Costa Rica Breast Implant Surgery

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I went to Costa Rica for Implants at 3 grand. I...

I went to Costa Rica for Implants at 3 grand. I stayed at the Ambassador around the corner at 50 bucks a night. They walk you to and from. It's on Paseo Colon, which is downtown San Jose. There is a supermarket across the street and an art gallery to your left and a nice park. I saw the Doctor 5 minutes, told him what size, saline, where they should cut etc..I showed him my boobs and had him comment. Later I went down the street for a breast ultrasound which was normal. That was 40 dollars. Next morning 8 am I came to doctor. We talked more.I took pills, rested and then paid doctor 3 grand cash at 5 % discount. I went into operating room and my feet were placed in a boot and zippered up. I was given anesthesia in arm, shot in my butt and I feel asleep. I wanted to go to sleep. When I woke up a nurse said I was all done. No infections, nothing. I sat up a few hours later and I wanted to go to my hotel. They walked me there. I was fine and went on internet right away. I do not like anti biotics so I did not take any, I heal fine without them, but I only ate fruit for several days as well. I drank a lot of water. I took the codeine they gave me a half every 4 hours. They gave me 7. I took some sleeping pills, they gave me two. The next day I went back to change bandages but nothing leaked or there was no infection. Healed great. I love my breasts. I went from b/c to dd. They look great and no bruising even except a tiny bit under nipple. I had a good surgery. Before I went I read a bad review of the doctor, by someone who bled on a plane coming home. But he is one of the best and the good reviews outnumber, and publicity are very good. He was featured on american shows as well. I think he is only one certified by the USA board. I had to really use my brain and think after reading that, but I am glad I did. He does a zillion a year. There is no pain, just discomfort when I sleep. if I have a sharp pain I drink water and it goes away in 20 minutes. All I can say is Thank you, Thank you very much. I knew it would turn out great for me.
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