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Hello My New BBL Sisthas, I ve been searching this...

Hello My New BBL Sisthas, I ve been searching this site night and day for 3 weeks. Seriously waking up to this going to sleep to this, and dreaming about this!! Ive seen so many good results and inspiring storys ive become more than motivated to finally go through with this. Ive decided to go with Dr. campos for his amazing Hour plass shape. Im 26 I will be 27 on Nov 21 im 5'6 145lbs ive always been wide at the hips but no A$$. I just sent my pictures over yesterday an Im PRAYING that it dose not take a month for a response cuz id do this next week if i cud. Im long over due.. I heard so much about Angie im trying to prepare myself for her as well. Will be looking for a buddy as soon as i get a Date. Feel free to pour all advice into me im all ears. Thanx Cali's Angel

Hi Ladies, i also decided to contact Dr Pantoja...

Hi Ladies, i also decided to contact Dr Pantoja office today, i fowarded them my picts and i was told give them a day or two to get back with me, sooo with that said i waiting. No anser from Campos yet its only been a few days bandbive heard some ladys say that it could be a while so we shall see. Tah Tha, Cali's Angel

So Today I heard from Dr. Pantoja And Campos.. Im...

So Today I heard from Dr. Pantoja And Campos.. Im excited at the fact that both of them got back with me as soon as they did..(that what I'm talking about) LOL Dr.P gave me an estimate of $3500 without meds and massages. Dr.C Estimate was $4305 with meds and two massages. Now im waying out tha pros and cons??? Dr.C Patients has everything i want as far as the hour glass shape. LAdies Please help me!!!

Hi Laddyz I Finally was able to book a date With...

Hi Laddyz I Finally was able to book a date With Dr. Campos Jan 16,2012 I really needed somthing sooner becuz of school So LADYZ IF ANYONE WANTS TO TRADE ME FOR A MID DECEMBER OR NEEDS A LIL EXTRA TIME PLEASE CONTACT ME. Im supper excited its been along time coming for my dream thats about to be reality lots off love to all whom are approching..

Just paid my deposit.. im beyond excited!!! tryen...

just paid my deposit.. im beyond excited!!! tryen to find somewhere to get my labs done for cheap.. So much to do and not sure where to start

Hi My Luvs!!! I appreciate the love that i been...

Hi My Luvs!!! I appreciate the love that i been gettin from tha ladys with all my questions and concens, u guys are awesome. Im Still looking for a mud or Late Dec Date fir My Jan 16th. Date, but all in all im supper excited. I also wanted to kno what wast the best Garment to buy or if i shud even use one im tryen to keep as much fat as possible, i alsi wanted to kno if any one had suggestions on what cream to buy ir shoot a awhile checklist i cud look at or add on too. Thanx in advance ladyz

Praying that a sooner date becomes open, school...

Praying that a sooner date becomes open, school starts Jan 14 i already took off a semester and cant afford to take off anymore. Jan 16 is sooo closer to my dream however there is kno way i can mk it work. Tha semester is over in May but thats to close to summer im trying to be summer ready by then.. :( Feeling a lil down today. Also if anyone has a checklist i cud check out or add on too, that wud be great. I am also looking for a good scar cream and garment. All for suggestions.. Thanks lady have an amazing Saturday.

Talking to other people about this can get...

Talking to other people about this can get irritating, so frm here on out my talk is limited. This was a gift frm my BF and my Mommy is very supportive so thats all that matters anyhow... Im currently gaining weight eating everything in sight and its become rather depressin i dont wanna leave the house i feel so huge and just out of it im constantly tired, im so use to working out 3days a week its like i feel guilty, i know its only for the good of my results but im scared to get on the scale i think ill give it another week before i weigh in and ill start taking all my vitamins tomoro. on another note im putting my list together n ill add on to it as i go to mk sure i dont leave anything out.

Hey Ladyz, sooo i got my ekg out the way i got my...

Hey Ladyz, sooo i got my ekg out the way i got my blood done yesterday a.d now im awaiting those results. After a long thought process of trying to cum up with what i was going to tell my primary care docter the reason for the labs,(cudnt think of anything) So i told him the truth, :) he went on to tell me that he thought i was fine and i didnt need it(i didnt ask u all of that Dr. order the damn labs) Lol but he respected my decision so that wasa releif. Spoke with Angie today as well she received my deposit and i am ob the waiting list for a sooner date. Perferably right after Christmas!!! #Team Campos

Hey Chix, hope all is well havnt updated much be...

Hey Chix, hope all is well havnt updated much be trying to let the time past. Happy Christmas is done N Ova wit.. Well i sent in my Labs yesterday evening but forgot the ekg at home, so ill send it in the morning or hopefully i dnt need it. Everything has been moving along Great so far and that got me a lil on edge like its to good to be true. Getting my date was fast my boyfriend gave up the money as my bday gift, I've gained ten pounds in time etc i just wud hate for any complications to cum up wit theses labs i wud be sicck!! 8/ I have not started buying anything imma start tomorrow tho, ive made my list and ladiez PLEASE let me kno other things i need/missing. i heard of sum type of hooks for the drains (ughh which i still dread coming home with) but what type of hooks? also sum foam what foam and, whats it 4? O yea and i went to my dr yesterday he wasnt there so i seen his partner and asked for a prescription for my meds, Y did i do that this old broad gave me the longest explanation on y she cudnt and wudnt give it to me, now i either need to wait and ask him again or i need another option fast.. but
on another noTe im excited as ever Prayers And Blessings going to my sistahs getting ready to crossover, i will soon meet yall on thee otha side. XoXo

My List .. Merderma Strerch mark cream iron...

My List ..

Merderma Strerch mark cream
iron pills
two plastic shower curtains
shirts L
sweats XL
Boppy Pillow
xL Panties jus in case
hygene +tampons jus in case
fruit and travel veggies
water/ gatoraide
comfy socks
blanket sheets pillow case + trash bags
small washing soap
antibacterial soap
bleach spray of sum sort
Gauze lots of it
urinal/ water bottle ;)
stool softner

Hey Girlz, Havnt been able to update in a few...

Hey Girlz, Havnt been able to update in a few days my phn has been trippen howeva in my last update i said things was runnin to smooth for me and my bbl journey Right. Soo i heard from Angie and she said my labs were fine BUT i was missin my preg test (which isnt a problem) cuz i kno they did one. And i was also missen my pro time test what ever the hell that is. im not even sure if that test was done and my pcp says i have to come in to even find out. I hav an appt for tomoro but if not umm 9 days is pushin it.. Ugggg i sent off another 1800 today and ill pay the remaining the morning of. im prayen that test was done or for sum kind of miracle, this cud be the only thing in my way... Prayers goin up to my sistahs approchin and healing.. lots and lots of love Cali`s Angel

Hi Ladys Im Here.. Im the first Surgery in the...

Hi Ladys Im Here.. Im the first Surgery in the
mornin!! Lookin Foward to sharing. Keep me lifted in prayer talk to u soon..

Hi ladys, im feelin ok. jus a Lil stiff and sore....

Hi ladys, im feelin ok. jus a Lil stiff and sore. I havent been able to keep much down, so its just been liquids for now. My surgery was the 16th at 7:30 i got to the office early at around 6:40 i didn'tknow how long it wud take to cross the border, which only took 5 min. So as early as i was Angie didnt arrive till 7:48. Yea i was standing in that cold building frezzing like hell. But after entering the office paperwork didnt take long. i was takin to get dress and given a a pill to relax. N then the Dr. Came in i heard dr. Campos was good looking But LadyZ That Man Is FINE!!! i told him what i wanted he told me it was more than realistic and he gave it to me. Im not in much pain just uncomfortable. My massage was tomorrow but this garment is so tight they arw gonna see me this afternoon.

Hi Ladyz, Im feelin a lil betta todab.y. ive been...

Hi Ladyz, Im feelin a lil betta todab.y. ive been home for two days.. ill be back to see Dr. Campos tomoro and get another massages. No pain jus uncomfortable and still sore as eva. Dnt get much sleep at night either but it shall be well worth it or it already is rather. I went to work on one my my garments the crotch was killen me. My bf is trippen sayen im always doin to much but i feel betta. tty GALs lata!!

Hi Ladyz I am $ weeks today and feelin And looking...

Hi Ladyz I am $ weeks today and feelin And looking Great!! Im doing everything Back to normal. My Body is feelin normal other than a few hard tissue spots on my sides, im massaging them out with bio oil. I started my workout yesterday Arms and legs. ill start abs in another week or so. I ALREADY TURNED HEADS BUT NOW THE TURNIN AND WALKIN BACKWARDS!!

7 months

Hi Ladys!! Its been a while for me jus wanted to give the new ladys and update and something to look forward to. Im 7months post op and im feeling good things haven't changed much in my shape my butt is still in tact. I did not loose the weight I gained for the surgery so I do plan on tighting up and loosing a few pounds I am now in the process of being certified to be a personal trainer so I do want things tight. Here are some updated pic of me. I hope every one is ready for a life changing experience. Prayers going up for all whom is approaching. Lots of Love :)



7 Months Pic

Just wanted to say Im in Aww soo Happy with all the love I have received from you ladys I will keep posting here and there, I hope my results continue to be inspiring. I wont forget about Real Self cuz Real Self didnt forget about me. :) lots and lots of love. XoXo

(Singing) Do you kno what today is?? It's my anniversary!!

Hi lady's it's been a while! Wanted to let you guys kno it's all love and real self changed my life I never met somany supportive strangers fa real lmbo But I am excited to announce today I am one day shy of 1 year postop. Jan 16 2013 my life was change when I met the adorable man with magic hands Dr. Jaime Campos!! I Cudnt wait another day to let you all know I'm doing and still looking great. Lol here are some recent pic to let you know ain't to much changed I gained a lil wait but nuthin that sum crunches can't knock out. I'm in thought process of Round 2(just thinking) for now wud like my waist a lil smaller or as small as it was when I first came home. But I'll keep ya informed! Prayers going up to those that are approaching there date. Ttys Cali's Angel xoxo

Thinking Round 2

Hi lovley lady's,
I think I'm ready for the round 2. I will be contacting campos this week to see his recommendation prayers to you all I will keep you guys in formed xoxo
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