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I decided to have my breasts augmented to help...

I decided to have my breasts augmented to help them look perkier and fuller than they look now, 10 years after I stopped breastfeeding. I nursed my daughter for 2 1/2 years, and loved my breast back then. For the past decade they have been kind of shriveled up - a natural process, but not very sexy and definitely not fun (It was kind of a turn off to see floppy saggy skin bags where my breast used to be)!

I thought about it for a long time, waited a year after my first consultation, visited many different doctors and finally decided to go through with it as a Birthday gift to myself. My partner didn't want me to have another surgery (I've had a few spine surgeries in the past few years) and he really liked my smaller natural breast, but I REALLY wanted to do this and am so pleased with my results. He was supportive although kept telling me I "didn't need to do anything" - I knew I didn't' "need to do anything" - I just wanted to!

I went with 225 and 250cc silicone implants, moderate profile (I'm 5'4, 122 lbs) and they look very natural. It's been three weeks and the swelling has resolved, and the size is great and they feel like a part of me. I can barely tell that they aren't fully my own natural breast tissue - I LOVE THEM and have a lot more confidence and feel so much sexier than I did before (when they were shriveled up from involution).

I feel like it's one of the best things I've done for myself - and my partner really likes them too! I wouldn't have minded going larger - because I think they might have been even more fun - but it would have made them look less natural which I really wanted to avoid.

The surgery and recovery process was fairly simple - took less than 1.5 hours and I was in recovery. It felt and looked like my "milk had come in" - for about a week I felt like I had the engorgement I had when my daughter was born. And by ten days post-op I was totally back to myself and had to remind myself to take it easy because of the stitches - they are about 1.5 inch scares now and I'll start putting a silicone cream on them after my next doctor appointment in a few days.

For me this was a "fun" thing to do for myself after having to have a few really yucky spine surgeries which I couldn't have avoided. I felt it was time to get to make a choice about something done to me instead of being told I had to be cut open - It was such an empowering experience and I love my results! The only slightly negative thing is one nipple has decreased sensation - maybe 30%, and I'm told that often comes back. Regardless I am so glad I did my breast augmentation and have no regrets! And am so glad I did my research and didn't go with the first doctor I liked but met with a few until I found someone I just knew was "the right guy for the job".

Again - I am so glad I did this and LOVE my new BOOBIES! And if anyone is considering getting a breast augmentation I would tell them if they really want it they should go for it! Just make sure you're doing it for yourself - and don't worry about being "judged" - Do what makes YOU happy!

So I'm 3/2 weeks post-op and still LOVING my new...

So I'm 3/2 weeks post-op and still LOVING my new boobies! They have continued to soften a little and are even more comfortable than before. I did something totally stupid - which was that I wasn't thinking about my boobies and after being in the car for a long drive I started stretching - and felt a release in one of my breasts. Almost like a Pop! I was scared! I pulled over and called my dr. right away - they saw me immediately and basically said everything looked fine but to come back the next day. I went back the next day and was certain that the one breast which "popped" was softer and lower than the other one. My Dr. said that I most likely pulled an internal stitch- but that it still looked great and was just a little softer and more natural looking than the other side.

So now I've seen then a couple of times and will go back in a week or so, just to be sure everything is ok. I was SO worried! I though OMG - i just ruined my whole surgery! But i don't think that's the case. The other side will soften and relax a little more as i'm still recently pos-op and they (hopefully) will still look the same. I have asked other people to touch my breast and they can't tell any difference between the two sides, which is great! But I can feel it when I touch. One side feels more curvey- more firm and the other side is more normal feeling. The dr. said to start massaging gently the other side "(that didn't pop) and when "it's done" it should be like the other one. I am SOOO happy I didn't ruin anything! And cannot stress the importance of taking it easy the first few weeks after surgery!

Also I forgot to mention previously that Dr. Denkler and his wife, Dr. Hudson work together and are awesome! He does the surgeries and she sees clients for their pre-ops, part of their consults and other clinic visits. They are a great team. I had to have my surgery at the local hospital, so it was a bit more expensive than if someone does it at their clinic surgery suite. I'm telling all my friends about these guys, because they don't do much advertising and I didn't' find them myself very easily, but I really do think they are the best! I am soooooo happy with my results and am so happy I finally did it!

1 month post-op photos - actually it's been 5...

1 month post-op photos - actually it's been 5 weeks and I am still loving them and so glad I did this! I'm feeling back to my normal as far as energy and activity go. I think that, compared to how I looked before, both my breast look great!

I started doing a little massage which has helped them to soften. And both sides feel the same now, I guess one just settled in a bit more early than the other, but now they seem to both be soft. They feel really like a part of me now, and I forget they haven't always been attached to me!

I thought I'd post some pics in case anyone else has something similar happen. I was really worried a few weeks ago when I had that strange sensation, but so far so good! Nothing was ruined and they both feel great now! And my doctors continue to be amazing!
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awesome all around! I chose him after looking at his website and reading his CV. Lots of experience and expertise and great results in his portfolio. Very friendly staff, convenient scheduling and great bedside manner. Dr. Denkler in Larkspur, CA did an amazing job and I cannot say enough great things about his staff!

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