BBL in DR with Dr. Cabral Nov. 28th 2014

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I'm so obsessed with the thought of me getting my...

I'm so obsessed with the thought of me getting my BBL. I'm still in the searching phase looking for the best doc that will give me EXACTLY what I want. These are some of my wish pics. I wish these girls would tell us who their surgeon was lol
I want such a tiny waist that I have even considered getting my 2 lower ribs removed (as I mentioned in my BA review). But I won't do it if the surgeon is confident with his sculpting skills. I don't think I want huge hips because depending on what clothes you wear it can make you look large instead of curvy. I want a flat flat flat stomach. I have 2 kids and I got a lot of stretch marks from my 1st one and now I just have some flabby skin.

Thank god I have been obsessed with this site and reading everyone's reviews because I was able to learn that some surgeons require you to be at a certain weight or BMI in order to have enough fat to transfer. I'm actually 153lbs now after losing 25lbs in the last 3-4 months and was almost going to try and get to my goal weight of 140lbs. Should I just stay around the 150s til the surgery? Or will I still have enough fat at 140? I think u want to get like 500cc in each cheek.

Quotes requested

I reached out to Dr. Yily and Dr. Baez so far. Dr. Yily wrote back the next day requesting my current stats and pics. Dr. Baez wrote back within the hour requesting the same things. Excited to hear back from them!!!

The stats I sent them:

Age - 27

Height- 5'4

Weight - 153

Allergies- None

Medications- None

Past Medical History- None

Past Surgical History- Breast lift with augmentation 2011

Children- 2 (2004 and 2013)

Quotes back

I got the quotes back from Drs. Yily and Baez and Yily is only $100 less than Baez. I sent a request for quote to Dr. Cabral yesterday. Here at 2 more wish pics

Quote from Dr. Cabral

I just got my quote from Dr. Cabral (over a week later). He first was suggesting that I need a tummy tuck. I really really really don't want to have to get a tummy tuck. I kind of think I don't need it and I told him I really didn't want to but if he feels that's the only way I could get my wish pic results then i might consider it. He ended up saying he would do it without the TT. The quote came up to $4000. I'm kind of sad about that because he's the doctor I really wanted to go to and he's charging more than Dr. Yily and Dr. Baez. I'm going to get a quote from Dr. Duran because she has really really nice work too.

My Measurements

As of 08/25/2014:
Bust -37"
Waist- 34"
Hips - 40"

Dra. Duran replied!!!!

Omg Dr. Duran replied to me via email. I'm so excited! Kinda funny cuz she was like "Hi girl" as the greeting. Lol.
She hasn't given me the quote yet but I am one step further at least.
I think I'm going with her because from the pics and videos I've seen she is very real yet sweet. You guys should also follow her on Instagram if you are researching docs because she post stuff not only before and after pics but also about her personal life sometimes (like bday pics and friends) and it makes me feel like she has nothing to hide and she wants people to know she's cool. Body style outcome I would actually choose Dr. Cabral over her but she is right right right behind him in the race.
I can't wait til she writes me back with the quote. She's already seen my pics and measurements and stats. So I'm almost there yayyyy. I'm looking to go Nov/Dec 2014 so hoping our email exchanges can be wrapped up before then.

Dra. Duran is busy!!!!!

So last night Dra. Duran posted a screenshot of her home screen on her phone to show everyone how many emails, text, whatsapp etc messages she has that are unread. She posted a message under it in Spanish because a lot of girls were making her feel bad by posting comments under her pics saying "you never respond!!". I'll translate for those who don't read Spanish:
"My girls don't mistreat me. Of course I do respond but even as much as I want to I can't finish them all. Get an idea with this pic. But anyway thank you so much for all your support, although I can't operate on everyone it's a great feeling, honor and blessing that you guys are still following me and to the ones that I can take and become my patients know that I am more than thankful for your trust in me and the love, you are a blessing in my life. You are my dolls!!!! Have a beautiful night!!

Dr. Duran hasn't replied

Soooo I know she's really busy but dang I really don't wanna pay "Bellavita Consultants" no $200 or 300 for things I can book or do myself although don't get me wrong, I would if I had extra money to spare. So anyways I ended up scheduling the surgery with Dr. Cabral for Dec 1. I'm really healthy. My BMI is 26 and my hemaglobin last week was 14.0. I had an appointment with my PCP today and I told him about the sx and he said the message therapist who works right there in his office could do my lymphatic massage. I was like heck yeaaaaaa baby. We in the money!!!!!!! The only bad thing was that he didn't feel comfortable prescribing any of the meds :( sooooo anyways My flight is booked and my sx is booked I'm so excited

Now it's next Friday :O

Omg so I called Cipla today and changed my surgery date to Nov 28th. It's next Friday I'm beyond excited

Birth control

I have the implanon birth control contraceptive. It's the one that gets implanted into your arm. Does anyone know if you need to remove if before having surgery? I asked Dr. today but no response yet.

9 days post op

So I'm back home now. It feels so good to be back. So I had my sx last Friday the day after Thanksgiving and girls let me tell you that was the best day to go. There were only 3 girls including myself who had surgery that day for the entire clinic. I got there around 7:30am and I was the only patient there. They sent me right away to get my blood work downstairs. No wait cuz I was the only one there. My hgb was 14.0. Then to the cardiologist and again no wait cuz I was the only one there. Everything was good. Then I went to the X-ray guy and my chest X-ray was good. Then I went to ER dept to get reviewed by the ER doctor. She asked basic past medical history questions and then checked my weight and blood pressure. After that they told me to go to admissions on the 4th floor so I can wait in my room to see the doctor. Everything was happening so fast. So this nurse came in and told me to get into these scrub jacket thing and little cap and little scrub shoes. And I had to put the compression stockings on. A few mins later Dr. Cabral came in. He was very nice and very honest. He looks very nice in person better than his pics. So he marked me up and I was telling him how I really didn't want a tummy tuck and if we could possibly do a mini tummy tuck and he showed me that I would not get the results I want because i have loose stomach muscles and a lot of extra skin from my 2 pregnancies. He was totally right. So the plan was for tummy tuck, bbl and a little bit of inner thighs. Then like 3 mins later he came back in and gave me the famous little blue pill and a bottle of water. Just a few minutes later they came and got me and then I started feeling looooooopy. It's so hard to describe that experience. I was awake the ENTIRE time. I just felt like I was in a crazy world. The anesthesiolgist came in introduced himself to me. Very nice guy. He was with me during the whole surgery I believe. So he started doing the anestestia and it felt like he grabbed my hand and gave me a hug and we jumped down a big slide and jumped on the roof of cipla and then wheeled me all around thru tubes and tunnel. Lol I'm laughing even while typing cuz it sounds so silly but that's how that stuff made me feel. So then they started flipping and flopping me over to scrub me down prepping for surgery. Mind you I'm still awake this whole time. Then they start the surgery. I was still awake and I could hear them operating. I couldn't feel anything. There was a lot of people in the room and def more than 1 person operating. They started talking about cars and how he needs to sell this one car he has and it has like 60,000 miles on it. The anesthesiologist was still next to me rubbing my face and telling me to relax cuz he knew I was awake. When they started doing the tummy tuck I could feel light pressure but I was become more awake/alert. When they started sewing me up I felt like that took forever and I kept shaking my head left and right (I do that when I'm uncomfortable). The anestesiolgist kept rubbing my head and telling me to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. Then another nurse lady came and they started taking turns rubbing my face. She was explaining to me what step they were on and she was like "it's ok mi amor only like 20 more minutes they are doing your stitches now". In my head I was like OMG 20 more mins????? It felt so long that particular part. I wasn't in pain just discomfort. So when they finished they had me in some dark room with a guy who was monitoring all my vitals. And he said I was acting way to anxious because I kept shaking my head left and right. I was just so uncomfortable. He injected something into my IV that calmed me down like right away. But I was still uncomfortable. Then he rolled me to my recovery room. I was just watching TV waiting for my husband to come back. When he walked in the room he was so surprised to see me so wide awake and talking like normal because with my breast sx 3 years ago I was knocked out like for the whole day just sleeping day and night for 2 days. I wish this was like that because of all the discomfort cuz I could not sleep or get comfortable for NOTHING!! I was only allowed to be on my back because of the tummy tuck. I kept trying to adjust but nothing helped. Not even those pain meds. I've been like that for a while. I'm allowed to sleep on my sides now but this is still uncomfortable even 9 days post op. It really felt like I got hit by a train then a bus then a motorcycle. For my stomach and butt and hips it feels like I was working out nonstop for 100 hours and now it's just sore not painful just soo soo soo sore!! To walk is still a little difficult because of the soreness.

Quick pic from New Years

This was 5 weeks post op on New Year's Eve night.

Body update

So now at 5 weeks my butt looks so so so flat and it only looks big in my faja cuz it has that butt part that pushes my butt up. My lower abs right at my tummy tuck scar is so puffy but not a soft puffy, it's HARD! Am I suppose to get that massaged out?

I want my waist to be smaller too. I kept telling myself to wait the 3 months for actual results but I feel like at this stage I should start seeing a little bit of your results.

This sx stuff is addicting cuz I'm already thinking of R2. Def want arm lipo and more waist snatching and put the fat in my butt please and thank you lol oh and I was chin lipo too!!!

When I'm not wearing my faja like when it's washing I feel SOOOO uncomfortable. I keep that thing on always! It just feels like your being supported and without it I feel like my skin hurts when I stretch or bend. Anyways off to bed I go nite nite


So here are my before surgery and current measurements were:
Bust : 37" ... 37"
Waist: 34" ... 28"
Hips: 40" ... 41.5"
Weight: 153lbs .... 147lbs
Height: 5'4 ...well he didn't chop my legs off still 5'4 lol

You see why I'm so sad.... 1.5 little inch on my butt. I could have achieved that myself by eating a couple extra cheeseburgers. But I must say my waist is way smaller. Happy about that at least


I took this pic with my faja on. I'm gonna take my measurements with this on cuz I swear my shape looks sooooo much nicer with it on. I hope that don't mean I have to wear this faja forever because my goal is to have my body look that way without having to wear the faja.

Tummy tuck scar

Sooooo..... One of my biggest fears was having to get a tummy tuck because of l how the skin looks stretched down, the hideous scar and also because of the UGLY and UNATURAL look of the belly button. I didn't even have myself mentally prepared for the tummy tuck. I was if anything thinking about the possibility of a mini tummy tuck but when Dr. Cabral saw my stomach he was like uhhhh no boo yo fat ass needs a full blown tt. In fact, he did the extended tt which is the one the looks like it wraps around your entire waist practically. That was to prevent the so called "dog ears". Another fear was that I wasn't a fan at all of the pics of the tt's I've seen of some of his dolls. The scars looked crooked and high. Well needless to say my scar unfortunately also looks high and my belly button looks so fake :( the one thing I am more than happy about is that my scar is looking AMAZING. My mom, my boyfriend and my massage people were so shocked at how thin my scar looks. It was funny cuz the massage lady went and turned on this big lamp light and shined it on my scar to look at it closer cuz she didn't believe I was 6 weeks post op. She swore I was more than 6 months because of how well the scar was healing. I wish my belly button was like deeper in and little smaller. Honestly I would never wear anything that shows my belly button now, only high waist things. I hope it can stay in style Forever and ever. Please let's keep high waist clothes alive for my belly buttons sake!!!!!!!!!

TT and belly button pic

Went out last night

Wow I was breaking sooooooo many necks. I didn't have my faja on and girls if you wear your faja daily like me then you will feel so naked without it like my skin feels stiff.

9 weeks post op

It's so weird and true that u will love your new shape one day and another day you will hate it and want to start planning R2. Last night was one of my nights that I was loving it!!!!
Dr. Hector Cabral

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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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