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Going in tomorrow afternoon so anxious!! A little...

Going in tomorrow afternoon so anxious!! A little scared also.. Having procedure done in Houston.. I'm 43 years old had previous breast Aug.. Decided just last month I wanted the BBL.. I'm only 130lbs so hoping enough fat can be harvested from the areas to get a good result. I have everything packed and ready I live about hour half away from Houston. A little nervous about not being able to sit. Is anyone post op and can tell me what you've done about sitting? Any advice would be great..

Had procedure this afternoon all went well! Praise...

Had procedure this afternoon all went well! Praise God, but it's 6 hours later and I'm in pain, lots:( took pain meds again few mins ago.. Also lots of drainage changing out bandages ...hard to sleep on stomache.. I pray tomorrow is better.. Sure it will be.. Not sure how many CC's or anything my total cost was 8,900 Dr Lyos Houston . P

I went in for surgery last Wed the 3rd. Had a...

I went in for surgery last Wed the 3rd. Had a wonderful doctor and even more wonderful staff!! Procedure was done at the West Surgical Hospital a beautiful facility in Houston Tx. The nurses were wonderful. I went in surgery about 1:40 came out of anatehsia at 7:15 pm. I felt very nauseated but my doctor had given me something for nausea a day before surgery. So it only lasted for a few minutes. The ride back to my friends house was rough on my sides, which were sore.. But I made it through. The first night was awful I had drainage from my thighs and other areas where I had lipo, I couldn't change out bandages so it was uncomfortable.. But went to doctor first thing in the am got bandages changed out and fresh garment put on.. However once original garments were removed I blacked out at doctors office was told it was normal and after about 30 mins I was okay. I went back to hav stitches removed a couple days ago and no more drainage but it's so hard not sitting!! Harder than I imagined. I'm a hair stylist so I stand a lot but I went back to work today had to leave early was light headed and couldn't sit.. I'll try again slowly.. Love my results so far my original measurements were 36-27-37. I'm now as of today 36-28.5-38.5 still have swelling but my legs hurt the most..

2 weeks post op!! Going to work today I actually...

2 weeks post op!! Going to work today I actually went last week. I am a salon owner and not a lot of sitting so it wasn't bad... My thighs hurt the most around my inner knee where lipo was done.. Went yesterday to see Dr Lyos he says all looks well I have lost some volume but not much he says maybe I'll lose about another 10%. I asked how may CC's were injected he said 580 CC's each cheek. He took out 5 lbs of fat and transfered 2.5 back in.. I love Dr. Lyos he office and staff are wonderful. I'm glad I didn't have to leave the country to get this surgery done.. Praise God!! I'm still not driving or sitting going to try and wait a solid month.. It's hard and uncomfortable to stand all the time and sit on my sides but 9k is a lot to pay so I want the be results as possible. I'm sore and still hard to sleep. But I feel it's all worth it.. Fingers crossed no more volume loss.. I wil post pics but only use my phone so not sure how to do that if anyone knows and want to see pics let me know if it can be done via iPhone.

Hello ladies!! I'm 2 weeks and 1 day post op!!...

Hello ladies!! I'm 2 weeks and 1 day post op!! Feeling almost 80% better! My body is still sore but no real pain just soreness I havent sat directly on my butt yet. Still too scared I'm going to give it a whole month if possible.. Just hard getting around without driving, but I will manage.. I take off garment only to shower.. I've tried on clothes that I wouldn't wear before because my butt looked so flat in them and it looks amazing.. I didn't go real big, because I wasn't too flat.. But so far happy!! I've probaly loss 10% total volume.. I pray it stays that way. Lipo looks amazing, stomach still hard very hard.. But doctor says it's normal.. I go back in 2 weeks.. God bless.. Dr Andrew Lyos is awesome.. I was scared but as of today I'm happy.. Time will be the true tell tell.. Need to send pics, I'll try from my IPad does anyone know if that's possible.. My results are amazing and want to share!!

So sorry pics are in random order.. The one in...

So sorry pics are in random order.. The one in black panty set is 6 months prior to surgery.

Day 20!! Still sore sides, back thighs etc. But...

Day 20!! Still sore sides, back thighs etc. But it's much better than day 5 lol! I'm still not sitting I'm going to try and make it to 1 month for the best results possible. I only got 580 each side.. So a little concerned about losing volume.. I can safely say I've only lost about 10% at this point.. Stomache still rock hard.. Is that normal? Not at 100% this whole healing has slowed me down at times I feel tired.. But I know this time next month praying i will be 100%..

3 weeks post op!! I feel about 80% still.. Still...

3 weeks post op!! I feel about 80% still.. Still no sitting yet.. I decided to switch to my own garment it's by Ardyss it's call the body fashion. Feels like better support on my back which is still sore and swollen. The garment the Gave me is uncomfortable especially at night with the clasp digging in my sides.. This garment actully lifts my butt and pulls in my waist.. Feels good. 3 more weeks!! It's been a long journey this is a commitment that you have to be willing to make, the healing process is longer than we think.. But I'm one day closer and loving results..

Hello ladies it's been almost 4.3 weeks since my...

Hello ladies it's been almost 4.3 weeks since my surgery things are getting better and better!! Thank God!! It's been a struggle I'm a strong person, but this has taken me back.. I haven't sat down yet and trying not to until 6 weeks so almost week and half to go!! My doctor said that pretty much where my new booty is at at 6 weeks is where it will stay:) so that's good to hear!! All this wasn't in vein.. I've lost maybe total of 10% of volume from what I can tell. Pretty good but I'm constantly looking at it so I'm not sure:) my soreness in my stomach and back are getting better.. I started doing my own massages while in the shower while soapy, it helps So much.. Anyway happy healing to all who are on this journey and those entering it good luck.. I will post more pics at 6 weeks that will be more realistic..

New pics at 7 weeks

2 1/2 months post op

this is me post op after 2/12 months
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