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Just gonna give a brief review here tonight. 53...

Just gonna give a brief review here tonight. 53 year old male having the biltmore lift performed this week to just tighten the neck up a bit. I will post more in detail about the whole experience. I just wanted to write a review (before I lose my nerve) and pay it forward to the great supportive real self community. Here it goes. Will update accordingly like all the great gals who I have been communicating with who have helped me make this decision. I hope it helps other people, especially guys who may think this is a bit too vain but still would like to do something. Dr. Harley is a very personable man and from what I've seen so far, has quite a bit of artistic talent. He has an eye for giving a natural yet impressive result from all his work I've seen on here. Had the hair transplant now it's time to fix the neck.

I like the other side.

I made it through. Had a fair amount of pain when I got back to the hotel. It's subsided at this point.
Will post an update with my experience.

4 days post-op.....having seriously mixed feelings.

I didn't really want to show these updated pictures. I'm not feeling so great right now about having this done. I'm also physically exhausted because this operation has taken it's toll. I'm mentally exhausted as well due to the whole experience with TLC. My personal experience with them was not a positive one to say that least. I will leave it at that for now until I can contact them to have a full refund for what I experienced. I don't wish to pursue legal charges I just want a refund. I will contact an attorney if I have to, which I really should, even though I really don't want to be "that" type of pain in the rump customer, but WOW my experience with them and the elderly gentlemen who they assigned to me who clearly had "old school" ideas and made highly inappropriate comments about men having plastic surgery was like something out of the 1950's. Unreal. Not to mention I got a bill for over $100 then what I quoted (have the emails to prove that one) to be exposed to this kind of treatment. Again, just unbelievable.
Back to the procedure. I really didn't expect these incisions to be right across my face. I had a previous mini-lift years ago so the hairline at the temple area was compromised and I plan on having an additional hair transplant procedure to bring the hairline more forward on the side temple, but I certainly didn't think these incisions would be as forward as they are. I will say that they are healing nicely. I'm putting a lot of silicon scar gel on them. I will have to take additional time off from work because there is no way I'm showing up on Monday looking like this. The positive part of this procedure is that all the area's of concern where addressed and I'm tight as a drum in the lower face/neck area, but as you can see there was a price I had to pay for that.
Again, very mixed feelings.

What a difference a day makes....5 days post op and feeling so much relief!!!

I just spoke with Dr. Harley on the phone and he explained why he had to place the incision in the area he chose, which clearly makes a lot of sense now. He knew I was going back to Istanbul to get hair grafts added to the temple area and he wanted to keep that area as viable as possible with blood supply to accept the hair grafts that I will have added in the future. As you can see the incisions have healed amazingly well in just the past 24 hours and this is only 5 days post-op. He also offered to do whatever was necessary to make them as less visible as possible, however I doubt I will need anything done other then just applying silicon strips. He assured me he will take care of me and will be there for me every step of the way. I don't know of many plastic surgeons who are as committed like that to their patients as he seems to be to his. Well, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Your all in good hands. I'm sorry if I shocked anyone or scared people off. Clearly this man knows his stuff and is very dedicated to the satisfaction of his patients!


The dates aren't listing correctly when I post, but this was taken 7 days post. Stitches are OUT!!! (thanks Kelly). She really is a sweet soul.
Starting to look like myself. Lots of swelling still and bruising/yellowish starting to appear.
Incision scars are starting to fade a bit more. I have silicon gel and silicon tape on. I found them at the best price at walgreens. Their not exactly cheap but I got a bogo deal on the silicon tape.
Look at that neck!!!! I think I'm gonna be pretty happy with the end result when things start to relax a bit more. Hair is growing in more and more, it's coming in but it's course which is normal.., can't wait to get it added to the temple/side burn area. May take a trip back to Istanbul in about 6 months for that.

Re: look like two different people

First pic (before) on left was taken last month. Second pic (after) was taken last night. This is hard to get used to, but I ain't complaining. Just crazy though,. how much of a change.

closer view of before and after pic's.

Gonna update in a week or two with some more pictures. I'm pretty much the same still, although scars are fading quickly, but i still have some residual swelling so I want that let that calm down a bit more before posting new pictures.

Gonna update some pic's anyway. Mostly to show how the incision scars are healing.

The swelling is about the same, but the incision scars are fading fast.
I know these pictures aren't the best quality and I'm not comfortable taking selfies....but it's the best of bunch I took so far. I still can't believe the difference. Dr. Harley is an amazing guy and a phenomenal surgeon and I'm so glad I chose him. People at work can't figure out what's going on ....they mostly say I look like I lost weight, but some are really scratching their heads, so I just get off the subject pretty quickly and move Of course if they happen to see this review, the jig is up.


Just another comparison shot to really show the difference.


Much of the swelling has subsided. No more chipmunk face when I smile. Lower jawline is much sharper and defined then I could ever hope for. I will say it again and again.....Dr. Harley has some serious talents! If your looking for rejuvenation of your lower face and neck, he is the only one I would ever recommend in the whole country. If i lived abroad I will still make the trip for these outstanding results.
Again, I'm beyond being amazed at what he was able to accomplish on me.

Before and After

Gonna post this last before and after shot. I'll post another one at 3 months then 6 months, then a full year...which should be the final result. If your face needs an overhaul like mine did that addresses the lower face and neck, i think the Biltmore lift is the best option available today.
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

My initial impression was similar to mostly everyone one here who has first encountered Dr. Harley. He's a kind, technically impressive doctor who at the first sound of his voice really does put you at ease. I've only had one consult over the phone with him so far. I will be meeting him face to face in the morning and I will have many questions for him during this second evaluation of me. So stay tuned folks.

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