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This is my first post. and i really need the...

this is my first post. and i really need the suport and tips please i am planing to have everything done in 2014!!!! and i cant wait just waiting on the conformation info before i say which doctor i choose. i am thinking around the end of oct for my 24th birthday!!!!. so please please help me dolls wink wink! i need to know what to expect what to take what to buy heck everything !!!!


I finally got the ball rolling!!!! i email Duran my pictures and now all i have to do is wait for her response..... i cant wait to set a date!!!! i am ready to look in the mirror and see a new me!!!! i mean i have a face to die for or in the words of my best friend (a skinny chick lol) but now i need the body. i decided a few months ago to give up nursing. it just wasn't for me. but i am thinking about going back for a while to pay for everything. i am in cosmo school now working on becoming what i always wanted so why not have the body i want to go with the life i want? so i am ready dolls . so i am completely open to any help and insight.

I have let myself go!!

so i am so pissed at myself ugh!!! i am going on a diet and exercises at least 3 times a week from now on i have to loose some weight and tone up before everything . because i took my measurements today and omg!!!! the are 51 1/2 , 50, 50 i am shape like a fat ass box!!! i almost cried passing by the mirror after my bath. idk what happened to me . right now i am ... i am so ashamed to say this but i am 230 pounds!!! that's is horrible!!! i have to get down to at least 180 before i go under the knife so i can get the look i want. pray for me ladies. because this is going to be lot for me. before last year i never weighted more then 160!!!. but i am going to do it!!!!

no respond!

Well I still haven't heard back from Dr Duran. I am kinda in my box about it too (low key) I am ready to get everything moving. I still have to tackley weight problem which I haven't been taking care due to family losses and my own small health issues but I am better now and readyto knock this weight right off. All iI need is for my confirmation email to come threw and I will be set. I can't wait to once again feel like a bombshell lol. To walk pass a mirror and not reget it being there.

still no response.

I haven updated in a while i had became very unsure if I was going to be able to loose enough weight. But to my surprise I have been doing wonderful. And I also moved! And have started dating a wonderful guy who is still kinda iffie about me having my operations but hey I will wing him over so lol. But I am still having a problem getting in contact with Duran! I really want to get my quote and set my date! I am ready to get my ball rolling so I can start buying supplies . So if anyone can helo me with any info on how to get my quote or set my date I would be forever be thankful

about to hit stalker mode

Still no response from Duran I am about start stalking her Facebook page lol. Besides that I am still running and trying to bring my weight down. This is very hard I might add. But I am determined to loose the weight. Hell Duran better get it together and respond to me I am not running every day for no reason. If she doesn't respond by February I will be forced to go with my second choice of doctor

starting to see some improvements! !!

I am doing happy to be able to see some differences in myself since I started working out! Its not alot but its enough for me to see. I am always happens because I broke the new to my parents and surprisingly they where on board up front. They are even willing to help pay for it! Now I just have to get my guy on board.....with the help up my dad lol.I am still waiting to hear from Duran. at this point I am looking at other doctors. Any suggestions ladies? Because with our without Duran I will be have my surgery done this year. I just hope and pray she gives me a quote soon.
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