Duran or Yilly ? – Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi everyone, I am torn between Duran and yilly ;(...

Hi everyone, I am torn between Duran and yilly ;( I keeping reading that yilly does the best waist but she can't produce big bums..Duran is good on the waist but not as aggressive ! But her bums are larger- but I want both lol
The next thing is that Duran is very difficult to get in contact with. Where Yilly got back to twice in a timely manner :) maybe it's a sign to go will Yilly ...confused.com
I will wait 1 more week or perhaps make jazmine contact her but I will have to pay $150 kmt

Still no contact from Duran :(

I'm literally going to scream! I know they say patience is a virtue but damn I've been waiting almost a month for Duran to reply back I feel like a stalker lol-
I'm giving her until Thursady then I am going through "jazmine" I will need to pay $150 but at lest she will organise everything for me I.e quote,date and recovery house and just as important massages!
I'm so excited I believe I've done enough research I'm ready to go :) Team Duran xox

Fingers crossed

Hi All,
I just paid my money to jazmine via paypal. The longer I'm waiting for Duran to reply to my email by the time she does all her dates will be booked up for the year...

I really want to stick with Duran because she more consistent with her results! And because she has the ability to finish off with a larger butt in which we lose a lot off after 6 months, I'm hopping there will be a decent amount left...
Anyway, I will keep you posted on how long it takes for jazmine to provide me with a quote xox

Finally got my quote and date for Duran:)

Yes! Jazmine came through :) I've received my quote and date for my sx date.i'm a bit upset that it's not until September 18th but oh well...gives me time to prepare and get my health on point iron levels up I don't want no complications...

Jazzelyn is so helpful :) money well spent

I called Duran office to confirm my date and Elizabeth wasn't available and the women who answered the phone could only speak a lil English -Anyway she hanged up the phone because she couldn't understand and at this point I ain't impressed after I just paid my deposit which I had to pay additional £50 because Duran said I should wire it to her bank account. So I expected to a lest be able to confirm my date is secure! Anyway, I emailed and telephoned jazzelyn and she sounded American so pleasant and helpful, she said she will contact Duran and arrange the date and send me confirmation. I would hate to spend all this money on flights, RH and essentials to get there and my sx ain't booked.

I emailed my proof that I sent my deposit and she said she'll contact me as soon as she is In receipt :)
She also gave me a list of recommended recover homes with contact details and web links- I think I'm gonna opt for real recovery house because they answered all my questions and they wash your garments which is nice.
So I'm almost officially ready to become a Duran Doll :)
So as far as me being slightly sceptical about Jazzelyn she is legit and so helpful especially if your not from the country worth the $150

September 23rd @7am sx Date Booked

Hi All,
I am going to Duran is anybody else going round this time :)

Woo Duran confirmed my date but....

I keep seeing profiles saying they have lost there complete bum after the swelling went down:( like 1 girl said 5 days later omg- I don't want to waste my money guess it's too late but I really worried now

Preparing time

Been looking at compression garments on websites and recliner chairs plus boppy pillows :) I know I have a while but I can't wait ...I called Duran and see sounds really nice I just hope And pray it will be all worth it

Booking flights and RH

Jazmine provided a list of RH and a new one which just opened but I'm real sceptical because I would prefer to go by reviews so I'm going to definitely stay at Aromina :) the only thing is I have to pay additional for massages $25 which appears to be normal...Been looking on sites for cheap flights but no direct flights from the uk I'm not happy as I don't wanna b in pain n have to wait around etc

Death in DR

So my date booked and flights confirmed I have now decided to stay in Angela RH. I have spoken to her on the phone and she seems so caring, I told Her i will be down on 20th Sept for 14 nights and she said she will change her holiday so she can look after me :) plus she really loves Duran so that helps lol...Anyway as I'm planing daily slowly I come across news feeds about another girl died - now ppl tend to speak what they don't know and add on to parts of the story! Firstly, all of us considering any type of surgery should do there "home work" because this is not a joke it's our life! This poor girl travelled on a plane then went onto to have her surgery (this should not of been allowed due to blood clots etc) without any tests being carried out ( this should not of been allowed, by carrying out tests this could have eliminated/ prevented things going wrong) we need to relaxe and not get so carried away, take your time and research. Save your money so when you do have your surgery, you can recover properly. Do not return home a few days later because you can't afford to stAy longer in the RH! There are so many factors to take into consideration. So please do not put ppl off having there surgery because this can happens all over the world! And be mindful of the pros and cons it's not going to be easy so you need to have faith in your doctor and don't be afraid to Ask questions! Your paying your hArd earned money you have a right to ask questions and if you don't feel comfortable speak up, it's your rite!
I hope and pray we all have a safe recovery with our banging new bodies xx

Exactly 1 month to go "Sept 20" :)

I'm so anxious and excited at the same time. I fly out on the 20th and have a few days for my body to relax and to take my checks to make sure my hemo level is ok.

My sx on 23rd sept, I'm staying in real Aromina it's modern and although it's new It has had good reviews...I've decided to pay $250 for the medications when I arrive but bring my own pain meds coz I've herd the UK stronger...obviously I need to bring the necessities :)
I hope and pray that we All get our desired outcome - good luck everyone I will post before and after when I'm done xx
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