41 Years Young of 5 Major Crumb Snatchers.. on my Second Marriage Trying to Get my Groove Back! 8/2/16 BUDDIES NEEDED!

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Dra Medina.... so far.. she rocks!!!! always...

Dra Medina.... so far.. she rocks!!!! always keeps in touch... answers ALL my questions and concerns.. i truly DO believe her when she says "she can make the best version of myself" DO IT GURL!!!!
i love her profile, her professionalism, mannerism... etc... i am really nervous about leaving the states for DR, BUT i think i will be in good hands with her.


Morning ladies.. with only 3 1/2 months to go, as i see a lot of post on here about not having enough body fat for the BBL Part of the journey im wondering...should i put on a little more weight? im 5'6 inches tall weighing in at 174 pounds.. coming down from 226. I am extremely happy about my weight loss and cant wait for my upcoming mommy make over. but im thinking should i put at least a little bit of fat back on me just in case?

with just 3 1/2 more months to go... im so antsy......

with just 3 1/2 more months to go... im so antsy...... I just cannot stay still.
I need to book our flights. reserve the hotel... this is really happening....
ladies.. my iron is low.. how do I get it up and keep it there?
also my hemo is a 12.1 that's good for one surgery but im trying to get TT,BBL, AND Lipo so that wont do either.. I need help.. thank god I still have a few months to go.


question.. can your butt really go down after a BBL? I know the fat can leave but how often does this really happen? and what can we do to PREVENT this from happening? some girls say they lay on their new butts and its stays put.. but some say it goes..


QUESTION... while in recovery (were staying at a local hotel) the hotel has WIFI so with that being said is it possible to access Netflix, Hulu, etc....? we are planning to BINGE watch our television shows while i am healing..

Flights Booked Yay

3 months from today...
that seems so far off... now im sad.


question??? when does the doctor contact you before the surgery with instructions on what we need to know and what we need to do? i am just about 2 months out. i know its still some time to go but when should i look to hear from her?

looking for my surgery friend who's with me and Tania Medina?

im up for August 2nd... i know she does like 2 a day.. who else is with me on that day

Less than a week to go! Time to get rid of this thing that's been holding me down literally.. I'm very nervous now..

Dr. Tania Medina de Garcia

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