Mommy Makeover - Dominican Republic March 11, 2016 Dr Jose Leon

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I want to become a DraYily Barbie doll, I havebeen...

I want to become a DraYily Barbie doll, I havebeen rresearching cosmetic surgery on RS for over 3yrs and I am ready for it. I just have to work harder and save. I have receive a quote from Yily team. I requested another one from DraDuran no answer yet. I'm 39 years old and ready to get my sexy back.. I'm already past the 128 thingy Omg

pictures of me before surgery

I feel that Dra Yily will turn me into a Yily Barbie doll. I'm 5'7 194 lbs and I want a nice bootay and small waist. Disclaimer these pictures are for RS and can not be used or stolen without my permission it

pics. of me

I can't wait when this body suit fits right..

still waiting on my new Quote!!!

I have been so addicted to my email waiting on my quotes. I did one or like 3 with DraYily, but this new contact form dont have bbl, so I'm waiting. I decided to send DraRobles a consultation I have seen her work, plus she has a $200 discount shood that's my meds lol.. I didn't think it would be so hard to communicate with these Dra.. N E who, I am so ready. It just seems like DraYily dose the nicest waist, and lawrd knows I want to see my coo coo again.. well I'm just keeping myself motivated, maybe I will meet a few friends a long the way.

Still waiting for quotes.

Still waiting on my quotes and questions answered. I will just focus on my mini vacation... Omg my passport appointment is the 19th wow time is flying.. well I guess this RS posting is mainly to keep me motivated. Looking at all the dolls on RS is making me feel like DraYily is who I want, but who knows...

Finally got my QUOTES lol

Hey ladies I had to take a mini vacation and boy was it awesomeness lol. So I decided to get more then one quote and we all know how busy these dra dr are. Dra Yily emailed me back I can use the first quote which was $4500 but the date wasn't available. Dra Australia gave me a quote for $3800 only surgery no meds included. Dra Robles $5200 including stay, $4350 without stay. Dra Cynthia $4800 just regular and one day stay. I have been so stressed out but I know that I want this procedure and I truly believe I may go with Dra Robles, she has been so thorough with communications. Dra Yily is the most wanted in DR the communication is getting better, but I had to understand that I need to be patient.. I will give this a thorough understanding and make my choice and pay my desopit.. I hope someday this will help someone going through the motions over surgery... lol I guess it is true us women stress out so quick. I will have my surgery in June so if anyone is going then let's chat and go through it together

Wish pictures..

Wish pictures and feel free to let me know if I'm wishing to hard.. I start 2 jobs next week, and applying for a new college. I have to get money from every where lol.. I also need some money in the bank I don't know how long I will take to heal.. I am playing the mega millions lottery today so wish me luck..

Stalking Dra Robles Barbie reviews

I have been searching everything about Mrs Dra Robles, and I truly believe I will be going to her.. Her assistant reassured me that Dra Robles said she can give me a nice shape.. the communication is on point and her price includes everything, except for my travel supplies, and all I have to do is convert my Usa cash to DR euros... I will be sending my deposit on my payday.. Now here comes crunch time.. You girls will keep me motivated when I'm tired a may want to quit working hard.. I have to stop smoking and start eating more healthy foods, and start buying supplies.. oh yeah where do I buy the Vitamin pack? I deserve this and with God's love and support I can achieve it all, brains, beauty, and money... anyone else going to Dra Robles for sx?

pictures before Sx

Omg.. this is me without clothes oh my my my.. lol

I have a travel buddy

So I finally decided to tell my boyfriend that I want my surgery done in the Dominican Republic. He was hesitant at first wish I understand so I had to tell him, that the Dra I'm going to will be researched to the fullest, plus America isn't really all that safe either. I'm not making up excuses he just needs to understand its a risky surgery in states and out.. plus on RS I have plenty women to support me and I can follow you guys advice. I'm so glad he's coming with me and plus he speaks Spanish language very good, that's a plus.. well that's all for now besides trying to wrap my mind around working to jobs.. I have my surgery jar lol, next to my bed, now I have to fill it up.. Oh yeah he's gonna pay for his stay and flight, and plus he can go sight seeing lol..

need to edit

I need to edit my dra.. So I can find other Dra Robles soon to be barbies.. I will figure it out.. hmmm lol

Picking a Dra

Picking a Dra is hard. I remember over 3 yrs ago I didn't even know what doctor to choose. I just knew I wanted surgery did. I even looked at DR surgeons.. anyway doesn't it seem like when your so happy about choosing the right doctor to fit your need, then BAM you see some HOT as new Barbie doll and start thinking and tapping your fingers.. I guess that's why you should have 2 or 3 and narrow your doctor's down to one... I never thought cosmetic surgery could be an emotional journey even if you have the money or not.... I will start buying my supplies and figuring out which RH to stay at.. I think dra robles included it in my quote.. let me re'read it..

Deaths in Dominican Republic wtf

These doctors has to know something isn't right with all these deaths.. I don't know the whole story but I will say this ' WHAT HAPPEN TO INTEGRITY FOR HUMANS AND THE OATH YOU TAKE... If someone needs blood by all means give it to them .. It makes you wonder is that only what we are to some of these surgeons is DAMN MONEY SMH... rip 2 all the dolls and ladies lets be as healthy as we can and truthful to our surgeons, and stay the DAMN 10 or 14 days and if you need a transfusion fucking get it... if you don't want one then you shouldn't go to DR... I'm upset and I wish everyone in this situation some kind of peace...

Having trouble choosing Dr..

My overall health and well-being is at the top of my list.. I want a small waist and a fuller booty.. I need aggressive lipo tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift. I have 3 months till sx date I change to 7_21_2014 and that may change.. I'm going to be reading all you ladies blog's and reviews and I will make a choice then..

Want this sx sooooo freaking bad

I am getting more and more confused about which doctor to choose from. I want very good results I don't want a round 2. I will start working 6 months on and 3 months off I hope I heal up before returning to work. My job is hands-on so I need to think this through... I know for sure I'm having it done, just need to be more thorough about my steps towards a new booty and snatched waist... I'm going to continue reading everyone's blog and see what happens because there's a lot of dolls getting sx in may 2014 so let's see how everything goes.. I know for sure I don't want my dr too busy.. I'm selfish I want full attention.. so don't give up on me yet ladies. I'm still wanting this sx done and it will go down.. I must follow my sx plan to a t... off to google to look at before and afters and stalk RS for more info.

The count starts (official) October 9, 2014

Hey ladies.. sorry it's been a while.. so I have officially choose my doctor.. drum roll.. boom boom lol Dra Baez I believe she will give me what I want.. I will update soon.. it's time to get on the grind. I hope I don't change my mind again.. lol October doll

SX BUDDY NEEDED October 8/ 18

Hello ladies I am looking for a buddy that is traveling around the same time as well I'm going to stay 10-14 days. I am still looking for a recovery house..

Booked my apartment

Starting to see my goals unfold.. that's all for now

Researching for a nurse

Well I know I will need a nurse practitioner. I figure at at least 24 hours after I stay overnight at the clinic. And then just once a day and be on call.. Now I know someone will not understand but; let me explain. If you stay at a recovery house your not with a nurse all day. The nurse comes and do a visit. The ladies in the recovery house is a CNA I figure whoever comes with me will know about CNA or at least be one.. they can check my vitals and give me my meds.. So off to figure this out. Oh yeah I am still working on plan A..

The what ifs??????

Okay ladies this is something very important and even though we want to only see the good side.. So what if something goes wrong when you come back to the states. If you ladies know any doctors that will see us after surgery please post their names and the state they work in, it doesn't matter where as long as their in the states.. thank you and I hope I get some posts..

WHY NOT SHARE pictures

What's the big deal with all these Dra Baez dolls not showing pictures of sx and before (blurt out ur face). I have been obsessing over the blog since January and I know dra baez do at least 4 surgeries a day.. I swear I thought this was a community to help you find a doctor but I can't keep lusting over old as pictures.. I tell you what when I have my sx I will not turn into some snotty little person.. Save the BS we all know you have to send her your after pictures.. Anyway I'm over it I will continue to research if I can't find mire woman shaped like me after pictures I'm moving on... I don't have time for round 2 or 3.. I may need a break from all this stress I have until October... smh where's the pictures

Wish pictures

Nothing much going on but

Nothing much going on but the rent.. lol I am still processing this procedure and I know I want it.. I just want it done right.. anyway I have been stalking dra baez dolls reviews on RS and the pictures are great.. I would live to see more women my size so I may need to change my title... so ladies it doesn't matter who your dra/ dr is if your close to or is 5'7 188 lbs with big breast PLEASE CHIME IN.. I would love to follow you or read your dra review... thanks

I keep changing doctors like I change my panties lol

Hmmm well since I don't want to have the sx over after round 1 I'm only going back for round 2 for my breast so I have to pick a dr that I can handle these budge handles. Don't get me wrong dra baez is does great work on small figure women But I'm thick and I need to be SNATCHED so I'm just waiting for my info and I will let you ladies know who I'm choosing and start on my weight loss journey I want to lose at least 15 lbs before sx and get az healthy as I can so I can enjoy my fruits.. update coming soon

Waiting for confirmation of my SX date

I have everything else in place.. tickets, apartment, nurse and travel companion. Now it's time for me to RELAX and freaking breathe I have a lot the supplies at home already so I will buy a little at a time.. I hope I can still have sx in October no later then the 18th. So for now I can trust in believe I have chosen the dra that can handle my body and weight.. I have to do my part and LOSE WEIGHT at least 15 lbs or 20 either or will get my where I need to be plus working out will help with the healing.. I know a nurse and told me to do breathing exercises for my lungs, and it goes like this breath in and out your nose (google it) it works out your lungs and help in so many ways but please research it.. ok kk so for this point on its no more changing doctors. It's all about paying off my sx before I arrive in DR I will not be taking all the cash/pesos on me. I will post about my weight loss so now I finally have something else to focus on that's getting healthy as possible for my doctor Cabral.. yes me of all people is going to Cabral he can give me what I want and I know he will deliver so I must be HEALTHY. There was a doll that said she can help with weight loss before sx I hope she chimes in.. or someone please give me ANY all Advice because it's much needed... "sigh" finally


Buddy or roommate

Hello dolls lol.. I'm back (chuckie voice) anyways I have a 2 bedroom apartment to stay in after sx. I also have a nurse coming for the first 3 days after sx for 5/6 hours a day also a housekeeper that will also cook. The reason I'm telling you dolls is if your traveling in October we can buddy up and meet at the airport or before sx and after... also if you would like to split the cost half and save a few dollars I probably wouldn't mind as long as your not a crazy chick.. lol either way I will be staying there for my own peace of mind.. inbox me oh yeah I will be paying it off so you would reimburse me.. I will be staying from 10/01-- 10/14 .. okay my classes start next week so I will be updating monthly so that means I have 3 updates and it's off to DR :-) :-) smooches ma mi chula.. I been learning espanol

Hmmmm someone say it isn't so!!

I'm sure the buzz is going around about a death. I think it maybe true and if so may God cover her and shed his grace upon her family.. Someone plz say this isn't so.....

R.I.P to the doll that lost her life yesterday

My condolences goes out to her family and friends my heart is sadden and I'm sure Dr Cabral is hurt by this. They say he / them tried to bring her and the first time she came back but she went into cardiac arrest again and passed away.. There's so many rumors but right now isn't the time... A moment of silence for 24 hours...

Sudden cardiac arrest info

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone even if your cleared for sx by your PS in the and travel to DR. causes as following but not limited to; allergic reaction to anesthesia where your body rejects it you go into arrest due to the heart stopping. The dr shock you back and tries to get you heart back pumping if your heart fails again then they do the procedure again... if your heart start pumping they will put you in an induced coma.. if you don't come back then you will pass away... other reasons heart problems are in your family's health history, like sudden death, your heart beats a little slower than regular.. I'm not taking up for Dr Cabral but this really could have happened to anyone. It also happens to 200,000 Americans a year. The person can be in great shape and due to the reaction of anesthesia it comes about. Smoking cigarettes days prior to sx slows oxygen the in our blood. This is very unfortunate and all I can say is be honest with yourself and the doctor pray hard and long, and know that this sx is life or death.. Don't take diet pills, or extreme weight loss measurements.. lose weight safety and stop smoking at least 2 months prior to sx... I don't know all the information surrounding this death but we must be realistic and the Doctors are not Gods they are human...

Nothing much buttttt lol

Hey dolls and vixens.. Nothing much changed except I changed my date until April 2, 2015 why because I can't lose these last 10 lbs and I'm still smoking and drinking like a young teenager lol.. But that's all.. I have everything else worked out.. so I guess I will chill out and wait for my turn.. back to counting down.. I hope taxes can be done in January next year I plan on using them bad boys to pay up my bills and rent for 6 mths.. I know I said it before but I'm not changing Dr or dates.. anymore.. ttyl in a month..

I been on fb to much

I been changed my date with Dr Cabral it's April 2, 2015 that's more realistic for my lifestyle.. I'm sorry for not being more active but I'm still motivated and can't wait to be snatched..

HurryUpApril lol

Nothing new still trying to stick with Dr Cabral but I tell you ladies it's kinda hard seeing all this new booty being sculpted by doctors in DR however I am more focused than ever. I can't wait to get sculpted into a bottle lol.. I pray that all goes well for us all. I must stop smoking, so easy to write down and not do, my b-day is coming in November so after that I will get my ass in gear. I have sx April 2, 2015 @ 9am I have 5 months I know it's going to fly... Well that's all I need to redo my stay and nurse plus more. Okay kkaaaa ttyl ladies.. I wish everyone well

I decided to

Hey ladies hope all is well.. Nothing much as changed I just know that I will not be changing my Dr anymore it will continue to be Dr Cabral.. I can't wait so I decided to update once a month so that means I have 5 months to go and 5 updates to post.. That should be fun.. I plan on updating around the end of the month.. oh yeah I have been wanting to get only bbl, br and do the tt and next rd.. I'm not sure, I just don't want my breast to hurt my back even worse than now since my belly will be snatched.. well I have other things to handle.. so bare with me it will be my turn in 5,4,3,2,1 yessss.. I'm leaving March 31, 2015, sx April 2, 2015 and returning home April 16,2015 plans so far tt, bbl and liposuction plus braces.. MUAH chat soon ma mi chalitas

Update # 4

Yeah I have 3 more updates to go before my sx.. I have started focusing on my sx supplies and first thing is my blood work and my passport and my flight so next month I shall have an update... I am getting nervous because 3 months will be here before I know it.. I need to touch bases with Dr Nova for my braces also my hotel/ apt and nurse. If you have read my blog you know by now I'm not staying at RH my choice.. okay so that's all for now Happy holidays and I will be posting in December until then stay FOCUSED on your journey.. God bless you all.. MUAH

Just wanted to say hello ladies

Omg. Time is flying bye and the stress is trying to get to me.. BUT I'M NOT lol.. everything is still a go.. I pray for all you sx folks may God cover us and please let's make it out alive.. R.I.P to Dec2014_barbie and God grant your family serenity... ttyl RS

Update 3

This ish just became real.. I have two more updates before sx. I will start taking my iron and vitamins and working out to get healthy. I'm still fighting this cigarette addiction I wish I never started this mess. I believe I will benefit from the oxygen chamber before or after sx. I have started getting supplies. My nerves are kicking in big time anyone that has read from the beginning of my blog, you will see I have changed doctors and sx dates so I pray that God walk with me through this process and everything go as planned.. I will update on my hemo count. Thank you ladies for your support and the good, bad and ugly.. I have told my employer and a few people just not where I'm going.. can't wait to get my passport I my hand that's when I know it's real.. lol


Happy New year's and new you, from me and my family. I pray that whom so ever read this be covered by God through 2015 and what ever goals you have MAKE IT HAPPEN BY ANY MEANS necessary (legally of course lol).. smooches I love you all can't wait to see all the new eye candy..

I'm getting anxious 73 days

Ooo m g.. I'm getting anxious and praying that everything goes well. I know who ever that has followed me through can see just how stressed out this research and journey has become. I was trying to get an appointment with Dr Lima because of that March madness special but I wasn't able to and the date I wanted was taken so I take that as a sign. I have had my appointment with Dr Cabral since October and why change it now.. so I'm staying focused on getting my sx flight, passport and supplies then finally my arrival in DR.. God grant me serenity over myself as you hold my hand and lead me through this journey. It's un so real.. I think I will only stay 14 days but be prepared to stay longer if needed. I just realized my period might come on because it's weird like that so ladies I have to get this flight and my hemoglobin levels up. I want to be at 15.5 or more.. I will still update at the end of the month.. I'm so happy and remember everything will go through your mind but stay tuned in and understand that you deserve this.. and let's get healthy..


It's about that time... nothing much has changed still looking into other doctors as well. I can't believe how fast this time flew bye.. I have a lot to do so I shall start posting accomplishments as they get checked off. I have been thinking about staying at a RH omg can you believe it me either but we will see how that goes. I'm still scheduled with Dr Cabral I guess we get so anxious when our sx time starts creeping up on us.. I prayed and told God to let things run smoothly because that way I will no it's meant to be for me. I have written and re written my sx supply list, my budget, my pros vs cons. My wants and what dr can deliver my goals. I have came to the conclusion I may need 2 rds and that's fine. I'm 40 years old and not trying to be a video vixen but I want to look nice naked and be turned on by just walking by the mirror.. I'm not worried about a boyfriend hell they everywhere just make your pick lol.. but seriously I am ready to settle down and travel and let someone run my business. Ladies I ask that you pray with me " God please hear my heart and know that my intentions are good. I need your approval for this sx I put you first in everything. God thank you for leading the way. I also ask that you cover us all during sx and after.. Amen" see my God is awesome and has my back 100% sealed, stamped and approved. Thanks for following my journey I will step it up these last posts that gets me closer to sx.. oh anybody wants to buddy up with me around March 27 / up to April 14 or however long I need.. post a comment

Looking for a buddy

Lol.. I know, I know. However my fb sister's has convinced me I will need the 24 hour care and we all know my life means a lot to me (we only have one).. I have been chatting with Mrs Myra and a nurse friend of hers and I will be staying there. So ladies if you're having sx and going to be in DR March 27 and need a buddy.. get at your girl.. I plan to leave out from Atlanta but I can fly out of Miami. I just need to know soon because I plan to buy my airline ticket Tuesday night this week or next, but the sooner the better.. here's a few pictures.

Passport needed asap

I could kick myself in the booty if my foot would reach.. why didn't I purchase my passport last when I started this blog.. ugh.. okay I'm focused.. I just realized I have a very deep arch in my mid back area.. niceee lol

Emergency surgery ikr

Well ladies I had to have emergency surgery my appendix burst and I didn't know. I was found by my 3 yrs old grand daughter God bless her lil heart.. so I have pushed my date to April 21,2015 it's just 2 weeks from my original date.. BUT guess what me God had a talk and from now on he's walking in front of me and I'm following him.. SOOOO I have started getting my sx supplies and I'm ordering some from a group member on fb.. and very happy and healing well building my hemoglobin levels up.. so if anyone is going then holler at me because I'm buying my damn ticket for April 19.. Okay kkaaaa lol.. here's some pictures of my supplies..

Sx supplies and passport

Hello ladies.. time is flying bye and I'm so piss lol. I stepped on the scale and I freaking weigh 210 lbs What the fucking, fuck.. plz excuse my language... Okay I'm starting the Green Smoothie cleanse monday I have to lose at least 20 lbs before sx the healthy way.. Now if your just starting your journey please get your passport first.. I live in GA so I had to send for my Michigan birth certificate and that crap takes forever so I paid $77 for overnight shipping costs.. ugh.. because the sad part is I would only had to pay $15 for a copy and $19 for shipping but my license was expired and they wouldn't just use my license and social card.. long story I had no choice.. so please get your passport first then supplies and start building up your hemoglobin levels and lose the weight or gain the weight... This sx ish will have you going 0/100 real quick... Lol
I have my new licenses and it's good for 5 years AMEN.. I have an appointment in 2 weeks for my passport. I'm still unsure about the RH been hearing some bad reviews and I don't play about my healing process.. I hope this blog helps someone one-day because you need all the advice good and bad... I'm also up in the air with choosing Dr because it's pretty busy in DR and from reading on fb these ladies aren't happy with results from doctors.. I just need to be snatched but not to tight and great lipo.. I'm picking up 1 more job because I need at least 3 months of emergency funds for myself when I get home.. I have learned so much and one thing for sure I don't here ladies talking budgeting for after sx, the what ifs are always there anywho.. HurryUpApril lol


I have been buying a few things here and there.. But I got blessed because one of my fb buddies puts together and sell sx supplies and shipping costs are reasonable if your anything like me you don't have time to go from store to store.. sooo I'm thankful for her plus she knows her ish.. because somethings she has I haven't even seen anyone else say they bought.. Okay kkaaaa I will post pics when my supplies arrive.. oh yeah family dollars have 50 % off house coats and slippers.. Sears have 70% off throws.. I'm buying one today it's super thick just what I need for the hospital stay... HurryUpApril lol

Realistic expectations

You ladies are just like I was... un realistic about your wish pictures.. just face the radio or mirror.. You may need to rounds.. if your over weight you will not be Halley berry after rd1.. Lol I had to figure that out also.... Plus find pictures of women your height and weight then use those pics.. or at least very close to your stats... I hope I don't be overly emotional too because I know how it is after major sx so I keep telling myself.. love you will need to be patient.. talk with you ladies soon and God blessing cover you and your journey.. Amen


HurryUpApril if you don't mind and God says it's cool.. lol MUAH


I hope this goes viral... Just because we come from different walks of life gives you know right treat people like their only your meal ticket.. If you can't hold up your end of the bargain by; caring for ladies after sx and feeding them the proper food and transportation.. DON'T I REPEAT DON'T open a business RH just to make some extra funds.. Because I will put you on blast.. These ladies pay you $$$ just so you can treat them like #"$&# isn't right and your money train will fail.. it's called KARMA..

Over the last week I have heard awful things about 3 recovery houses in DR.. this is unacceptable..

Didn't you know that we can rent an apartment and hire a nurse a few hours a day. Plus over food.. and it's cheaper than getting a RH.. don't underestimate a woman's strength.. AND STOP MISTREATING MY FRIENDS even if i don't know them personally I'm still here to support... Okay I'm calm.. but still upset..

Ladies we have choices... don't trust anybody and go with your gut feeling..

sorry if it's not in order..


Hello ladies do anyone have Maynoria contact number she's a nurse in Dominican republic.. another lady used her services I would like to reach her asap before sx.. TIA


Can someone refer a reliable nurse in Dominican republic that will come to my hotel. TIA

lol.. Hey i am almost packed

I need to keep this positive flow going.. So I'm packing and next week is my passport appointment..yessss God has the Universe on lock for me..

passport applied for

Hello ladies I went to my appointment for my passport on the 27th of Feb..

sx emergency kit size medium

Thanks to a doll on Facebook that sell sx kits all different sizes.. She included flip flop.. Thanks love.. If you need to order from her let me know.

Hemo 11.0

I have work to do.. Looks like I may have to reschedule. It's okay no more stressing I got this and God got my back.. I started taking Ferrol last night and I will retest in 2 weeks... So I'm taking iron pills, Ferrol, vitamin c and b12, folic acid and one a day vit...

Hemo 11.0

Went up one point since my emergency surgery.. Well all I can do is work hard to get it up.. I plan to retest soon maybe Tuesday

Watching paint dry

Waiting on my passport is like watching paint dry lol.. I think I will repack my supplies and rewrite my budget..

Bbl and full body lipo

I believe getting a tummy tuck first isn't good for the results I want. So I want my tt on rd2 however these doctors act like I should do it first.. Anyway if I get lipo and bbl first I will be sculpt to perfection lol.. Plus he will have more time for sculpting me.. I'm so ready to get this over with..

this is my belly lol

all my supplements


I received my passport a week ago I think lol... Still working on hemo, still keeping the faith to have my sx.. I have learned that this is a long and hard journey unless your rich and don't give a darn about your health and hop on a plane to have sx without researching first.. Life happens and will keep happening just stay focused And prayed up and God will grant us Serenity..

New York ladies read

JetBlue has a deal for May/June 2015 flying from JFK to SDQ for $99 each way.. Congrats and jump on it ..

JetBlue special

JetBlue special

Darnit this is the second time I have tried to post this darn pic...

Hey RS I'm still here

Hey RS I'm still here and wanting my sx more than ever. I finally paid to secure my sx date.. I will not say what date it is, because it seems life will kick you in the ass and you have to reschedule.. My hemo was 12.9 the last time I checked. The Doctor I choose is Dr José Leon he called me and we chatted for a while. He is a very patient and honest. So please stay tune I will be going soon I can't wait... Thank you God


I'm sorry ladies/ gents I have been missing in action... I am just so tired of the ups and downs that comes with life.. However I'm still going to have my surgery BUT I'm having a mommy makeover AMEN.. My doctor is Dr Jose Leon, deposit paid and date set... This time I plan to stay FOCUSED on my journey and do this for myself. I will also be getting braces and implant from Dr Nova lol he say's call him when i arrive in DR lmbo.. ANYWHO I have used up some of my sx supplies, and even gave my daughter the house coat and slippers lol... So I have to replace them and purchase vitamins all over again and repack I MUST STAY FOCUSED.. To be honest I could have paid for my sx over 4 times this year but my life and family comes first... okay here's my date March 11, 2016 leaving on March9th.. Keep me in your prayers because your gurllllll is tired of not being able to paint her toes without the bulge holding me back lol... OH YEAH i'm 7 months SMOKE FREE but i put on 20 lbs smh but it's shedding slowly... Okay well that's it loves.. talk to u in a month.. kisses


I think about it all the time... I just pray and hope that this time around my dream will come true without delays. 5 more months

One day my journey will help motivate you and myself lol....

Time to re-pack my sx luggage

On the Countdown again

On the countdown once more...

I want a buddy

I would like a buddy to go through this journey with.. We don't have to go to the same doctor however let's go around the same time so we can buy supplies, chat about sx and keep each other focused.. I know my track record isn't great but trust me I'm sooo ready.. Inbox me or comment below.. Let's be sx buddies lol

Getting my body balance

I think we as humans can tell when our body is off.. and let me tell ya, mine is off and only getting worst... I have been thinking it was a cold or maybe an ear infection BUT i came across an article and they were talking about Vitamin D..

I must say it sure does sound like I'm in great need of Vitamin D.
So I have some prenatal Vitamins and started today.. I must be healthy for my sx and starting now is a must. I think I will also start at an high dose BUT not to high...
SOOOOO ladies/ Gents if your bones feel very tight and cracks all the time.. We may need more Vitamin D, I will keep you posted as the weeks goes by...
I have 3 months till my sx... yeahhhhhh meeee

40 Year Old Queen Bee Mommy Makeover Dominican Republic

I have been on here for years and I have another Blog, it's just super long lol and yessss I will still post in both.. However; this ones gives me an Updated journey.. By the way Hello ladies and Men...

I plan to get an Mommy Makeover in the Dominican Republic I'm scheduled with Dr Joes Leon, from talking and emails he seems very honest and a well-around kinda guy/ Dr...

Trust me I have reaserched and researched AND RESEARCHED. I have went from Dra Yily, Dra Baez to Dr Cabral so I know what I want. I have had a lot of set backs and I mean a lot... I don't have any close friends and that's just fine with me, BUT i need support and I truly beleive we all need some type of support.
Okay well I will post some more updated pics of me and I will keep you folks posted.... smooches

I have 2 buddies

Yeah me... I have 2 sx buddies we have different doctors however going around the same time... I'm glad because going alone isn't what I wanted but I was cool with it... I will tell you ladies this; Sx journey is very stressful.. You will meet some friends and some fake friends, just always stay focused and prayed up. Well I am finally on my 90 day countdown and I must lose at least 20 lbs hopping for 25.. I'm just not sure about taking phentermine SPL chk ... Lol bit I may take it for 50 days or 40 so I will have it out of my system... March 9, 2016 I will be flying out .. Surgery March 11, 2016 please say a lil prayer for me.. Talk with you guys soon

Plans are moving foward

My plans are moving along great... I am so blessed at happy that I can really see this journey within arm reach.. It has been a journey in all it self, I must admit lol.. I have 2 buddies however we may not end up at the same recovery house's because New Life wants almost $900 for 10 days and that's for a quad room OKAY kkaaa.. I could use that on a new nose aswell just kidding.. But I can use it for some White Henesy seriously... Anyway I think I will go with Maria's RH because she has been chatting with me for over a year now, and plus everything is included like, wifi, trans, food and cable tv... I just wanted to update my blog IT'S SUPER long and that's because my journey has been long.. I have 83 days = 11 weeks OMG YESSSS.. Don't worry I haven't came this far without sharing and I plan on making a vlog so that should be interesting... I will post often from now on, TO STAY MOTIVATED.. Congrats to all the s/he's that are going to get the body of your dreams and remember you may go throught it alone but your not the only one, so your going through it with us all... Prayers and God is truly awesome and far beyond ALL knowledge.. Talk with you soon....

2 months and 21 days to go

I tell you, this time is flying by soooo fast... I need to get EVERYTHING in order... I'm still focused as usually. I wonder do all us start wondering what will come up, what will put a pause on my sx again... God I'm not very Material "well just a lil" But you know my heart and this is something I want and I truly feel that it will make my body feel better because the weight of my tts and my belly is getting on my nerves lol.. However I know it's gonna workout this time for BECAUSE i just know.... Oh yeah I got a puppy for xmas and she is A LOT to handle... OMG I want her to turn 1 years old so fast lol... Oh yeah her name is Portia Annabella

57 days until sx plz, plz, plz

I have 57 days till my sx. I am praying that all goes well this time around. Ladies I must say the devil has been sooooooo busy BUT I REBUIK him and the way back to hell... I tell you this time flew by so fast. Now I'm second guessing myself, looking at different doctors work. I have had dreams about my sx. I have been stressed out to the limit with my daughters boyfriend 'straight stupid'. I don't understand why these beautiful girls fall for a guy who means them no good, just a hold back from your goals and dreams.. HOWEVER forget his ass, he has stole enough joy out me and my boyfriends life... Moving alone

I just ask God to cover me and everyone I love and know also you ladies and gents... I'm like the last lady in my fb group that hasn't had sx, it makes you feel bad sometime because, everyone is always ready to put another person down at any given time...
Stay focus and we will get our bodies FLY and back on FLEEK.. YA heard lol...
Well I just want to keep my post alive... Talk with you lovely folks soon.. I need to get my hemo check asap... and purchase flight.. Prayers

It's almost that time

Nothing but hopefull...

Still here lovely folks

Well I did start another blog on Dr Leon however I'm starting to rethink him too... Even though I don't want a vixen look I don't want to look board and heavy on top... I just want it over with... fr fr

Weight loss

Trying to lose 20 lbs before sx is a bit much but I'm pushing.. I did have a cheat day.. Hell I think everyone needs to cheat every now and then lol.. just playing.. Anyway. I may have to change my date to March 23rd because my friend maybe coming not really sure but it will give me two extra weeks to make some more income and lose a few more pounds... Anyway everythings looks great and I have to go get my hemo checked again to be sure where I stand.. I need to be at least 14 for mmo.. That's it for now I plan to get the rest of my sx supplies this week//// I can't wait yeahhhhh me

Hemo is straight Bs ting...

11.9 I ordered more blood building supplements and my bff can't go with me she can go May or June... hmmmm so I'm just trying to get my hemoglobin levels up... but not trying to hurt my self... because my right side has been hurting like crazy lately I think I'm doing to much... That's all just ready to get snatched
Dr Jose Leon

He speaks great english and sounds sincere.. He takes the time to call you. I couldn't ask for a better doctor.. I will update after my sx... OOOO YEAH lol.

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