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So I had coolsculpting done yesterday on my upper...

So I had coolsculpting done yesterday on my upper and lower bra line. Didn't hurt as much as I expected, but was uncomfortable. My husband and I are going to track my progress over the next month to see if I need another treatment (I'm thinking I will).

I had a tummy tuck one year ago--done by same office I'm going to for the coolsculpting. Every one there is amazing and I totally trust them. Before our Hawaii trip in October, we want my back to match my front, hence the coolsculpting.

Anyways, I'm just past the 24 hour mark and still tender, and bruised, like someone has beaten my back with a baseball bat. Since it's the weekend, I'm going braless to prevent any pressure back there.

I drink 102 ounces of water daily so I'm hoping this will hope flush everything out.

First day with bra

So I didn't wear a bra all weekend, but had to today because of work. My back both thanks me, and hates me all at the same time.

I'm a bit sore, but nothing bad enough to pop Advil. I did my stomach crunches, and plank at lunch with a yoga mat, but it wasn't as bad as I was thinking it would be. I think the bra strap is what is making everything sore right now. This bad boy will be coming off as soon as I get home from work. Oh, and I've also noticed that I'm sore when going from side to bending from the waist. Again, could be the bra making everything seem worse than what it actually is.

I'm not taking any pictures until I'm at least at the 2 week mark. Seems kinda pointless since this is a slow paced thing. However, I will update on the physical feeling of it since I didn't see a whole lot of reviews dealing with the bra line area.

I also have the bright red marks still on my back, but their not as bright as Saturday. I bruise easily so this will probably stay with me for a week or longer.

I think I'm a linebacker

So the swelling makes me think I look like a linebacker. My back and tummy are both swollen right now, but not a lot I can do about it but to keep pushing the water consumption. I did think about wearing a compression garment, but it's just too hot for that mess. Plus, I wore spanx 24/7 for years before my tummy tuck, and only weaned myself off of it a few months ago--I don't really want to go back. I'll deal with some swelling.

I'm not really in pain, it just seems to be sore. The bra I have on today feels much better so far. The straps are in different places so I think that's the key. I'll probably wear a sports bra tomorrow.

I'm actually still swelling from a tummy tuck a year ago, but I'm just an odd chick. It took forever for my swelling to completely go away after a hysterectomy in 2011 so it's to be expected. My doctor seems to think it'll be gone in another 6-8 months. Some mornings I'll wake up completely flat...or as close to flat I think I'll be, but other mornings, not so much. Anyways, with the swelling in the back and front today, I feel I should change my name to Bubba and go to a NFL tryout camp.


So I'm totally swollen. Like all over. We just got back from a road trip, and my back is crampy and very swollen, however, the rest of me is to. I stupidly got on the scales and I'm up 4 pounds since Monday....and I haven't even eaten that much!! It's nuts!

Weight back to normal, still swollen, and still cramping

So I had the freak out over the 4 pound weight gain....I was back to normal this morning. I'm trying to lose (it's slow going) and have a goal to be in the 140's by July less than 2 pounds to go...

Anyways, my back is still crampy, and swollen, and just tight feeling. My bra doesn't feel that great on. Nothing I can't handle, however, last night was another story. I think my back was rebelling from being trapped in the car for 12 hours over the past 2 days so last night wasn't fun. I didn't take anything, but probably should've taken advil to help me get comfortable. According to my fitbit, I only got 2.5 hours of sleep and tossed and turned the majority of that time. Also, last night, I announced to my hubby that I was NOT doing another treatment, but I'm singing a different tune this morning and actually looking into dates that I can schedule around my work schedule. Since my body holds onto swelling for some reason, we want to get what we can done before August. I think anything past August, and I'll run the risk of still swelling on our trip. I know August-October is a long time to expect swelling, but I also know I'm an odd chick when it comes to my body trying to heal itself.
I'll probably take pics next weekend since it'll be my 2 week mark. My back is still bruised and has the red marks on it from the suction.
Oh, and my stomach has started the bloating/gassy/weird thing that I've read about, but didn't think it'd happen to me since I had treatment on my back. I think it's my body breaking down the fat, maybe, because I barely ate anything yesterday (because of being uncomfortable in the car & just tired/ready to be home) so I know I didn't eat anything offensive.
I did rub my lower back where I had the treatment done yesterday for about 10 minutes last night. I read that it helps break stuff up faster. Dunno if it's true, but didn't hurt to try.


So my back feels less swollen (at the moment), but still sore, however, my stomach feels all bloated and yucky...worse today than yesterday. My back isn't a bad, horrible sore, just more like I didn't sleep right on it last night type of sore....or maybe I did too much yesterday type of sore. Nothing that would need Advil.

I'm still drinking 3 liters of water a day, and getting a ton of steps in while at work. While pacing a little bit in my office yesterday, I did try to rub the middle part of my back where the lower section had the applicators. I'm thinking I should do this every day. I also think I shouldn't get back on the scales until at least next Friday. The swelling and bloating is making everything go up and down.

no pain

So I have no pain, and mainly no soreness. Maybe a little at night after wearing a bra all day, but nothing earth shattering. Still have red marks on my back, but they're fading. It's still becomes slightly swollen, but nothing like it was.

I am still having the problems with my stomach cramping up, and pooping a lot (tmi, but honest), but isn't this how your body expels the fat??? So I'm taking this as a sign it's working.

I've not noticed any changes yet, but I'm not even two weeks out yet. I'm hoping by next Friday I see some. I think my husband wants to wait until the 5-6 week mark to see how much progress has been made before we book the 2nd treatment.

still same

So, no pain or weird feelings. My back does cramp up after being in a car for a long time, but it's not bad. I do still swell a small amount throughout the day.

I've not noticed a physical change yet, but I'm only at my 2 week mark so not expecting it yet. Hopefully next week.

I am having weird stomach issues.
****skip this part if you don't like poop talk***
Like so for the past week-10 days, my poop has looked like baby diaper poop. Like a mustardy type--and my diet has not changed. I eat mainly vegan except for eggs and honey, drink a ton of water, but I did this BEFORE the coolsculpting. It's just since the coolsculpting that my poop has looked funny. I'm just assuming that maybe it's full of nasty dead fat cells and that the procedure actually is working, but I dunno. Just throwing it out there in case anyone else is having this issue.....or maybe I'm the only one that notices poop? I dunno.

Maybe stomach bug

So now I'm thinking I may have a stomach bug? I don't want to think that I'd get this sick to my stomach just because of the coolsculpting. It could just be a combo of both, I dunno.

No pics today, but I was tempted. Most don't see any improvement until 3 weeks, and I'm just at 2 so I'll probably wait until next week. However, I am happy to report that I no longer have the red marks on my that's something :)

Back at it

So I took the long holiday weekend off from tracking steps, drinking a ton of water (although I still drank a lot of water), and worrying about anything.

Still having the bloating, but not as bad. I don't think it was a stomach bug, I think it was a mix of coolsculpting/weird food & drink combo.

Outside of stomach stuff, I have no back pain, or swelling (that I can tell). I actually think I'm noticing a very very slight change, but I dunno. The plan is to take another picture on Friday or Saturday to compare the two. However, I don't think my first picture I posted was a true representation of how big and lumpy my back is....but I'll post an updated pic anyways.

No change :(

Ok so I know that I said I'd post pics today since I'm 3 weeks, but there's absolutely no change--and my beginning photo wasn't a good representation of how bad my back rolls are....I guess because my back is hunched over some?

But yeah, I had camera out ready to snap, and I thought there was no point because what I look like looks way worse than the original pic I posted. I actually feel pretty defeated at this point. I don't know if it's just not working, or if I need to spend more $ on second treatment.

However, no pain or anything anymore.


Ok so I think last weeks attitude was from swelling, and I just didn't realize it. I peed like a ton over the weekend and feel my back is somewhat smaller, but still not where I want it to be. I think I may go ahead and schedule the second treatment at some point this week.

2nd treatment scheduled

Next treatment is July 22nd....if I don't cancel it between now and then....

TMI alert

Ok so my stomach issues are still not all the way gone, and I'm pretty sure it's the coolsculpting. I mean yesterday I was pooping an oily like substance. It freaked me out so I looked it up, and it said something about the body and processing I guess it's a good thing I'm still "naturally" eliminating fat? It just weirded me out.

I maybe see a slight difference, but it's nowhere near what I want it to look like so I'm glad my husband agreed that I needed the 2nd treatment--I'm just hoping the stomach issues are all the way gone by October (I mean surely to goodness they will be!)

Here at 2nd treatment now

Hooked up now. They have new machines that cut the time in 1/2 and covers more area. Doing the lower portion first. It is colder, and the first few minutes seem more intense, but once the numbness kicked in everything was ok. I have about 10-15 minutes left until it's time to start the upper portion

After 2nd treatment today and more realistic pic

So I did second treatment. If it was my first, it probably would've been my last because it was more intense than first one, however, I don't have the look of just being beaten with a baseball bat, so that's good.

Anyways, I took a "better" pic of my back so you can see the rolls and lumps that I'm trying to get gone. The first pic is where is just not accurate since I had my back hunched trying to make sure the girls weren't showing.

Back tight

Day after my 2nd treatment and my back is very tender and feels very tight but doesn't have those nasty marks on it like after my first treatment. I think this second one will do better since it did cover larger area
Will keep posted of any changes

Day 2 of second treatment

Wearing compression garments to see if that'll help. No pain though and the compression garments help with swelling

little bit of stabbing pain, but not bad

I did have some stabbing pains last night in the upper portion of my back. Nothing too alarming, but I did take some advil to help me get comfortable and sleep.

Even though it's hotter than hades outside, the plan is to wear the stupid compression garments for at least a couple of weeks, if not a full 4 weeks, to see if that helps. I did wear the compression garments along with a waist trainer over the weekend, but didn't wear the waist trainer to work today. I may put it on for a few hours when I get home this afternoon.

I'm also still drinking a ton of water (3 liters) so hopefully nasty dead crap will be flushed out.

compression garments help more than I thought

So I wore a compression garment all day at work yesterday. Once I came home, I put on my waist trainer that has high back support. All day, I was good. As soon as I took that sucker off, the stabbing pain started again in my upper back. Nothing too bad, like I didn't even need Advil, but it was just annoying. And I did notice that I'm numb in places. I think all the compression is keeping the swelling at bay though so that's good. It's just way too hot for all these stinking layers!

shoot me now today I thought I'd be I am wearing a compression garment AND a waist trainer at work. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I have gotten compliments on how I look, but dear lord, I'm surprised I'm not dead from heat stroke/lack of oxygen/stupidity......


Ok, so I think this might be a sign of stuff finally actually happening, but I've noticed on the lower part where I had the coolsculpting done, it is getting dimply and weirdly lumpy....if that makes sense. It's not noticeable like through clothes or anything, but I noticed it today while getting ready for work.

The compression garments have really helped with swelling and soreness, however, it just seems to come on as soon as you take them off....and I REFUSE to sleep in them.

The same stomach issues are coming back. Woohoo.

seems more narrow today

I'm 6 weeks out from first treatment, and 1 week out from second....

So my back seems more narrow today (just barely), but the lumps still there. One side looks a bit smaller, however, I have some bad scratch marks on there from my constant scratching yesterday. I didn't have the itch the first go around, but it was pretty bad yesterday.

The stomach issues don't seem as bad so that's good. It's there, but not anywhere near what it was last time.

a wee little bit of improvement

I'm swollen a little bit from last treatment that was a little over a week ago, but I can tell a little bit of improvement in the rolls on my back. There's less I can pinch, anyways.

Still numb in places, but not bad, and there is no pain at all. The stomach stuff hasn't been nearly as bad, but I don't think the bad stuff hit until I was 3 weeks out.


So just in the amount of time between waking up and coming into work, my back has gotten increasingly swollen. Also, the tummy bloat crap has started to get worse. Still wearing the compression garments, but they are really uncomfortable at this point.

7 weeks from first treatment--week 2 of second

So my stomach is all swollen/bloated/uncomfortable, however, I can tell a difference in my back so I changed my review to "Worth It," because it is working, and I don't believe I've seen end result least I hope not. If I started working out in full force, I think my results would be much better, however, my weight has stayed the same, and I've actually worked out LESS since treatment. I have been drinking a ton of water, and hopefully will restart my workout routine this weekend.

I did sit thru a rather long movie last night, and my back did start to cramp up slightly from sitting so long, but not bad. Plus, I have been wearing the compression garments religiously for two weeks, but I ditched the corsets/waist trainers last week. I may wear them again this weekend while working out.


So my stomach is doing the weird thing like last time....except this time I have a lot of heartburn to go with the swelling, blech feeling since I'm wearing the compression garments. I think I'll only wear them a week or two more. I'm kinda over the whole sausage stuffed in casing feeling.
However, the results are worth it. I'm anxious to see what the end result will be since it's not been long enough for the second treatment to start showing.


Stomach/yuck/bloat/poop issues are back full force. Today seems to be the worst so far. Tempted to leave work if things don't settle down in there. It's like bad monthly cramps, then race to restroom. Feel like I need to curl up in the fetal position in my bed and die for a little while. I nursed a Sprite this morning, but I don't think it did anything but make my stomach bloat worse.

--Oh, and it's not "that time of the month" for me. I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago so all this is doing is bringing back some gnarly flashbacks--

8 weeks from 1st, 3 weeks from 2nd

No pic update yet, but just wanted to note that I'm still swelling throughout the day from the 2nd one.....and pooping oil. Like my back will look pretty decent, but not all the way there, in the morning, but in the afternoon, it looks like my before pics.

9 weeks from first and 4 weeks from second

Not a whole lot of change, however, the whole digestive/bloating issues seem to have finally subsided. I knew after my first treatment that weeks 2-3 would be bad.

I've stopped wearing the compression garments. It's just too hot for that mess. Friday will mark weeks 10 from 1st and 5th from 2nd so I'll try to remember to take a pic to see if anything has went down. I think it was weeks 5-6...or 6-7, before I saw a noticeable change in size of lumps with the first treatment.

I don't remember if I posted this or not, but my follow up with my dr's office isn't until November 28th. They wanted to wait a full 4 months after my last treatment to take the "after" shots.

Exactly 10 weeks from 1st treatment, and 5 weeks from 2nd

Today marks my 10 & 5 weeks update.

There is a small amount of change. One lump is almost entirely gone, but the other one...which was actually smaller to begin still hanging on for dear life. I'm hoping it'll be gone within a few weeks.
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