35, One Child, BBL and TT

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Hello everyone and happy new year 2016!!!! I'm new...

Hello everyone and happy new year 2016!!!!
I'm new to the site. I have been up the last 2 nights reading reviews and I'm set on having a BBL, repeat TT, and lipo of arms. I'm 5'4", 180lbs. I'm pretty confident, just want to be more curvaceous and nicely contoured. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from anyone who has had procedures by Dr. Baez. Pros, Cons, Cost, anything you wish you could have done prior to your surgeries, RH recommended, how soon to plan on getting back to work, etc. The more details the better :)

Thank you in advance beautiful dolls!!!


I'm super excited today. I heard from Dr. Baez and got my estimate. Unfortunately, she is not available on the dates I was shooting for. I'm ok though, as I know all things have a way of working out for my best!! Let the church say Amen!!!

African curves I love!!!

So, instead of saying that I want to look like this person or the other after my procedures, I am doing a mental check and constantly telling myself that I want to look like the best me I can look like. For me, this is a way to keep my expectations realistic and hopefully embrace the new ME that will be revealed, hoping that one day, my curves can inspire others to look like their best version. All in all, I love this lady's curves. She is Peace Hyde, British born Ghanian beauty.

Curves...or lack of, that I dislike, on a body that I love!!!

I absolutely love my body for carrying me and sustaining me for the last 35 years. I could not have asked for a better house for all my vital orgains. I am whole and healthy. As for the not so curvy curves, it's time for a change!!!!

Taming my obsession with RS.

Hello beautiful people of RS,
I just feel so obsessed with this site already!!! I love it!!! To better spend my time and balance my life, I am going to ease back on stalking pages and posting...not like anyone is dying to hear from me anyway......Lol!!! I'm really using this site as a diary documentation of my journey, as I have truly enjoyed reading and watching other people journeys.

All the best to each and everyone of you. I send you good health,positive vibes, wealth and endless happiness!! I'm a good encourager and I tend to think that I am a great friend to those that I click well with, even if it's just for the BBL season :)
So, if you need spiritual or emotional support...or just words of encouragement, PM me with you cell and I will be in touch. God bless!
Miss Mary.

About to change surgeons.

After being rather patient and not hearing back from Dr. Baez, I have had a change oh heart. I am now leaning towards Dr. O in Miami. Please share your thoughts! RH vs. Hotel? Pharmacy? Flying back home? Massages? Pics? Going back to work e.t.c.


Hi past, present and future dolls,

I'm doing a happy dance right now!!! So, I just made my deposit with Yani....who by the way is superb. She has great communication skills. She called, she emailed, she texted and she was very effective. She is honestly the reason I made the deposit...kept checking in. I want to give her credit because she was honest about arm lipo. She said she has seen results look worse than before, and it was not due to Dr. O. Just overall. Once I got to researching, I decided I will NOT lipo arms. So glad she was honest!!!! Now, I will work on dropping 15Lbs. I'm officially bringing sexy back in 2016. I thank God for making this possible. Amen!!!!

Changed back to Dr. Baez

After a long time and major frustrations with Dr. Omulepus' s license issues and complete disappointment with Broward cosmetics, I have decided to pursue this BBL and TT business with Dr. Baez in the DM. Congrats to all that has gone thru the journey. I hope to have surgery in September.
Dr. Baez

Back with solid decision to proceed with Dr. Baez.

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