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Hi everyone! Iike most people Ive been stalking...

Hi everyone! Iike most people Ive been stalking and researching on this site. Im 30 years young 5'6 152 lbs one 3 year old. I want a Lipo w/BBL. I contacted Dra Hilario Duran via email and received an auto reply. I was so impatient so I then friend requested her on facebook... haha! She accepted my friend request same day.. Later on that night I seen that she was online so I sent her a chat message and she actually replied to me. I asked her if she received my email she said yes but it was too big. So she wanted to chat on fb... So i told her in a few sentences what I wanted which is 1000cc in each cheek and 200 cc in each hip. She said based on my pictures that she think that she can get 1200 cc however she would be only 100% sure once she has the tissues in her hands. She quoted me $3,700. I asked her if i can schedule the procedure on March 4 2014 she said yes at first, then a few messages later she said that she cant do it on the 4th but she can on the 5th. Then i ask her to email me the confirmation and the instructions... She ask for my full name. Then she sent me the instructions on FB (instead of my email), but anyway i didnt care because I felt that i got a hold of her on my second attempt same day and others have been trying for weeks (according to my research)... Anywho... Im so excited but at the same time im currently in school for RN and i graduate (by the grace of God) on Feb 2014. I cant even study now... All I do is research about BBL and stuff... but anyway I really hope I get it together fast because ultimately my education is more important. I just pray that I wont have to do a transfusion, I might not even go through with it if i have to get one and i dont care how "safe" they say it is. I plan to stay there for the recommended 10days at a recovery house and if i feel better before I relocate to a hotel. So is there anyone that is going in March 2014 maybe we can meet up and share a room and take care of each other... By that time I should be and RN (God willing) so I will know somethings...

I also read a review about Dr Salas and Dr Fisher at Vanity Miami however no pictures were post or then have been deleted :(

Has any gone to any of these Dr or know someone that has... I have an appoint next Tuesday 10/22 for a consult I was quoted $4200 all included except for garment which is great considering its in the US and I would be paying more with Duran with traveling, med insur, extra money, pass port, etc

Please met me know thanks

My Consultation today with Vanity Miami

So I went to my consultation and met with Dr Hasan. He was ok i guess. He was honest about not wanting to give me the volume and projection that I wanted. He said that when he lipos my abdomen and flanks then sculpture my body that it will inhance my butt and he could only put 800cc in each cheek blah blah blah... Educated me on the risks involved...Any ways I still put a deposit down of $1,000 and scheduled another consultation with Dr Salas. I think Dr Salas will give me the projection and volume I want.

The funny part is at first I thought he WAS Dr. Salas... then later figured out he was the wrong Dr... But its all good i got a feel for the place and everything. The lady that assisted me with the financing and paper work was Lilian... She was really nice speaks little english and had a translator but the so called translator english was even worse so Lilian nicely dismissed her.. LOL... But Lilian is really cute nice shape and can dress; looks as if she had a BBL done... Lilian think I should gain more weight to get more fat transfered... Dr. Hasan told me that I wont need too... So kinda confused.. Guess I'll wait when I see Dr Salas to get a firm answer. But okay im gonna go take a nap then study ill be back to post about my REAL consult with Dr Salas.

Nov 5th Consult

Oh yeah my next Consult with Dr Salas is Nov 5th

Before Pic

Vanity Pictures

Goodmorning all! Im at my 2nd consult with Dr Salas. I took some pictures of the facility for those out of towners. Hope it helps alittle. Im waiting to see Dr Salas im extra early... Miami traffic aint no joke.

Vanity pics

Vanity Pics

More Vanity Pics

Consult with Dr Salas

Sorry guys I tried to up load the pics earlier via my cell phone and it didnt post...

I finally met Dr Salas today after waiting an 1 hour 15mins. I arrived at 9:15am, my appt was at 10:30am I didnt mind waiting because I was secretly taking pics LOL, but i acutally seen him at 11:44am...

When I arrived the front desk clerk knew I was having a consult with Dr Salas, she said it before I said anything to her....At 10:34am I seen Dr Salas walk in the building.... After I seen Dr Salas with like 3 people that came after me, I went to the front desk and ask when will I see Dr Salas... She ask for my name then she said they had me for Dr Fisher... I was like um NO! I have an appt with Dr Salas the girl even confirmed it when I signed in. SO Someone switch my consult to Dr fisher... They apologized and said ok he will see me next (give her the side eye)..

Dr Salas was very personable and honest. He gave me a completely different consult then Dr Hassan. Dr Salas told me that he can not advise me to gain weight (because its unhealthy) but the point is I need to gain more weight in order for him to give me the results that I want. Dr Salas said in little words that I will need at least 10 more pounds of fat. He ask me if I made a deposit yet I told him yes, then he said that I should gain more weight before giving all my money. Dr Salas did not approve my surgery until I gained the weight.. So he told me that I will have to see him again when I gain weight and stop smoking for him to approve the surgery. Which is all fine with me because I love to eat. My current BMI is 25.2 and he said I cant exceed 30.

In my opinion the difference with these two Doc's; Dr Hassan tells you want HE THINKS you should look like, he does not consider your desired results. Dr Salas LISTENS and CONSIDERS your wishes... Other than that I think both of them are honest and capable.

PLEASE BE AWARE that Dr Salas Office is right in the front across from the reception desk so if you are walking down the long hall you are going to either Dr Hassan or Dr Fisher office LOL... Dr Salas office is bigger too he even has the examine room connected to his office.

I met Priscilla after meeting Dr Salas and she showed me pictures of Dr Salas work and I am definitely going with Dr Salas there was a MAJOR difference in volume and projection in the pictures I seen of Dr Salas work than Dr Hassan at my last consult. Priscilla told me that they do not have a recovery house and massage package is $350 for 5 massages and it is recommended. She stated that the Fajate they have avaiable is $120 WITHOUT the butt cut out. Priscilla also suggested that I look in to Dr Fisher to do my BBL which I thought that was odd, she was probably the one that which my consult to Dr Fisher...

SIDE NOTE/GOSSIP: Dr Fisher ARNP looks like Coco (Ice-T Wife) and there was this other girl walking around the building like she couldnt sit down somewhere, she looks like a young Kim K. There was too much booty in the building I didnt know where to look anymore without having to stare LOL... These ladies were Hispanic with 6 in heels on, like they own the world... Cant wait to get my futurebooty

Forgot to mention...

I forgot to mention that I told Dr Salas about RS community and he said that he has heard alot about it and that he will try and be more active and post before and after pics of his work... So hopefully he does follow through... Man I think he will take business from D.R. for sure especially with his work and competitive prices.

Before Pics

I am 30 yrs one daughter, no c-section. 5'6 158.6 lbs in these pics. I was 152 lbs when i joined RS and 157 when I went to my consult with Dr Salas. I know Dr Salas told me to gain 10more pounds (in little words) however I still want to maintain a flat abdomen. I do not want to go over aboard with the weight gaining so I think I will stop at 160 lbs. I will post my wish pics in a next post.

My Wish Pics

Slim waist and a big ol bootay!


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a blessed new year transition. 2014 is here ladies, the year of big ol butts LOL... Well I just wanted to update you guys, I gained some weight I am now 165.4 lbs :( I know I said that I was going to stop at 160 lbs but the stress of school got the best of me. I am thinking about starting to exercise in moderation to lose the weight slowly until my sx in March. My greatest fear is that my after my surgery I will still have abdominal fat, that's a no no for me. My desired result is to have a slim waist and big butt with projection. Later I will post an updated pic of my current weight/abdomen. Later this month I will see Dr Salas for another consultation so he can approve my sx since I have gained the weight and I did stop smoking. I am currently taking iron with vitamin C (to enhance iron absorption).

Updated pic 165.4 lbs :(

Leaning towards Dr Fisher

I dunno man this process is stressful trying to find the right surgeon for the best prices and most importantly excellent results. I just seen a member by the name of "Feelinmyself" and her results were excellent by Dr Fisher. I knew that he was rated BEST BBL surgeon and preformed the most BBL's in Florida however I never seen his results on RS until now. So guess what im thinking.... I need a consult with Dr. Fisher to make my final decision and confirm a date. I will let yall know when this happens.

Dr Fisher Consult Thurs 2/27/14

Hello all! Sorry I haven't been on for a while, I've been studying my ass off. I just finished my RN exit exam Friday and I passed so I am officially an RN graduate, I'm so excited. Anyways so I finally made a consult appt with Dr Fisher for this coming Thursday 2/27/14. Hopefully he will approve my surgery so I can pay the remainder of my balance and set a date for the first or second week of April because I am now in the process of studying for my RN NCLEX State Board Exam, I want to take it before surgery. I don't want to sit on my new booty taking this exam. After my consult on Thursday I am going to 20th Street in Miami to buy my Faja I am sure I will find it cheaper there. 20th is a street a few miles long that has hundreds of clothing, shoes, purses, accessories stores, they have everything you can imagine at good prices, mostly owned by Hispanics. Anyone from Miami would know what I am talking about. So with God's grace I'm praying everything will fall into place. I will update you guys on Thursday! I posted a pic of my RN Exit Exam results... Yay :)

Surgery Date March 13, 2014

Ok I had my consult to day with Dr. Fisher. I was there nearly all day. On my way to the office I saw a billboard advertisement for Vanity, I took a picture. My appt was at 9:30 I got there at 8:30 and he was in surgery so I had to wait until he was done. I finally met him at 1:30pm. While I was waiting I filled out all the paper work, they changed my quote to $4,500 I had to pay $300 extra to get Dr Fisher as my surgeon. There was one African American girl that just had her surgery done yesterday by him and her butt looks bomb.com. Well Dr Fisher is very friendly and he approved my surgery, the consult was brief as he had a few girls lined up to see him. He ask me how big did I want my booty, as soon as he asked that I knew in my heart he was the one for me, LOL. I could not schedule my surgery for April because Dr Fisher will be going on leave for a while starting in the end of March so I had to schedule it sooner, March 13, 2014 is theee day, YAY! I was worried about me having to sit down during my State Board Exam he said that I can sit after two weeks therefore I will schedule my exam after my procedure. I paid my balance and had lab work done today. So hopefully everything comes back OKAY. I will be posting a few pre op pictures the day before surgery and post op pictures with the same outfit/underwear so you guys can get a good view on the results. I know its hard to get good reviews on RS with so many women disappearing after their surgery or not posting good pictures so I will try by best.

Price went up but I paid $4,500


I cant find anyone to take me to surgery. My mom doesn't support me getting this surgery and she's firm on it. Everyone is working or going out of town. I called Vanity this morning and heard that Dr Fisher broke his leg or something yesterday and he has to reschedule everyone that's scheduled for this week. Bouy I sure hope Dr Fisher is okay however a "broken leg" sounds like he would need more than a week for recovery. I have already requested time off, so now im in panic mode. My coordinator said that my surgery date "should" be good. They said I have to pay $200 for a package to have someone drive me to my hotel... UGH NO! I don't need a package. So my coordinator will have to call a cab for me maybe $40... Which is kinda scary some stranger driving a DOPED UP WOMAN to a HOTEL with a FRESH NEW BIG ASS, hmmm... TEMPTATION! I also asked if my lab results were ok and they still haven't told me anything. They said not to worry if no calls because that's a good sign. But from my research I cant trust what Vanity says. SO I will call everyday to check on my labs and see whats going on with Dr Fisher. In addition, I have requested for Vanity to send me a prescription in advance for my post op medications so I can buy them the day before surgery.

I have reservations at Sleep Inn near Miami airport for 3 nights $124.00 per night, I will be checking in the day before surgery and checking out two days after. I have someone that will pick me up from my hotel the day I check out but I will be all alone for the first 48 hours post op. I can handle pain however I don't know if I could handle that type of pain from what Ive been reading. I have no body to help me wash my a$$ LOL? I have to laugh during this process or Ill go insane. I plan on buying my foods/drinks in advance that way I wont need to go out.

Anyone done this alone? If so how did you manage?

My Lab Results

So I called Vanity yesterday and spoke with my coordinator to know my lab results and she told me that me hemoglobin is 13.5 which is GREAT and my labs came back good. BUT I didn't believe her so I requested that they email me my results because I signed a release form... Today the manager called me and sent me my results and okay for once Vanity did not lie, I was good (I needed to be sure myself). I'm no where near transfusions THANK GOD!

I'm over one hurdle, now my next concern is if Dr Fisher going to be able to perform my surgery. When I spoke to my coordinator yesterday she could not confirm nor give me a straight answer, so I will l have to call and speak to Dr Fishers assistant and see if she can give me the scoop. If Dr Fisher cant do it then I will accept Dr Salas HOWEVER I WILL REQUEST MY $300 refund. I will call tomorrow and see whats going on.

Im in the process of finding a cheap recovery home near vanity. Please help if you know any. Thanks

Vanity before and after Pics

They also emailed me 2 of my before and after pics

Sorry my Vanity before pics NOT after LOL

Where Im staying

I found a website www.airbnb.com thanks to a follow RS member and you can rent a room for cheap from residences in a specific community. You pay through the website and they (airbnb.com) will pay the host. You are not paying the person directly, everything is via third party airbnb.com and they handle the money. They charge a service fee of $25.00 though. Its kind of like paypal. So there is security. Anyways, I found a older Spanish lady and her niece and they charge $65.00 per night. I told the niece, Tricia, my situation and she says that she will drive me to surgery and pick me up I just have to put gas in her car. She seems pretty nice so far and she lives a few blocks down from Vanity and is 3 mins from the airport. The rent includes a king size bed, private bathroom, internet/wifi, cable TV, the aunt can cook too if you want.

I am nervous about this but she really made me feel comfortable and she answered all my questions. So I am praying that this all goes right. At least I wont be alone. I am still keeping my reservation for Sleep Inn JUST IN CASE.


I called Vanity this morning....AGAIN LOL (I'm sure Vanity know me by name right about now because I call literally EVERYDAY to get my questions answered). I called to speak to Dr Fisher assistant to know whether Dr Fisher is coming back in to do my surgery next week. I thought his assistant name was Janice but its actually Juliette. Anyways getting to the point, Juliette returned my call and she said that Dr Fisher is back right now and doing surgeries... Chile im so happy that Dr Fisher is ok and can work his magic on this body.

Juliette said that I can come by today and pick up my prescription for post op medications. I wanted her to email it to me but she said she can not do that so I am going to make a trip down there right after this posting.

Dr Fisher update

I just left Vanity and Juliette told me that Dr Fisher did not break his leg. He torn a muscle on this leg and his is in pain but Dr Fisher is still doing his surgeries starting next week. He is returning on Monday.

I got my prescriptions i will post pictures of them when i get home later. They wont upload on my phone.


My EMAIL to REALSELF this morning

Please help follow RS members. Many members complain about not being able to change the surgeon on their review. SO LET"S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT :) I sent RS an email today. Do your share and send one too! They wont listen to 1, 2, 5, 10, 100, 500, or 1000 members however they will listen to 100,000 members. So let pass it on. Besides this will only benefit RealSelf as a site and increase member online productivity :)

I found somebody

My co worker is taking me to surgery and staying with me until my surgery is over so that's good. I wont have to depend on a stranger to drive me while im doped up.

Im here in Miami. Surgery TOMORROW!!! :)

I finally got here. I am staying at a place I found at www.airbnb.com for $65.00 per night. When I arrived Tricia was very friendly and accommodating so far. They said that they are going to make me some soup tomorrow. I took some pics of the room. The room is in the back. Private bathroom but its not in the room, its next to it. They way the room is located in the back of the house, it feels private and its separate from the house. It includes free wifi which I am on right now and DirectTV.

Vanity called me earlier and said that my surgery time is 6:30am but I have to be there at 6am so I am the first one in surgery, YAY!!! I hope that is a good thing. I took a pic of my what I bought with me, I didn't go crazy I just bought the important stuff and went cheap on others. Anyways it still hasn't kicked in that I am going through this I hope I don't have a panic attack tomorrow LOL.

I also made a "request" list for what I would like my end result to be and my wish pic that I will bring to Dr Fisher tomorrow prior to surgery while he is marking me up, I know he probably going to think this girl is crazy but closed mouths don't get fed! I lost weight too so I sure hope I have enough fat.

Pre Op pics I took this morning

I lost weight by cutting my calories in half. I lose weight easy though but this is my normal size so I hope the fat that gets grafted are my permanent fat cells so that it doesn't get reabsorbed.

Post Op wish

This what I gave to Dr Fisher this morning.

So far...

I am so nauseous and dizzy. I didn't want to leave you guys hanging. I update with the low down tomorrow. But heres what my co worker was able to take so far.

i cant stop looking in the mirror

Thank you ladies for yoru kind words. I love my results so far. The pics cant do justice. My abdomen and back is stuffed with pads so its hard to tell. My waist is slim/small. I cant take off the garment til tomorrow. My body is stiff pain not bad. The pain was bad after sx i took percocet and it made me feel worse so im not gonna take
anymore as long as i can bare. I will take alot of pics in
the next few days and tell you guys how everything went. Dr Fisher is my knight and shining amour lol. My mother
came around so shes coming down tomorrow to take to my follow appt.

Penny savers

For those of you who likes to save as much money as possible I found some things that they sell at vanity for much cheaper on ebay and amazon. The Faja they sell is $120.00 on ebay its about $65.00. I found an abdomen board for $17.00 on ebay its $40.00 at vanity. I found lipo foam for $7.50 each at amazon. Vanity gives you two for $40.00.

My faja

I bought my faja at www.fajassalomeusa.com for $99.99. I chose Salome brand because during my research I read that it is the best for compression and shaping plus it has powernet fabric. I got the Ref#0521 in black because i did not want blood to show through the garment.

I am so swollen

Juliette removed all the padding. I can take a shower now. I ask her to take pictures of me and this is what she took... I am so swollen, I can barely walk. I was vomiting this morning. I cant hold nothing down. I have scheduled my first massage on Monday. I have to come back next week so they can remove my stiches. I will update you guys later im feeling nauseous again.


Dr Fisher removed 4,600 cc of fat and put in 1,300cc in my right cheek and 1,325cc in my left cheek.

Finally took a shower

Hey ladies, thank you for your support. I am not ignoring you, I will answer your questions a.nd inbox maybe tomorrow. I still have to tell you guys my experience. Kisses.

I cut the butt off my faja

My faja is XXL and its still too tight. I added abd padding that vanity gave me around my butt so it doesn't leave crease marks.

The hate... I feel it

People act like they are happy for you but they're really not. The hate is real out there from men and women. They think you are crazy for doing such procedure but at the same time its really that they dont have enough balls to go through with it themselves. I just find it funny how when things are going bad for you everybody has a "listening ear" like they care but when you have something good going on its just not as an interesting story. But i really dont care becuz God knows my heart and i support people whether their situation is good or bad and i listen to what they have to say, and i am sincere with being happy for others. Whats for me will be for me, i worked my butt off and no one helped me during my struggles but my mother so i deserve a little reward.

My Surgery Experience

I arrived at 6:20am with my co worker. The nurse ask me to pee in a cup and she took me to the back i guess its the pre op room. I took off all my clothes i put the ted hose stockings, hair cap, and foot cover. The pre op room is small with like three beds in it with alot of curtains. Dr Hasan came in the room, i was behind the curtain on the bed i over heard him talking to another girl whom he was doing surgery for that same morning for 14 areas of lipo only. I thought that was very ironic being that i had my first consult with him lol. The CRNA came in next and ask me my allergy history and ask if i had any concerns, i said "yes please dont let me die on the table" lol, he smiled and turned around and left. I pulled out my "request list" and asked the nurse can i give it to Dr Fisher she laughed and said sure. So finally Dr Fisher walks in and starts talking to Dr Hasan about their personal issuses and the up coming weekend... Lol.. Im sitting there just smiling and laughing. Then Dr Fisher makes his way behind my curtain and greets me and looking at me like im cray cray becuz i got a big smile on my face. I greet him back showed him my "request list". I started laughing but Dr Fisher was so cool about it. Dr Fisher actually sat down next to me on the bed and went over my wish pic and list. He was honest and said that my body size is not the same as my bbl wish pic but he can try to get as much fat in as possible depending on my skin. He also said that my abdominal wish pic is from doing years of ab work outs however he can slim my waist down. Another concern i had was me having enough fat. He said that i look like he can get 1,300 cc each cheek and ill be surprised how much fat he can take out. So afterwards Dr Fisher took more pre op pics and started marking me up. While he was marking me up, he said that i will drain atleast 3liters of fluid tonight and thats normal and i will be in alot of pain a few days after the procedure and thats normal.

They being me to the surgery room where the CRNA is waiting, he starts my IV. He said that he is going to give me something to relax, i asked if it was xanax he said no, i said ativan?, he said no, then he put something in my IV and said Versed then 2 seconds later i was out... Damn like he was tired of me talking lol... I remember waking up briefly on my back i looked at my abdomen and seen little holes i heard someone say ok we are going to put your faja on, i started shivering so hard it was freezing, then i was knocked out again. I dont remember them putting my faja on but when i did wake up they started a bag of Saline IV and put a warm blanket on me. I felt like i was gonna pass out. I could feel the IV going through my veins and i felt so much better. Then i heard the nurse call my co worker to pick me up. The nurse put me into a reclincer chair that was so unstable. I was getting dizzy. She had to start another IV while i was on the recliner chair ( as seen in the first post op pics). Then the nurse told me to try and stand up when i did a gush of blood dripped down my faja to the floor (you can see the blood in the pics), i thought i was going into shock lol. She told me to lay on my side so she can put more padding, i said you gonna ruin my butt lol, she started laughing. I was so doped up and nauses and dizzy. The nurse kept telling me that i need to try and stand up but everytime i did i would wobble, i told her its that unstable recliner chair she has me leaning on. During this recliner situation i asked her how many cc's did Dr Fisher put in, she went to look at my file and told me the numbers at least three times but i would forget so she told my coworker to write it down lol. Anyways so she ask me to sit in the wheelchair so she can take me to the car, i told her i cant sit on my investment, she laughed at me again, i was so serious this time. So i lifted my weight with my arms so she could take me to the car. Wow so crazy.

My first massage

I had my first massage today from Massage Envy they are are all over US but you have make sure someone there is certified for lymphatic drainage. I paid for the membership package $179.97 for 3 massages then $39.99 for additional massages. The therapist was nice and informative and basically tought me how to do them on my own in the shower. So i probably wont get additional massages. I felt more relaxed after my massage and it was light it seems like anybody can do it for you. I didnt feel any pain just tender spots.


Ive been sleeping most of the time since sx. And doing range of motion with my legs while laying down to stimulate continuous blood flow. I would walk a little around the house or march in place while eating standing up. But today i went outside to attempt to walk down my street and i only got to four houses down lol. I was tired. I normally have good stamina i can jog and walk long distances prior to this sx with no problems. I guess i should have gotten my butt up eariler and walked. So now i going to pace myself each day until i get better. I am taking vitamins. This process is really annoying and boring.


I havent pooped since my sx so like 5 or six days now. I havent been eating that great either. I am taking my stool softer twice a day as ordered. Still no poop but i have been farting lol so thats a good sign. Im waiting for my mom to bring me my prune juice. Walking also helps stimulate bowel movement too i guess i should have walked around properly. Well im hoping i poop today :)


post op update

Yesterday I took off my garment for awhile, drunk prune juice and a little milk of mag. Then three hrs later i pooped. I felt so much better. I had to roll a towel underneath my thighs to not put pressure on my butt while sitting on the toilet. I still have alot of swelling around my flanks and abdomen. I have more pain and tenderness on the right side of my body. I massaged myself yesterday and i can smell the waste/drainage from my urine. I know that drainage smell very well becuz i drain post op patients JP tube at my job. But yeah i hate this post op process yet it gives me the opportunity to be in a patient shoes. I showered all by myself today with no help although it took me a long time. My feet were swollen. Ladies you see the results but it comes at with a price. YOU CANT DO THIS ALONE. I thought i would be able to return to work this weekend but i cant be responsible for patients and im still a patient myself lol. But man its a whole other story when roles are reversed.

8 days post op pics/ follow up

I had my follow up appt today. I had seroma in my lower abdomen which is fluid. It was a small pouch. Dr Fisher was making fun of me and said it has a cool wave to it lol... Dr Fisher is so cool if you have a sense of humor. They tell you that seroma is a complication with lipo, i was very much aware. Dr Fisher had to drain the excess fluid he said that this happens to 30% of his patients. My next appt is 4-6wks. He said that I may have to return a few times to get fluid removed, if i see more fluid just call to make an appt. Juliet removed my stitches. Removing the fluid did not hurt that much just a feeling of pressure.

So far the volume of my butt did go down. I swear it felt like it went down overnight. But I still have a good amount of volume. I still love my results because my butt out of surgery was really big and the pics i posted could not speak. So the volume I have now adjusted to my body frame and it does not look as fake or whatever.

I stopped by my school today to pick up something and EVERYBODY loves my body/butt. Other students was asking about where I did it and wanted information even my previous instructors. My body looks really good in clothes i have naturally big boobs so it fits with me. The only thing is i really dont want any more volume to go down. So far I do not regret having this procedure.

Vanity have been really customer service oriented. They know me by name and face now. I dont even have to introduce myself to most people. Juliette is really really sweet and returns my calls quickly. Vanity actually deals with me lol... Well thats all for now, i posted a few pics. I have to start studying for my State Boards so I will update you guys every week. I ordered some new clothes that came in the mail today but I will wait a while before trying them on and posting pics, more closer to when everything settles in my body.

booty volume went down alot

My booty went down alot. My frame is smaller too. Its like im so skinny with a medium bubble butt. Although my lover and co workers say it looks big. I havent took pics yet. Im back at work now. I still wear my faja. Sitting down feels weird. I never measured myself. I didnt weight myself neither. Im really busy lately so i will one day im sure.

Pic update... trying on gym clothes

Imma act like Ive been going to the gym to get this body..lol

Vedette Size Small

I can fit into my vedette now size small.... last week I only could clip half way up my abdomen. I think I will wear this from now on becuase the faja is annoying especially at night.

Vedette Pic

Ladies not to be rude but....

I am receiving messages in my inbox asking me questions that i have already answered on my profile. Also questions about recovery house in which clearly i did not utilize Vanity RH... Ladies not to be rude but if i dontnot reply to your message its because ive already answered your question(s) on my postings. Also some of your questions should be directed to Vanity themselves. I do not work for Vanity. I am real person Vanity does not pay me nor am i licensed to give you medical advice. I am simply trying to be as informative as possible. What works for me may not woek for you. And shout out to the person who ask me about my plane ride home... LOL Just shows how muh people like to read... But i do thank you ladies for following and kind words.

im super busy sorry guys

So one of my friends/follower sent me a post on facebook yesterday asking about my update pics with outfits... Like i told her im so busy lately. Im so sorry guys. I passed my boards im an RN now. I found a job i started orientation, im still in the process of transitioning from my other job plus im moving this weekend... Its gonna be a week or two before i get settled. I bought four out fits online and they turned out to be too big... Anyway my butt went down alot though i think that fluff thing is starting... I had a follow up last week with Dr Fisher which i waited 3 hrs i was so pissed i didnt even want to do a review. But yeah my sides/flanks are hard but Dr Fisher says its normal and it should get soft in a few months. I stop wearing my faja for two weeks because of work and Dr Fisher told me that i need to find a way to wear my faja for atleast three months.. They took pics and stuff. But ill update pics when i get a chance sorry.

3 months post op

I bought another compression garment thats cheap like $20 on ebay and i have been wearing it for the last weeks since my last posting with lipo foam. It helped alot, i posted a pic of it. The compression garment is light and VERY tight with a bigger vagina opening so i can go to work with it. It takes me like 5mins just to out it on after awhile it stretches and does take as long. I gained so much weight cuz of stress i weigh 168 now :( with no time for exercise. My ass went down dramatically but my lover loves my new body and says that it was money well spent, but you know us women never satisfied with what we have, we want more booty, well atleast i do. I dont regret this procedure, i dont feel like i wasted my money. I do wish that i had more projection. Over all I am happy with my results, though I am thinking about doing round 2 next year or injections, i dont know right now. I am not gonna promise anymore pics cuz im super busy trying to manage 3 jobs and focusing on my career. Thanks every one, happy booty :)

My PJ's

This morning in my PJ's

I made a video of my booty

I frequently make naughty videos for my lover so I took some clips of my booty... Its short but atleast you guys can get a better visual of my BBL. Thank you all again!

updated pics

Hey ladies just dropping by with updated pics I took today. I love my results my butt is still fat. I don't even notice it until someone reminds me I'm so comfortable it does not feel nor look fake. I gained 10 lbs so I'm thicker. The one thing I notice is the constant muscle contractions from the lipo it feels really
weird. I haven't been back to see Dr Fisher I really didn't see the need too. I just hope the muscld contractions are temporary. Thanks for following

Levi jeans

Pics with my favorite jeans. Levi are the only jeans that fit my body right. Its actually called Levi Curve. All the other jeans are big around my waist. These Jeans fit my big booty right and hugs my waist with no big gap. Pics does not do any justice. Everyone loves to see me in jeans. I have another pair in dark blue. Levi are kind of expensive but I got these for $30 each on sale at Macys a while back.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fisher him self is amazing. My review, pics and video speaks for themselves. The wait time is awful though, but i guess that comes with popular demand.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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