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Dr Chernoff Review-My personal experience. I...

Dr Chernoff Review-My personal experience.

I have met Dr Chernoff on four levels-
• As a patient
• As a care giver
• As a team member
• As an ex-surgical scrub technician

Before I start I want to apologize to you all for making a lengthy review. After our experience with Dr Chernoff I noticed the reviews on the net don’t seem to fully tell the story we experienced and thus my reason for expounding a little more.

As a Patient
I had some cosmetic work done by Dr Chernoff and he was very good, professional, quick, and supportive. When he finished I looked in the mirror and said, “Hey, I know that face. It’s on my expired driving license!”

Given the same circumstances I would use him again and recommend him to friends. This is where many reviews seem to end, thus why I would like to expand.

As a Caregiver
I came with my wife who also had some work done. During her recovery I was her primary caregiver and in this role I found Dr Chernoff to be exceptional. He was clear in explaining each part of the procedure and providing me information how I could best provide support.

As a caregiver I was able to sit back and observe Dr Chernoff’s bedside manner and found him to be outstanding. He is more than just supportive, it was clear he also cared deeply about the giving of his art.

During the surgery Dr Chernoff even went so far as to spend an extra hour on my wife working on a 25-year-old scar that never healed smoothly. Fixing scar tissue is extra challenging and Dr Chernoff made this repair without extra charge and it seemed to be because he just strives for perfect results.

When he examined his work on my wife’s face and had to massage the skin he was super gentle. From an observers perspective it was clear the nurses held Dr Chernoff is very high regard. In a world of assembly line medicine Dr Chernoff seemed to have time and energy to give personalized service. He even made HOUSE CALLS to our hotel!

As a Team Member
Working with Dr Chernoff and his team I felt like we were all attempting to complete the same project. I can’t emphasis enough how pleasant this was. I work on large yachts and we switch team members and roles on a regular basis. I am very used to assessing my teammates and … , well, you know how some people can always find a way to complicate seemingly simple tasks? Dr Chernoff was just the opposite. His team seemed to have an easy way of helping us to help the process. From booking our hotel, to positioning our cars for surgery, or buying supplies Dr Chernoff and his staff made all the little details easy.

As an Ex-Surgical Scrub Technician
During the first Gulf War I worked at Letterman Army Hospital in San Francisco as a surgical scrub tech. When you see all the people standing around the operating table and the Doctor says “scalpel,” I was the guy passing the scalpel. In this way I was able to stand next to many different surgeons during hundreds of operations, many of them plastic surgery. It was standing at the operating table I saw first hand not all surgeons are equally skilled no matter what framed certificates hang on their wall.

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most challenging medical fields because so much of it is art. No two bodies or faces are the same, nor is every face symmetrical. This means “cut and paste” surgery training is not always sufficient for perfect outcomes in an astatic world. After all it’s not an appendix scar under my belt line hidden from view. It’s my face on display to the world.

Working at Letterman Army Hospital I saw over and over how cosmetic surgery’s can came out “just a little off”. Maybe, after all the swelling had gone down one eyelid hangs a little lower than the other, or maybe the scars spread, maybe a scar puckers, or we see an extra dark color here or there or the smile is not perfectly even. From a surgical techs point of view these “complications” are much more common than we seem to be led to believe.

Like many of you a lot of my work is based on “face time” and the thought of ending up with a slight droop to one eye scared me. I lay awake wondering if something goes wrong how might this effect my career?

Since working on yachts demands a lot of travel I had my choice of getting my work done anywhere. We spend a lot of time in Europe, and the Caribbean, and the US, and really just about anywhere in the world near the ocean.

While crossing the Panama Canal we checked out the old US medical areas where we were told some of the best “south of the border” doctors resided. We did a lot of on-line investigations into the assembly line cosmetic surgery vacation packages, and even considered flying to Asia. In Europe we made personal visits to doctors in Palma and Gibraltar.

In the end my surgical tech experience came through and I decided I wanted a personal recommendation from people I trust. I went to friends that have had work done and asked their experience and who they recommend. That is how we found Dr Chernoff. We have a nurse friend who had work done by Dr Chernoff over 15 years ago. She said it was the best experience she ever had in medicine. I then asked if she needed work done now what would she do. Quick as a whip she said “I would jump in my car and drive to Dr Chernoff’s office.”

This conversation took place while I was working in the Caribbean. My first thought was California? Won’t that be double expensive? What I found surprised me. It turns out cosmetic surgery is mostly elective surgery, and that seems to somewhat put the work outside the control of the “Medical Monopoly.” The alleged 800 dollars for an IV drip can’t be hidden in the system when the patient is paying out of pocket.

On investigation I found the cost of doing the work in the US, with all the best, state of the art equipment was not that different than Thailand, Panama, or any of the other third world options we investigated.

Back to my OR tech observations. Looking at the sutures, the skin texture, and the quick healing time I can say, “Wow, that man is an artist as well as a surgeon!”

From an OR tech perspective his sutures are amazing, the scar lines super clean and precise meaning very fine scars and less down time. The total look was near perfect and the recovery is going fabulous.

In closing if someone asks me today what I would do if I desired cosmetic surgery my answer would be simple. Considering the fair price, the great personal service, and the confidence and trust I felt after my procedure I would jump on a plane and go see Dr Chernoff.

16 months later

Sorry. I missed this post had a reply. So its a year or more since my wife and i had some work done. It came out great and in retrospect the recovery was a breeze. Now we are going back for lipo and true to form we are going with Dr Chernoff again. We are about two weeks out and getting excited.
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