeks since i had the surgery.. im no longer feeling to much pain sometimes in my back.. so after visiting about 5 doctors i was finally told i have seroma i have been so disappointment.. i really hate the way my stomach looks.. i went thru all this pain and spent all this money and to me i look horrible.. wit clothes on i look great thats wit the faja tho i feel imma still need to wear a faja foreva cuz again im tryna hide this stomach. Dr. medina keeps telling me wait 6 months it will go down but wat about the scar in the middle wat about the skin discoloration smh i kind of regrit doing my surgery with her cuz its like she dosent care i wish i would have chose another doctore she did my bbl pretty ok but my butt is kind of flat on the upper part of my cheeks ughhhh im juss unsatfisfied..... here are pics of my stomach :(
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