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I want to do something for my self. I know this...

I want to do something for my self. I know this sx make over will make me feel good. I saw that the girls where soo happy with their body and I totally get that! I want that youthful feeling again. I'm already happy just planning my journey. I'very been stocking this website for now 1 week intensively reading lots of reviews. I have a quote from Dr Medina, Duran and Robble. Some one from youtube recommended dr Molino and I just emailed him now. dr Medina accepted to do all my surgeries at the same time but Robble doesn't recommend that. But I don't want to wait a year to go back to DR for my boobs. I want to wake up with my new breast also. Dolls no what I'm saying! Lol! Overall my heart goes to dr Medina that will give me what I want which is i calculated is less than 500$ more plus her clinic is so sophisticate compare to Cipla. I find all these surgeons have excellent reviews. I'm planning for February or March 2016. I am ready to book but I must find a babysitter that's my only conflict plus my passport is expired. However I'm juicing, taking blood builder pills, iron tablets, folic acid, lots of vitamin C, eating very well, I'm getting serious with the gym because all that will help with recovery. I'm doing all my local medical examinations. I had x-rays of my tummy, going for mammography soon, complete blood test.It so happen that I was due for my yearly check up. My goal is to raise my hemo level and BIM. I want to be in shape also because of the pain of tt. I saw this lucky girl on you tube 1st and 2nd day post op who had no pain at all. She had sx in Columbia tt, breast lift, bbl, armspit lipo. She looked amazingly well. I alm I st want to go to that clinic because they advertise as "they redefined recovery" making it smooth. Anyways its getting late I'll let you know who I'm going with for sure.

Hassan in Miami BBL Lipo and Maybe Breast Lift

I just emailed Dr Hassan for a quote today. I saw videos of his bbl. Heseemss to master it and price is right with specials. I can't wait to make a decision. I'll let you know what happens next. Waiting for a response email. So far I'm contemplating sx in the US for safety but price need to be competitive a lot or else well dr here i come. I decide to have liposuccion instead of tummy tuck. I don't feel ready to deal with pain well that kind of pain. I also been communicating with Dr Fisher's in miami secretary but I dont want to pay 2000$ for 7 f

days recovery home and only breakfast. She said she would give me a special and knock 500$ out but compare dr it's still costly. Anyways wIl post updates later. Chow

Futur Del Vechio Doll!!!! the Famous Ghetto Butt Artist!.. Yaah!! His BBLs Are No Joke Lol!!

I submitted a request for consultation and I got an email back within an hour requesting Mt post op pictures. I'm happy because I was anxious when I saw his results..phenomenal buttS are happening at Del Vechio's office lol! He is the aggressive surgeon I was looking for. I would not worry about having to do a round 2 with him beside I have relatices in Boston and friends to stay with. Saving $$ on hotel and rh. I'm impress with his work and he have 5 stars reviews everywhere. His btuts are huge and he even teaches other surgeons. I made up my mind and waiting for a quote. I rather pay him a bit more and be happy with my results.


I think I'm switching to dr hassan. His assistant cld me today and she took the time to answer all my questions and emailed me the quote foe bbl. I am still debating dr or hasan. Forget del vechio he never got back to me. Here is how I want to plan my journey. First I wld lk to have a bbl with lipo in november or the latest december. Than 3-6 months after have my tummy tuck and breast lift. Im getting to anxious to wait till February to go dr tania medina. I want to have somethung done by next month. Montréal is a no no to me for lack of serious bbl experts here that will deliver that serious butt I'm looking for. I'm on the flat side and I'm looking for something drastic like hassan can do so well. He have an available space for me in November 25 nx month I was excited until I read the death of maribel Cardona shortly after a bbl by Hasan. I learned that he is a qualified dermatologist but not a certified pl surgeon. Well how cld I he known. Ladies you need to do your research by not all Pl surg here are certified. Americans act like sht happens only in dr. Blame it on cheap surgery. How expensive a Pl surgery need to be? It should be accessible for stars and elite only. It cout as much to go to dr than to stay locally in the long run if we add all the expenses. Dr can't have excellent certified surgeons? Their is no medical schools their? Why can't we admit that they master plastic surgery and understand how a women's shape should be? Why should the Americans have all the monopole of everything? I was going safe with Hasan thinking it's America it can't happen there. We'll hasan broke a vessel and fat entered her blood stream and she died of a pulmonarh embolism. I'm disappointed bz I thought I was going to Hasan. It's sick how I still want to go by he is good. I guess that's life and sht happens. We all make mistakes. But the women wanted her 4000$ deposit back ce she changed her mine! Her son convinced her not b to do it. Her family was against the bbl.! But sin ce they wouldn't reimburse her $ she than decided to do it not to loose her money but she lost her life instead. Give the women back her money. You can't force her to do it when she doesn't want it anymore. Who would walk out of $4000 she saved working at wallmart mother of 5? How is the law protecting consumers in our society? Because we're women? Any ways I'm just saying I may as well go to Dominican republic and save my money! Now I'm back thinking about Dr Gutierrez in Mexico. He want give a bad butt but I'll come back alive. I can't wait to decide what I'm doing so as well wait a few days for few more quotes.


Medina in dr operates two patients a day. She uses My Home rh for her clts. She accepted to perform a breast lift, tt, bbl all at the same day. She's a Funnnky cooold medina!. It freaks me out just to think about having all these sx in one day. How am I suppose to recover? Am I gonna sleep hanging upside down from the ceiling? My butt is loaded, boobs up my chin, a huge painful smile on my tummy. I'll be real messed up all night trying to find a position to sleep! I emailed back requesting a modification quote. I want instead lipo and bbl and breast lift at least it won't be as bad. She emailed me back without a new quote requesting a deposit 300$ and a date of sx. I think I may as well send her the deposit and wait to go. I am not having tt over there no ever. Gutierred will do it. Watch me change my mind when I get there! But overall I think medina appears to me a professional but she should have an assistant that calls and book her dates. Everything is email. I guess I could cl also. I just need to be more determine and stop analysing all the negatives. Do I want that fat stomach? No way! Do I want to improve my body? Yes so I need to do what I do best which is take my chance! The real problem is to fix my date. I don't kn why. February is the date I guess. It ends right here. Another thing blood transfusion in dr whaaat?!!! No way! Who's blood is this?!!! Men! TThis is messed up. I'd like to know wt is the% of dolls having blood transfusion or lipo Bbl in dr or anywhere dr pl sx. I wish doctopus in dr would call me. I have quuuestioons! Meanwhile I'm laying down looking at my big big stomach shriiisp! Forget the questions I can't take this
none sense anymore!


Hi dolls, I'm grateful for all your support and inspiration. I chose dr Omulepu in miami. I requested a written consultation through real self and I immediately called his office to book my date of Dec 5. It was love at the first sight when I saw reviews, videos,and pictures of his clients. I booked the same moment without any hesitation. I want a derriere with great projecton and as big as my available fat can give me safely without compromise. I've Been obsessively on rl site for a month researching and educating my self and i used the "ask a doctor"forum here and i acquired great insights about bbl. I now undurstand that a surgeon rarely master everything. Dolls you need to take your journey one step at a time. Yes it is possible to have all done in one day by the same surgeon you might compromise the optimum result. For instance afer investigating interviewing many surgeons. I learned that its best to do bbl on separate time than ttuck in order to harvest as much fat as possible on your abdomen especially if you are not a big girl or dnt hv enough fat. The surgeon will take fat from your back only or everywhere accessible when your laying on your back and inject it on your buttock. When he flips you over he will be doing the tt. His not flipping you bck and forth because of the tt. You have to understand they have to do whats easier for them. I want to use the fat on my belly because i have so much there. I have enough on my back for a great bbl like most of us but a great bbl surgeon will want to use as much fat as possible safely with no compromise. But if you add a tt you are compromising your bbl. Duran, Delvechio, Cabral, Contreras are great bbl surgeons to. They are using a great technic apparently with their results. You havery to chose a bbl passionate surgeon that does it all day to get the results you want. Later on you want to chose another sx specialist in tt. Look at how his ces are healing, the scars, pain management.. and the breast men. I f your looking for a quick fix it all journey, you may have to spend more money on a round 2 and 3 unless youre on a biggest but greed lol! Just kiddind. I'm just sharing my experience and I hope it can help someone. I'm excited to have found my surgeon. The rh is beautiful, individual rooms, nice kitchen, massage, post meds, breakfast, varment, transport included. Most of all I have no doubt no worry that I wouldn't get what I paid for. He delivers and that's all I want. I started with Dr in mind. I have quotes from medina, robble, duran, mejia, diaz, sabala, hassan, fisher, molina, gutIerrez in mexico all excellent doctors but the only drs that where consistent with the bbl results where omulepu, duran, hassan, fisher. They have passion for it and love grafting fat to the buttocks. "Booty men". That is the most important detail of my journey because finding a good dr for tt and bl is easy. These are the most practiced interventions in pl sx. Bbl is new most drs can do it but not with the same result so focus on bringing your fat to the right dr and do your breast and tt after ether by the same dr or another one. Let the sx focustomers on your behind first. His just human. Dr wants to do everything bc we dnt leave there and they are building their portfolios. The only way I can enjoy tthis journew with a easy recovery is one step at a time. Thanks to the dolls Thanks to the dolls that cared enough to advise me.

dr Omulepu miami bbl

Dr Omulepu have the worst customer service. No professionalism, no communication skills on the phone and none in writing. I never had a respond email re my request for consultation. I called the office you have to really pull to get the information from the secretaries. No sign of bureaucratic intelligence. I had to call and ask to send me the information by email. The email came in incomplete with no significant details of the services included or excluded in the quote not even the price of the service. Today I called back to have adoit iona information I was on hold for 10 minutes and it's a long distance call. Smh! I don't really want to stress this with customer service. I may go to Duran in Rd and that's it. I'll have every thing done for the same price.

Australia Baez, Manon, maikel jimenez ferreras all great!

I use to have a barbie figure only 5 years ago. I weighed 105 pounds, 5'4" breast very big 34DD, tiny waist 24 and a round cute behind not big but curvy. My tummy was never flat but under control when I ate close to nothing. I had an amazing figure but always had to diet to keep my tummy flat. As soon as I eat my stomach would blow up so I use to never eat. As a result i suffered malnutrition. I was always tired, i couldnt concentrate in class and at work. I would exercised a lot on empty stomach. As I got older, went through a difficult marriage and a divorce, I've had to keep my head above water to survive all the stress related to my situation. I started to eat to keep my body strong as a priority because I had to much going on. As a result, I gained 20 pounds. I'm now 145pounds. All the fat is mostly in my stomach area, my arms, waist and flanks. Dieting is not gonna help me because I always had fat on my stomach. I want to be able to eat healthy without worrying about my stomach. Im not a food person. I always ate healthy or starved myself because of my stomach. I cant wear tight close without a tight garment. I always wanted a tummytuck but it was far from my budget. Now God blessed me with the opportunity to do it and I can't wait to be on the flat side. I'm getting a mommy make over and a bbl either with baez, manon or ferreras. My lab test is done waiting for results. I even had a mammography and echo graph to assure that I'm healthy. Once I get my results I'm taking a decision in november 1st week for march 1st. I will pay my deposit to reserve my date and shop for my ticket. I'very being taking vitamins for 2months. Acid folic, c, iron, blood builder, d, b12. I'm juicing beets, water crest, spinach,carrots, cucumbers, lemons everyday. I will go to my Zumba class to be in shape for recovery. I'm anxious about this journey but can't share with my family. My sister called just to say exercise instead you don't have to do this. I know I won't have family support. I wl just say I'm going in vacation and take a taxi from the airport on my way back. Hopefully I will look good by the time I leave dr. This the most important thing I've ever plan for my self not even my university degree come close to this. Of course beside becoming a christian. I have a 15 yrs old boy and everything was focus on him. My prI or its was only him. I love him more than my self. Now I feel it's time for me to set my clock back and enjoy being me again. I think everybody will be happy for me at the end of the day. I am really looking forward to have a new heat hier body and a happier me. Thank you real self for this website. All the doctors are doing amazing jobs and thanos to all the dolls That are posting pictures and reviews. I will keep you all posted with my journey. Follow me closely because I'm gonna look amazing! God bless you all;

BACK on Baez train and not getting off 1st round bbl and lipo

2nd round will be tt and bl. I decided to separate the bbl and tt. I want to avoid the excessive pain of having both sx together. I we email her about the modification but no reply. I guess I'll tell her when I get there. That way I can have more fat harvested to my belly for bbl and waist. Most surgeons dnt lipo the abdomen before tt. That compromises the result if you want an extravagant result. Many researches led me to that information sense I am very particular about the result of my bbl. Hey I own a lot o fat and I want to make good use of it and it's mostly located in my abdo area. i want those fat cells doing the same thing that they were doing in my belly but in my but. The fat cells in my back are abundant enough but not the same quality because the're more conservative lol! I'm conducting my journey in 2 parts. Bbl 1st and 2 months later go back for tt and bl. Also I noticed that I like better the results of dolls who did bbl and lipo separately to tt. This maybe my own prerogatives. But thts the only way I can enjoy my journey. I know that most dolls dnt have time bck and forth but thank God I do. I'm self employed so I decide my vacations as long as I hire someone to replace me. Plus my pain tolerance is very low. Anyways I really hope it goes this way. Im going before the winter and it looks like december. Just waiting for labs result. I leave in Montreal if any dolls reading this looking for a sx buddy for february. Check me below. Many blessings to all of you in your journey.

Whatsapp dr Manon the only way to get his attention

I emailed Dr Manon using the consultation request on real self but he plied back asking to call his assistance on whatsapp. I had to create a whatsapp account to finally get Manon's attention. He wouldn't even give me a quote outside of whatsapp. So dolls now you know how to contact manon. I am looking for a safe record dr that would deliver the perfect bbl with great projection and big without having to need a blood transfusion. I see manon work on intagram and it looks good but I can't find a review here that would show me a live doll with the look I'm aiming for. I don't kw why manon doesn't have much reviews. He is well appreciated by his patients for his work. The bbls on Instagram are on point but here I'm not dure. I am really particular about the bbl. So I got a quote from manon on bbl and lipo all inclusive including rh. He said he uses De La Paz and New life. Does any dolls stayed in those rh before? I've seen 1 bad review on de la paz but I dnt know either one. Manon gave me Dec 20 ouwoooh! That sounds like next wk to me. I'm not even totally sure yet and I haven't made my deposit yet. I cld baez on whatsapp the language barrier was real. No English at all! Since she gave me the quote she never replied to my emails. I want to only have bbl for now to do tt separately. Is anyone going to dr dec. 20?

I'm on dr manon's train now dominican republic bbl lipo

I change my mine and I'm trying to leave novembre 18 I said trying. I have to find a ticket and a babysitter. I had a long chat with Manon assistant Diana. She was very helpful in answering all my questions and she made everything convenient for me in terms of helping me with planning. Her English is on point and she is really cool. I chose dr manon because he have excellent reviews. I believe he will be attentive to my health post op and will give me the bbl lipo results I'm looking for. He said I needed agressive lipo and a tummytuck but he complied that I didn't want it now. Hey Cabral ignored me because I don't want lipo at the same time as bbl but j wouldn't use him for tt anyways. Everything seems to get together. I got passport, but arnica cream, gel, pills my post op meds are included as a special for booking early. I don't need to send deposit because I'm leaving nx week.Diana said to bring only arnica and vitamins. I'm excited but also worry that I don't have everything together by next week.


I finally chose my doctor. I'm going to dr to dr Israel manon for bbl lipo. His assistant is very dynamic. She is a communicator. Her English is on point. I chose manon for his patients' appreciation of his bedside manners and his work. I visit him on Instagram and his dolls looks good. On a personal level I feel better this time with a male doctor at least for the first round. Second round will be dr Baez. I need agressive lipo and that's what dr manon recommended to me. He wanted tt also but I want to do my bbl first. I will have tt 3 months post op and a breast lift God willing. Keep me in your prayors.

I'm looking for a doll that can confirm dr manon wire adress for me. Quick!

I chose dr ferreras because I like his bbl work. I...

I chose dr ferreras because I like his bbl work. I visited his profile on instagram and that is the result I'm looking for. Also it was easy to reach him everywhere. Email and whatsap. He is fast in responding and easy to chat with. I asked for bbl and he recommended tummy tuck but I didn't want it for first round. He is straight forward and told me that my skin will sagg. He took the time to explain what my results would be and told me that he would have me sign a paper for refusing tummy tuck. I don't think my skin will sagg as much as he say it will. So I decided lipo and bbl first round and 2 month after I will start another journey with tt and breast lift. Dr ferreras assistant Ruth is the key to my booking with jimenez. She is very professional and helpful. I was running some technical difficulties with wiring my deposit and she ok me to just skip deposit and go ahead to book my flight. Ruth is very sweet and responsable. She treats me with respect. I can't wait to meet her and dr Maikel. They make it possible for me to have my sx fast and an all inclusive. I don't have to worry about rh, massage anything at all. I bought my ticket and I can't wait to be a maikel doll. I'm confident that dr maikel will give me beyond my expectation results. He also teaches anatomy at the university so he wI'll not hit my sciatic nerves. At first I was hesitant to go with him because he doesn't have many reviews here but his work talk for himself. If you want a bbl surgeon he is the one. Dr Maikel is very nice to chat with. He is a keeper and he will always be there pre and post op. If you can easily reach a dr pre op that says a lot about post op.

I'm 11 days pre op bbl lipo dr Makael Jimenez Ferreras dominican Republic

Hey dolls im 9 days post op with dr Ferreras in dr. I visited dr Ferreras instagram and I instantly like his bbl work. I decided to contact him on whatsapp. He was directly available to chat. He answered all my questions and recommended a tt also. He insisted that my skin would sagg but he agreed to lipo bbl no tt in a condition to have me sign a paper. He was very understanding and respected my decision. He referred me to his assistant Ruth whom is also very nice and helpfull. She gave me an inclusive quote rh, 5 massages, post meds, transport. I booked my flight shortly after and I will be staying at assistant Ruth recovery Tropical Luxury. I will be having sx the 11th of December and returning the 17th december. I will be posting pics to show you my transformation.

Made by Manon

I had surgery Dec 21. Just a few post op pictures to update but still very swollen.

1 month and 3 days post op dr Israel Manon dr

It's been a month now since I had surgery with Dr Israel Manon. I'm amazed with my new body. The scars are looking good but I have one breast bigger because of hematoma surgery on one breast leaving it smaller than the other one. I will not have more surgery on my breast so I guess it will stay like that. I also wish that the bbl had work. I had 1000s on each side and it looks like nothing ever happened so far. In fact as the swollen decreases my behind is getting smaller and it is flat with no projection. I don't lose hope because I think it will get bigger as my body heals and strenghen. After surgery I couldn't eat for a month nor drink. I couldn't even smell food. Total anorexia. I think that may have a small impact on the bbl and also my hemo dropped to 8 during surgery so no blood to support the fat so that may be another factor. Dr Manon assistant miss Rossa said bbl may show up 3 months after surgery in some cases. So no dispear. I have to be grateful for what I have and thank God I made it through surgery. I will keep posting pictures and i thank dr Manon for everything he was able to do. His assistant Diana is a very nice person.

37 days post op dr Israel Manon

Tummy still swollen but looking fantastic. Scars healing well. My waist is as small as it was when I was 16. I feel free to wear my clothes again. I can't wait for this summer to dress with light clothes and not feeling self concious and insecure. I remember my tummy would look so big in my dresses especially after a meal. I couldn't wear a fitted t shirt for my love handles would look so bad. Now I can put all that behind me for year 2016 I'm starting fresh with a new body. Thank you Dr Manon and all the Glory to God.


Loving my new body progress. Still swollen

Addicted to compression

I just purchased my first waist trainer. Awesome!

Waist training

Waist training time

My final results are wow! Dr Manon is the bomb

My final results are great although still improving. Dr Manon is the bomb! I want to see Manon again I'm crazy about me.

I'm 5 months post op dr Israel Manon in dr

New pics loving my results.

Tt,bl,mr,lipo,bbl dr israel manon in dr

I'm the loving my body. Thank you Jesus.

Update 5 months po

My video update I hope it downloads

5 m po dr manon in dr

5 months post op

6 month post op review

I'm so excited! I just can't hide it!. I'm about to loose control and I think I like it! Oh oh oh !

11 months post op dr. Israel Manon

Im 11 months post op and time flies. Surgery is like giving birth because you forget the pain and everything you went through to get this beautiful body. Im very happy to have found skinny fiber for weight management, detoxification and antioxidant. It makes me sleep like a baby. its important to use the best products after surgery because you invest so much on yourself. I found that I was gaining fat on my tummy after tummy tuck and I was surprise to see that liposuccion may be need as a final touch after tt but its normal although the excess skin is removed there is still a bit of fat waiting to grow again. If you dont want to have more surgery or cant afford it you have to take skinny fiber to melt the fat. I love this product because it melt only the fat in the right places. I didnt lose my booty and everything is in place! Will I have more surgery? yes to whitten my teeth but you never know! Im happy with my body and Im using the right products to maintain my surgery. I wish you all the best!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I had surgery with Dr Manon in december. I had tt, bl, lipo, bbl. He is a very friendly dr and his assistant Diana is a very good person. Unfortunately It's too early for me to write a review on my surgeries because I had complications post op and during surgery that are actually affecting my results. Overall my scars are healing well and I'm very happy about my tummy tuck. Honestly, I was disapointed about the 2 blood transfusions provided my hemo was originally 13,4 but I'm also grateful that dr Manon was able to intervene quickly in order to save my life. On a positive note I'm in love with my new body and I hope that my post hematoma breast doesn't get any smaller because it shrinked a lot leaving me with one breast smaller. As far as the bbl Diana assured me it will pop in 3 months average. However im already thinking round 2. All my love to Diana Rossa and thank you to dr Manon. .

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