Lipo/BBL - Dominican Republic- Baez!!

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Hopefully this goes well I have chosen Dra. Baez....

Hopefully this goes well I have chosen Dra. Baez. I like her, I was going to choose Yily but had the hardest time trying to get into contact with her and I just thought that was a tad too unprofessional to me. Baez has been easy to communicate with, she quoted me a good price. I'm getting back, flanks, abdomen, arms, and inner thighs lipoed.

Getting My RH booked

I have been looking into recovery houses, and I heard about Hotel Recovery House also called, Daisy Armonia. I think that this the one that I've narrowed it down to. What I understand from the e-mail is that it is 85 a night for single occupancy and 75 for double. Now, I am going by myself but I don't want to pay the 85 a night when I deff don't mind having a roommate. I've sent an email back to them asking for the double room, but if they will just randomly pair me with someone if I don't have someone to room with. I'm going to be there from June 12-21st so if anyone is looking for an SX buddy let me know and maybe we can stay together, I'm open to any recommendations on other RH's also.

Wish picts

these are my wish picts. I'm already pretty short (5'4) and have large thighs, but I've always loved the slim but curvy look, I don't want too much butt, but enough that it is noticeable and cute. I forgot to mention I am getting inner thigh lipo too. Only thing is, I've heard it gives you even worse cellulite, anybody heard if that is true? I figure I will just really get into squats and shit once I've gotten this done. My bf is a trainer so that will help. I probably will not put up before picts, maybe afterwards, but deff not before.

Just a small update.

I'm just waiting away, I'm getting so ancy!
I was going to just go on a big shopping trip and buy everything I need for the DR, but I had to lend someone like $700 so I will put that on hold for a moment. I'll probably end up getting all my supplies next month..
After looking at all her Baez patients, I feel super confident that she will be able to provide me with the look I want. I don't want to look like a video vixen. If you can tell from my wish picts, I want to be that "slim thick" look.
Oh btw:
22, 5'4, range from 155-160lbs.

4 months left

12 weeks. 4 months. I'm getting so excited. I haven't been working our like I should, but I'm starting back. I wasn't told by Baez to loose weight, she actually told me I make not have enough fat to get the original look I wanted which was a little more curvaceous. But I have heard that working out before helps the after healing process and you look better. I'll also be more in the habit of working out already so I won't have a hard time picking it up afterward, which I plan on doing hard core

Essentials: I ordered a shit load of things off of amazon that have arrived, but accidentally shipped to my mothers house. I think I got everything but there are a few vitamins that for some reason added like $20 to my shipping, so I decided to just get them from the store..
If anyone has any recommendations for things that would come in handy, please let me know.

3 months left!

lmao Idk why I thought it was 4 months. I meant 3 months!

Baez Babe

I have 9 weeks left!!!
I am a student, so with all other crap going on, time is FLYING by.
Nothing has really changed, I've been taking all of my vitamins for about a month now, and I will continue to do so until... forever.
Oh so I did my measurements. I also decided to put up a before picture that is pretty edited due to my dirty room at the time (that was my old apt fyi).
My measurements pre-surgery are:
Breast: 36
Waist: 31 (smallest part)
Hips: 40
Each Thigh: 24.5

You can't tell in the one "pre" pict I put up. but from my measurements, you can see, my waist is actually kind of already really prevalent, but I want it snatched even more.
The main thing I want fixed is my butts shape!! See how its bigger at the top? That pocket of fat, I hate that!!! I got really fat when I was like 12, so of course none of the fat went to womanly places like boobs or thighs, it went to places like: my lower back.
It's like my butt starts so high up, in the middle of my back!! And I absolutely hate it, I don't actually mind the size of my butt and actually like the bottom half of it, but I'm sick of not being able to wear certain things because my butt makes me look SO horrible in it.

Honestly, after the surgery I may break down and start crying in a dressing room out of joy.

The only things I still need to buy are:
-maxi dresses
-scrubs (I feel like they may be the best to hang out in while in DR)
Lipo foam/boards
a fanny pack, I have a purse but I feel like a fanny pack may be a tad bit more secure.

Oh and I'm also trying to find a doctor to set up an appointment for next month to get all my blood work done.

8 weeks left!!!

I set up an appointment with my doc to have all my blood work done! It is for April 22. I wanted to give myself enough time to get healthier before SX if I do have a hemo below 14. I don't think I will, I'm pretty healthy, and will only get healthier as time gets closer to the surgery also, as I will be out of school in a month!! So I will be able to eat more healthy throughout the day and exercise more often.

Short Update.

Today makes only 6 weeks left!
Weeks ago me and my bf were talking about how once it got down to 6 weeks left it would feel so short because six weeks is like the epitome of "right around the corner".
I'm getting so excited guys!
So yesterday I went to the doctor, so of course they don't have my hemo levels back yet. But I did find out I actually weight like 169. lmao fat ass.
But school has been going crazy lately, I feel like I'm going to die. All I have time for is my job, school, and eating. But I do plan on seriously working out in that month between when I'm out of school and before the surgery.
I also decided to go on MIrena. I hope that doesn't interfere with my surgery, but I asked my doc and she said it shouldn't..
Anyway, off to class! Have a good day guys!

Got my Hemo back!

I asked Baez about a week ago what my Hemo should be and she replied with "12".
Today I got my test back from lab, when I went on Tuesday.
Its a 12.9!!
Yayyy, thats good for me! But I think I'm gonna try to get it higher, so she will feel comfortable enough to do super aggressive lipo on me. I'ma try to get it to around 14 or so.

I also thought I mention my expenses so far!
$3000- for surgery
$625- flight
$790- hotel (I'm staying in Real Recovery Armonia, in a single bedroom, as I plan on pretty much doing classwork the entire time)
I'm bringing 600 to 800 for spending money.

My updated wish pictures

Okay so I think this is the official wish picture I'm going to take with me when I get to the DR.
I've been searching for the perfect wish pict of Draya for a min, something that I could show the doc and she know exactly what I mean when I say I WANT MY WAIST SNATCHED!! Lol
Baez actually told me I don't have enough fat for Miracles butt, but uhggg it's so perfect! I'll just tell her, to get me as close as she can!

5 weeks left!

Well finals are here, I only have 3 left.
I ended up doing really well this semester. So this trip is like a congrats/birthday present to myself.

28 days

So, I thought there were 4 weeks left before, but I failed to realize that there are 5 weeks in May. So I still have 4 weeks left? Lol to make myself feel better, I started just counting by the days!

I have bought pretty much all my supplies, I still need to get a fanny pack though, but I can probably find one at the dollar store.

Baez contacted me a few days ago to confirm my appointment and asked what hotel I was staying at.
I really like her, she is so sweet and never takes too long to reply to your messages. Although, I'm pretty sure it was one of her assistants or husband emailing me, as the email was in very conversational English. But who cares, I love the effort that was put in to keeping up with the clients.

I have started working out again, lol started yesterday. I do plan on going for a run/walk with my boyfriend later on today though.

14 Days

The trip is coming up in 2 weeks. I'm so excited, I leave out Thursday for blood testing and will have my procedure done on Friday.
I decided I am going to make my foam boards, I saw that 30isthenew20 (I think that's her username lol) did this and I feel like it was a pretty good and much cheaper alternative. Does anyone know how long we are supposed to wear them.
Also, if any one could answer this, how many massages did you guys have while in the DR? And how long did you stay? I'm only staying till the 21st!

One Week Left!!!

So I made my hand made boards today. I think they turned out pretty good. I couldn't find a super squishy foam but I did find "foam sheets" from HobbyLobby, that is the colorful side. It feels more like a memory foam and I stacked the layers. Hopefully this works! I am also going to by ace bandage wrap and wrap them up.

I only have 7 days left! I am getting so excited. Next week will only be Monday through Wednesday, and then I will be off to the DR!!

PS. Shout out to Realself, I came across the girl who is going to Baez on the same day as me!! How cool is that!

I already have all my stuff purchased pretty much, I think I need to get more sanitary napkins, but beyond that I plan on starting my official packing this weekend!! Lol its just going to be a bunch of shorts, leggings, tshirts, and maxi dresses.

Much needed Update

So, I am 11 days post op now, and I will say, it gets better every day!
While I am still sore, I am feeling better.
I wanted to wait put up photos from the first couple of days, because I really looked scary, but once I entered stage 2 faja, everything started to look amazing.
This will be a short review because 1. I don't feel like typeing & 2. My experience was just like everyone elses, the people in the SDQ know what you are there for and it is routine for them, there are really no hiccups in transportation, finding docs, meeting docs, surgery. It went pretty much the same as I had read from all the other real self stories

Baez: That woman is a goddess. 1. She is so freaking beautiful, it is ridiculous, I couldn't even pay attention to what she was saying, what people say about her looks, is no lie. 2. It is crazy to imagine someone that beautiful being so sweet and genuine, but she really really is! We texted the whole time I was there, and I could tell she genuinely cared about my well being and giving me everything I was looking for in my body. 3. The woman can do some fucking surgery! She is so good, I love my body, she made my booty the perfect size, and my waist small. I almost cried saying my goodbyes and thank yous.

Recovery: Like I said, each day gets better, cause it sucked at first, I felt like my faja 1 was 10x too small, and really didnt leave my room for the first 3 days. Day 4 is when I was finally able to get up and move around and talk and not regret everything. I STAYED AT REAL RECOVERY ARMONIA, it was great, they have a driver, who I believe is the owners husband, but they already know where to go, there is no having to tell a taxi driver. They are also in great contact with the docs, and especially Baez, they probably were in better contact her with me, and never hesitated to call if they felt something was off with my recovery (when they thought it was time to switch me to faja 2, or at day 5 when I stopped draining for no apparent reason). The food was great, and always on time, there was something different every day, and I as a vegetarian they REALLY tried to work for me and the cook often went out of her way to make me something special. I felt so bad sometimes because she would cook something especially for me, and it would be delicious, but with this damn faja, I was eating like a bird, I could barely make it though half my meal & have to stop because I was too full. Only thing I say is, I was misconstrued, on how it would look, I thought it was an actual hotel, but it wasn't it is just a 3 bedroom apt, with each a 1, 2, & 3 person rooms. I stayed in a 2 person room and it actually wasn't bad, when I first arrived the recovery house was fully booked and there were 5 other women staying there, and even then it never seemed crowded, and by the end of my stay there was just one other girl there and it seemed very empty. They provided wifi and although there wasn't air conditioning throughout the whole apt, there was a unit in each room, that is brand new and worked very fast. There is also a masseuse there, they were great, and only charged $25 per massage, and they always washed your faja while you were getting your massage!

I had an issue with draining and stopped on about day 4, we tried everything, and the more experienced nurse/masseuse/drain expert even stuck needles in my back to get liquid out, but nothing really helped. When baez took my drain out on day 7 there was a huge clot at the end that was preventing me from draining, it was okay though.

I am not putting pictures up of my butt till I get all the fluid in my lower back, with all the padding for extra compression, it just looks kind of weird. But you guys can see front view! and a little side action!

Well Here is the finished product!

These pictures are from about 6 weeks ago, I havent had time to take any new ones. As always, Im still busy with school.
Some important things:
1. Most of me does not hurt anymore, even @ 4 months post op though my sides are still a tad sore. Nothing big but when my boo tries to pick me up by my waist when we are.. cough cough.. doing things, it hurts just about enough to scream, but that is a rare occasion. Now about 5.5 months post op it is doing better but just a tad sore.
2. I stopped wearing my Faja at 6 weeks, im in Texas and I got my BBL during the summer. So when I say it was hot. Believe me.
3. I did start immediately working out. No cardia, but I use an app by "Skimble" and do alot of workouts on there. I have been pretty religiously working out since August.
4. Since I have been working out there have been great changes in my abs. Ladies I will say this, do not expect your stomach to be extremely flat, I still had a little pudge left, and it was no biggie to work out. Your stomach is so flat it does look comepletely flat under clothing though. But I know with all my wish pictures I was thinking I was gonna have a super flat stomach but no! Those women in our wish picutures have flat stomachs because they workout and earn them, that definition and lines in their stomach are abs that they worked for. So just don't get your hopes up too high.
5. MY ASSSSS! I LOVE IT!!! It looks even better now than in those pictures because its setteled a bit more, but lawdy. Baez is amazing, she got rid of my "double booty" just like I asked and I have great roundness and projection now.
Only thing is I have a little hard piece in my right cheek, you cant see it and I can never feel it. TBH my bf is the first one who noticed it about 3 months ago, but once you feel it (but this is with intense massaging), you definitely feel a hard piece (its maybe the size of a marble). I thought it would go away, but even now last weekend I still felt it, I'm not worried about it because it causes no pain and I'm for the most part completely unaware that it is there. But anyone else have this?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far our communication has been pretty great. I have set my date and bought my plane ticket.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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