Conflicted: Who to Choose Yily or Duran - Dominican Republic, DO

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Ok I've done research on both doctors and I am...

Ok I've done research on both doctors and I am looking to have my procedure done this October. I want Lipo body sculpting on my back and mid section, a Brazilian butt lift, breast lift, and tummy tuck. I've seen and read excellent reviews on both Dr.Yily and Dr. Duran. But whom do I choose? HELP!!!

So i'm Back

Ok so far I had stalled my aggressive persuit of a doctor until something just came over me for the new year. I have done so much research and have finally settled on going with Dra. Robles. She does excellent work and is very pleasant. I've only corresponded with her so far through email. but is very early still. I am considering getting BBL, TT, and lipo. I have not gotten back an estimate yet but I'm sure it won't be too crazy of a quote. I'll definitely update you all when I get my quote. I'm so excited!!!

P.S.>>> does anyone know if there is some kind of discount or accommodation if you travel and get your surgery done with a friend?

Being that YIly and Duran were in such high demand I got nervous about seeing them because I would feel rushed after reading so many reviews of so many girls sitting in the CIPLA center awaiting surgery. I mean i'm no celebrity or anything but I do like a little bit of extra attention. I don't want to be jammed in like cattle or a car or on a conveyer belt waiting to be sliced and diced. Don't get me wrong please. I do luv both women's work but there volume of customers is not for me

changed my mind again but this time sticking with it

OK so before u ladies get on me I just want to say that sometimes I update a little prematurely. I have decided to go with Dra Cynthia Disla. She is so sweet and corresponds with me on a regular basis I've read all her reviews and she has lived up to every expectation so far. she has quoted me at 5000$. That is not including the recovery home or meds But that's OK. In a situation like this I don't want to go for a cheap deal. I want results. Want she has suggested I get is megaliposculture,TT, and BBL. thats what i wanted we also spoke in depth about what I wanted done. She answers all emails quickly. so far so good


So I've decided to possibly sent my date for October 1. I'm hoping I will be somewhat healed by my birthday which is October 25. My friend and I are trying to make our schedules for work together so we can go together. I still need to find a recovery home for my stay. does anyone have any good ones in mind Please let me know.

Back and forth

OK so I have to apologize for bad mouthing yily before I didn't know she was pregnant...sorry yily luv u!!! Lol I have gotten a quote and a date quickly from yily. I am going with a surgery buddy and he procedure is projected to cost around 4500 dollars. I started o research flights nd we are sending our deposits next month. I am really excited for October first. I really want my new body. I am recently single and would love to just start a new. I am having the surgery a little more than a month before my birthday . So I'm hoping I am somewhat healed by then.or at least able to shake my new but lol
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