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Hello Ladies! Every Journey has a beginning...

Hello Ladies!

Every Journey has a beginning and I guess this is mines. I am 26 year old wife and mother of two. Since I can remember, I have always had body issues. I thought losing weight would help my shape so I set off and lost 60 pounds. Well in all that weight loss I lost my booty (the little booty I had) and boobs. Shortly after hitting my goal weight I became pregnant with my second child and gained about 40 pounds back. I am now ona journey to get my weight back down. I know from personal experiences that all my booty will vanish also, so I'm here to do something about it. Something for me.

I am 5'6" and weigh 181 pounds. I plan to loose another 30 pounds over the summer. I desire to get lipo to abd, thighs, flanks, and arms with a fat transfer to the buttocks. Eventually I also want a breast lift to pick the girls back up. Lol. I have pretty much decided that I will be headed to DR and using the services of Dra Duran. I absolutely love her work and she seems to be a doctor that cares for her patients. I have not done a consult as I do not plan on getting this procedure for at least another year or two. However I am extremely compulsive when it comes to things like this so I'm starting my planning phase early. Any advice, tips, info, support, etc will be greatly appreciated!!!

Contacted Duran! Waiting on my quote!

Contacted Duran! Waiting on my quote!

Thinking of making a switch...

After waiting over 2 weeks, with constant emailing and FB messaging, with no reply I have contacted another Dr. I have contacted Dra Australia Fragoso Baez to receive a quote. The work on her website is amazing. Well that is all for now. I will continue to update.

she responded!

In less than an hour i have a quote from Fragoso Baez! Very impressed.

I have a date June 12th

.. of 2014. Lol. I will be getting full body lipo with a bbl and a breast lift with implants. I was quoted $4,600. She is so responsive its unreal. I'm happy i have time to see some more of her work before I get my own surgery. I'm also glad to see some more people beginning to post reviews.

got my duran quote

5500 for full body lipo, bbl, and a breast lift. I'm still contemplating on which surgeon I will be going to. Baez or Duran...


Oh and both surgeries are scheduled for the same day with different doctors

Goodbye DR, Hello Miami!

I've been MIA for a while. I still had a date with Duran but after MANY attempts to call/email/FB/Whatapp her to confirm my date with no success I gave up on her. BACK to square one! I got qoutes from Cabral and Robles but was still at odds. Plus my benefits for short-term disability at my job was in limbo. I decided to post pone my dates.

About 2 weeks ago, maybe less I saw some of Hasan recent work and I was thoroughly impressed. After I decided to give Hasan a opportunity, everything began to come together. I took that as a sign that this was the direction to go in. So I paid for half of my surgery and will be Hasanfied June 10th, 2014!

BMI Requirements For Dr.Hasan

FYI ladies: I was just informed by Sheila (Dr.Hasan patient coordinator) that he WILL NOT do your surgery if you have an BMI over 30. I am 6lbs over his limit and was told he won't do it unless I loose the six pounds. That is not alot but I struggle with weight loss and loose very slowly. I has taken me over a month to loose 5 pounds and thats on a low carb diet. My date is scheduled for June 10th. And yes I have tried it all. I guess im going to cancel this surgery and start back at square one. *Sigh*

vanity dolls beware!!!

So I have asked for my money back and all of a sudden they can't answer emails. I decided im about to blast that ass. I paid for half of my surgery and was told if I wanted to cancel I would get a FULL refund. Now these mfers want to act simple, silly and slow. They have until Wednesday to run me my money then im going to act a damn fool. I don't play. I hope they read this too. I paid with care credit intentionally just incase they tried this bull. I will be filing a dispute with care credit on Thursday if I dont get some answers. Vanity yall ran up on the wrong one. Try it


Got my money back but now im right back to square one. Im so disappointed in vanity but life moves forward

Almost 3 years Later!!!

Omg! So much has changed in almost 3 years! Lol. Well long stories shortened. I got a divorce after 8 years of marriage. I had vertical gastric sleeve in September of 2014! I had lost 80 pounds and kept it off. I have gained some weight back but it is muscle as I now hit the gym regularly like my LIFE is dependent on it! Lol. As far as surgery I am scheduled, booked and paid my deposit (so you know it's real!) I will be having my Surgery July 20th,2017 with.......LUIS LIMA. Y'all, it has been hard getting to this point but as of now everything is a go! I will be getting a BL with implants, tummy tuck, and BBL. My total cost for as was about 5300. I'm too excited I will be posting before pictures up soon.


T Minus 3 Months

Well time is getting close. I'm eyeing plane tickets now hoping to catch a great deal! I already have a passport so no worries there. I'm about to start my iron building on Monday so there will be no issues and slowly start buying supplies. I'm more than ready to get this body right. I have been working out and doing booty exercises and that has grown the rump! Lol. A BBL will be icing on the cake (get it?!?) lol. Financially I am only a short amount away from my goal. So far, so good.

Take off in one week!

I'm packed and ready to go! I have my passport, money, supplies, and flight. My time off of work has been approved. I just have to go. My excited but ready to just be done with it. I have worked overtime for a year in order to pay this procedure and expenses off in full. So no debt for me but my brain (and body) is tired. I may sleep the first 5 days. Anywho, this will be my last update until I'm on the flat side. I will update with post op info as I feel better. Pray for a safe travel and even safer surgery.
Luis Lima

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