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I had fat transfer to both cheeks and lips, the...

I had fat transfer to both cheeks and lips, the procedure was not successful and i was really disappointed with the doctor, i know have one round and one flat cheek and when i take pictures my face looks deformed. My lips are still the same size no difference in them, i feel like the before and after shots are excatly identical
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Dr darryl hodgkinson let me down, he told me the procedure would be successful, then when it wasn't he denied and lied about it. He then told me some fat does not take and i look ok even though i had an asymmetry problem with face now thanks to him!! I have had many procedures with him i thought i would be valued, instead the doctor wanted to slug me another couple of thousands to have corrective surgery that i am not guaranteed will be a success. He should feel ashamed of himself he is just a money hungry person and doesnt want to know you after you pay him, and his director is hopless, she simply brushed me off with an email when i tried to voice my concern to her, she is very unprofessional and does not fufil her duties. If any one wants to have surgery with dr hodgkinson i suggest you do your research !!! He can never make his mind up and always says different things, shame in him the money hungry man!!!

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