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I had the cool sculpting procedure on Last Friday...

I had the cool sculpting procedure on Last Friday so I'm on Day 7. It wasn't bad at all. I was worried after all the reading I did. The suction felt weird but not painful. The massage was not pleasant but nothing I couldn't handle. The numb feeling has been weird but I have not had any real pain. Occasional shocks or jolts I would call them but they are not painful. Just weird. I am a normal weight, I'm between a size 6 and 8. I like my body but my mummy tummy has bothered me and I work out and eat well but it just doesn't go anywhere. I had my lower abdominals done, she did one of each side with the smaller suction cup. I may have another session if this works well and I still want more. I'm not expecting miracles. I was pregnant 4 times in 7 years! But I am hoping for just a little more flatness so that I don't look 3 months pregnant in clothing anymore lol I will continue to update. This site has been super helpful to me :)

Day 9 still numb, swelling down I think

So today is day 9. Yesterday was the most uncomfortable day I've had. Again not painful but not pleasant either lol. The numb feeling is very weird and I hope it goes away soon! I think the swelling is down so I would say I am back to wear I was when I started. Really looking forward to seeing a change!

Day 14

everything is going well, no pain, swelling down. I still have a tiny bit of numbness. I have been having strange sensations today.. Hoping it's the fat dying and leaving my body ;) I'll do update photo's at 21 days

Day 21 3 weeks now, no change

I was hoping to be one of the people who see a change by 3 weeks but nothing. I know it's not unusual and I have faith I will start to see changes in the next few weeks. I put on one of my fitted dresses and you can see the area that bothers me. I just want that bump gone. Even if I never wear a bikini again I'll be happy to have a flatter tummy in my clothes without having to wear spanx!

about 3.5 weeks now. I think I Am noticing a slight difference

I'm also feeling super gassy and crampy? Anyone else get that at around the 3-4 week range? Was kind of hoping it's the fat cells leaving ;) I took some pics let me know if I;m crazy or is their a tiny difference?

wow HUGE change almost over night!!

I thought I was seeing something yesterday and I mentioned that I was having weird gas and cramping. It must be doing something because I cannot believe the change today and I am not even at 4 weeks yet!! So excited to see this. I'll keep taking pics for everyone

Day 26 thinking about getting my flanks done

I'm happy so far with my tummy results. I've had 4 kids so obviously it's never going to look like it did before but the flatness is making me happy. I know I still have more to go which is exciting!! I'm wondering if I should do my flanks just to give a bit more definition in my waist. I had thought maybe the flanks and one more in the centre lower belly. I'll see how I feel about that at my two month appointment but I may go ahead and do the flanks now.

bathing suit pic for sapphireburst

Lost one inch off my waist so far!

I'm feeling fantastic and so happy I did this. I am 4 weeks tomorrow and I can't believe the difference I see already. They say the most dramatic change comes between 2-3 months so I am pretty excited! I've also lost 4 pounds since doing the procedure. This has nothing to do with the actual cool sculpting but it has motivated me to eat healthier for sure!

4 week update

My results continue to be amazing! I went for my 4 week follow up and they all agreed that my results were great! I mentioned to them that I had been taking a liver detox supplement. It's by St. Francis called Hepato DR. It's got milk thistle and a few other herbs in it. Our liver is very important in the process of getting rid of those fat cells fast so I figured it couldn't hurt! I also drink a cup of warm water every morning with lemon which is good for the liver. Not sure if that is helping but it certainly isn't hurting. Thought I would share in case anyone else would like to try a supplement to help them along.

4.5 weeks update and some pics

so i took a pic wearing the exact same bottoms, first one is from before the procedure and second is this morning. I also took a picture of myself in a dress that I love but never wear because it shows my tummy bump too much. This is where I am really excited!! I wore this dress out this past weekend and felt confident! There is still a tiny bump but nothing to what is was.

Clinic pictures

got my pictures back from the clinic. They have a good front view shot

5 weeks update

everything is pretty much back to normal now. Very very slight numbness remains. I've lost two inches off the largest part of my tummy! I continue to eat healthy and workout. I've lost 4 pounds which is because of my diet not the cool sculpting but I did find this procedure to be VERY motivating for me! I am still considering a second treatment but I will give it 2 full months before deciding. I am quite happy with my result so far! I'm adding a picture from day 25 (which was the first day I noticed changes) to today day 35 (week 5), you can see changes continue to happy which is fantastic!

5.5 weeks

so everything is kind of standing still I wouldn't say there is anymore fat loss that I am noticing but that's fine.. I know they say 8-12 weeks is the time when you notice the most anyways. But what I am noticing is the top part of my abs that I had cool sculpted is really hard, like there is a ridge there? I wonder if this is normal.

front view pictures

just an updated front view of my stomach

I'm so happy about this

I have quite a few dresses that were put away because every time I took them out and put them on I would worry I looked pregnant. My belly would stick out and I was too insecure to wear them. This was one of those dresses. I put it on this morning and I am so happy! This was my main goal with cool sculpting. I was pregnant 4 times in 5 years so I don't expect my tummy to be perfect (not without a tummy tuck and I don't want that). So if in clothing my tummy looks more flat I am so happy. I think I've decided to keep up with my diet and exercise (which has been amazing since the cool sculpting procedure, I found it very motivating). Otherwise I am very happy with my results! I will update if I see more results over the next few weeks. I will be over the moon if I keep seeing results like I have been

weird update

so starting yesterday I was noticing my stomach getting larger!! Almost like bloating or swelling. I am down 5 pounds so it's not my diet or exercise. I did a bit of research and got "some" info on this happening during the process of fat cells dying and being removed. It's swelling I suppose. I am not happy about it :( I look pregnant!

Weird bloating gone!!

Geez that really had me worried lol But I think it must have just been a fairly normal part of the process and may even happen again. I am a HUGE water retainer and I bloat and swell really easily. I am pretty happy with my results so far. I may still do a second treatment but I'm going to wait until the fall when I can cover bloat and swelling with more clothes lol Plus my diet has been so good since having this done maybe I won't even need it by then! I'm getting closer to being confident enough to wear a bikini in public ;)

Bought a bikini today

Know where I can buy confidence to go with it? lol

Second treatment today!!!

Ack I'm nervous lol. I hadn't planned on doing the second treatment until the fall but after reading more about the second treatments apparently it is optimal to do it 30-60 days after the first treatment. Here his why " it has been studied that doing a second treatment within about 30-60 days can enhance your overall treatment results.

The theory behind this mechanism is with the first treatment you create am inflammatory response around teh fat cells. This disappates about day 60-90 as the fat cells dissolve. If you treat a 2nd time prior to the inflammation completely resolving, you are able to generate theoretically an even larger inflammatory response with subsequent greater fat volume reduction."

I was told right from the beginning I would likely need two treatment so I'm just going for it. Will continuing updating :)


Applicator is on and I feel like it hurts more this time!! Just breathing through it!

finished my second treatment

Wow is all I can say!! The pain was MUCH worse than the first time! The first time is was just uncomfortable, this time it was horrendous! Especially the massage. I almost threw up! Geez, I never thought it would be different. Let's hope the next couple of days are easy like my first time ????

Day 3 after second treatment

So nothing too exciting to report. i likely won't update again for a few weeks. After how painful the second procedure was I was really worried the recovery would be bad too but it has been almost non-existent. I didn't swell up like the first time, just a little bit which I'm pretty sure if gone now. I have a little pain, like I did tons of sit ups or someone kicked me in the stomach. I have much less numbness as well. Only symptom I'm having (sorry if this is TMI) is mild diarrhea. I will update again at 21 days unless I see a dramatic change before then!

Strange sensations day 4 after second treatment (7 weeks after first)

So I woke last night with some strange sensations. Kind of felt like I was being stuck with needles from the inside. I wouldn't call it painful although it wasn't pleasant either. I got up and put some Deep Blue essential oil on it and that helped a ton! I still have those sensations today. I guess my tummy is waking up. I don't remember this from the first time. At least not as often. This is almost non-stop. On a scale of 1-10 for pain I would call it a 3, maybe 4. I also have my period so this combined with cramps is just not so much fun lol Hoping it doesn't get worse!

bikini at the pool!!

So I did it! I wore this to the beach today. I am pretty happy with my results and I haven't even seen anything yet from my second procedure so when that happens I will be ecstatic! I realized something doing this and that is if we are looking for perfection we are never going to find it. This is my tummy! This tummy gave me four beautiful children! This is what almost every women who's been pregnant looks like. The only way to get rid of the lose skin is a major surgery and I am never going to have a tummy tuck and why should I? I am feeling more confident all the time. I hope everyone reading this realizes how beautiful they are! None of us are perfect (even the people we think are perfect are not perfect). And really we care so much more about how we look than anyone else does!

rough night 8 weeks after first treatment, 6 days after second

I was up a lot last night, couldn't sleep because of the constant pins and needles, stabbing and deep itching I had in my stomach. This time has been so different from the first! Just an FYI if you sailed through the first procedure don't assume the second will be the same. Mine has been quite different! Now I wouldn't call what is happening unbearable. It seems worse at night than during the day. I haven't needed to take anything for it. I am just surprised I am having anything at all as the first time I has almost no symptoms except numbness which funny enough I don't really have this time!

8 weeks after first treatment, 7 days after second

I slept better last night and haven't had any shooting, stabbing pains so far this morning. Thank goodness. Wow that was awful! I feel so bad for people who deal with that for days, sometimes weeks, I cannot imagine! For me it was only bad for 1 night and 1 full day. Here's to hoping that was it! Last night, even though I was in pain, I gave myself a massage for about 5 minutes. That hurt but really seemed to help! The swelling is mostly gone now and I continue to see changes but I am sure that is still from the first treatment. I saw the biggest change at around 3.5 weeks the first time so I will be excited to reach that point again! I've lost another pound as well so I am down from 162.5 pounds to 156 pounds (I'm 5'9" for reference)! That is 100% from keeping my diet so tight because my workouts have been non-existent for over a week now! I have been walking 30 every night.

Before second procedure and after photo's

So the picture on the top is the morning before my second procedure (7 weeks after first procedure) and the bottom is today. I see a big difference in the side view. I'm sure it's all still from the first procedure since I'm only 1 week out from the second.

A little update, 9 weeks after 1st procedure, 14 days after 2nd

Nothing too exciting to report. Still seeing results from the first procedure, maybe the second but I think it's still too early. I took some updated pictures. I try really hard to stand in the exact same spot and wear similar bottoms in each picture. Numbness is gone from the second procedure, no pain. Haven't lost any more weight since the initial 5 pounds :( I haven't been quite as tight with my diet. Darn I like food lol

4 weeks post second treatment

I haven't updated because I have seen zero results from my second treatment. I was 4 weeks yesterday. Still holding out hope to see something in the next month or so! With my first treatment I had seen results by now.

5 week after second treatment

It took a bit longer to see some changes this time but I am starting to see results as of a few days ago. It happens slowly. You start questioning yourself. Am I am seeing something? Is it working? lol Anyways here is an update picture. Top is the day before my second treatment and bottom is this morning exactly 5 weeks after second treatment and 12 weeks after the first. Only thing I will say is as my belly shrinks, I notice the wrinkles become a little more pronounced. This picture makes them look worse than they are and honestly I would rather have a few wrinkles than a fat belly. I don't wear bikinis a lot but I notice a big difference in my clothes. I no longer look 4 months pregnant ;)


so it's been 3 months since my first treatment and 2 months since my second. I have to say I'm disappointed in the second treatment. I didn't have, from what I can see, much change. I had my follow up appointment today and the nurse agreed with me, my results from the second treatment are nothing compared to my first :( We are waiting for another month and we'll see if there is any change.

11 weeks post second treatment UPDATE

So sadly I'm changing my result to not worth it. I am back to pretty much where I started. After my first treatment I had really good results! Or so I thought but I also had this really great motivation to diet and exercise more at that time. I really cut my carbs a lot and I am beginning to think that is what caused the initial reduction?? Because after my second treatment I have not had the same drive to restrict my carbs. Now I've maintained my weight loss of about 5-7 pounds but I am eating carbs again (healthy carbs) but I have had zero change from my second treatment. Even my provider admitted there was no change at all. So the reason I am changing my result from worth it to not worth it is I have spent $3000 on both treatments and the results are very subtle.

Valerie was lovely!! She made the entire experience nice. I was relaxed and comfortable and she was very honest with what I should expect

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