10 weeks post-op update

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OK, I've been reading & researching off &...

OK, I've been reading & researching off & on for 3 years and I've decided to go for a TT & BBL. Now ladies, if I was younger, I'd be going all out for the video vixen look, but once you're in your 40's EVERYTHANG changes. I mean stuff starts sagging and wrinkling. Cellulite starts popping up. SMH just not fair! If I were to nip & tuck & fix everything I'd be one hot homeless mama begging 4 change cuz I'd spent all my retirment money on my bangin body!

The deal- I had my babies late in life and although I have no stretch marks, my skin was stretched all to hell. I know I need a TT, cuz lipo can't fix that overhang of skin. My a$$ (or lack of) needs to be pumped up. I'm not looking for a big shelf, just a nice , sloping, heart-shaped behind. Of course, an hourglass shape is a MUST.

My dilemma is where to go. One the one hand, it's the Dominican Republic- Dra, Yily, Duran & Robles. On the other hand, it's Mexico- Dr Cardenas & Campos. Now the docs in DR, really know how to shape their women, BUT, the whole aftercare fiasco is not inspiring my confidence. In MX, I like Cardenas TT,but haven't seen much on her BBl. Campos seems like a good choice, except he doesn't do ab lipo if he's doing a TT, and lets face it, I'll need a round 2 of lipo if that's the case cuz I need someone who does aggressive lipo.

So what do ya'll think? For an hourglass waist & hips and a juicy behind (not a donk), who's my best bet?

It seems like quite a few posts mention garments...

It seems like quite a few posts mention garments in the wrong size and that is a problem. So, I wanted to buy 2 on my own to be prepared. Anyone have a tummy tuck and BBL together? What garments did you use??

Decided to go with Duran

OK, so I've read countless reviews in an effort to choose my doc. All doctors have positive & negative reviews, and although I really like Cardenas & her recovery houses in MX, I've decided to go with Duran. Why? Because when I looked at before & after pics of women with my body type, her results were closest to what I am looking for.

Changed to Dr Cardenas!

Don't get me wrong...I still think the DR ladie are the BEST at sculpting & BBl, however, all the mess about CIPLA being unsanitary caused me to change my mind. I was going to go with Campos, but, there was a MRSA episode with him too. So I am going with the one doc I have not seen infecttious reports about. I mean, EVERY incsion, especially TT can get i nfected, but how many there are or hw the Dr responds to the incident is a deal breaker for me.

Tick Tock, Countdown Begins!!!

Can't believe my surgery date is upon me!! Not really nervous at this point...probably won't be till I'm marked up & ready to go. # other gals here will be at BCRH during the same timeframe as I am, so that'll keep things interesting! There are so many mixed reviews regarding Cardenas's BBL, I hope that I will be one of the positive stories!

Anyone else out there leaving you kids behind for the first time???

One thing I AM nervous about is leaving behind my 5 & 2 year old for the first time. I have never been away from them, let alone for 2 weeks. You can somewhat prepare a 5 year old, but what the heck do you do with a 2 year old? I hate thinking that he will feel abandoned by me!!!! I will make video calls to them every night(thank you free wi-fi), but I can't help but feel GUILTY for leaving :(

Screw surgery, I don't wanna leave my kids!!!

Getting mother's guilt- I've never been away from my little ones and I'm leaving them for so long. I'm not concerned about surgery at all....I can't help but think if something happens to them while I'm gone I'll never forgive myself. I know it's irrational, I'm just being emotional...sigh I'm bringing my ipad so I an Skype with them every night. Love my babies :)

I'm Here.....

At Beauty Care. Miss my babies. Surgery in the morning. Food is delicious and staff are super friendly.

Recovery is Slow

Recovering slowly, muscle repair is TIGHT, so stomach is squished and eating very little to avoid vomiting. I'll do a better update once I'm home & up to it

Incision why won't you heal!!!!

Feeling frustrated. It's been 4 1/2 weeks and this incision refuses to heal. It keeps draining, opening, etc. I saw a local PS who says I have cellulitis & prescribed me bactroban ointment. Dr C said I should also be on antibiotics, so I'll get that as well. I don't get it....I am super paranoid about making sure my hands & incision are clean. I thought I'd be worrying about which scar fading cream I'd be using now, not walking around like an oozing zombie....sigh. Patience, right? Yeah, I know...ugh

Stitch Reaction

So, it turns out the holes are abscesses cause by a reaction to the stitches used. My body keeps "spitting" the stitches out, so it has to create holes for them to exit from.

My dilemma is, do I want to have the incision redone,so I can remove the offending stitches?, or do I keep hoping the holes will finally close on its own with no further complications? I'm at 7 weeks today and my incision, where it's closed, it thick and dark from all the scar tissues caused by the reaction to the stitches.

Love my shape...hate my incision, that's where I'm at today.

I'll take what I can get!

So, the incision is mostly closed now, but it is DAMN ugly! LOL I swear it's like I have a twizzler under my skin! It is hard, dark maroon colored and raised. I'm trying to massage it, but I don't know if it'll work. Some areas are more sensitive than others and so I have to be more gentle there. Still have some areas where there are stitches sticking out, so I don't know if they will open up or will heal over it. It's a waiting game. I hope everything closes AND STAYS CLOSED so I can put on the silicone treatment, which will hopefully soften these f-ers up.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Changed my doc to Dr Cardenas!

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