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Well, I wanted all three procedures to be done...

Well, I wanted all three procedures to be done which is BBL, breast Implants, and TT along with Lipo but Dr. Robles will not do all 3 together. So... I have to go back to DR for round 2 for my breasts.. ughhh. Im still waiting for a qoute from Dr. Fatima Almonte but I did get a qoute from Dr. Robles 5200 all included without the breasts

Dr. Yily DelosSantos

Ok so qoute #2 which is Dr. Yily told me 5000 and thats not including breast implants or the recover house. I think that is a little high considering her high risk of infection rate. So I am leaning right now to qoute #1 which is Dr. Robles. I am awaiting 2 more qoutes. Will keeep you posted


Still waiting for Dr. ALmonte qoute and Dr. Duran.. hopefully ill get it by Xmas time

So I got 3 quotes so far...

Quote 1 Dr Robles: Asst. Laura 5200 TT BBl Liposuction on waist armpits back and I want the Breast Implants so I just emailed Laura for that Quote. RH included awesome
Quote 2 Dr. Yily DelosSantos Asst Yila?: she is pretty pricey at 5000 for TT Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, flanks and waist, chin and neck, BBl and add 1500 more for breast implants and RH is not included so its more money for this.
Quote 3 Dr. Almonte Asst. Lesley: gave me two quotes: #1 TT Liposculpture full back full abdomen flanks wast underarm area + BBl 5100 RH included
#2 same as above with Breast lift and implants 6200.00 This is looking really good..RH included
Quote #4: Asst. Elizabeth...still waiting after 1 week of emailing my pics.. they say save the best for last so I dont know.
I also emailed Dr Cabral, The king of kings.. and well I am very scared of touching that one after all those deaths. Something is going on there with that. Not even a bad doctor here in US had that many deaths unless the MD purposely killed the pt. So I just wanna see what he quotes me.
I plan on having surgery in august of 2016 only because my life insurance will NOT be contested after 2 years of making timely payments then my family will inherit 1.25 million if something should happen to me in DR. At least my family will be set. People ask then why go through this if theres a chance you may die? Well.... you can walk down the street and get hit by a car, you can get killed driving on a highway and its not even your fault. I am choosing to do this this is my decision and if I make it I make it If I die well it was the choice i made. Well, doing a lot of research and believe me, it still is not enough. Its loads and loads of information that my brain cannot handle. I go from one day wanting Dr. Robles to the next wanting Dr. Contreras and Dr Cabral. Like Fuck it. I love reading your reviews and learning from you girls. You will help me make the biggest decision of my life (literally life or death). Thank you.

then.. on top of it all

I whatsapped Dr. Ily thinking it was Dr. Duran how embarrassed I was. Had an interesting convo with Dr. Ily and she got back to me quick...... i think there was a little language barrier there cause she said she was out DR, still dont know whether she meant she is out in DR or out of DR. Who knows.. lmao it was just funny. Oh and my 4th qoute im waiting for is Dr. Duran..

finallly Called ELizabeth this morning at 715 am and she answered.....

she is such a sweetheart.. However, she told me to call back on Friday morning and I will. She asked me my emaila ddress and name. Thank you ladies for your great input on alot of things..

Beyond frustrated.. its not even the word

I am beyond frustrated.. I just got a quote from Dr. Baez. 4200.00 without Breasts, she suggests I come back to do the breasts. She only does 1-2 patients a day in the OR and if I am doing all these procedures its a risk with more time being in the OR for possible complications. I do not understand, is she not comfortable with doing all 3 at the same time? this is a mommy makeover, surgeons do it all the time, I really do not understand what the big deal is. So her quote is without the RH. Still waiting for Dr. Duran's quote. Dont get me wrong, Baez work is good but I really wanted my droopy boobs done, my flat ass and my ugly fat stomach done at the same time, i do not want to wait. Ughhh.. decisions decisions, what to do what to do.

Dr. Cabral got in contact with me

So Dr. Cabral emailed me and wanted to know if I wanted implants and I emailed him back and said yes. He is very nice and responds back very quickly even though he is more busier than Dr. Duran. I am so nervous even though I am going in 2 years.


FInally... just now an email from the Queen Dr.Duran..SHe qouted me 6700 to include TT, LIPO, Breast Implants, BBL and chin lipo. OMG.. Finally after all these attempts. I was so freakin happy she contacted me now Im just waiting to here back from her regarding the deposit, and if I can pay this amount off periodically before my surgery. I DO NOT want to go into DR with all this cash. Still waiting for Cabral to get back to me the King.. well not bad for a 2 year start lol ... Now since I am narrowing my DOcs down I have to narrow down my RH.. does anyone know which RH you have to pay for and it includes transportation and meals?


It is very frustrating when you give your own OPINION on facebook groups and people want to argue back with you. I am just over that. On facebook, I will not be telling which Doctor I am going with, no post op pics on there, and I will not be telling which RH I am going to but I can tell you it wont be with those ghetto chicks!!!



Narrowed down my Recovery House

SO I have made my decison about my recovery house which means I will be either going with Queen Duran or King Cabral, leaning more towards Cabral. He is so sweet. The RH staff is so nice too and they have hospital beds. No ghetto chicks will be there. THANK GOD FOR THIS!!!!! I cant stand ignorant people. I wont be posting the name on here but if you reallylyyyyyyyu want to know inbox me and I will squeal.

Cabral out! Leaving Duran so far..

SO Cabral got back to me and quoted me 6800 dollars which I think is a lot of money considering the negative media attention he has received in the last few months, and it includes TT lipo BBl BA. I mean Duran qouted me less 6700 and that includes the chin/neck lipo. SO i think I am going with Dr. Duran. I am going to call Elizabeth on Monday and set my date for August 2016. Maybe this was meant to be..

and the winner is .......... Dr. Cabral SX date 8/17/2016

So I called Dr today and spoke to Luisiana Dr. Cabral's english speaking Asst because Maria was on the phone and she was very nice.. She put me down for 8/17/16 and told me to be at the clinic at 7am for testing and maybe have surgery that day or next day. My only problem is how to get my money to DR. Any advice??? Oh and I am set with choosing my RH it will be Serenity Double room.

Getting everything in order

So.. just a quick update.. I am saving my money and getting everything in order. I cant buy the faja until I have the surgery because i am not sure of the size. Also, the meds I will have Dr. Cabral write the RX's and get them from a local pharmacy. Putting a deposit on my RH sometime soon, just holding steady until the time comes. Will update again once I get any new information.

Have not posted in awhile

I have put my surgery on hold as my life has been extremely busy! Will update as I go along but I have researched and learned tons of information. These are my before pictures, I am open about my past and future surgeries, and will keep you updated. Any questions please feel free to email me and ask.

Melissa Arriaga

Decided on Dr Daniel Correa

I was already in Medellin and I decided to consult with Dr Daniel Correa. I am having tummy tuck with muscle repair, bbl, breast lift with 425cc's implants for ROUND 1 then about two weeks later ALL FACIAL WORK with Dr. Jorge Puerto Ayala (rhino, bichectomy, mini facelift). ROUND 2 butt implants more lipo to add it to my hips. ROUND 3 vaginoplasty and mini thigh lift.
Dr. Cabral

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