Rob and Black Chyna. 2 years po Cabral did what Baez couldn't. round 2! Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello all, I am 29 turning 30 before the end of...

Hello all,

I have never had hips but had a decent butt during my teenage and college years. Then the worlds perception of a nice ass changed, I became less active and noticed with stress and work that my but has gotten smaller.
I don't want a vixen booty, it want a naturally sexy booty with a respectable amount of projection. With 34b-34c boobs. Also since I don't have kids yet I need to leave possibility for my body expanding and changing post pregnancy, I don't want to look like Madea! That's not the move. So I want a natural but noticeable BBL.

I am 5'4"- 5'6".... It's not precise because I've always said I'm 5'6 but recently doctors have been saying in 5'4.5. But my friend says she's 5'4 and I'm noticeably taller than her.... Lol.

I weigh 143 lbs, rather muscular with fat in the abs, obliques and entire back.

I've received a quote from Dr. Baez in Dr for Bbl of $2600.00
Dr. Baez also said I should gain 10lbs which I don't want too. I think there's enough fat in this stomach of mine... But we'll see.

Wanting on Dr. Diaz and Duran. Duran dolls maybe a little too noticeable of a difference for me, but I'd like to see what she thinks.

Do I really need to Gain weight?

A few pics, I used for my quote. I d really like to be 130lbs post sx and after all swelling goes down. But since Im 143 now, If I gain more for the procedure that will be impossible.... Won't it?
I feel like I have atleast 4L of fat in my abdomen, plus another 2-3L in my back....

Feedback would be helpful.


What do you ladies think?

Wish pics

I don't want a donky booty, after a while some women hate the attention and want reduction. I need something I can age with gracefully and happily and in case I get pregnant I don't wanna end up looking like Madea....

More wish pics.

It's been 11 days since my last reply from Baez, the waiting game is hard!

Here are more wish pics, if I go medium I hope the booty greed doesn't get me!

I need more!

So doctor Baez finally replied my second, third email. I had to resend the initial one.

I asked her 5 or 6 questions. She only answered 1.
I asked her if she does fat transfer to the breast. If she had June or July dates available? I send additional pictures and asked if I still needed to gain weight. I asked if/ when massages are no longer part of her package? I also asked how many CC's she thought my body could handle or get on each side. I know it's hard to tell from pics but I'd like to see where her head is at and get a gist of what she thinks I could get.

All she said was, " no I do not do fat transfer to the breasts"
I know they do it in the states, I guess dr isn't up on that.... I only wanted 200ccs or so. To be a full 34c, I'll just stick to water or push up bras.

So the most important questions went unanswered. Like available dates and the cc estimate.... Lawd, they playing with my emotions. But I'm not in a rush.... But early summer is a must. I like to prepare early.

Dr. Manuel Diaz also got back to me. He quoted me $3000.00 for the bbl. $300.00 save the date required and said he doesn't like to send his patients to go gain weight.... His quote also includes massages but he didn't indicate how many you get. I also asked him about the fat transfer to the breasts and for him to send before and after pics of patients my size/build.

Waiting for his reply.

I'm only doing 1 round, I swear! So it's gotta be right. I'll do what I have to, to get the results I am looking for.

My main want is profile projection. And to fill in the dents on my sides a little.

No word from Duran, guess she's busy. Plus I think her booty are too much for me...

Another reply from Dr. Baez

Wooooohooo! I got another response in a matter of hours from Dr. Baez.
She said she could get 800ccs per cheek.... I want more like 1000ccs plus 200ccs per hip.
She also still says to gain weight and to start now....

I'm only gaining 5 lbs. I want every ounce of fat post op to be in my booty! So I don't wanna put on too much.

Feeling better about this process.

Thanks to everyone who reads my updates and gives me advise, I appreciate it.

Guess these doctors are finally over the holiday.

Dr. Manuel Diaz just got back to me. He does not do fat transfer to the breast either... OOoh well, I 'll keep my 34B/C boobies.
He also said he can not estimate how much fat he'll be able to transfer to this booty nor could he estimate how many cc's would look best on my frame.... 8 (..... But that he'll transfer all fat available to get the look I want.
He also told me to check his website of example of his work.... (I asked for pics of patient with similar frame and size as mine for reference.

All in all, things are looking up.

Telling friends...

I'm debating whether on not to tell friends. Telling my family is an ABSOLUTE hell no! But I'm wondering whether I could tell a couple friends.
I'm currently away from most ppl I know so ppl havent seen me in months, some years due to relocation.
Now I'm wondering if I should tell my closest 4 friends. I've mentioned it to 3 to see their reactions. And it was not bad. The 3rd said for what....
The first 2 said okay.... If it's safe, and where would I go. But I'm not sure if after it's done their attitude toward me would change.

My 4th and oldest friend is pregnant and having a hard pregnancy ( plus issues with her guy) so really don't wanna burden her with it. She's also the only out of the 4 that I'm sure would tell someone if they saw me and said damn.... She'd be like " she had work done" still love her though.

She think Everyone with a nice body had work done, cuz she refuses to workout. After RS, maybe they have...

I wanna tell, cuz I've always been a person who believes that hiding something is an indication of knowing its wrong.

But I'm confident that I'm right in taking the next step in having a happier life....

Oh well time will tell. Plus 3 of these chicks will notice, cuz we are always naked around one another.

After writing all that I think 3 of the 4 would tell. Sooo I'm not telling. Operation camouflage begins.

The weight gain dilema...

So I have been battling a decision on whether too gain or not too gain weight specifically for this surgery.

I just weighed myself and I weigh 141lbs. My biggest is 147, and its noticeable.
I have asked doctors on here if Im a candidate for the BBL and if I need to gain weight... 97% said Im an IDEAL candidate and I do NOT need to gain weight. 1 said I may not have enough fat for the results id like.

My first issue is my weight usually distributes rather evenly. My butt gets fuller, face fatter, arms rounder and over all swell. This is not the look I like or want. And the reality is that who knows how much of that gained weight will be viable or usable for my BBL.... Sooo all in all, I could be fat for months too no avail. Because its best to pack it to early and maintain the fat. I think that helps ensure whether you body wont reject it..

Secondly, I am not willing to fly all the way to DR to be told I don't have enough fat. With that said I will go at MOST, too 150lbs. Which is crazy. Aint nobody tryna be summer time fine with a fat face, that may also be swollen.... But I know smaller women are more work for surgeons and I don't want too have an angry surgeon poking and sucking fat out of me. Im tryna work with them so Ill do alittle something. 5lbs or so.... Do you feel the resistance? I want my stomach flat and and the bottom to be inverted. I want ALL my fat sucked out! All! I wanna be 130 lbs after all my swelling goes down.

The struggle is real.

Current Measurements

As of today: 01/19/2014

141 lbs
36'' Bust
28'' Waist above belly button
31.5'' Waist under belly button
37'' hips
11'' circumference of arm
17'' Shoulders (Hate them!)

After sx I'd like to be 34, 26 under belly button, 42 hips!

That means my hemo levels have too be on point! I want aggressive but safe lipo.

These doctors are getting HOLLYWOOD on us!

First its the delayed responses times, I understand they are busy. But if you're that busy puts some money into hiring a patient coordinator that can handle and respond to all inquiries.... That's not too much to ask for.

Its been over a month and no kind of response from Duran. So Im crossing her off my list. Ive been more that patient and I would like a surgeon has some pre op & post time too dedicate to me. I AM paying you, cash, jewels, AMERiCAN freaking dollars! There's no point in sugar coating the response times and apparent lack of interest. I mean we cant even get a generic "Please wait as the doctor evaluates your case and imagine, for a quote...." Sooo Im crossing Duran of my list.


I asked Dr. Diaz for images of past patients who were my size.... He told me too check his website. I DID, there are only 2 pictures on there and NONE of those 2 women were my size..... WTH! So I told him and he said "I know I haven't updated it." HE PLAY TOO MUCH! So based off that, I wanna eliminate him. But have requested images again, because I am hoping he is not as booked as everyone else and maybe I can get a May date..... But I need to see more work.

Dr. Baez gets back to you in a respectable amount of time. I have a tentative date with her. But I'd like something earlier.

Getting ready.

Still not exactly sure which doctor or when....But Im mentally and physically preparing myself for the surgery.

I recently have sent a request for a quote too Contreras, but its been more than a week and haven't heard back.

Gonna schedule an apt to see my PCP and check my hemo and general health.
Also going to inquire about getting my sinuses removed (I get frequent upper respiratory infections from chronic sinusitis....)
Also gonna make an apt to have my wisdom teeth pulled.

I wanna get an work done ASAP and heal so when I finally get to DR, I am fully recovered and my body wont feel like its constantly being shocked and worked on...

After I get back my hemo results, I will start my vitamin regimen. Which will only consist of my daily multivitamin and the addition of iron. The multi vitamin I currently take has Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B and more.... I will add B complex vitamins 30 days before my sx.

Getting things done...

As I previously blogged, I made appts with my PCP. She's booked until the second week of March.

But I have had my wisdom teeth a little bit of ouchhhhh. On the upside my oral surgeon wrote me a script for Vic, I'll be taking the remain pills too DR with me. But I find that there's isn't a pain pill created that makes me COMPLETELY pain free....

I have also gotten a couple of supplies. But will do one big supply post when the time comes.

Booty Poppin!

Soooo I recently semi temporarily returned to my home state.... And I'll prolly be here til after my surgery.

So Im slowly trying to adjust my friends and fam to this fat ass that I'll be totting soon.

So I got a booty pop, al little baby one. It just arrived and I have taken her for a test run. First off I got a padded non silicone one, just to see how I'd feel about it. So far its cool. It's smaller not majorly noticeable. I plan to add more padding with time, so as I am gaining weight for my sx it will appear that my butt is getting bigger. Then at some point, I will get a silicone one, so when I come back from DR there wont be a dramatic shock.

My only concern, my touchy feely family. If one of my brothers grabs my ass to say you getting fat like they were doing last summer, Ima have a problem.....

On the other hand its giving me a sneak peak to what all the extra junk in my trunk will look like.

My secret is both exciting and scary. Counting down.

On another note: Can someone provide me with Dr. Contreras email address? I thinkI may be using the wrong one...

Weight Gain

So yesterday I took my mother to the doctors office while there I appointment bombed her doctor. Got him to draw blood, do a EKG and such. My PCP gave me an appointment for March and I want too know my iron levels now....
So I call him Friday for the results. During that appointment I was weighed and the digital scale said .... 147lbs! Last week I went to an OB visit with my sister and weighed myself and I was 142, and the staff said too -2lbs for the clothes..... So 7 days later and Im approximately 145.... Ive been eating too much, too soon. Which is prolly why I feel soooo slow and stuff. Im gonna slow it down and cut out some of the junk Ive added... I have months before my sx. Im not tryna be 160 or more by sx. This 5lbs is def. noticeable, my stomach looks FULL.

What a sad 2014 Valentines Day....!

So Im a little in my feeling right now. Not because its valentines day and Im single, Im actually content with that even though a lot of my miserable friends say I shouldn't be.... But Im sad because, the doctors office didn't have my lab test results today, as they promised. I guess the inclement weather created a back up or delay of some kind. Now I have to CHECK back on Monday too see if they are in.....

Im salty, cuz I want to know my levels so I can gauge whether I should start iron now or if I can wait longer.... Im not taking chances with transfusions or IV Iron shots! No, Ma'am!
I wanna start my vitamins in april if possible, but if I have too I'll start now.

4.5 months to go.

So after what seemed like a little chasing, I finally got my lab test results.....

As expected Im in GOOD health. Nothing too high or too low. The one surprise is that my hemo level is a 12.5, I don't know how because I don't think I eat iron rich foods but Im happy. My doctor did prescribe me a multi vitamin even though I told him Im already taking one.... I am going to start taking my iron supplements, I want it to be at 16.0-17.0 before my final check up before I leave for DR. I want aggressive lipo and am going to do my part to minimize complications.

I have also decided I am going with Dr. Baez, plan for an early July surgery. So I am sending her my lab test results, in case she'd like to review them and tell too adjust something. Dotting my I's, crossing my T's for a smooth cross over too big booty land.

Prolly won't update much until, closer to my surgery date.

Lurk mode! Here I come.

Getting hemo levels up/

Here's some info I found on increasing hemo levels....

First off, don't wait til the last minute..... Start iron supplements at least 8 weeks before your procedure.

In order to correct anemia, your body must manufacture new red blood cells to replace those that were lost. It takes about 5-7 days to start developing red blood cells which should increase hemoglobin levels within 2-3 weeks of starting iron supplementation. Therapeutic doses of iron (50-60 mg of oral elemental iron twice daily) should increase hemoglobin levels by 0.7-1.0 g/dL per week.3 You may need to continue to take an iron supplement for several months in order to build up iron stored in your body and prevent anemia from returning. Therefore, it is important to take pills for as long as your doctor recommends, even if your symptoms have lessened or disappeared.

Hope that helps and good luck.


For the severly anemic...

If your very anemic or have a history of anemia, consult your doctor.

His is more general information for ppl with chronic low iron levels.

Anemia is one of those conditions that over time your body will adjust and you will have fewer symptoms even if you are still anemic. The symptoms of anemia come on gradually if it is being caused by a slow loss of blood. If you have a sudden loss of blood you are more likely to experience the sudden drops in blood pressure and dizziness. As to why they came on at work: My guess is that you are under an elevated stress level putting pressure on your body to function whereas at home, you are able to take things at your own speed. The other is true however, if you are eating sugary starchy foods on the job, then there is a blood sugar problem going on as well which again puts too much stress on the body. Once the anemia is treated It takes the body about 120 days to generate healthy blood cells. If your hemeglobin starts at 7 then it will take approximately 1 year to bring the hemeglobin up to the 12 to 14 range. Any other loss of blood or interference with the blood producing mechanisms will extend this time factor. After the hemeglobin starts to improve, the unpleasant symptoms will start to diminish immediately, giving the impression that everything is ok. But, the down side of this is that it may be a false impression. The human body does its best to compensate for illnesses and can be very misleading. There are many types of anemia and this also plays a part in how fast one recovers and if they recover. There is simple iron deficiency anemia which is solved by getting more iron, there are the very complicated anemias that can only be treated but not cured. It really makes a difference as to what kind of anemia one has as to what to expect from treatment outcomes.

Bbl weight gain update.

So I started packing on the binge junk food eating and gained 5 lbs in one week... Got scared of how fast that happened and how it's affecting my body so I have slowed down. I still eat my snacks but not as much. I haven't lost any weight, nor have I gained. Dr. Baez suggested I gain 10 lbs immediately when I requested the quote. It's better too have the fat on for some time before sx than to pile it on last minute. Hopefully that heightens the fat retention...
Any who, I looked at the paper work from my doctor and it said my BMI is 24.35 and 25 would be considered overweight....
Not too happy about that! I will gain the additional 5 in the coming months, but slower. More like 1- 1.5lbs a month til surgery.

The weight gain so far is noticeable in my chest, back, stomach, arms and bra rolls.

The other night I turned in my sleep and my bra popped in the middle. I was a CK bra with a clear strap in the middle for low cut dresses... I remember waking up think, wth are these boobs getting bigger?
Well just measured myself and I ve gained like 3 inches on my under bust and waist line. So that explains the bra committing suicide!
And my stomach lays next too me, when I lay on the couch.
The struggle!

I have also been taking my multi vitamins and iron pills. My Hemo and red blood count better be the highest cuz I'm requesting the safest most aggressive lipo ever!


I wanna wake up during surgery.

Sitting here thinking about this sx, and a thought came across my mind. I wish I could wake up during surgery fully lucid and look at my results and tell the surgeon if I want/need more in certain places....

Wouldn't that be lovely y'all?
I sneak peak before it's all over and some last minute in put before your sent off too recovery....

Oh well maybe that will be the case for BBL dolls in 2020.... For now I'll take the current safest option.

Nursing Pillow boppy

So there are a lot of post on RS about a free boppy pill, that you only pay shipping for. Well I order two, I had a friend that was pregnant and a sister that is pregnant. I gave my friend here's and she said, she has to go buy another one because the one I gave her isn't strong enough to support her 7lb baby..... When It arrived I thought it looked alittle too soft, but then brushed it off as me being too particular.

Any way. She bought a new one. I have read were other rs members say they will add additional filling to there's' to make it more usable and keep their new butt from touching the bed or chair but that's too much hassle.

You are better of buying a NEW boppy brand or MOMBO pillow or buying one of the 2 from a thrift shop or something. I think you new behind will be better supported that way.

Don't waste you $13.00 on something that wont work that well.


As previously stated, when I "doctor bombed "my moms doctor, he wrote me a rx for a multi vitamin. I told him I was already taking one but he said it was okay, he was still gonna write it. So I finally got around the picking the rx up, I asked the pharmacist if it had b12 in it he said yes. So I come home and google the name of the vitamin and it has a slew of supplements in it. Including folic acid, iron, b complex and other. Plus it was covered by insurance. So I have stopped taking the others I have and started this one.

So right now my vitamin regiment is
Fish oil
In the morning.

Then I take, just my iron supplement just before I fall asleep.

I have another PCP appt in May so I will have blood work done again to check my levels before sx, I want aggressive lipo and want to do my part to be complication free.

I also attached the multivitamin details I found online.
Ask you PCP for this rx, they shouldn't have a problem with it. Mine didn't know anything about surgery...

If you don't have insurance this vitamin costs about $7.00 a bottle.

Booty greed

Baez pt.s are coming out of hiding to provide updates and her new barbies are making me want to move my surgery date. I am soooooo much more content and confident in my surgeon of choice reading the additional information that has been provided by recent patients. Although it will not be my exact experience it if definitely insightful as too what my experience maybe like.

So I'm thinking about moving up my surgery date. I'd really like too start recovery before it gets too hot.

I'll see if she has sooner open dates.

Too excited!

So I emailed Dr. Baez inquiring about an earlier date.... She said she has the dates available, so I'm in the process of figuring out what's best for me, while still having time to increase my levels for that aggressive lipo and get everything I need. Plus I really don't wanna stay 10 days but don't wanna come back with a drain either. What a girl to do????

All I know is I just did a body roll, thinking about the results of my surgery.
Although it won't be this month or next, I'm very excited!

Weight gain.

So I stepped on the scale yesterday and it read a whopping 152 lbs.... I was insulted. Here I thought I had slowed down my weight gain, clearly not by much. So that is an approximate 10-12 lbs gain from February 1st. Needless to say I can surely see it and feel it...... I don't plan to add more. Just maintain what I have gained so far. If I get scared before my new surgery date (which is yet to be confirmed) I will add a few more pounds for safe keeping.... Keep the new booty....Lol!

As the vets say" pictures don't do it justice," in my case it's the fat not the fatty... It's there.

The look I'd like

So here's an update of some pics of what I want my results to be. As most know it's a struggle seeing booties and thinking about if or whether you'd like it for your self. I am trying to narrow down the wish pics to 3 so that it's as clear as possible what I want.

I think these are doable based off the shape I have now.

No booty left behind

This one got accidentally left off, I wish RS would display the pics as they are added. Anyway..... Her too.

Mac Guyver

In preparation of my up and coming surgery I have been acquiring supplies and making things to aide in my recovery process.

I read another RS members blog where she described an ab board she made out of a clipboard. Don't remember her name because I have read to many reviews.... But I remember she was a nurse and even if she wasn't, I had decided I would try it....

So I set my sights on finding a clipboard or cardboard that would be suitable. I decided against the clipboard because I couldnt figure out how to get the metal part off.

So I got a cardboard box out and measured from under my bustline to my pelvic area. I made mine longer than the ones available for purchase because my lower stomach stores more fat and want the added compression. Plus I decided it would help flatten all of my stomach and move fluids towards the drain and through the vagina, hopefully eliminating the possibility of seromas. I also made my board wider, as I want my entire stomach flat...
I added a white " foam" board I bought from dollar tree to one side and foam to the other side I case my body doesn't respond well to the the hard side.

I will prolly make a giant back board too, to cover my entire back or smaller ones to lay over the lipoed areas next to my front and back armpits, next to where the bra strap rests.

And then we have the seating arraignment. As I previously stated about the nursing pillow, it wasn't holding my current booty up so I KNEW I couldn't handle miss new booty. So I bought this pink pillow. I will rest my thighs on the arms and place foam rolls under my knees and mid thigh to levitate the booty off the bed.

I haven't bought the foam yet, so I took a picture of the set up with a rolled up towel so you get the gist.

Pic of my morning Mac guyvering

RS played me and posted before I could add my pics, it's better than losing everything I wrote though....

Onion Booty

So in preparation, for the outside world of my BBL I have been;

Complaining about the effects of the Depo Shot that I did not get.
Complaining about the fat I am intentionally gaining.
Talking bout how I'm about to start working out like a Beast. (I can't go away and come back with a flat stomach.)
Telling ppl I feel my hips spread on some Cosby show, I know my body ish....

As I previously blogged I started wearing padded panties weeks ago. So I know ppl where thinking damn she gaining weight fast. Well one day I went out and came home and one of the pads just up and disappeared. My undergarments have been striking lately, they want more pay! Well I had other substitutes and never went without. But I knew it was time to step it up because I moved up my date.............

When I got the foam I used for my ab board I got a bright idea. I cut the corners of the picture foam I to strips.I lined the bottom of my butt vertically with the shortest piece. Then the kept adding pieces til I got to my waist. Then wrapped a strip around my outer hip going across my waist.
So I went to my BEST FRIENDS house, to play with my god daughter. My best goes Giiiiiirl you got a Onion Booty now!
I was like girrrrrl, I got stop eating and showed her my stomach....
So I call my other friend later and tell her, I'm gaining too much weight now cuz my bestie said I got an onion booty.... She was like what? You? Onion booty? Yeah baby! Ha!

I was dying of laughter inside like. Omg, I'm too much.# teamtoomuch!

I've been lying toooo everyone about my weight gain and how I'm bout to start body building. Protein shaking. I do plan to workout hard as soon as I'm cleared to and do protein shakes, but the major changes will come from my doctor.

I feel bad, but not that bad. It's actually funny.

I am content in my decision and I know ppl will think I'm crazy cuz I've always been small and my butt gets ok when I'm doing 2 hours or more in the gym butt, I need more of an ass than squats and the leg press machine can give so DR here I come.

And Im pulling the, I've never been to DR thing!

Ain't no shame in my game of situating my Sexy!

Until next time ladies.!

Internet trolling

So I was doing my usual social media suffering and I stumbled across a picture of a woman with a banging body. So I go surfing through her page to discover, she is the master mind behind the Black Girls Work out Too, movement.

So I see one pic where the caption is "#aunatural #nosilicone #shotsfired "

So now I'm feeling some kinda way....
.8 seconds later I was like F that, there will be no silicone here, so it will be aunatural too!

All the more reason for me to keep this decision to myself.
Enjoy your weekend ladies and have peace in the choice you make!

Booked my flight

Dr. Baez emailed me last week sometime to make sure I was still going and too see if I had booked my flight. I told her I had not and she said "ok," to "keep her updated...."

So I got online today to compare flights and saw a good deal. I tried to book online but it was giving me an error messages, several times. I would get to different points in the process and it would randomly say error. So I called the airlines web tech support, as instructed online. A rep walked me through trouble shooting my devices and we re- attempted for me to book my flight online. It wasn't working, he realized there was an error in their system. So he transferred me to a booking agent, but made sure to discuss the issue with her first and have the booking fee waived.

The agent comes on the line and is like, "Hi, Miss ..... Do you have a seating preference?" '
I said not for the departure flights only for the return, and that I wanted window.'
She said "ok."
Then I said "wait, which flights did he give you?"
She tells me a return flight that I have not selected. I said 'oh that is not the flight I was inquiring with the gentleman about. I want either the 12:30 flight with the shorter layover or the 4:20 flight'
She goes "well you can have that flight but it will cost you more money."
I say, "why, the price is the same as the other, online."
She goes "well then you can book it online."
I said "I tried, to book it online but the site is giving me a error message."
She goes "that flight is $140 more"
"Im like how is that possible when it is showing me that its the same price online."
This heffa says, "well like I said, you can get it online or I can transfer you back to the gentleman who transferred you to me. Would you like me to do that?"
I said, "NO, I'd like you to get me a manager."

This heffa busts out laughing!
Like seriously? Seriously? Why are people trying me? She puts me on hold and Im stewing something serious, like uuuuuuh uuuuun, no She. DIDNT. People tryna make me go through CHANGES! Leg was all ticking...

This chick comes back, "Miss...., I was able to get that flight and that price for you. Someone else was in the system, that's why I wasn't able to see it...."

She was bout to see, Angry stressed out BBL patient. Im like hunnnnnnny! Don't come for me. Im bout that better love your! Arggh

None the less, I got the flight I wanted, at the price I saw and did not have too tell anyone about themselves! So I let her slide.

No, Im booked and have upped my iron supplement intake.

Post op care

Here is some info I found on the necessity of vitamins and diet for your post op healing.
I am NOT buying the post op make me heal kit. I have bought my vitamins separately.

Vitamin C supplementation is highly recommended by experts. It helps promote healing and it is the key nutrient required for making collagen, which is what heals your tissue together.

It plays an essential role in collagen formation, a resilient immune function, and as a tissue antioxidant. Also, it is a free-radical scavenger.

Without proper amounts of vitamin C proper healing is not possible. Additional vitamin C intake before, during, and after the operation is especially recommended for those who smoke and others who may risk being deficient.

Read more about the role of vitamin C in wound healing.

“As a plastic surgeon, I put all my patients on post-operative vitamin C because you need vitamin C to heal. I also recommend it to boxers following a fight,” “In fact, I’d recommend 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C to anyone with an open wound because there is evidence that it helps them heal faster.” “But I do recommend it following an injury to the skin because it builds collagen, and I have long used it post-operatively in my surgical practice.”

says Michael A. Fiorillo, MD, a New York City area plastic surgeon who serves as a spokesman for the AAPRP (American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians).

The next supplement and possibly one of the most important is zinc. Medical research has shown that zinc supplements can increase the speed of healing dramatically.

Zinc has reduced healing time after surgery by 43% in some cases. It plays a vital role in the immune system can reduce inflammation, bacterial growth, and scar tissue creation, whereas a deficiency can worsen the scar.

Zinc also helps to aid proper metabolism, balance blood sugar, and increase sensory perception.

Additional supplements that help you reduce post-surgery healing time

Vitamin B

Vitamin B has just recently been noticed for its benefits in the healing process. However, there is limited information on its exact benefits and function in the healing process.

Vitamin B complex is thought to speed up wound healing, increase protein synthesis and the amount of repair cells at the wound. It also prevents excessive inflammation. Vitamin B5 is particularly beneficial right after the wound occurs.

Opt for either a Vitamin B complex or a multi-nutrient that contains 25 to 50 mg of the B complex vitamins.

Vitamin A

Another important supplement is vitamin A. it is required in cell growth (especially epithelial and bone formation), which is very important in the healing process that takes place after surgery.

It is known to activate production of connective tissue, including collagen (promotes tissue synthesis), and helps new blood vessels grow , which is necessary in nourishing newly formed tissue. Vitamin A also enhances resistance to infection by stimulating the body’s immune function.

Arnica montana flowers
A very popular supplement is arnica montana. Arnica is a mountain extract that has been used for many years.

It helps reduce and clear bruising and it also speeds the healing process after surgery. Available as a cream and in capsules. One of the most popular brands of capsules is SinEcch.


Another well-known and popular substance is Bromelain. It is used to reduce bruising, swelling (edema), pain, and healing time. Certain claims are disputed because studies show mixed results.

Various studies however indicate that Bromelain reduces swelling, bruising, pain after surgery and physical injuries, and healing time. Bromelain is often used in conjunction with Quercetin. Quality brands that offer both in one are NOW Foods and VitaMedica.


Quercetin, a plant pigment naturally found in foods such as onions, is a so called bioflavonoid. It promotes histamine release in the body and thus acts like an anti-inflammatory. Usually after surgery inflammation is a common response by the body.

While it is totally normal, it can be quite uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Luckily Quercetin is known for its anti-inflammatory traits. On top of that, it is also know in speeding up the healing process. More about bromelain and quercetin.

Protein - eggs, a great protein source
Don’t underestimate the benefits of protein. Protein, boosts the immune system. In the human body it breaks down into amino acids.

Adequate dietary protein is absolutely essential for proper wound healing. Especially L-Arginine and Glutamine are very important and commonly used to shorten post-surgery recovery time.

They can increase the amount of reparative collagen, help white blood cells and fight of bacterial infections. Glucosamine appears to be the rate-limiting substrate for hyaluronic acid production in the wound. (hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the human body and plays a role in injury recovery)


Probiotics are not only known for their specific healing benefits regarding certain surgeries but they are known to have beneficial effects in general.

Surgeryl patients often receive antibiotic treatment. This disrupts the gut flora and may create fungal disorders (including yeast infections), digestive problems, and diarrhea.

Probiotics can help neutralize these unwanted effects.After surgery, it’s recommended to use a strain that contains acidophilus and bifida bacteria.

Enzymatic Therapy offers Enzymatic Therapy Pearls Elite and Enzymatic Therapy – Pearls IC which provide all strains known to improve our health. More about the benefits of probiotics after surgery.

Aloe Vera and Centella Asiatica

Aloe Vera and Centella Asiatica, are botanicals that have been used for centuries to enhance wound healing. However, scientific research should be expanded to fully proof their efficacy.

In conclusion, all of these supplements have been found to be beneficial before, during, and after surgery. Many of these can be naturally found in your diet but intake by food is often not sufficient. Therefore, many medical professionals recommend to take supplements.


Clinical evidence demonstrates that Coenzyme Q10 is especially useful when undergoing heart surgery. Mayoclinic speaks of “promising evidence to support the use of CoQ10 before heart surgery.”

A study compared patients undergoing cardiac surgery. One group was given CoQ10 supplements while the other group got a placebo during 2 weeks before the operation. The CoQ10 group showed improved healing and strengthened heart function.

Another study demonstrated that oral coenzyme Q10 therapy for 7 to 10 days preoperatively could improve clinical outcome.

vitamin and minerals for surgery recovery
A popular, well-reviewed product containing all the essential nutrients is this surgery healing supplements and vitamins kit.

Why Take Supplements After Surgery?

Your dietary intake influences all kinds biological and chemical processes in your body. These processes affect how quickly one recovers after surgery.

Wound healing involves the activity of an intricate network of blood cells, tissue types, cytokines, and growth factors. This results in increased cellular activity, which causes an intensified metabolic demand for nutrients.

Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet, ideally optimized with appropriate supplements, (e.g. vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals) can enhance the surgical healing process.

Studies show that recovery rates times can be reduced dramatically in some cases.

Healthy diet aids surgical recovery
Malnutrition results in less quick and less optimal healing of the body. Some people have a deficiency which may cause certain post-surgical complications.

Complications include; inflammation, infection, not properly healing wounds.
Depletion of one or more vitamins ore minerals can have a major, negative influence on the healing process.

It is essential to avoid deficiencies but also people who do not have a deficiency can find valuable benefits it taking these substances.

In summary,

a dietary supplement protocol to provide nutritional support for the normal body functions of wound and soft tissue healing would contain at least Bromelain, vitamin C and vitamin C helpers such as OPCs and/or Rutin and/or Quercetin.

This combination of natural substances has an evidence base for its application in the nutritional support of the normal body functions of cutaneous and soft tissue healing. (The Holt Institute of Medicine)

Blast mode!

All these women, doctors and vixens discussing fat transfer is getting on my nerves. I just happened to catch the news today and they were discussing fat transfer to the face. The woman sitting next to me sucked the hell out of her teeth....
Clearly she wouldn't be in support of me getting a Bbl. LOL! Then the male announcer goes well it's better than going to PR for butt implants! Excuse me sir, did you wife go to any R for her boobs? Stop clowning, she prolly got something done, somewhere that you don't even know about. Plastic surgeons have been successful for decades for a reason. Because men and women patronize....

P.S. Ppl get janky medical procedures done here in the states too.

Why can't this be a best kept secret until a year or two after my surgery. Why does the BBl have to be put on blast ( all over the radio, blogs and tv screens) , so annoying!

Can I live!
Don't matter still going to DR...
Drops mic and keeps it moving!

Stop taking these vitamins 2 weeks pre op.

I feel like the blog police because I'm always commenting on blogs, telling women to stop taking there multivitamin 2 weeks before surgery. I'm just trying to minimize complications for myself and my fellow bombshells.

Anyway you can switch to prenatals, plus iron for your last 2 weeks pre op.

"Vitamin E and surgery do not mix because Vitamin E is associated with increased bleeding, and this can lead to collection of blood (called a hematoma) that could result in serious complications. Most surgeons will instruct you to avoid preparations with Vitamin E before surgery, however, so it is important to check your dietary supplements/multivitamin carefully. However, after the surgery, your health care professional may indicate that Vitamin E may be appropriate.

Most people are confused when they are instructed to avoid Vitamin E prior to surgery because Vitamin E is often associated with of healing scars. Topical Vitamin E preparations, however, are used for scars postoperatively.

Herbal supplements, in general, are to be avoided prior to surgery because they can cause bleeding or other operative complications. A few commonly taken herbal supplements to avoid are: Ginko Biloba, Garlic, Ginseng, Ginger, Dong Quai, Ephedra, Feverfew, St. John's Wort and/or Omega 3 fatty acids.

A general rule is to stop taking these potentially unsafe preparations at least two weeks prior. Nonetheless, it is important to discuss all preoperative dietary supplements with a health care professional prior to any surgery or procedure."

Found in the huffingtonpost...,

And for an added bonus, here's a coupon for Ensure my fellow bombshells. Protein is vital to post op recovery.

Counting Down...

So I went to a jewelry party with my sister. We don't see each other very often. So she goes " where you getting all the butt from?" Cuz you know I'm "suited up," I go 'I done gained too much weight' I shoulda said DR. Ha! But..... She is the judge mental envious type so. But my jeans were kinda loose and my shirt a long sleeve turtle neck. She like why you dressed like that? I'm like, 'like what?' She like that's not your style.

When your used to being small, you never really realize how form showing your clothes are. Now that I've been tryna hide, to conceal the incoming booty for its first few weeks months I'm like damn this is hard. But I think it's working....

So I bought all these pieces of jewelry at the party cuz I won't be buying clothes really for the next 3 months or so, so I kind of over did it. But the pieces were really cute and good priced so I figure neck, ears, arms and wrists is all I'll be show casing for a while so go in. And I did.....


My faja came. Immediately I noticed it was the wrong color and had a zipper instead of the clasps it was supposed to. So I decide to try it on, before going though the steps of getting what I paid for. This thing is supposed a small. It got to my knees and I was like no hell no! Took it off

I took a deep breath and tried again, this time it got a little further. I got it up to my waist, didn't zip it. So now I want to know if I need a medium instead of a small.
It's supposed to be the power net, but the tag says "mariane" (sp).

What do you guys think?

Pics of the Fajas

Here are pics of the fajas, both what I ordered and what I received.
Anyone use the Faja with the zipper? How do you like that compared to the one with the hooks?

Im trying to figure out if I can keep what they sent... I really want the one with the hooks though.
Plus how difficult is it supposed to be to get in these things? I tried it on a third time. This time I did a squat and the fabric moved up, but I was able to hook it NOT zip it. But Im thinking with the lipo my stomach will be flatter and I should fit the small perfectly then? Or do you guys think I should get a medium.

For those who don't know the Fajas are made of mesh, almost like tulle.... Now I completely understand all these faja burns I have been reading about. This material is rough on skin, especially freshly lipo'ed skin....

Ladies, please give me some advice in the hooks and sizing....

Figuring out Stages and sizing

So I have been trying to figure out the difference between Stage 1 and Stage 2 Fajas..... This is all I could find.
"What is the difference between a Stage One and Stage Two compression garments?
Stage One garments provide moderate compression immediately following surgery and may be worn for up to 2 weeks, depending upon your doctor’s preferences. This zippered garment with hooks and eyes, and reinforced seams, allows for uniform radial compression and durability during the critical immediate postoperative period.
Stage Two garments provide continued healing compression and support during the second stage of recovery (typically 2-8 weeks post-op). This non-zippered, pull-on garment is sized smaller for additional support to the newly contoured body. Second stage garments also fit smoothly under clothing as patients become more active and keep zippers from making impressions in the skin."

Which I interpret as, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE Except the number of weeks post op you are.
I think this is because the theory on surgical garment usefulness is disputed just like the usefulness of lymphatic massages... So some surgeons say you can wear spanx 2 weeks post op, while others recommend ***More compressive, not Excessively COMPRESSIVE, fajas and such*** garments.
Ultimately I think it comes down to personal choice and comfort.

However I stubbled on a Faja extender and think its a great idea.
If I hadn't already bought mine I would have done this. Ordered a extra small or 2/3xs garment and bought the extender hooks. It increases garment size buy 1or 2 sizes. Its too much to buy a new garment every time your waist shrinks an inch. Its too annoying to finds something you are comfortable in and too expensive. Its a waste! I think this could be very effective.
If you find a garment you like, look at the measurements and order a size down from your current measurements, if you only getting the faja. And at least 2 size down if you are getting the extended. You want the most compression on the lipo areas not the injected areas....

Im NO expert, just some friendly suggestions.

If you found this useful hit the button below.

These damn fa-has.

So the company I ordered my "Faha" from sent the replacement. Guess what???? It was the same damn one just in beige... Still no hooks.... I'm salty, seething and all types of confused. What is the problem? We had it in writing, I thought this would be a quick fix but noooooo they keep sending me the wrong "FAHA" as the woman kept correcting me on the phone.

Now they are supposedly overnighting me the correct one for the third time... We will see! I thought about keeping the 2 they sent but no no hunny, I will not be taking any bad karma to the operating table. So once the correct one gets here I will send these 2 back.

Later ladies and happy Mother's Day to all the moms and those of you who are expecting cuz you got pregnant after coming back from having your bbl!

Cold feet

With on,y a few ekes left, I am serious getting a little scared. Just a little. Because I read reviews on the late night early am.... Every bodies reviews and I have come across reviews where pple are NOT happy with results from Dr. Baez. About 5 patients or so. 2 or 3 bbl and 2 tummy tuck, mommy makeover reviews. The bbl patients are complaining of volume loss and hips deflating. Now a lot of doctors won't do hips because the say it does NOT stay. That's mostly US doctors though. I think the Dr in DR try anyway because I am assuming the hip injections ability to stay depends on the individual's particular fat absorption for that area. Some women are saying here fat transfer to the booty doesn't last either ( for them)... So that's why I'm scared.
I have been thinking about going to...... Drumroll please........... DR. cabral once I'm there for a consult. But I honesty, and truly want nothing to do with the CiPha! I've read many of his reviews as well and did stumble across his negatives, past deaths, burns nasty, nasty burns and complaints about volume loss as well.
Yily- not and option for me. Don't really like herbooties and she has the same complaints as Dr. cabral now plus a reported attitude.
Duran- too much booty for me!
Contreras- ummm haven't seen ENOUGH POSITIVE reviews or picS so. I'll pass.

So what's a girl to do????? I still going! I truly symphatize with anyone who isn't happy with there results or got burned and didn't make it. And I think it's rude to say it won't happen to me, definitively but.......

I'm still going!

So, what's a girl to do? If I get there and decide to switch I will let you know. I really want to go with Dr. Baez, I just want to be happy like my girl Determinedbbl2014, Bubbles09, BellaGotCakes, FitnFine(pics removed but I saw them) lovelylady1, and the 10 or 15 others who's results where affirmation of Dr.Baez skills.

At this point the odds, ( mathematically speaking) are in my favor. I hope they remain that way.

For all the ladies that went last week or are going this week.... Please, please, pleas keep us updated. WE NEED YOU!


Got my blood drawn last week and the Dr's office just called to tell my my Hemo is 13.2. I'm salty all these damn iron pills and green poop for a measly 13.2.... Oh well I'll continue to take my iron supplements, I have increased my intake to 3 times a day on a empty stomach with vitamin c for better absorption.

Weight gain

So I neglected to mention my weight as indicated from my doctors visit a week ago..... So the nurse said I am 5'5'' and 154 lbs!!!!............ That's 15 lbs gained in 3 months. Im a fat fat. I was like whattttt? I was at the doctor 2.5 weeks ago and I was 149lbs. What gives? I think the nurse was tryna add extra weight on cuz she was a curvy girl. There's some type of Spiracy going on.... When she left the room I attempted to re-weigh my self. Because when she did it the scale was on a til, unbalanced and that had to be the reason for those numbers right. Wrong! it read 153lbs, I was salty!
But, it there. Cellulite forming all up the back of my legs and booty. everything looking squishy and giggly. I kinda wanna do squats, but am worried it will firm up my butt and not allow it to stretch to absorb the all of fat transfer..... Thoughts?

Im excited about my upcoming sx. I was at universoul circus the other night. they had some South American motorbikers. After they finished their stunts they started blasting reggeaton. I was up like aaay, ayyyy ( shouting fake Spanish), cuz you know Im bout to be part Dominican and all!

Almost my time.

I'm less than ten days away from flying to DR. for pre op testing and then surgery. I did allow myself a window to consult other doctors but I'm confident I will not use the time for that. I'll probably sight see instead and try and enjoy some of the Hispanic culture.

I'm not going to consult other docs because, the only other doc is was considering at this stage was Cabral. But his distant past and more recent one, helped me reaffirm that I don't want to take that kind of risk. Plus, Dr. Baez has been contacting me frequently. With and without prompting. To see if I'm ok, answering my pre op questions and usually within 2 hours to 1 day of contact . I have read a lot of reviews where people say it hard to get a response from her. I think sometimes email goes to spam.... She has a lot of inquiries. Think of the number of women who request quotes and then never book a date. Or the number of women who request quotes book dates and then switch; for a doctor who handles her own correspondence with help only from her husband. It can be time consuming and difficult to reply to all requests especially if you think the person is not serious or contacting you about surgery 2 or 3 years from now.... I think she needs a patient coordinator, but I'm sure that will increase the cost of tea in china..... ( the price of surgery) my thoughts are to research all the doctors you're considering til your Hearts content, once you decide who you are rocking with based off reviews, complications, pics, years or experience and web site then request a quote.

Next time i post it will be a supply list.


Can't say I never gave you anything.....???? you can print them if needed but most retailers scan coupons off devices now.... Save them extra coins for massages and new shoes.

Im packed.... MOSTLY

(3) Tylenol 3 Pill Funnel
(3)Muscle Relaxers 12 individual packs of Bacitracin and A & D
Bottle of Hydrocodon Tube of anti itch cream
Biotin Pills- Amazon 14 Guaze- Big ones and small ones
Collagen Types 1& 3 Pills- Amazon 10 Q tips
Bromelain Pills- Amazon Betadine Solution Bottle
250 Ct Arnica 30C Pills- Pureformulas Povidone Iodine Swabsticks 8 packs
Arnica Salve Pomade- Target Anti bacterial bathing soap
Fish Oil Pills Travel Size hand sanitizer
Sleeping pills Homemade Ab board
Baby Wipes 64- Count Pillow for sitting
Adult Wipes 48-Count Homemade under leg roll
No Rinse body Cleanser/Shampoo Stage 2 Faja
Alcohol pads 1 pair Anti embolism socks
70% alcohol bottle 1 pair Compression Socks
25 chux pads 8 Band-Aids
Maternity Pads Miralax
Ace bandages Aloe Vera Juice
Travel size blankets 3 Maxi Dresses, 1 Pair loose Jeans, 1 shirt
Loose pair of jeans Hoodie
Plastic and Latex free gloves Foam
2 Boxes of special K cereal (7) Nutrament- higher in protein than Ensure...
2 Boxes of South Beach diet snack bars 2 Gallons of water

Basic Travel size toiletries Id take on any trip

Packed some of the essentials into a backpack to carryon the plane incase my luggage is delayed. I think my suitcase maybe overweight too, so I may have to pack somethings into a real carry on. I don't want to though... The excitement is real! Im tryna lay low and keep my nerves together.

Pics of this I got that others don't, or haven't posted.
Until next time.


I do not post it like that. I copied and pasted it from Word and RS took all the spaces out. Sorry its alittle difficult to read BUT, Im not doing it over.... And I thought RS just got an upgrade!

Getting ready.

Current pic of my pre op booty.

Too big

I neglected to update my profile my surgery was moved up and when I got to doctor Baez's office for pre opshe moved it up I am 1 day post op.

I got 1300ccs per cheek and 400 CC's per hip!!!!!!! Totaling 1700 CC's. I think my ass is too phat! But we will see how I feel once this gross swelling finds a new home!

Do you guys want a full review? Or just pics????? Let me know.

Starting review

So I arrive at the airport in dr. There are 2 kiosk were you can get your tourist card and then one big line where you can get it from a person. I tried the kiosk it didn't work for me so I got in the line. You just hand the person the blue for you're given to complete on the plane plus $10 or € 10 and they give you 2 receipts. Then you walk over to another line. You hand the agent your passport and immigration and customs form that you are also given on the plane. They stamp your passport and you keep it moving. The airport is lovely , well lit and small not ridiculous like the ATL and Miami airports...
There is someone in another short line who checks your baggage tag to your claim receipt or boarding pass. Then you are free to fully exit the airport. I walk out and find Jose Britton with a sign with my email address on it. We walk out, he pays for parking, loads my bags and we are off to DR. Baez's office.

So we are driving and chatting slightly. So I asked him, "'what's going on at the Cipha, I've been hearing stories" he like who????? I'm all "the cipha. " were cabral, Duran and them work. He like ooooh the Cipla! Ha. I was dead serious with the Cipha business. Any who he was like " oooooh well, -------------- (moment of silence)" I was like wow it's that bad? He says "some times it's like that, it's quiet for awhile and then gets loud again. It's because sometimes to doctors do to many surgeries" oh was like oh, and asked no other questions.
We arrive at doctor Baez's office. She takes to Britto privately for a minute. Her suite in the building is cute, small but cute. Clean kept, well maintained and modern styled. Britto comes out, I show him the address for the place I'm staying, NOT STAYING AT A RECOVERY HOUSE. he says he'll call the landlord for directions.... So I going dr. Baez's office.

She greets me again, hugs and kisses and ask how my flight was. Her office is small contains a desk and two individual chairs and a door off to the side. He opens her lap top asks for my passport and starts recording my clinical history. So she asks all these health related questions. Do I have this? Have I ever had this? Diabetes,blood pressure, cholesterol problems Do I drink in excess? Smoke? Cigarettes, weed?..... All my answers are no. She like wow, "you healthy." I'm like yes. She like "you don't smoke? Not at parties? Not for fun. Not even the HOOKAH! " I bust out laughing. I said no. She like "wow." She ask " any pregnancies" I said 'no' many her brother in law was in the room and he goes " no abortions or miscarriages?" I said ' NO' dr. Baez is like " woooow, you so healthy" I starting to feel like maybe she doesn't believe me. So I said I have my labs form my doctor back home. I bust them out and hand it to her. She keeps going with her questions.when she is done she asks what I want. I tell her lipo and she like what about the BBL I'm like that tooooo! She asks if I want hips? I said yes but. Not a lot because I don't want to be wide.... I asked her how many CC's she though she could get. She says 1000 per cheek. I'm like hmm I need more. I bust out my girl symphonic's post op pics ( truth be told I would took her pre op booty!) and show them to doctor Baez. She was like ooooh you want a big Butt! I'm like that's big? Her nicole Murphy's abs nd I'm like I want that! She's like, I can't give you someone else's body, I'm like yeah, yeah suck out all this fat your made me gain! I show her 2 more booty pics and she like "you like big butts why you no gain more weight?" I'm like I gained 12 lbs..

She points to the adjacent door and tells. Me to go in and take off my clothes. I go in start unbuttoning my shirt and remember I didn't have panties on. So I went out, into my bag and grabbed panties. She came in and weighed me. Then got on her knees and started squeezing fat. She like 8 will lipo here lower abdomen, here flanks, here upper abdomen, here central stomach. She then asks what about inner thighs,I said ummmm. My inner thighs rub together but hear the recovery is hard, so I said what do you think? She says it's ok, we will leave it. them turns me arounds and say mami you need hips it's very important. I say yes but not wide hips 300-350ccs of hips... She takes her hand and places it under my butt cheek and lifts it. She moves to my back and says I will lipo here, here, here, here,here basically my entire back.
I lay on the doctors examination chair she checks my stomach for hernia, injuries. She uses her hands to. She then says I like that, point to my legs, I'm like what? My skin? She says yes. What color is it? I'm like color???? She motions her hand like a spray bottle. I said it's not a spray tan, it's my color. She like wow. I like it. She then Presses down on and around my entire stomach. Stick he figure in my belly. Bottom asks if I feel plain. Then tells to take a deep breath and hold my breath. She finishes the examination, I don't remember if she did anything else.... She leaves I get dressed. As I am getting dressed I realized she did not say if she would lipo the fat in between my bra strap and shoulder. So I asked her to come back and showed her the area. She did. I asked if she would lipo and she said of course.


So I come out the examination room and dr. Baez and many are reading the medical records that I provided them and she say mami very good you are very healthy. It's very good that you brought these with you! Then she says I know you wanna eat. I start smiling and she goes no no no I'm like why? She says after you labs. So manny asks what my quote was. I tell him I ask if I should pay now. She say yes if I want. I pay her, she writes me a receipt and manny counts the money. She the goes tomorrow. I was like tomorrow? I thought Saturday! She says no tomorrow. 9 am in the er. I was aaaaaaw suckie suckie now.
Then DR. Baez gives manny money for me to go get labs. We leave. Walked outside to do my chest X-ray, urine and blood work. So I go in the x ray rom the tech give me a gown and manny tells me to go in the bathroom and take off my shirt and bra and to put on the gown. I do so and come out. The tech has me stand with my breast a metal plate with my arms spread holding the sides of the machine. They tell me to take a deep breath and and hold it. He takes a picture and I'm done. The equipped in older than what's used in the states but clean and well maintained. I get dressed and go into the hallway and the X-ray is there. Manny said everything looks good, there is your heart,your breast and all I could look at was my boobies. They looked Big and perky. Sexier than I think they are.

I go to get my blood drawn, the needle was a little larger than I'm used to but it wasn't an awful experience. I give a urine sample and we are back in DR Baez building to the cardiologist.i sit and wait with manny. Watching tv and chatting it up like we are comrades. Then doctor beaz comes in. She sits down and looks at my X-ray and read the note from the tech. I looked at it and it said normale, that's was all I need to see. She then said everything I normal, I said I know. Then she said after this you can go eat. I said good. I want some a rose compolos y platanos con pollo. She bust out laugh and she told the secretary. She too bust out laugh, then said she liked my hair and I very pretty. Then doctor Baez started telling me she like me hair goes is " like Brillo"I have a confused look then she says strong and it get it. She leaves me there with manny. I ask him how much my food would cost he says $2.50. I'm like really? Ok.

Once the cardiologist became free we went in. DR. Baez tells her what I'm having done. She asks some clinical questions and is also surprised that I'm healthy. She takes me in the back of her office to an examination room, has me take off my shirt and lay down. She then tells me to take off my bra. She places suction cups around my boobs and across my chest. She takes my blood pressure, doctor Baez comes in, I'm just laying there nipples in the air. (I don't remember what else the cardiologist did, things are starting to get foggy. That's why I'm posting now) I got dressed we go back into the cardiologist office, DR Baez tells her what I'm having done. She says she likes my hair and I'm pretty and doctor Baez goes, see evryone says your pretty. I say thank you and we leave. We step outside of the cardiologist office and Britto is at the door with my luggage. DR. Baez then says tomorrow, 8 am. I'm like ok.... This is when things get real " fun"

Señor Britto

So I ask him did you speak to the lady? He says no, she's not answering. He's like but I can take you to another recovery house that's not expensive $70.00 a night. I'm like sound good but I want privacy.

RS is about documenting and sharing your journey, I in know way have ever been interested in sharing my recovery.
I don't wanna share my nutrament,tips, pads money or hear someone screaming during massages, she drama and gangsta booties I'm good! Because I'm the type that becomes very defensive when I'm alone which could lead to me popping off drain or not if people get crazy. The horror stories turned me off and a lot of vets said they would do a hotel instead. Plus I decided depression and being sad and needy wasn't an option for me. This surgery is elective life change for me so I must act accordingly.

Plus last time I had my wisdom teeth taken out, one was impacted and and the other had been squeezed by my gums til it broke in half. They put me under took everything out and I left and drove myself home. To this day, I only remember driving half way and gonna to walgreens to buy me some cookies after ward. I'm see I drove real slow, it was only like 6 minutes from my house, no highways. Parked in front of the house and kept moving. Everyone was surprised at home mobile and minimally affected.

So I rented a room off Airbnb.
So I ask Britto how much it would be to hire him for 2 hours. He says " what I usually do for the girl having surgery is give them a package. All post op visits, pharmacy trips and supermarket run for $150.00. Now that's not a lot but it's a lot for DR. So I said how much for 2 hrs. He said $30.00 I had previously looked at also recommended by lolajae. Juan's company charges $15.00 for 2 hours. While talking to manny I asked how much a taxi to the place i was staying would be, he said at most $4.00. I was like ok. When Britto said $30.00 we were already in the car driving. So I Sid wow that a lot. He goes well you can go with someone else..... I'm like it's cool cuz I'm already here.
So he drives me to western union, tells me to make sure I take my passport. I go in and change money. I come out we drive to the supermarket. I pick up eggs, milk, whole wheat bagels, juices and water. A 5 liter bottle of dasani was 75 pesos. Less than 2 dollars. I had it in my head that I would drink one 5 liter bottle a day to flush my system.
Britto is like why you need to much water? You not even gonna be here that long.... Then he says oh I get you gonna use it too shower.
I pay for my stuff and look over. There's a western union in the supermarket.... Still open. The supermarket was nice, clean well organized had clothes in it too. I was walking round thinking about buying random stuff cuz I'm a shopaholic (certified). He like how much money did you change? I said why? He goes cuz if you only changed $50.00 that's not money. ( or something like that) We leave and I'm like okay, do you know a good place I can buy food. He like yeah we are going there now, I'm taking you some where that's not so expensive. We tried looking up on maps the place I'm staying couldn't get it. He seems annoyed..

We get to the restaurant. The restaurant was sexy. Off the ocean. Grown and sexy. I look at the menu. What I want is 399.99 pesos. Which is like 8 or 9 dollars. Then he orders. I go to the restroom to separate his $30.00 from my wad of cash. As I'm walking I'm look around like I like this place it's real cute. It's called Adrian tropical. As I walk back I notice the restaurant is built off a cliff of boulders in the ocean. I was all looking then said lemme go sit down before someone pushed me and it's the end of my journey!

Get back to the table, the landlord called back and it tryna give he directions he being Sturn with her, looking at the phone making faces.... So I say do you know where it is now? He like no she can give me a major landmark. I said we'll ask her if she can meet us some where. He call he back. Starts talking to her and abruptly hands me the phone. I'm telling her what she's saying, he throwing his hands up. She's like I told him to call this number, and they will direct him. She like I called no one picked up. She says I have somewhere to go in ten minutes. I'm like ooh I'm sorry, can you wait for me she like OF COURSE! at this point I'm like where is the food? We ask a waiter, then it comes out the guy gives Britto the bill he slides it to me.
I look at it and pay. When he gives change Brito puts 100 pesos in the bill book and slides it to me. I ask about tip we leave.

The guy had called back at this point and now Britto said he knew where to go. Britto is like she's not dominican. She didn't write the address correctly.
Then he's like are there stairs I'm like I don't know. We drive around he callin the guy the guy says he standing on the corner. We drive around don't see him he calls back and Britto turns in and we she the guy infront of the gate. He tells him to open the gate in Spanish and the guy says something to the effect of let her out here.

Britto says, he tells him no she don't wanna do that. The landlord comes down and I'm like let me talk to her. So I'm like can we open the gate I have a lot of stuff. She like yeah yeah sure. He went to get the key. I was like ooooh ok. I go back to Brito and say she doesn't drives, so I think she didn't have the key on her. Britto goes, good luck. I was like don't say that. He was like I call it like I see it. She's crazy and ppl around her are too. Someone comes and opens the gate. We drive in Britto is like ooh there are stairs. He gets out the car and we start unloading. Britto then says to the landlord you don't have an elevator? She says NO, and don't give me no shit!
Then she unleashed on him! I'll be back with that...

Señor Brito part dos

Things I forgot from the last post. When we pulled up in front if the apartment gate and the guy was standing there. Brito was like, look where this MF-er is. When I returned to the car after talking to the lady I looked over and saw that the guy who looked 18-21 hand his hand near the top of her butt. I go ooooooh, that's he boyfriend. Britto's neck whipped around to see. At that moment I thought, I how Britto didn't say anything slick about the lady to him. She was standing there talking to him.

Back to where I left off.

I was already near the doorway when "I heard no there no elevator and don't give me no shit."
Then she said I've been waiting for you over an hour. I had started walking up the steps, I looked back and they were damn near face to face...... I had no way of hearing what he was saying cuz she wasn't letting up.
I heard, " I'm from Europe"
Britto says, well this is not Europe ( or something) .
So I stop walking and look back, her boyfriend is steady holding the door quietly. So I walk down 2 steps and I'm like. It's okay, just leave all the bags here I will carry them, to Brito. I did the bachata up the stairs, put things down. Looked around quickly and ran back down.
They had stopped arguing. I walked to the car to see if anything else was in there, walked to Brito and gave him, his money. He looked at the money and counted it, as if he was surprised I paid him all.
So the lady took some bags I took some and the boyfriend carried my suitcase.
She give me a tour, shows me cabinet space and starts unpacking my bags. I quickly relocated all of my items to my room. I wanted easy access.
So I start unpacking my suitcase, put my own sheets on the bed, Organizing things. Then I thought comes in him head like where is my passport. I look in my pocket it's not there. I walk out to the kitchen and look there and then on the table not there. I walk back to my room to toss my bag and..... The power goes out! I'm like really is this a sign? Then I'm like no it's here. I know it's here, I just used it at western union.
The lady comes in with a candle for me, as soon as she hands it too me the power comes Back on. So I toss the bag. It's not there. My passport book is there but no passport. I toss the suitcase. The power goes out again. Comes right back on. I look under the suitcase, through my clothes and then I just stop. Sit on the bed and think. I'm like I need to calm down. Lemme go eat. The food that smelled so delicious now tasted ok. I stopped eating and sat there.

So I get online and search replacing a lost passport in a foreign country. Read several pages, I know how to replace it and I'm like. Urghhhhh I do not want to call my mother and tell her to the find the copies of documents I left her years ago, and send it to the embassy. Especially since she doesn't know I'm out of the country.... Then I'm like oh $$$$ it's not about the passport money or inconvience but also about the visas in the passport. If I need to revisit these countries I will have to buy new ones, making this a $500.00 mistake. So I'm sitting there wanting to cry, but not willing to cry cuz I only cry when ppl get married, proposed too or if I'm laughing to hard.

So I tell myself to man up. I keep searching online. Find out where the embassy is. Now I'm like do I was to delay surgery and go the the embassy tomorrow or do I wanna have surgery and got to the embassy hunched over?
Then I email dr.Baez asking her to ask Britto if the passport is in his taxi, because if not I will have to get a replacement.

A few minutes later I here keys then a knock at the door. I open the door. It's the lady I'm renting from. She says the taxi driver didn't know where the event she was attending was so the had to come back. I tell her about the passport and ask her to have her pyt call Britto and ask him about the passport.
So he calls, Britto says he'll check and call back. He calls back and says did you get it from western union? Because he only saw me walk out with a paper that I put in my pocket.
I'm like yes, I did. I think I did.
He says he will call back after he looks
But the lady and her family, I forgot to state that her daughter is here from Europe for vacay. Need yo leave...
I tell them they can go and if he has it he hill take it to the doctor.
She said shed let me know if he calls back.
I go back to my room. Try and eat more and try and force myself to sleep.

Hours rolls by, I'm still up.
Check my email, DR Baez replied saying he has it and will bring it to the office tomorrow.

What a relief
I take a shower and go to sleep!


Let the record reflect. I spent :

$30 Brito
140 Pesos to surgery = $3.50
200 pesos after surgery = $5.00
150 pesos 1st post op visit $3.75
180 pesos return home $4.00

On transportation so far. I only have 1 post op visit left and that will be the day before or day of my departure. Approximate cost $40.00

I have even called Juan Bambino cu everyone just called a taxi for me....
Grand total= $82.25 where does the other $67.00 factor in? Yeah. No.


Bambinos info.... You can pay in dollars or pesos.

Please send me info for massage therapist

I need recommendations and info for a massage therapist herein DR. NOT brunilda! Someone else please.


4 days post op.

I got it. Just had my first massage guys. Gonna continue my review tonight. I'm forgetting stuff

Day of surgery

I'm trying to post as mush as I can because I am starting to forget things.

I woke up between 4:30 am and 6:30 am. So I surfed the net and read until it was time to shower then head to the ER. The woman I'm staying with, I'll call her K, had her beau call me a taxi. He takes me to the ER. I sitting in the waiting area until the patient coordinator is finish helping the person in front of me. Just infront of the chairs, there is a large curtain. There are severL beds that are separated by curtains. The room is dated looking but clean. I remember think I refuse to have surgery in this room.
When it's my turn, I sit at the desk and start my paper work. She ask if I speak, Spanish. I say no. She says she doesn't speak English, I say it's ok, we will be fine. The woman asks for my passport. I tell I don't have it. She asks for other id. I give her my license. I complete me name, city I'm from...... She speak Spanglish to figure out other parts in need to write. We get it Done. Then she asks what I'm having done she writes it on the paper.

A guy comes and takes me to a recovery area. I sit on a bed separated by a curtain, no pillow. This room is older than the first.... Someone comes in with a gown, booties, and a hair cover. I put them on.

I'm waiting in that room for a while. 30-1 hour. Dr. Baez comes in and the first thing she says is, this is not your room. She must have known.... She has me take off my gown, looks at my boobs and goes are those natural? Wow beautiful. I push them up and say I want them like this.... (Never getting boobies done)
She pulls out camera and takes 157.25 pictures and them marks me up. I had a body diagram on the bed, because I was gonna ask her to write the areas she will lipo on the paper. She say it and said anatomy, I said yes. You forgot here, ( the fat between my shoulder and boobs. The marked it and I put the gown back on and laced down.

Then she asked me if I had any pins in my hair, I did. She told me to take them out. I did. She said said if the anesthesiologist had come in to see me. I said no, she said ok, she would. Than Dr. Baez left. I put my bag. On the bed, pulled out a blanket then layed down. Thinking of how I wouldn't wake up during surgery. I fell asleep, woke up as the anesthesiologist came in she introduced her self. Asked is I spoke Spanish I said no. She said she spoke very little English, I said it was ok we would be fine. She told me she was going to give a blue pill and to take it, that she would insert and Iv and it would hurt and that she would put anesthesia in my back. I said ok and asked if I should take the blue pill right away. She said yes. She left. I

I wake up to Ana ( I'm renaming the anesthesiologist ) opening my hand and putting the blue pill in it, and putting a cup to my mouth. I take the pill. Sometime later DR. Baez comes and takes my value able, we count how much cash I have on my, she writes it down and takes it and my tablet. Now I know it time to rock and roll. As I wait I'm thinking because I took a nap like an hour or more I'll wake up during surgery.

Minutes later, you hear the outer room door burst open and the sound of wheels. I start thinking oh shoot it's my time. The front curtain opens, a guy rushes in, pulls the side curtain and helps them get the patient on the bed next to me. So I'm thinking damn you could even say "permisso". When he was done he adjusted the curtain and walked out.

Shortly after, I hear another wheelchair. I see it at the curtain in front on me. I sit up, the same guy comes in. ( this guy was young with a dark curly hair and a budding pot belly) he tries to help me off the bed into the wheelchair, places, a blanket over me, my bag on his back and then get my shoes of the floor and puts it under the blanket on my lap. ( I'm like eeeeeeeeew!)

We roll through the wing some rooms looked scary and I told my self it's not to late to say Noooooo! Idg. We get to the surgery room and it much nicer. He rolls me to the bed I stand up and he starts unstringing the from of my gown. Now I'm like hold up Mark Anthony, you not even gonna attempt to explain??? I was feeling some kinda way, so I quickly untied the second knot myself. We don't do together you don't just peel me out my clothes like that. He tucked the sleeves of the gown under my armpits and gently pushed me back to lay down. Then he curled my feet in the the fetal position with my knees under his belly.

Then some little guy walks up out of nowhere with a big assssss needle. I half closed my eyes, he said something like I'm going to give this to you. Then I feel a cold swab down my back, I jerked and I heard Ana say unnnn don't move. Mark Anthony grabs my knees and pushed them into him deeper, again with out words and I'm like boy you ain't even my type. I like the Antonio band eras types, save baby from a burning building without breaking a sweat, swagg on PROPER! I look over to the little guy and watch him insert the needle in the Iv and he says, " your gonna feel like your drunk.

It was lights out from there.

Waking up

So I wake, look left look right and realize I'm in the recovery room.
For some reason I left like I was tossing my head during surgery, trying to get comfortable.

This room was much nicer than all the other I have previously been in.

I quickly grabbed a hold of the metal bars on the side of the bed. I use them to pull myself up and reach into my bag that's in a chair next to me bed. I dig through the bag, find my measuring tape and measure my butt. I thought it read 40.5 inches but I'm not sure if I was holding it correctly. I through the tape in the bag and laid back down before anyone could catch me. A few minutes after laying down, I starting thinks how little pain I am in and how the anesthesia just not have worn off yet.

Then a gentlemen in scrubs comes into my room, he takes my blood pressure and heart rate. He says he doesn't speak English and I say I don't speak Spanish but it's ok. He asked if I have drank juice I said no, he said ok. He came back with a juice box and said he would be back in an hour because he wants to learn English from me. I started drinking the juice, then dug into my bag for my vitamins. I took some with the rest of the juice and laid down.

Dr. Baez comes in, pulls back the blanket and sheet and places take on my butt incisions. I asked her how many CC's I got. Her husband came in, I looked at him and she said it's okay he's a doctor. She tucks me back in and says she'll see me tomorrow. I said really, your coming back? She said "of course my baby!"

I laid back down.
Sometime later a woman in scrubs comes in with a big blanket. She places it on the sofa next to me and sits down. I figured when was my overnight nurse.
She emptied my catheter bag and then turned on the tv.
I just laid in bed tossing my head from side to side trying to get comfortable.

At some point I realize the hand with the Iv was extremely cold and the other was warm. I raise my hand and say 'mucho frio" and raise the other and say "mucho calor". She stands up and turns the AC on......

Anytime I would move she would turn her head or look at me.
All night I tossed and turned, putting the cold hand on my body because I thought if felt warm and sticking the warm hand outside of the blanket.
I got little to no sleep, but wasn't in pain at all.

During the night, I reached into my bag and found my coconut water. I drank it and laid back down.

Day 1 post op

I'm gonna try and post as much as possible but if you ask me a question and the answer is all ready in my blog, I'm either not gonna answer you, or answer with a ?? Only. You will understand the struggle when it's your turn.

6 am rolls around, still haven't slept more than an hour here and there an the night nurse wakes and goes to the bathroom. Empties my catheter bag, folds he blanket...
She motions for me to get up, so I reverses backwards towards the end of the bed. I start trying to get down, she goes to touch me, I said NO NO NO... I get my feet on the ground and she's pointing yo the chair and I'm like I can't sit, so she motions for me to go. She slightly places her hand on my back and I jerk away and make a noise. She yanks her hand back.... DUH!!!!

So I try to sit, very very slowly and hesitantly. She places the pillow on the chair where my back would touch. I'm sitting she tries to tell me to lean back. I say no. She repeats it and motions her hand I said 'no gusto' . She says something else, I shake my head and said 'no gusto'
At this point I'm starting to feel very very annoyed. They didn't tell you I had surgery before they sent you in here? Why you telling me to sit, trying to touch and have me lean on sensitive spots.

So she changes the sheets, mind you, I am not draining onto the chucks or sheets AT ALL!!!! Not a drop of blood. I was thinking this is so unnecessary, I should still be laying down. She puts the new sheets on and extends her hand to me. I tall her to go in my bag and take out chux to put on the bed. She had thrown the clean ones on the floor. I get as I get close as I can and kind of tell her to move. I didn't want her to accidentally touch my back and I have to drop kick her. So I'm crawling into position, she keeps touching the catheter bag, which I feel so I'm making noises. My motion for her to move away. When I lay down she it trying to adjust the catheter cord and really just don't want her to touch it. She is not gentle enough for me.

So she explains that she want to take the catheter out. I'm like nooooo. She repeats it, I said no 'pera tae,(sp). She says something, I said no wait for DR.Baez in my broken Spanish. She says DR.baez said to take it out 6 am. I simply said wait ( in Spanish). I didn't understand stand why she would take it out when I still have the Iv pumping fluids in to. Secondly, which is actually first, during the night I heard he go pee and didn't not hear he wash he hands. In the morning she want again and didn't wash her hand, but then washed them immediately after emptying the catheter bag. And when she was saying to remove the catheter, she didn't have gloves on. Ummmm. No Ma'am. You will not be touch my parts. No you won't. HOMIE DONT PLAY THAT. I had gloves in my bag but still. I wasn't having it. She left the room and didn't come back.

A nurse came in and drew blood to check my Hemo.

Some one comes in with food, a juice box and coffee and tea. I ate the soup, made a mess. Drank the juice and took another round of vitamins.

So the guy in scrubs from surgery day came back and checked my heart rate and blood pressure. I asked him what happened to him the day before and he said their were a lot of patients. I tried to tell him, I thought I had a fever and he didn't under stand. So I reached for my back and said "calor" he said, you warm. He want and got a nurse.

This nurse, I've named her Janet. She reminded me of olive oil from Popeyes the sailor man... But with hips. She had on all white, maybe even stocking too. She strolls in talking from the door to be bed and I say, ' no Habla espanol.' She says 'no Habla englas' sticks a thermometer in my armpit and leaves. So I just lay there with it. Some much time passed I forgot I had the thermometer under my arm. And it rolls on the bed. I picked it up and put it back in.

I heard the door open, looked back and saw Ana, she was all smiles. I was happy to see her. She asked me how I was is said ok and that I was warm, she touched me and agreed. Then I showed her the thermometer, she took it out and read it. And said not by much, just alittle I said ok. She told me I could turn on to my sides I said I can't because I got hips too. She said ok. I asked her to go in my bag and get my nutrament. She got it for me then left. I kinda wanted Ana to stay or take me with her, she looked like she could cook and I thought she like me.

Janet comes back and say I dint have a fever.

Dra. Baez came sometime later in the morning. She asked if I had been dizzy, I said no. She opened my garment, checked my stomach, pushing on it like in my pre op appointment. Pain was ok. I was shocked by how my stomach look. It looked like tan rising yeast and was very sensitive. That was my what the hell did I do moment. Then she took my garment off, looked at my back and incisions and looked at my butt. She also took the pics of my butt. Then it was time to put the faja back on. The strugggggle was really. She kept saying it's because your butt is so big. I'm like you did it. We struggled to get the garment over my cheeks.. Then stuffed my waist with burp clothes for added compression and she closed the clasps and zipped it up. I layed back down and she said her husband would come and give me a shot and my meds.

Dr. Rodriguez ( dra. Baez's husband) came in he game me the meds and explained how to take them. Started getting dizzy so I laid down. He gave me a heparin shot which burn something evil! And said I need 4 more, and I had to buy them. So he gave me the prescription. I asked him where the pharmacy was, he said that he could call them cuz all pharmacies in DR deliver. And I show him the address and contact info for where I'm staying. He takes a picture of it. And says they will call a taxi for me.

Fast forward....
He orders the rx for me and leaves, he says the will bring it to me and give me a receipt. 30-40 minutes roll by, I hear banging on the door. I'm yelling come in, they keep banging. I keep yelling. They keep banging, I'm yelling 'entrar', they keep banging, I press the nurse button. The phone rings. I'm not getting out of bed to get it. They bang again. Finally the door opens, I look over and a guy with salt and pepper hair comes in. There is another guy standing next to him. It's clearly the pharmacy delivery man.


The salt and pepper haired man came in the room and took the money from me. He said he was a doctor. I asked him how to say open the door. He said he didn't speak English, so I said 'Cosmo se di se, door' he said la puerta. Then I said open the door? He said abre? Abri ? La puerta. All I could remember was la ventana and I knew that was window... So he took the money and gave me the meds and the receipt and left. He was cute, like a dominican George clooney,

I laid down for some more time and then Nurse Janet came in and took out my Iv. Then went to take out my catheter, she had 1 glove on and a needle in her hand. I motioned for her to go in my bag and get another glove and put it on. She did, I stood up we started walking to the bathroom and the she said " cone" so I went in my bag and grabbed my funnel.
I stood over the toilet she pulled the catheter out and then I peed. I did not hurt, I was surprised...

Sometime later she came back for me with a wheelchair and rolled me to the ER to wait for the taxi to come. Before he got there, she told me to write the address on a piece of paper for that he wouldn't see my tablet because then he would charge more money.....

Then I went home to continue recovery.

My booty is a week old.

I'm 7 days post op today. And the booty shot pics where takn today by Dra. Baez.

The other pics show how it was replacing compression without garment for 5 days.........! Yes I know. I thought the garment was too tight and was killing my hips so I took it off. Later decided to have legs cut and added to inner thighs for a more comfortable fit, Dra. A Baez knew I didn't have my garment one, not for how long though. While out of garment I had minimal swelling and no fluid retention. Got my drain taken out today too! I'm looking forward to healing better now.

So while out of garment I wrapped my stomach in an ace bandages and th blue pictured item.
The blue is an el cheap o sweat band, dra Baez liked it and it worked and aiding in compression.

The pics with the faja is after I had it altered and the blue sweatband is under it.

Post op day 1

I also forgot these details from my previous post.
Dra. Baez told me my Hemo had dropped to 11 after surgery and that I needed iron pills. I told I have taken vitamins the evening I came out of surgery and the next morning. I also showed her the nutrament and she like it as well. Ensure is 8oz, nutrament is 12 oz....

Also during my overnight stay at the hospital, my va jay va jay began to swell. And if you could tell with the catheter story I don't play bout my va jay va jay. I know a lot of women use pads to compress the area to help the swelling but for some reason I didn't want to do that. I felt that my heavy thighs and the tightness from my butt was making my legs squeeze and compress my vagina. So I grabbed the arm rest of the bed and forced my legs as wide as I could spread them. I kept them open like that all night. At times I would lift my legs at the knees and raise them up and down to make sure my blood was circulating well.

Now on to Post op Day 1:
So the taxi comes to get me, I laid in the back seat we got to the apArtment and I paid got out and walked up the 4 flights of stairs to the apartment. That's right, I walked up 4 flights of stairs not even 24 hours post op. I was determined not to let surgery make me feel like an cripple.

When I opened the door with my keys, K and Co were like ooooh your here! We where making arrangements to get you up the stairs. I was like oooh no, that's ok I made it. She asked me how I felt and made small talk as I proceeded to my room. I went to turn the corner and she said " you made, ( started pointing to my butt)," I said no I'm swollen. Then laid down.
I started drinking water and peeing all the time. At first it was cute and then it quickly got annoying but I knew I had to flush my system. At one point I was kneeling on my bed and decided to drink some of my Aloe Vera juice to aid my digestive in moving my bowels. I opened it took to sips and realized it tasted like powered Tylenol. Then I though maybe I have issue with my taste buds because of surgery or the meds I was taking. So I took a few more sips and decided it had to be a bad batch because it tasted aaaawful. So I said I won't be drinking that.
An hour later, I thought I had to pee. I made my way to the bathroom as soon is I gotto the threshold I realized it wasn't pee. So I was like ooooh Shhhhh I have to take this garment off. I start unzipping. Unclamping and put down the top, take out all the burp clothes the Dra. Had stuffed in there. Now I'm trying to get the faja over my butt.... It was damn near an act of congress. I was shaking and shimmy, pausing. I was like I'm not gonna make it, I'm not gonna make it. Then I was like I have too! I forced, I mean forced the faja over my butt. I reversed over the toilet and went. No struggle or strain! I was happy it didn't take days but surprised it was only a few ours. But I am very regular so I really didn't think I would battle constipation. I used like 12 wipes, I OD'd.

Then starts the struggle to put the faja back on. Once I got to the cuff of my butt I decided to shimmy to the bed. I knelt and squeezed and pulled side to side for 10 minutes tryna figure out why in Sam Hill all this A$$ was in that thing.

I laid down, got up walked around every hour or so.
K came into my room and brought me a bowel of fruit. I ate everything, I was forcing myself to eat every few hours to make sure I was giving my body fuel to begin healing.

The rest of the day I was in and out of bed, drinking water, eating snacks or walking around.

I really wasn't in pain, I was shocked at how manageable things were. The hardest parts were getting up, in and out of bed and trying not to move to much.

When it was time to sleep, I tossed and turned and at one point felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I thought I had torn a whole in my stomach. So I decided to just lay still and hopefully bleed on the chux. My mind was wandering, I decided that I would look down and see gang green leaking from the spot. The pain was just that intense.

After a few minutes if dilution all thoughts I came to realize that it I had torn something the faja should be moist by now and it wasn't. So I tried to get myself to sleep.


Post op day 2
I woke up and noticed that my head was throbbing not a headache but like a slight brain pulsate. I figured it was from the angle in which I was sleeping. So I got up did my morning pee pee run and looked in the mirror. My left eyelid and under eye were swollen. I knew it was a normal reaction to surgery but was surprised it didn't occur as soon as I woke up from surgery or the day after. So I decided to walk more today.

So I had ANOTHER bowel movement, which made it clear that my digestive system was operating as normal.... After my BM I took a "delux" bird bath. I took the aloe vista foaming wash and sprayed two pumps on to the aloe vista cleansing wipes. I wiped down my entire body that way. Then put some arnica on my stomach and wrapped my stomach with the ace bandages and put on my Faja.

I ate, my usual nutrament, additional protein in the form of eggs, snacks and continued my water challenge of drink 1 five liter bottle of Dasani a day. #thestrugglewasreal So I frequently paced the apartment checking out my butt as often as I could. I danced a little just to see what I was capable of. I still moved slower than normal. I did some push ups off the kitchen countertop, just testing my range of motion and stretching a bit. All in all, things weren't too bad. The hardest part was the back and forth to pee and getting up and down from bed.

Brunilda was supposed to come to today and give me massage but never did. I wasn't mad because I thought it was too soon to have my inflamed skin pressed and squished.

Fast Forward to night time. I'm laying in bed trying to force my self to sleep. And all of a sudden i get this burning like sensation in my thighs. It's expands from the back of my legs down my hips. I tried to wait it out, it wasn't working. Then I took a vicadin, no relief. A hour or so later I took a Tylenol 3 and muscle relaxant, as I wasn't sure if it was muscle spams. Nothing was helping. At this point it had been hours of agony. I made the decision to put pressure on it.

So I rolled over and laid on my hip. I took one of the cold water bottles I was drinking and started rubbing it up and down the hip that was in the air. I'd do anything for relief! As I'm rolling the water bottle, thinking and rocking I get a sharp pain in my side. I'm like 'alright, this is it. Where is the light? I just wanna go into the light 'cuz I can handle the discomfort! It was INTENSE. Then I'm like I'm gonna go get a knife from the kitchen and cut this Faja, but I was so frazzled that the thought of getting up seemed like torture too. I just laid there. After some time I rolled on to the other hip. I wanted them to get equal time to one wouldn't be smaller than the other.

After some time, I laid on my stomach to try and find a position to sleep in. As I laid I decided all the people who had had 2, 3 and 4 the rounds need serious mental help! I was mad at RS because I felt no one mentioned this, so I was sure if it was normal or if my body was attacking the fat in my hips. It was all to much.
I finally feel asleep!

Post op day 3
I woke up, no swelling in the face but still terrified and annoyed from the night before. Good thing I was pre scheduled to see my Dra. So K came in to ask how I was as usual and I told her about the discomfort and how I didn't sleep. She said 'we'll you look good. Beauty is pain and you still smiling' I was just tryna maintain the attitude that I can push myself through this. I told her I was going to see the Dra later and would need a taxi.

So I ate and napped and walked around as usual. I seemed to sleep better during the day. It came time for me to leave and I couldn't find K, to call the taxi. So I woke her daughter up and asked for her. She said she thought she went out and I told her I needed a taxi so I could go see my Dra. So I went back into the room and was kneeled on to the bed, with one hand on the wall. That position was easier to get up from than laying back down.

K came in the room minutes later and saw me and got a little, spooked she hauled tail getting me a taxi and sending me off. When I got to Dra. Baez office she was in with another patient. I knelt on the couch and waited for her. When she was done I went in and under dressed. We struggle to get the faja off, the two of us. Dra. Baez kept saying slowly, slowly. I was like fast slow this thing too tight.

She looked my body over for sermons, excessive swelling, signs of infection etc. there were no. She put bacitracin on my incision and stitch site and we struggled again with the faja. This time I told her to put her hand through the butt cut out create a gap and then pull. We got it up, as she was zipping and such I noticed to small blisters on the top of my butt. I showed Dra. Baez and she said it was from the faja rubbing my skin. She put bacitracin on it and pulled my under shirt to cover as much butt as possible. I told her about the burning sensation and she said it was normal. I told her I laid on my hips and she said I shouldn't.

She then said she would call Brunilda to find out what happened to her. Brunilda said she couldn't find the apartment that is why she didn't come the day before. So she said she would come to doctor Baez office and come go with me home.

Dra. Baez, her husband and I all walked down to the surgical wing where I was to wait for Brunilda. Dr.Rodriquez, Dra Baez husband described Brunilda to him and said "she is ( slight pause) happy...." I was like huh, oooook. Dra. Baez told me to walk back and forth and I did.

Maybe 14 minutes later a woman walks up to me, puts one arm around me and kisses me on the cheek. At first I was like who is this someone that was in the room during my surgery? Because Brunilda said she'd be an hour. Then I said, 'Brunilda' she said yes and we walked to the elevator. We get to the parking lot and she says, we go to my house and do massage and then you take a taxi home.

I was like 'noooooo, you need to do it at mine. Because how are you going to find it tomorrow?' I was confused cuz I thought, I'm sure that's what was discussed with Dra. Baez. So Brunilda calls someone who speaks English so they can tell me what I just said. I told the person no, and that she needed to come to my house so that she can know where it is. So Brunilda says ok. We go inside and call a taxi.

Aye Brunilda!

So we wait for the taxi in the main floor lobby area. Everyone that comes into the building is looking at me. Maybe it was the drain. Finally the taxi comes, I go the lay across the back seat as, Brunilda talks to the driver. I was thinking she would get in the front seat, so the door closes and we pull up some. I'm like wait a minute, wth she go. I speak Spanglish to the driver and figure out she was gonna follow us with her car. We wait for her to pull out of the parking garage and then drive off. So I'm just a laid out in the back seat and at some point I'm like lemme make sure she is behind us. So I get up and look up and she is there.

5 minutes later I recognize the area and know we are just around the corner from the apartment, I look back she is still there. We make the last 2 turns and parks in front of the apartment and she is not there. I'm like wth. Trying to tell the driver to go around so we can find her. This time Spanglish is not working! I get out stand there, she never pulls up. He is like call her. I'm like I'd don't have a phone or her number! I wait, I attempt to walk to the corner and look and see if she is parked somewhere lost.... Nothing. I walk back to the taxi, he says he gonna go back to the clinic and look and I'm like I might as well go with you.

A gentleman on the street ask what going on and starts to translate between me and the taxi driver. The taxi driver kept trying to say this or that.... So I start walking to the corner again, and I swear I see her speed by. I tell the taxi driver there she goes. He slow motions, walks to the car reverses down a one way street, around other cars.

I got to the corner, hobbling before he did in his car and it was too late. She was gone again. I was pissed! I just went in the apartment. Vented my frustrations to K and laid down. I told Dra. Baez what happened and asked if she knew someone else cuz I was through with Brunilda. It's not even just the getting lost part. DR. Rodriguez had given her the address, so if your in the area and your lost why can't you use that to find me? That's when I understand the 'she's happy' comment. What he meant was she is ditzy, but he couldn't say that . She always has a smirk/smile on her face. For the life of me I couldn't under stand how she got lost. She had to be daydreaming about rainbows and unicorns for the last second of the drive and gotten distracted.

I was heated....!

I was laying in bed when K came in with a delicious bowl of fruit. I ate 3 spoonfuls and then felt my stomach rumble. It was like when you dry clothes at the laundry mat and the machine stops. And just as you put your hand on the door it abruptly spins one last time..... My stomach did that. I was like eeeeerh? Ate another spoonful and felt a tingle up my right butt cheek.

I was like oooh now. I pushed myself up on the bed. Unzipped the garment. Stood up started unhooking it as I walked to the bathroom. Now I'm standing over the toilet trying to shimmy out of this garment for the second time today. It was a struggle didn't think I was gonna make it. I had to wiggle and not think about what I was doing cuz it felt like that was taking time off the clock.
I made it out of the garment and there was an eruption.

It was not pretty. I was like I can be a soft Sh....tty mess with all this booty! I used the antibacterial wipes and cleaned the toilet. YOU CAN GET SICK FROM YOUR OWN GERMS. Decided to take the faja off and give my self another 'delux bird bath' . Plus I wasn't sure if anything splashed on the back of the faja and I didn't want to contaminate the bed.

After my bath I decided I would wash the faja, I really did want to put it back on because I had hoped that Brunilda would find me and it would be absurd to take the faja off again when she got there.
She never came. So I just wrapped my stomach with ace bandages and the the waist band for compression.

I forget, during my visit with Dra. Baez she took my hand and felt my back drain.

I stayed wrapped like that all day and washed my faja that night in antibacterial soap. And left it to air dry. So is decided to get on RS and reread symphonic review to see when she stopped where her faja. I get on and see she had the same burning sensations in the hips. And it confirmed my suspicion that the faja was too tight for me. She and I were almost the same height and weight pre op and have very, very similar post op results. Her garment was a L and she thought it was too tight and mine was an XS and Dra Baez wanted me to switch into an XXS. Them things are tooooooooo small for this 1700 CC's!

I put the silver sulfadine cream on my blisters. I left a hearty layer on each.

I decided to see about the faja and massages the am and went to bed.

Recovery continued

When I woke up I saw that Dra. Baez had replied my messages about Brunilda, I had asked if she knew anyone else I could use. She told me to check RS because most ppl used rh masseuses. So I did. She said the Brunilda scenario was irresponsible of her part....

When I went to stand I felt a rushing and pulling sensation in my hips, I took a few steps and it persisted. I seemed if I walked on my tippy toes it would lessen. So I layed back down, but everytime I got up to pee I felt it. I rubbed my hand on my hips and noticed hard lumps along the cut out lines where the faja rested. So I started getting concerned.

Got online, researching a few things.... Let's just say fear seriously kicked in. I was worried my body was rejecting or attacking the fat grafted to my hips. I decided to take a stroll to get some empanadas. I waddle myself down the street, everyone on looking and waddled back to the apartment. When I got back to the room, I laid down. I felt worn and could hear some static in my left ear. I took a cat nap.

When I woke up it ate and then looked through my Bbl folder and found the number to a different masseuse. His name is Ramon. I asked K to have her pyt call him and give him the address and see if he would come today. He made the call and said he would. I tried to give K's pyt 100 pesos for helping me. They had been calling me taxi's and getting me other info the whole time I had been without asking for anything. So I asked her how much I should give she said 100 pesos, I gave him the money but he refused to take it.

An hour our so later, Ramon came to do my massage. I got naked laid on my bed with chux under me. He state massaging and I was like I must really be super woman because this is not that bad. He did my back, softly with his hands and then some machines and massagers. The whole time we are speaking Spanglish to one another..... He had like 4 different massagers then he did my front. He started the hand massage, my upper abs it was tolerable.

I asked him about the lumps on my hips he said it was normal and that it was the fat attaching itself. Then he tried to massage it..... I yelled and grabbed his hands and pushed them off. My hips were more sensitive and in pain than my lipo areas. He continued massage my abdomen when he got to my around my belly button it hurt soooooo much I was like oooh hell. He kept saying inflammation. I asked him if there was fluid, he said little. At this point I have been out of garment for 24 hours straight.

He was done and said tomorrow he would go harder. He mixed my Arnica salve with some menthol cream, I like it and told him I would give him $$$ to buy me some to take home, he said they were $20.00 each. He gave me my heparin shot and left.

As the day progressed the lumps on my hips hurt more, seemed warm and were painful. As the evening came I decided to lay on them for relief. But they kept hurting and being warm. I messaged Dra. baez and she said massage them, I said they are on my hips I'm not supposed to massage them.

I went to sleep on my side, every few hours alternating from hip to hip. I figure if I was gonna kill cells I wanted it to look even.... Anything was better than these hot hard lumps, I was afraid I would heal that way and they would become permanent....

Post op day 5

When I woke up I saw that I had a message from Dra. Baez saying to come in so she could check the lumps.
So I did my usual, ate , drank, peed, had a BM some days two, I was regular. At this point I had a system and had realized why the other day it was so sooo soft. I was unintentionally eating too clean. Nutrament, eggs, fruit, a little meat, juices, water , protein snacks and no carbs or starches to soak things up. So I made it a point to eat the whole wheat bread I had bought and make sure I at rice. I can deal with messy bowel movements.

So Ramon came again, for my massage. He had more machines this time, he did his usual and as usual the massage around my belly button area and flanks obliques were too much.

I think I forgot to say that on my post op visit, Dra. Baez took my hand and felt my back and told where the drain was, what I didn't realize until I abandoned the Faja is that it started in my stomach under the belly button area and wrapped around my waist across my back and came out my side.

So he would try to to go in and I'd be on the verge of body slamming him. When he would get to parts where the bootleg massager was on me he would tap my drain because unlike everyone I did not have a big release of fluids or rush of fluids into the drain. It barely moved. I never leaked of bleed on to a chux or anything. I was like this $hhhh broken!

I'm gonna do a separate post on the TEA Ramon was giving me about surgery in DR in a separate post. If I forget. Remind me. I wanna knock recovery out first.

I told him I was gonna go see Dra Baez that day, so he kept saying maybe she'll take it out. I had hoped so cuz I felt I would recover faster without. He asked about the menthol crime and when I wanted him to buy it, I told him I had to ask my Dra. First. So he wrapped my stomach and left. No heparin shot, because when he did it the first time it didn't burn like when Dra Baez and he husband did it, so I wasn't sure he was doing it right and wasn't taking chances...

So I go to her office, this is the first time I'm getting dressed up the whole time I have been in DR. I walking up to the doors and get a glimpse of my waist and hips and I'm like $hhhhhh the pics don't really show how small this thing is. I was like ummm I don't know if it looks weird.

I walk in her office and wait, I chit chat with Manny. Then she calls me in, she goes to rub my back as she saying 'hi my baby,' as usual and she realizes I don't have my Faja on. I'm like noooooo it too tight. She like ok, I understand. It's important that your comfortable. I'm like it's not about comfort, I can take pain like a solider. trust me! I think it's killing my fat. So I pull off the dress she see the waist band she like 'oh, I like that.' We unwrapp the ace bandaged from my abdomen. She touches my stomach and is like no seromas, no fluid, just a little inflammation (swelling). That's with no Faja for 50 hours, but some abdominal compression.

She goes to took my hips and I move out the way like no, no. You can't do that. She she gets on her knees and looks closely at my skin barely touching and asking me where it is, I point it out. I tell her it following the lines of the cut out of the faja. And she like 'ooooohhhhh'. I'm like yeah, that's why I'm not wearing it. She gets a lidocaine cream applies it to the areas and give me the tube, then she starts wrapping me and asking me what happened with Brunilda. So I tell her the story. At the end she goes " Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaye, Brunilda!" And I laughed so hard I had to grab the wall. I was like exactly, so imagine how I felt..... Walking up and down looking for you to give you money.

Then she say who did the massage, I say Raymond. She like Raymond? I'm like unnnn huh.... She takes her hand and pushes them out to the sides wrist bent and says " Ramon?" I say, yup. And we laugh. She says he's good. I told her about the menthol, she said nooooo menthol. I told her about the machines, she said nooooo machines if they are hot. I told her I was gonna buy some menthol she said noooooo, arnica. She said my skin was too sensitive I said ok. She asked me if he speaks English. I said no. She said so how you communicate with him. I said just like I do you..... Then she gave me my heparin shot, talking about "it itches" I had to let her know, nooooooo that bastard burns. She said she didn't understand before that that's how it felt.

She asks if I have been eating, I tell her yes, and how I went to get empanadas and had static in my ear. She was like, 'empanadas!?!? You can't have fried food." I was like 'it's baked,' as I looked to the ground. She then said the lumps were normal and that it could be several things, my nerves reacting to the transfer, my skin being very sensitive and something else I don't remember. Once I heard normal I was like ok.

I left the office and started walking towards the elevator, I was feeling distressed in someway, I get to the elevator and an old couple tries to speak to me and I'm like no Habla espanol . We get on and it going up, not down. So it goes to all these floors and goes back down. I'm holding on the railing trying to brace myself up, a girl gets on. She says something to me and I say no Habla espanol. Then her and the old couple exchange words. Then she says "are you ok?" I say yes, but I must not have looked it.... I get in the car and ride home. I walk up the stairs and this is the most difficult it had been for my to walk up the stairs the entire time I have been here. I get the the apartment door and I'm struggling to put my keys in. I open the door and wanted to kick off my shoes right there, but pushed myself to make it to the room.

I got to the bed and laid out, I decided that the wrapping of the ace and sweat band was too tight. I quickly redid it and started feeling better. But still needed a nap.

K and the her PYT and daughter came home hours later and her daughter came to check on me. Then K came to inquire how the visit went. I told her and said I wanted to order the ros compolos y pollo I had been crazing since I got to DR. So the arranged the order for me, but they were out of what I wanted so I settled for rice and peas and chicken. I wanted them brown beans and a stewed chicken..... yum yum yum.

So she asked if I was gonna walk to pick it up, I said yes. Threw on my shoes and hobbled out to the living, they saw my walking and said forget it, you don't look so good. ha! So, K's pyt arranged to have a friend pick it up and delivery. He did. It came and smelled soooo good. It was a lot of food. Ask I started eating K was blending a smoothie.

She comes in to see who I like the food. I tells her it's great. She asks me the price, I tell her. She was asking because she will be opening an international cuisine restaurant with her pyt soon. He ain't just pretty, he cooks as well. A few minutes later she comes in with a glass of some of the smoothie and tells me to taste it. I don't even drink smoothies, but obliged because I intend to add that to my lifestyle soon. And way it was good. She told me what was in it and how she added some of the seeds from the papaya because it good for a woman's immune system. So I ate half my food drank almost all of the smoothie and hours later went to bed.

I had found a decent position and was sleeping better at night. No all night, due to my urination marathon but for longer periods and more comfortably. Still sleeping on my sides.

Post op day 6

I'm tryna knock these updates out. I'm stopping at day 8 this is a Full time job. Where's my check?? Lol

So I wake up, feeling better rested . My new system of laying down: my pink pillow upside down with the arms in the air under my pelvic bone and bottom abdomen , folding another pillow under my upper abdomen, this resting my neck on a rolled up towel was the BUSINESS. Wish I had thought of it sooner. I sleep longer that way. I spread my legs and put the weight on my inside thighs and then lay directly on my hips from time to time.

I noticed the pressure on my hips was always lessened by me laying directly on them so I did that. I stopped worrying about flattening them because the time was getting closer for me to leave and I didn't wanna go home like this. Plus their are lots of Bbl/Ba patients who sleep on their butts from day 1 and still have good results so I am focused on being able to stand up straight.

I am walking a little better but still feel the pulling in my hips. It actually makes me lean forward abit. When Dra Baez noticed the day before, she was like '"why you no stand up straight?" I was like I'm not? Hadn't even noticed.... I said because the pain is pulling me. It's more manageable when I stand walk like that. I could force my self to stand straight it didn't really hurt but for some reason my body was natural gravitating toward that position. She said I need to stretch. I also have dark bruises where the hard spots were. I was mad about that like, how y'all show up 6 days later. I usually bruise right away or not at all.

So I'm still out of garment. Ramon comes for my massage. This time he has me stand up with my hands on the wall. He massages my upper obliques, and entire back. He's like "why she no take out the drain. " i was like I don't know. I'm not even draining for real. Then he had me lay down and did my stomach. I told him my Dra said no menthol, hot caliente machines, noooo nooo no and I couldn't buy the menthol cuz my skin was too sensitive. He said "okay, " and shrugged, he did the ultrasound machine and othe vibrating machines. Then the hand massage. Everytime he got to my belly button area and flanks i would kick my feet, clutch the bed and wince in pain. He always go " es nessisito," I'd say yeah, yeah, yeah. But really in my head be thinking. Is it worth it???? I don't have that big relief everyone else talked about and it not moving fluids.... He was done and we discussed my final 2 massages , he said stil no Faja. I was like no. I told him, I was gonna have it it cut and add the fabric to the legs.

He was like oooh. I said 'bueno?' He said "bueno" I said good. He asked if I was gonna do it my self I said no. He motioned his hands like I typewriter (I knew he meant sewing machine ) he said "oh yes bueno." He said I could give it to him and he could have someone do it, I declined cuz I wanted it done by me, so I could wear it that day and wouldn't see him again til the next day. I paid him and he left. I always paid him in pesos. But you could pay in dollars as well.

I lounged around the apt. Did my usual pee marathon. At this point I'm a pro. No funnel needed. Like look ma 'no hands' lol. Read my books. Walked back and forth and. Etc.
So when K and co came home. I asked her to ask her pyt where I could have the faja altered. This time she kissed him before she asked... Then she and I divissed the plan to cut and sew this thing. She pulled out some sewing pins. I showed her where I wanted everything cut and attached.

She cut one legs and opened the inside seems, then pinned the waist part I wanted taken it. The faja, wasn't loose around the waist when I had last worn it but figured it would be soon, so had everything done at once. They went and dropped of the faja to a tailor nearby. She came back and said they would do it and it would cost 300 pesos ( almost $8) I said ok cool. She then said it may take awhile because they don't have electricity. And he would call when it was ready.

The rest of the day was un eventful, from what I remember.

Post op Day 7

Woke up did my usual. Chatted with K and co. Walked around the apt. The pain gets more and more manageable with every night that I lay on my hips so that working for me.

K ask me what time Ramon is supposed to come and i tell her 11 but I actually want her PYT to call him and tell him not to. I didn't want anymore massages. Everyone said massages help so much and make you feel better and that wasn't the case for me. It wasn't helping drain fluids and I didn't feel better afterwards. The areas where the massage was least painful was in the upper abdomen, I had less fat there and it started to heal first and my back. The obliques and lower abdomen were still very tender and swollen and were healing slowest due to the drain. I felt that massages FOR ME were hindering the healing of areas.

I'm mean think about it, pushing and squeezing soft tissue to release fluids that don't exist have to inflame the areas. I'm really good with my body and knowing what it responds to and doesn't and for me massages weren't doing it. And since the necessity of massages and Faja were are greatly debated, I made an executive decision to stop annoying my stomach pronto!

So pyt called and told Ramon, I kind felt bad. Butttttttt my body and health take precedent over anyone's job so, we quit massages.

K came into my room with the altered Faja, and it looked great. I was ready to put it on, but K didn't like that they hadn't over locked (stitched) the bottoms of the legs. So she had her PYT take it back. He did and came back with it and it tried to get it on. K then says, I don't understand how this thing is supposed to fit you..... Lol #lestruggle

Put one leg on, then the other get to the thighs and the struggle begins. So I kneel on the bed, inch up one side then the other. Get to the cup of my butt and just lay down. I need to regroup for this. Wait a few minutes get up and start the pull, shake, shimmy sway stop, sequence. I'm like and this is with 5 inched added. Get it to the butt and pull, tug and breathe. It's over the booty. I lay back down.

Lmao, the new one. I really didn't miss this damn Faja!

Get back up, tuck in the shirt, slowly pull it over the drain parts and clasp and zip this bad ma'am a jamma. I busted a new stitch in the abdomen part pulling this thing over the booty. I look down and realized they stitched the added fabric on the outside of the Faja. I show K, she says they did it like that so it wouldn't leave and imprint on my inner thighs. I tell her it doesn't matter cuz it an under garment.

Chilled in the apt all day, doing the pee pee marathon. I gave in at this point and acknowledged I wouldn't finish all them bottles of water I bought. I came to terms with it. I started with 6 five liter bottles and 1 three liter bottle. I had almost 2 5 liter bottles left.

That evening K, cooked some European food. From scratch, smelled great. She came into my room with a plate and told me to eat it and tell her what I thought. It was mashed potatoes, meatballs and sliced cucumbers. I ate it. And I don't even eat beef, but knew I ran out of iron pills and Dra Baez said my Hemo was 11 post op so I made an except. Plus, it smelled great and it was already in my bed.

I ate read, and slept, kept drinking water through out the night.

Post op Day 8

Woke up, dragging my feet..... Tryna not to get to excited because it's time to go HOME!

I made myself some eggs and toast, packed up my last few things, fixed my hair and got dressed. K said my taxi was here, I requested a wider taxi cuz street taxi and kinda small and I didn't want my hips bouncing around on the whole ride to the airport after seeing Dra. Baez.

So the bell rings, he's here and I'm trying to put on my socks. k asks if I need help I said no. Her pyt takes my suitcase down to the car. Meanwhile I'm sitting on the bed struggling. I had put on my anti embolism stocking and compression sock on one foot and was struggling with the other. K's daughter just stood in the doorway watching. I got the anti embolism sock on the other but couldn't manage the. Compression sock. Finally K comes over and does it for me and takes the other ones I did off and does them again.
I'm like thanks...

I thrown on my sneakers and start walking out. k give me a hug and I give he $40 rolled up. She looks down and goes "what is this?" And I say it's for you. You guys go out on me, I appreciate all your help and every thing else. She tries to give it back to me and I put my hand in the air and walk in reverse towards the door.

I walk down stairs and see her PYT and the taxi driver. The taxi driver had on black slacks, a white shirt and a black tie.... I was like alright, alright now. I said bye to the pyt and get in the back seat and lady down. I tell the driver that we'll make my stop after Dra Baez's office ( I wanted to buy something ) we start driving and realize he doesn't know where I'm going cuz I never told him.... I tell him where I'm going he doesn't really understand me. So he calls someone who speaks English, I tell him and he tells the driver. He drives he gets a little lost, but quickly finds it.

I get to Dra Baez office, walk in. Get on the elevator and start walking down the hall, I'm 10 minutes late. I turn the corner and see Dra. Baez and Dr. Rodriquez walking to her office. I catch up to them, she look at the fact that I'm wearing jeans and ask it they hurt I tell her no. They are a size 10 I'm more of a 4 or so.

We go in her office and I get undressed. She has me lay on the table so she can take out my drain. She says it's gonna hurt a little, I close my eyes and she starts pulling. I'm like ummmmmmmmm, squeezing her arm. It gets to my back and I'm making more noise and squeezing harder. Just before it was over I realized I was squeezing the $$$$h out of her arm as it got to my back. I got spooked I d break her so I let go of her arm and the drain was completely out. It looked gross! And the part that was near my belly button was completely clear and fluid free. It almost looked brand new.

Dra. Baez then stitched up the side drain spot. Helped me stand up and cleaned the spot on my back and put gauze and tape over those 2 areas. I asked her if I need to put a pad there, went to my bag and grabbed one, she looked at it, it was a Tena pad and was like "oh my god this is for period?" Holding it in front of her pelvis. I laughed so hard at her face. I was like nooo. No. Trying to figure out how to explain. I pointed to the word bladder control and said it for pee pee, for la mujares. She was like "ooh, I was gonna say how big is the ladies vagina. " her eyes were so wide it was hilarious.

I went and peed, wiped down and we pulled up the Faja. She said I need to take it in the back. I said how am I gonna pull it over my butt??? She said okay, but it was folding in the back. She gave me my last heparin shot. She then had her husband come in and explain the post op instructions to me.

He asked me why I wasn't sitting, I just looked at him sideways, he had jokes. I asked him what they were doing with the rest of their day. He said discharging a patient and got to see family. He asked if I got all my heparin shots, I told him she just gave me the last one. Dra Baez wrote my letter for wheelchair service in Spanish, I said my good byes and left.

The taxi driver was waiting outside. We got in and went to the store then drove to the airport. He dropped me off at the entrance and I walked to the bathroom, then checked in. I told them I requested wheelchair service online she checked and said ok. So I'm just standing by the counter and the lady is like "ooh you want the service now?" I'm like yeah.... She says walk over there. And points across the room.

I start walking and the girl is wheeling a chair to me. I sit down, she wheels me close to where I started at the counter and parks me there.......
She fills out the customs and immigration forms, we wait a few minutes and she wheels me through the lines and checkpoint and such. You have to get up and walk through the scanner. We pass all those point and I tell her I wanna go to the the duty free shop. We did, I bought some stuff and she wheels me to the gate and parks me next to a row of seats. I slowly get up to lay down, I turn around to look behind me and the girl has already walked off. I was like damn, guess she ain't want a tip. I laid across the seats with something under my neck.

RS etiquette

So I'm laid out on the bench for sometime and decide I'm tired of that so I sit up on my knees. I'm adjusting my bra and trying to put a jack on when I her a voice. all I hear is "what did you have done?" I turn my head there's a woman standing there. I'm like huh? My boobs. She goes " really I thought you got your butt done cuz I saw you laying down.".....

Y'all !
Y'all !

I. Was . Like WTF! So I said no I was elevated on the that, looking at my foam roll and towel. She was like "oh ok, you out here by your self? Who was your doctor? I said Baez. She "said never heard of him, can you look him up on RS? What clinic, Cipla? I'm like ...... What puzzled. Extremely puzzled, I wasn't prepared for this! So I said 'no cirijuano plastica' she says that just means plastic surgery.

Oh well!!!!!!!!!!!

She was like oh, my daughter came out her and got a bbl, at the Cipla she is happy with her results, she went from a size 3 to a size 9, yadda, yadda yadda. I was like oh ok.

Blah, blah blah, she walked away.

I, was seething. For the life of me I couldn't understand why she would think that it cool to walk up to someone in the airport around people and discussed my personal business that is not her business. I didn't mention her eyebrows. They made me MAD too!

So now,I have to sit to prove that I didn't have BBL so this lady doesn't try to play slick and take my picture or something. So I sat with the roll and towel under my thighs. Very uncomfortable and annoyed. And she's on my flight too.

All I could think was her daughter should have told her that RS is for soon to be or aspiring patients not 'yo momma an them!' And to act accordingly.

I was mad, cuz ppl always ask is my hair is real. Weave or no weave, then Dra. Baez asked about the boobs and now this lady and I'm not even home yet!

Good thing boarding started 20 or 30 minutes later.
So young boy came to ask for me, looks me up and down and ask if I need the wheel chair. Tried to get up and struggled cuz there were no arm rests for me to use and wheels me in line. Boarding starts and he leaves to go wheel some one else. Then I see the girl who wheeled me in and I think if she comes and gets me she will get her tip. If she doesn't, I'm keeping these pesos.

She just looked on and someone else came and got me as I was holding up the line. The wheeled to the door then I had to walk. I came home with the pesos!

Bye, bye DR!

On plane

I sat in my seat, still in shock and annoyed and thought about deleting my blog. The lady walked by me after she board, I was like great, no every time I go pee she'll be checking me out.

People need to learn how to respect personal space. Things like these keep ppl from helping the next person along.

This is it for updates with lots of words. I gave y'all all I have. YOU ARE welcome. I am not responding to people interested in telephone conferences! No thanks. People without blogs that want info but won't post any info to help the next or people asking questions answered in monologue of a review !

I may wake up one day and decided to delete all my pics and not post anymore..... As well learned from Donald Sterling and SDQ gate 2014, hoes ain't loyal and do not have common sense

Kisses ??

14 days post op

Hey ladies, I did the previous posts in chronological order to minimize confusion. But realize some people didn't get that.

I really didn't realize how strong I was until I got home. being in DR was surreal for me. It's like I knew it was me, but felt like it was too stealth to be me. Everyone in DR kept telling how strong I was, I didn't feel strong. I just felt like I was doing what I had too. But coming back home and analyzing how risky and ballsy that was, I'm feeling like a real bad ass!

P.S. About these typos..... My publicist didn't have time for RS. Kidding guys, but that damn mini series was too much to scroll through with my thumb to correct. But felt you guys may find the info useful because no one gave details on recovery. It's the hardest and most underrated part.

So I've been home for a few days. I have realized that the reason they recommend you stay in DR 10-14 days because it is genuinely at that time when you are feeling closest to normal.

So everyday things get better, my biggest issue was the discomfort/pain/ pulling sensation in my hips. Everyday it subsides more and is mostly gone, every so often it resurfaces for a few minutes.

Right now, I feel like my hips are too wide but every one says the hips loose the most volume, so we will see. The verdict isn't completely out on the booty.... It's playing peak a boo, I'm not obsessing over it just giving it time to shape, settle and fluff. Plan to start working out this coming week, mostly upper body.

In other news, my sister randomly popped up today and I had on yoga pants and an undershirt. Not the bag close I intended on wearing around people. And she blurts out, "where you getting all this booty from? You got a Brazilian butt lift?" ' I was like what is that?' She said " people go to NYC, DR and Brazil and get silicone injected into the butts... I was like "whaaaaaaaat? How you know? You were looking into it?" And kept it moving. My butt doesn't even look that big for all that! So I think.

Looking forward to watching this thing evolve.

Shout outs.

I needed to dedicate a special post to my RS sister. I think people miss understand the purpose of RS. My interpretation is it is to be an outlet for women seeking information on elective procedures, to prepare them and aid them through their personal journeys.

I have had the PLEASURE of chatting with several women in various stages of their journey, and I appreciate every minute of the time and energy they took to inform, converse, ease, just haha keke with me.

Symphonic- saved me from performing a late night kitchen fat transfer extraction from my hips.... She had they same issue and told me it was normal.

NikkiBunz- my first RS homie and soon to be the godmother of my Bbl baby. I'm gonna name it BaezBunz, in honor of the two. (Knock on wood, I'm just joking. No thank you on a fetus right now)

Nellyjelly. BorikenBeauty. ThatSexychick22. Givemekakez.
Bluesexxy. LalaNy- I don't know where she went.

And anyone I can't remember right now. I appreciate you!

Butt out

For those of you who have cut the butt out of your stage 2 or other garment. Have any of you cut out the g string/ thong part?
I cut the butt out of mine and left that piece, but it keeps pulling the scab of my incision and it just uncomfortable. I want it cut it off as well but am afraid it will no longer give me the compression.....

Has anyone done this?

3 weeks post op

So Im three weeks post op today..... !!!! The recovery process gets better and better everday, with exception for this damn Faja. Which I have not really been wearing. The thong piece on my stage 2 Faja kept aggravating my incision and peeling the scab off, so I decided to stop wearing it until it heals more. which means my stomach looks a little bigger than it is.

So 2 nights ago, I decided to wrap my arnica and natural coated stomach with saran wrap. I cut out a whole where the drain exit wound is, so it could remain dry and continue to heal. Then I put on my ab board and back foam and went to sleep. Half way through the night I kept trying to find a way to scratch my back and stomach. I wanted to take everything off, but thought it must be working and I really didn't want to get out of bed.

When I woke up in the morning and took the wrap off, my stomach was noticeable smaller and the line in the middle was defined. I was like yessss! so I put the board and foam back on, somewhere during the day, I felt something near the drain exit wound. when I checked it, the shirt, foam or Faja, had half pulled the scab....... SO now Im monitoring it to make sure it doesn't get infected. Im soooooo ready to work on having my skin, it normal color again. But now I have to wait until a new scab forms. All the other areas have scabbed over and fallen open, so I am working or treating the scars.

As for the hips, im person the are soooooo much more noticeable than in pics. For my booty, I want more projection. I don't think its booty greed, it think that I always wanted more projection. and with 1400 cc's I hoped that I would have it. But we will see what the fluffington brings and if squats give me what I need.

I went to the gym this week. Did a light baby workout.... Nothing to phone home about. I was working out with my friend and kept looking at her like damn, she got some good donor fat! Should taken her to DR.


Most people said, when you wake up you feel like a truck ran over you and you are carry bricks in your butt.


My back didn't hurt, my stomach didn't hurt, my butt didn't feel like bricks. My legs felt heavy.
The worst part of recovery, was my hip pain, pulling sensation, the faja and the drain.
The Faja and the drain were like, the devil during the zombie apocalypse, high on bath salts chasing you through the gates of hell with a glass of water saying "Im here to help you!'

The blue sweat band eliminated the drain pain, until it was massage or removal time.

Gringo pricing

So in our daily Spanglish convos Ramon would give me the Tea. So one day he was asking me how much my surgery was. Which I hate when ppl do?! Please don't check my coins, I did not borrow them from you! So I made up a number.

So I asked him how much other doctors charge. He said oooh Doc Cabral novcincuenta mil (or something like that...) all I remember is his eyes bugged out of his head. And I said that's too much? He said ahhhhh, and kept going then he was naming other doctors and saying prices. He was saying they get a lot of people from America who come to get surgery.

So I said well how much do Dominicans pay, first he said a lot of Dominicans don't get plastic surgery because they can't afford it. I believe that because I did not see loads of women with snatched waists and banging booties. But he made it clear that Dominicans get a lower price than foreigners get quoted.

Before going to DR, I read another RS members blog and she was saying the same thing. That "gringo" pricing is real and that all the doctors charge foreigners more than they charge locals. She said all except Cabral, and that his price was the same regardless of where the patient is from.

They way Ramon's eyes bugged out of his head though, it was clear that the rates we get would be astronomical to a Dominican considering plastic surgery. Bit considering the rates here and in other countries, it still think the DR rates are reasonable, but it is annoying feeling like you got, got.
I think DR. Baez rate is still on the lower side of the quotes that most get from DR. But...

A case of the ex

So the other night I saw my ex. The one I saw a few months ago but didn't get out of the car for because I didn't want him to see my but.....

Yeah so, we made plans and met up. I drove, so when I finally get out of the car I was expecting some kind of comment. Crickets I'm like okay, maybe he's tryna be discreet cuz he knows he on thin ice. So we go to a lounge, have a couple drinks and then I'm like I'm ready to go.

The whole time we are at the lounge, he is on my heels. When it was time to get checked by security he was standing so close to me that I had to push him over to his side. If we were walking and I took a step forward, then a step back I would step on him. Now that was unusual for him so I'm like maybe he's playing close cuz of the booty.

So after we leave, I was expecting to drop him off and keep it moving. We get to the car and he's standing by the door talking. It's 3 something in the am... After a while I'm like get in your driving. This fool starts driving after 20 minutes or so, I realize he is driving around his neighborhood not driving himself home.

So then he's like wanna go eat? It's 4:30. I'm like ok.... At this point I'm like boy really don't want me to go home huh. Se get to the dinner I get out and he scurries over to help he step over the tire guard on the floor in the lot. I'm dude, I'm not drunk I can walk. He holds my by the elbow going up and down the dinner stairs. At some point, I sit next to him to lean my head on his shoulder and he's rubbing my back and waist.

So he finally drops himself off after the sun comes up and he parks and sits in the car and keeps talking to me. Mind you he has to work in 5 hours. So I'm like dude, I'm getting sleepy. I wasn't but..... All this talking can be done over the phone. It's 5 am.

So he like, ok, ok. I'll let you go. I get out to get in the driver seat. He keeps talking to me, and hugging me and wrapping his arms in my jacket, around my waist. So I'm like how many hugs you gonna give me???? He like, cuz I don't know when I'm a see you again. Blahhhhhhh

So one last hug, then he goes in the house and I drive off.
I had on a body con dress with a skirt underneath for additional length and a light jacket I took off all night and noooooo comments bout the booty! None. He hasn't seen a shadow, glimpse or scent of my figure in 5 years!

Not even a damn you getting thick!? This thang ain't big enough. What's a girl to do? I'm bought to gain some weight. And muscle mass. This shit crazy. If I told him the truth he wouldn't believe me cuz I was about this size, not as wide when we were together.

Booty need!

Am I bugging???

Who stole the booty?

My girl symphonic and I are playing who stole the bbl? So she asked for specific pics.... I can't find the measuring tape but, when I woke up from sx and did my squirrel crawl I measured 40.5 but I'm not sure where I was placing the tape.... Then days 2-8 post op I measured 42 or 42.5
Days 10-14 I measured 41 or 41.5. I think I'm currently 40.5 but that's a guestimate.

But I wanna say, I do acknowledge that my butt is wider and a little fuller but it just isnt much. If I told someone I had surgery they would probably laugh, cuz this ain't a surgery booty.

And I'm almost 4 weeks post op and still have dark bruises.... Anyone else? I'm feeling some kinda way. And my abdomen is Tri colored, I'm feeling like Toni the Tiger but not so greeeeeat!

And guess who broke a mirror in commission of these who stole the booty pics????

That's right! I did. Smh, I hope that doesn't mean 7 more days, months or weeks of booty greed!

Already thinking about round 2 but I told DR.baez to suck out all the fat and I'm pretty sure she did. When I woke up in recovery, I asked Dra. Baez how much, she said 1300cc's per cheek and 400ccs per hip.
When I came home I asked again, and was told 1400ccs per cheek and 300 CC's per hip. Either way 1700 CC's per side. I don't know if my body absorbed the fat, even though it was thriving in it original location or if it was a harvesting or technique issue"

my interent is playing games...

The pics didn't upload.

Is it the season

I feel like every other update I read is of someone who is not not happy with their results. Are we all being unreal with our expectations, too hard on ourselves or did we all go at the wrong time of year. I reading blogs of women from The west coast. Fl. DR. TX and the likes all saying they didn't get what they expected or wanted.... What gives?

Need tips...

Anyone have any tips on how to get rid of bruises from the fat transfer???? Not scars. I have bruises on the sides of my hips and cheeks that just won't go away! I'm 1 month post op today..... They shouldn't be here. I have nearly finished a 250 count bottle of arnica, took bromelain for a few days, rubbed, Shea, castor, vitamin e, coconut oil and bacitracin on them and, they will not be moved. Anyone have any other tips. The look the same as in the last post pics. Not cute and they are a TELL.


Round 2

At this point, it's pretty clear I need a round 2. Not a revision but a full fledged round 2.

I like the work of Dr. Cortez , Dr. fisher ( the vanity drama is a deterrent) and Dr. cabral. I was scared of all those damn burns and infections.... But I want this to be a last round so.... I'm not against going to DR again. I'm thinking winter 2014/2015. No amount of fluffing will help.

My butt looks barely there in jeans and some leggings.

I'll update with pics later this week. Kinda bummed but not depressed. It is what it is!


Does anyone have the details on the Cabral patient that just died???? Or know where it can be found? I just read it on another blog but there were no details or information.... It just said someone died.

My sincerest condolences to her and her family, I hope that he spirit finds peace.

Feeling some kinda way

So I finally sent Dr. Baez some pics and told her that I think my butt is small.

She got back to me saying, that they used all the fat they could and that I did not have a lot fat. She also said my post op pics showed that my body was changed post up and through the time I was in DR and that maybe I had lost weight and that would not allow my fat to settle and multiple. She also said that I am still swollen and that I should give it more time. She then sent me 1 pic she took pre op and 2 pics she took post op and 1 I had sent with request for my quote.

So here is my take.
This is why I was so on the fence on whether or not to gain weight, how much weight to gain, yadda, yadda yadda.

When you look at my pre op pics and then post op pics you see that I got more lipo on my lower back and flanks. You can also tell that the fat lipoed was added during the time I gained the weight for the BBL. New fat, not the old fat that I had been carrying around for the last 15years..... Wouldn't that fat be less stable (stubborn) ... More likely to be re absorbed? These are my thoughts.

Plus I weighed my self for the first time last week, and the scale read heavier than my weight on the day of surgery. 1 month post op.... I was surprised but not tripping. I have dimples all up my butt and the back of my thighs, you can't really see in pics and I have left over fat in my upper back (a lot) and parts of my stomach.

Before you say, it too early. That's swelling yadda yadda yadda, I know my body, I have had it a few decades now.... There a good amount of fat in my upper back. Fist fulls.

When I was in DR, I was heavy! I could feel it. Like real, real heavy. I'm thinking I was like 170ish.... I felt like a truck, my thighs were serious. I kinda liked it.

That's nearly 20lbs in swelling, bloat and what ever fluids are mixed to harvest the fat and pull out the fat during lipo....
So obviously, I look completely smaller, but it's not from all over my body mostly my butt which sucks. I haven't really had serious or noticeable swelling. Just a little here and there.

I have new pics for y'all and info on issues I ran into during recovery but I can't do that now so I'll be back soon.

5 .5 week update

This blog is a full time job! And I feel like I talk to much

First let me say what Im happy about. My butt IS bigger. Im glad, my butt isn't lumpy or has hard spots, isn't lopsided, my shape is relatively the same as before which it what I wanted. Im not wide! Im happy I have NOT had any seromas (fluid build up), infections or serious edemas. And I have only had minimal swelling.

So I have basically been in and out of FAJA since post op day 3 for various reasons. The recent one was the drain exit wound. The Faja was rubbing in and causing the scab to pull and bleed. Basically delay healing. My crack incision had that problem too.. So I stopped wearing the Faja to speed up the healing process. The placement of my drain exit wound was not in a good spot for my body. Its just above my right hip. If I moved, stretched or leaned too much or abruptly it would pull the wound. You can feel you skin pulling. One day the Faja, foam and etc caused the scab to pull and bleed. If I layed on my side, which I have been doing since week 1(alternating), it would bleed. So I researched. Some said Cover it. Some said leave it open. When I cover it, I would see yellow on the bandaid. Got scared of infection so I quit that. So I stopped wearing the faja. At one point the cab was just kinda dangling and bleeding alittle, so I decided to cut it off. I started cutting to realize that the scab had adhered to my stitch and skin. So I cut both, cleaned the site then covered the wound in anti bacterial ointments.
The first day it still bled a little, then stopped and healed over, with a clear yellowish/pinkish scab. Not a brown traditional scab. That was the one giving problems. Now the site is turning dark brown and healing rather well. THANKFULLY

So about 80% of my stitches were spitting. That's when they are not dissolving but instead sticking out of your body..... (Very Common) Iv have been cutting an monitoring stitches since I got home. 1 under my left breast I had pull out the stitch and the knot and cut. Because if the stitch sticks out a little the opening doesn't closed completely and it would fully heal. and my bra was rubbing it and constantly annoying me, so I didn't even give that one time to see what it would do. The ones on my back were difficult to manage , especially the bra line incisions because they were place well (in my opinion).

While in DR. K told me to get lymphatic drain massages when I return to the states. I said that's what Ramon does and she said "noooooo that a ultra sound massage." which is absolutely right. In DR and US people do ultra sound massages, then hand massages to drain your lymphatic system. But there are actual lymphatic Drain massages that are different. There is not manual/hand manipulation of you tender sensitive parts. So when I got home I researched them and couldn't find any, all the info I have is for hand and other machine massages. So I haven't had any massages since I have been home. But I don't really experience noticeable swelling or any fluid build up. I do, do my own bootleg treatments every now and again.

Burning sensation:
My obliques, ribs were burning for like 2 days. It was a constant sore sensation. Oneday I would rub oils on it the next, icy hot and wrap it with either saran wrap or an ace bandages.... Haven't had that sensation in while hope it stays that way.

Other than those things which I thought were par for the course I feel like recovery has been a breeze. Ha! For real though. I feel like I have been doing well. The worse part was the burning in my hips the first too weeks, I was scared of fat neurosis, and having permanent hard lumps or craters in my sides.... GLAD that wasn't the case.

Here's is my position. When I woke up post op and Dr. Baez Came first thing I asked her was it going to do down' She said " Just alittle." I said cool. She said, its BIG!
Then she took the pics. When I saw them I was like OMG Its HUGE! LOL. You can not tell how big your post op booty is from trying to turn around and look at it. You cant tell from touching, none of that. So the first week I was in DR, I wasn't looking at it For real. Nor was I trying on clothes. I was concerned with the pain and my ability to walk like normal. I knew I was working with a lot because I was bumping into stuff, wide as all hell.....
Then Ramon took pics of me and I thought I looked small, no projection....
Then I went and saw my DRA. and she took pics and the booty was round and juicy... Dra. Baez is a PRO with the pics, Believe me! She takes before and after pics like the commericals, she knows which angles and all that. So any time I saw her and she took pics I was like, its still there. Im good!

The day I got home, I was supposed to sleep but instead ransacked the wardrobe. I was amazed! Some stuff didn't fit. Other things I knew I couldn't wear out the house cuz somebody was gonna touch me. And I was gonna have to swift kick them to the neck, I don't play that. The ass is MIne, for me. to do with it what I please. I was like DAMNNNNNNN its gonna be a hot summer honey! then I calmed my ass down and went to sleep.

I picked 1 skirt to try on daily so I could monitor my bodies changes. By the end of the week I was like wait a minute NOW! whats going on here. Im not liking this.... That's when I hit RS. It started looking like a Duncan hines cake. I wanted a CAKE Boss cake!

I then decided to feed the booty. Exactly that, cakes, fried chicken, ice cream cookies, milk, lots of milk. I was just eating, not massive amounts but consistently. Giving the fat some friends to play with... You know a welcoming home party for the booty, with all the fixings. I did a little squat here and there. 10-20 lunges..... No real working out..... Weeks later Its still a baby booty. and the fact that it looks flat and barely there in jeans, pants is what annoys me. In tight, tight, tight dresses and pencil skirts she is ever present. But I cant wear that all the time. It just not my style. I want to have a booty in anything I have on.

Now everybody what to say you are still swelling, that would be lipo areas, not the cheeks! If they are still swollen, once the swelling subsides than I will have nothing left...

I realize no person, doctor, post op, pre op patient can tell you it will be actually be this_ _ _ _But I asked her how much will I lose, she said a little. In my head Im like she should know, She's the expert. May be when she cut me open, she noticed something about my fat cells that said my retention rate should be _ _ _ _. I take her word at a higher rate than anyone else because she is my doctor and she actually worked on me, so she should know a little more about my body than anyone else. Right? Right! Hence why Im like where the booty at.

When you are pre op, its very easy to say X Y Z..... When you are on the other side, its a whole another ball game! Believe me.

Im not depressed, I cant even say Im disappointed... Im just like I need just a little more.

I think Dra. Baez is a great, passionate and skilled doctor. And that should not be taken a way from! But because I have seen multiple reviews and read recent PM's of volume loss complaints (one woman said her butt went down its only 46 inches..... Im like what? Im clinging on to my 40.5 inch and you complaining ? LOL, I kid), I think there maybe areas in her fat harvesting and transfer techniques that could be improved for an higher retention amount. I don't think its booty greed.

That's it and that all!

What's this?

I know you all are gonna say, it's swelling.....

I know the difference.

Pre op pics

So I asked Dra. Baez for the rest of my pre op pics. Cuz the one she sent the other day made me look like Princess Fiona from Shrek! I wasn't feeling it! So here they are.

Shout out to Dra. Baez for initially send me the worst one. I see you boo! #SheTriedIt!

What's that noise?!

Hey guys it's been forever and a day. I have been updating for the last week but in my head as a posed to on here.

You never realize how revealing your clothes are until you are tryna hide your figure. The struggle is real!

Idk where to start.
So I'm 8 weeks post op now. Healing fine, with exception for the fact that I'm still bruised. Not the incision sites, not the lipo areas but on the sides of my cheeks from the fat transfer.... So it's looking like a bikini free summer for me! I haven't seen anyone else with post op bruising 8 weeks out, it's so annoying. At this point I'm thinking by end of summer my skin should like like the rest of my body.

My insicion scars are doing well. The one under my boobs are almost completely faded, as well as one on my back and lower abdomen. All the others are dark, but I'm working on them.

Started weaing my stage 2 Faja, a few weeks ago. I cut the butt out when I first came back from DR because I was scared of the compression. Once I started wearing it again, and with maxi dresses I would always hear a swish swash noise. Like I had on wind breakers.... Well it's the sound of my inner thighs rubbing together! They always have. They tear whole in my jeans. It's quite sad! But atleast I have 1 area of lipo for my possible Rd2. I had taken in my faja my self. It worked well for a week and the the bottom stitches came out.

Now that the swelling in my hips is gonna, my waist isn't as small as I once thought it was. That swelling boy, will have you all kinds of decieved. Now my stomach is a little smaller that pre op. I'm pretty sure I have left over fat in the bottom of my stomach and upper and mid back....

My butt look much bigger when I wear the Faja. It's like sausage casing. Your thighs and booty fat are stuffed in and the excess spews out of the cut out make the booty look meatier. It's so much more noticeable. If my butt look like this out of the Faja, I would hold off on thoughts of a rd2 til after I had kids...

So one day i decided to walk to the post office and not drive. I had on the yoga pants, with a long snug fit shirt. Lawd , corn balls were following me left and right. At one point I walk past a barber shop and some guy come out and starts yelling for me. I kept walking, the 2 young, flat assed but cute teensiest boppers stopped and turned around for him. He was like now you, then one pointed to her friend. He was like not her.... By that time I was far enough away and cracking up. So when I come out of the post office, I crossed the street and walked on the other side. I get just past the barber shop and hear "why you cross the street!" I was snickering so hard on my no Habla Englas stride.

Then I saw family, I hadn't seen in a while and I had on some straight cut cotton pants like the green ones picture. Omg, as soon as I got out the car, she was like omg your butt getting so big. Later in the day we were so where else and she was behind me poking me and saying I can't believe your butt is getting so big. I just acted like it was nothing.

But that's exactly how I feel. Like my butt, looks like it's getting big. Not that it is big.... I'm gonna try to keep wearing the faja and letting ppl see my butt every now and then so if I do get rd 2 it will just appear that it had been getting big for the last year....

Booty on blast.

After my last post I went out and decided to wear shorts and my faja couldn't be concealed under them so I went without. I had on a long shirt that was covering my butt, but as usual without the faja my butt looked barely there.

So I was all kinds of annoyed and feeling like I wasted all this time and put my body through so much, to barely have a booty. I was really annoyed with it. So the next day I wore one of my go to pencil skirts with Faja to restore my sexy and make myself feel better.

So I went shopping... This is the first time I have gone shopping since sx. In one dress my shoulders looked so bulky and wide I felt like a line backer. Then I tried on this pencil skirt that smushed my butt and showed how much hips I still don't have. Then I tried on a mini bandage skirt that the sales associate picked out for me. OMG I looked so boxy and then narrow from the knees done I was like wtf? I went into my friends dressing room and she was like it cuz your waist is so small. Whatever it was I looked awful. I ended up leaving without buying anything and feeling like I may have body dis morphia!

I was pretty sad the rest of the week. So I made sure to wear things that made my shape look great, but I still couldn't knock the feeling of how bad I looked on those other days. It was really the worst I had felt this far! I was really all in thoughts about my body.

So my friend had a party and I wore this dress that I already had, but had never worn. It is a knee length body con dress, and huntttttttty I looked Fabulous! I was felling myself, I was well put together! From head to toe and loving it. When I get to the entrance of the venue, I see one of the security guards stare at my butt and then walk of to a hostess speaking dominican. Yes that's right, I said dominican. I was like oh shoot is he telling her I got my butt done? Can he see my faja? It was hilarious. He was clearly pointing and talking though.

So I was walking around and ppl keep talking to me. Complementing me, yadda, yadda yadda. I love the way my butt looked with the faja in the outfit. This is exactly what I was expecting. Too bad it doesn't look like this with the Faja off! I would not consider round 2 if it did.

11 weeks Post op

So I'm 11 weeks post op. No changes. Still feel like I have a baby booty. And people keep saying I'm getting a booty.... Who has surgery to look like they are getting a booty... Not I said the angry cat.

Guys are still acting a fool in the street but they were doing that before, but instead of 1 homeless, alcoholic, un datable man it's 5 or 6 in a row at the same time. I'm a have to get some mace!

So here's some advice for newbies or women starting this journey.

Don't let anyone influence they doctor you choose to perform your surgery. No one can guarantee results, not even the doctor. From person to person results could be the same or greatly differently. You don't want to be angry post op because you choose a doctor because of what someone else said and your not happy with your results.
Go with you instincts, and verifiable results. If you are not sure wait, recovery is long and hard.
You can still change your mind on the day of surgery!

If going to DR
Don't go with a chip on your shoulder, it brings bad karma and you will guarantee an issue with one thing or another.

Don't take to much stuff. I had drains, they never leaked. I never had blood on my Faja. I have 30 chuxs that I didn't even really need.

Buy ace bandages, let your doctor wrap your abdomen with them. If they wrap you too tight, take them off.

Pay attention to signs of distress from your body, diahree, fever, discoloration of finger nails, signs of infection, excessive headaches, discomfort. When in doubt call the doctor or show up in their office.

If your doctor uses drains, buy the abdominal sweat band. The Velcro kind, the help with shock from the drain and makes it easier for your to get in and out of bed, plus they help the body release fluids.

And get the cream, in the picture. It helps stop faja burns and protects against infection.

Good luck dolls.
Be fabulous, healthy and safe

3 month post op

So I am roughly 12 weeks post op 1 day shy of 3 months....
And I still haven't rated my surgery. I honestly don't know what to say. I think Dra. Baez is a great doctor, but there are obviously issues with her fat transfer and lipo technique. There are several, several Baez dolls that have experienced volume loss, (not the usual amounts) and it has to be attributed to technique. Im not taking about women with massive booties, that just have booty greedy, but women with ok booties.

That's honestly not what I was expecting. And did not want to do rd2, but I feel I have too. because my butt looks good with a Faja on and alright without. and I don't wanna wear Faja for the rest of my life just to feel sexy in SOME outfits. That was not the point of having a permanent surgery. Plus, I have lots of left over fat which really, really irritates me. Because ppl wanted to say your so small, you don't have a lot of fat. Then WHY is there fat left over? PLUS YOU MADE ME GAIN WEIGHT FOR THE BBL. It should have been sucked out and transferred to my butt so I wouldn't have to consider rd2. I still weigh the same amount as the day of sx. So what gives?

Some people have said they think doctors do this to make you come back for more work. I cant say that, that's what happened because Id like to believe Dra. Baez is better than that. But when your on RS long enough, there starts to be some truth to it.... Some days Im mad at my self for not making that last minute switch and other days I say its par for the course because it seems like almost everyone goes for rd2, but most of them have way bigger booties than me. So I feel like I am in need.

The silver lining is, if/when I have rd2, it will just look like my butt has been gradually getting bigger over that last few years, instead an instant change.

So Ladies...... Should I rate the surgery as NOT WORTH it or leave it as UNSURE?

Current measurements

Bust 37
Underbust 30.5
Waist:Belly Button 28.5
Waist:Bellow Belly Button 30.5
Hips 40 (was 42/ 42.5 Post op)

Memory lane

For the last few weeks I having been thinking about when I was 2-4 weeks post op. Thick in the thighs, fuller in the cheeks and had the right amount of hips. When I would walk I would feel weight in my butt and in the thighs. Feeling slim thick ya know and digging it. Plus I was still thinking the fluffing might come and I would be rounder, fuller. I miss days.

But honestly even during those days, I thought I was alittle smaller than expected. But now, I'm smaller than that. Shout out to all my post op dolls that feel in love with their swelling.

When your post op, there's no way to tell what is swelling and what I'd new booty or what will reabsorb. So it's kinda easy to get you feelings hurt.

Now I'm like I should have dressed up more, and went out more during my earlier post op days and showed off the inflated tail.! Lol


So a couple of weeks ago I went shopping again, and everything still looked strange on me. I looked top heavy, hip less and just strange in everything I tried on. But my boobs looked great. They have been looking fabulous the last few weeks. And the have gotten fuller. I measured and the are actually bigger it crazy, cuz I have always had nice perky boobies, from constant bra wear. ( gravity is against us) so I bought nothing. When walking back to the car, my friend goes, why yo swooshing? I was like swooshing? She was like yeah, the. It dawned on me. It was the sound of the Faja on my inner thighs rubbing together when I walk.... I warned y'all bout that months ago. I just brushed it off.

So yesterday we went shopping again. She wanted me to try on the clothes in the same dressing room as her. But I couldn't because I had my Faja on and my surgery is still a secret. ( I'm so happy I decided not to tell anyone, soooo happy)

So here are pics of the things I hated.


So guess who still has bruising in the fat transfer areas....... Yay! Me.... Sike. I don't know what caused it. It could be a number of things.

I read that excess collagen in the body and cause prolonged scarring or bruising and I did start collegan supplements immediately post op.

Another vet, said she thought it may be Hemosiderin staining. I looked it up and couldn't find any cases that looked like mine and were in similar areas. So I can't say that's certainly it.

Either way I'm over it... So I am going to start using lightening creams on the area to see how that works. I'm going to keep a video log of it. So here is my starting point. I haven't seen anyone else on RS with this issue so, may it will help someone in the future.

P.s. My stomach.... I just ate an hour ago. But it still isn't as small as it should be for a smaller girl who recently had lipo.... #lesigh

Scar Vlog

I've also decided to start bleaching my incision scars. One on my back is very faint and the ones under my boobs are small and faint as well. So they need the least amount of treatments the others are dark. So here is my starting point.

Faja Magic...

So here are videos of the booty in 3d, I got a couple comment saying that it looks great. I still think its a baby/budding booty. I say after surgery, you should at least be able to completely fill out some jeans. COMPLETELY..... I am certainly wider, just a little and a little fuller but not what I was expecting.


Lemme put my expectations into perspective. So this pic is of my pre op "suited up" booty. I figured if I could make my butt look like this myself, than surgery would yield me similar or better results.....


I don't understand people. I have come to realize that people like to think their insecurities are other peoples insecurities. Now I spoke about being upset about my results after a few shopping trips and being sad and what not. That did not/ does not mean that I am sad all the time or hate my body and have a negative self image of myself. It just means on that day at that time I felt some kind of way. I do not harbor negative thoughts about myself on a daily basis. With exception of feeling my butt is too small.

That to me is not negative, it is just the truth. My ass is small, it was small before surgery and is smedium after. I am in no way devastated by my results. I said on several occasions that I am HAPPY with the shape of my butt, the fact I had no infections, seromas or other major complications. Although having a shrinking ass could be perceived as a major complication......!

So when I get comments saying " I NEED TO APPRECIATE MY BODY" I feel some kind of way. It's been happening for months. Let's be clear, I have had this body for several decades and it is the way it is because of the way I take care of it. I don't eat twinkies, ho oh, and crumb cakes, drink soda, smoke cigarettes, weed, wear bras 24/7, thoroughly exfoliate and moisturize daily sometimes excessively FOR A REASON. I WANT MY BODY TO LOOK THE WAY IT DOES. I mean really.

I find it annoying, rude and pretentious for people I don't know, never communicated with before who probably haven't read my entire blog to come on here and assume that I don't appreciate my body. Being unhappy with a certain part or feature, is not ungratefulness. It's just being unhappy with that particular part. It's allowed, human and recommended. There are billions of women who need to take a second glance at their appearance and consider making a change. (Not necessarily surgery) Starting off with all those who wanna tell people, what to do with their bodies, what doctor to go to, how big their butt or boobs should be, wether their hair should be relaxed or natural, weave, no weave. Your energy is better spent elsewhere.

Please have a seat.

bleaching update

Here's he update on the bleaching and I've noticed when I'm holding the camera my butt looks way bigger and juicier than when it's stationary.

Bonus info

Okay ladies. I think my time here is up. I doubt my results will change any, so I cant really see what I have left to post about. So I think Im going into Lurk Mode... and respond to questions and dm from people.

Ab board video: I previously post about the ab board I made, but never told you guys if it worked.... So here it is. it did. The white one is the 1st one I made, the black is the second its shorter and does not have the foam. Both held up and didn't break. Both molded to the shape of my abdomen. the black one is firmer with out the foam. I think the boards help me have no issues with swelling.

Fat or extra Skin video: Some one asked if its fat or extra skin. Im pretty sure it fat, but look for yourself. I think there maybe a little swelling in the center of my stomach. I honestly didn't realize how much left over fat it was until this video... Before you say, I gained weight, the story is supposed to be you gain weight in NON LIPO areas.....

But before I go.... Here's some bonus info and ratchetry for you guys.

Dueces dolls

Be Fabulous, Safe, Healthy and Happy!


I hate people! RflmSmediumAo #fixit


I'm no mathematician!
500ml =500 CC's = 16 fl oz= app 1 pound
There's no reason why any person 5 lbs or more overweight can't get a respectable BBL. EXCEPT...

Now calculate gain 10 pounds = 5000ccs
Not all of it will be usable fat but its more than enough to work with.

Then add any fat you had before gaining weight.

The only reason a doctor could say that you don't have enough fat after you've gained weight for a BBL is because of there technique. THIS ISNT EVEN ABOUT MY RESULTS.

Bruising update and scar tissue

So I know I said my good byes but my recovery isn't over yet. I started this blog and im sorta committed to doing it right.

So what's a scar and bruise vlog with out updates? They are late, but better late than never.

And there's a lot of never on RS!

So after my incision site video, I got a comment from PhattyComeSoon saying she thought that incision site were keloids. I told her I didn't think so because when I wear the Faja they are more flat. None the less it made me nervous. I was like there is NOOOOOO way I can handle a SMedium Booty AND keloids! I just cant do it! So I decided I would call my dermatologist and see about a cortisone shot. Before I made the appointment I decided to consult with my best friend GOOGLE. After 20 hours of quality google made it clear that my scar a hypertrophic.

Hypertrophic scars are keloids are very similar, in disposition formation and appereance. EXCEPT keloids grow and expand beyond the boundaries of the incisions and hypertrophic scars do not. Hypertrophic scars for within the boundaries of the incision and shrink over time. Both have similar treatments, silicone sheets can be used to treat both. However as I previously stated, my drain exit wound is my biggest hypertrophic scar and the placement is BAD. Therefore, I do not think the silicone sheet will stay on.

Once you incision site heal, and close. Massage them to keep scar tissue from forming. That was NOT included in my post op instructions.

Then I decided to consult my PM board (which consists of other Baez post op patients that do not post on their blogs) Everyone I have asked said their incisions look exactly the same. 1 said she thinks hers are keloids, another said one of hers was Much worse than mine (not gonna tell her story, not my place)....

So I have decided to massage the sites with Jamaican Black Castor oil and massage the site with a hard massager to help break up the scar tissue. So far the incision near my left bikini line has gotten smaller. Im gonna keep monitoring my drain exit wound, with measurements and if I don't like the progress to the DERM I go.

Worst Case scenario, I need a scar revision. It looks like a bullet wound. Im not living with that forever.

I am also doing heating pad treatment on my stomach to break up scar tissue around my belly button.

I also want to point out that POST OP instructions would be more useful is typed up and printed out, emailed, tweeted anything except verbally given at your last visit. ITS inefficient. Nonetheless, I was never told to massage incisions, blow dry them yes, not no massage.

So in the PM Board (I like nick names) lol..... There are 4 Baez patients who had surgery between March and May 2014 who are all probably getting Rd2 Plus 1 Baez post op patient that is NOT in the PM board and me. 6 women total. Planning rd 2 because they feel there wasn't that much improvement after all the swelling disappeared or they lost volume......

Do with, what you may....

Hey guys

So I found some jeans at my moms house from HIGH SCHOOL! And they fit!!!!!!! Ain't that bout a b? Well they fit, and from what I rememeber the exact same way as they fit now. I remember them to have room in them and they still do. Almost 5 month PO. Jeans from over a decade ago..... I did run track in high school so my butt was higher and rounder then, than before surgery. But after surgery I feel like I should fill these jeans out completely! On the upside, they are really thick and camouflage the legs of the Faja very well.

On another note, I went to an event. And I saw the mother of an up and coming artist. This woman has to be 40 something maybe even 50 years old and she looked amazingington! I was staring and drolling and following her with my eyes all around the room. And to be Be even more of a creep I had to get pictures for y'all as I sat there thinking about how sad it is for me to salivating over a middle aged woman's booty! When I just had surgery for a booty.......... LET THERE BE LIGHT! I couldn't help it though. It wasnt even just her booty, her whole body was on point. She was toned and trim and the only fat she had was in the cheeks. I was like dayyyyyyum.

And that's EXACTLY what I wanted, a natural amazing ass. So I'm mad. I don't think it was worth having surgery and recovering from surgery for these wack ass (pun intended) results. I wish I would have switched doctors, like I was thinking.

5 months Post Op

So about two weeks ago I noticed my butt started hurting feeling sensitive in some spots. If Im laying on my back with my knees up, the rounded out part of my cheeks feels some kinda way. Its strange..... I was hoping it was fluffing. But Ive given up on that.... Maybe it one of those things were when it starts getting cold you feel aches and pains. IDK

My stomach looks the same as before lipo, except there is a line from where the cannula went and were the fat was left around my belly button. NOT CUTE. I have also lost 2 pounds. My stomach looks pudgy though I notice it everyday. Look at my stomach in my last update. I don't get it.

And I finally got the NEW Faja I have been planning to get for months.... Im wearing the Faja because it flattens my drain exit wound dramatically and I hoping it helps it dissolve. So I got the MOLDEATE 1013 Size XS. I love this thing. But it don't love me back. When I FIRST put it on, one of the hooks popped and flew off and 2/ 3 others are loose. I guess Im too heavy for it?!

My post op garment from Dra. Baez was a XS. and she said my next one should have been a XXS, but I wasn't tryna do that to my thighs or butt. The stage 2 I bought was a S, different style than my stage 1. The new one is supposedly cut small and XS is the smallest they make in this style..... So I think it fits like a XXS. I struggled, I mean struggled to close this thing. (You'll see in the video) and after and hour of wearing it I could already move some hooks to the last row. So I don't understand why the first row hooks are pulling so bad. And my inner thighs are coming out the garment holes. Im a thickumms... Im afraid this garment it gonna fall apart on me. And I like it so much. It gives me the perfect amount of hips. It lifts my butt and makes it looks a little smaller but them hips are everyyyyyyyything. They are exactly the size hips I wanted.

I started thinking maybe I don't need rd 2. I could work with this. I tried on half my summer wardrobe thinking I should have gotten this Faja sooner... Then I remembered I want to be able to walking around without a Faja.

Trying to upload a video, but having trouble... Hopefully Kristy or someone can help.

I needed y'all to see

Here are some other pics, Hopefully Kristy or Someone can upload the video I made for you guys and the original pics.


Numbing Situation

So I had to order a replacement Faja cuz I didn't wanna keep the one with the loose and broken hooks. Im not that big of a girl for the faja to be falling apart on the first fitting. But the company was nice enough to exchange it for me. But the new one, same one as the original doesn't make the booty look as juicy. Go figure right.... LOL!

So I have been wearing the Faja with a sports bra
(the incision sites on my bra line are not usually covered when I wear a bra, so the don't usually get added compression. but the sports bra lays right on them)
for about a week straight and my drain exit wound and one of the incison sites on my back lays FLAT. Flat Flat, flat, stil dark but not lifted. I was like yessss, progress. These days it the little things.

I previously said I would monitor my incision site and if I wasn't impressed with it progress I would call my dermatologist office. So I did. So I go in there, the PA calls me in the office and asks why im here. I give a few things I want to address to mask the real reason Im here. then I start my story bout the drain exit wound. You know 'I was out of town for the weekend and got injured, had to get stitches in the ER and I don't like the way it healing....

So the Dermatologist comes in and start off with my distractor issues..... I even tried to say my back, arms and stuff is itch all the time because of my allergies. Tryna get a RX for an intense itching cream, even though Im not itch anymore. LOL. Im a mess. She saidin lay mans terms Im washing my ass to hard, and it make my skin dry. THAT Aint true, I was late for my appoint ment so didn't lotion. LOL so then I get to the real issue. Im like I have this scar I don't like the way it healing. she glances at it and says can I give you a shot. I said 'of what?' she goes " Cortisone"

Im like ok, then I start acting all concerned and asking question. How long does it take to see results? Does it hurt? Yadda yadda yadda. she fills the syringe, moves close to me and says "What surgery did you have?" I was like. I went to the ER.... So she wipes the spot. Im like hold up, 'we don't have a numbing situation?' She busts out laughing and says '' you funny''. She injects the spot saying, wow it hards, she injects it 3 more times the whole time saying "its really tough"

"Then she goes with keloids," Im like wait is it, and she says well its Hypertrophic. I said that's what I thought. She said "but for INSURANCE purposes we say keloids." I was like okay. She said " but its in a bad spot." I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT. She said its a really bad spot for healing. And then she started going into how AA keloid and Im like I have never gotten one and I had surgery on other spots and they healed fine, flat and barely visible. She reiterated that its in a bad spot and sometimes, they form on you and sometimes they wont. She then said I could try scar sheets, when I asked how long they take to work she said FOREVER and rolled her eyes. ( we kinda look at each other like, its not worth it)... She said I could go back in a month for another shot.

I liked her! She was great and had great energy about her.

So we will she wait results I get from the cortisone shot and the compression from the garment.

Side note, lemme tell y'all about the dermatologist engagement ring. LAWDTTTTTTTTTT
It was like Platinum round cut center stone anywhere from 3-5 VVS Clarity on Brilliant. Amazingtonnnnnn. I was like damn who is your husband. Wedding band was Ahhhhhh but when your engagement ring is heartstopping, it doesn't even matter. I was staring halfway through the appointment.

I still cant upload that video for you all.I have tried 1549 times. Re-recordedit and everything. Im over it. It uploads and then an error messages pops up and says the page had to refresh. Tried from the laptop too. Too much for my blood pressure, I cant deal.

Kristy, Ana somebody, I appreciate all the updates and anti identity thefts parameters you put in place. But Please, Please Please! Find a way for our updates to automatically save as we are typing them. I have lost many a post mid draft. Its frustrating and makes you not even want to post.


Starting over

So I'm just over 6 months post op.

And here is the dish.

Bruises almost completely gone! Thankfully, I used the bleaching cream for about 2 weeks, twice a day and they faded substantially. There is a slight trace of them, but now where as visible as before.

The cortisone shot is definitely flatten the drain exit wound. I wore a Faja or corset for the first week following the shot to help it do its thing. I have noticed it's not as raised and as hard as when the doctor administered the shot. So I will go for another session and discuss a RX scar cream to get rid of the dark mark.

The booty, is the same. Just Blahhhhh, unimpressive. No fluffing occurred for me. It think that happens for ppl that have notable swelling and hard tight booties after SX. My booty started to soften on day 2. Probably because she didn't put enough fat in. Left it in my back instead. SMDH!

My waist isn't snatched, I have a little bit of a Belly. Not anything anyone other than me would notice, hopefully there's some good Fat it there. Cuz......

I AM ABSOLUTELY GOING FOR RD2, which I feel like is actually going to be RD 1 because there is little to no difference in my physical appearance compared to a few years ago when I had more weight on. So I'm starting the quote process again, looking at docs and trying to figure out dates. I think I'll start a new blog for that cuz this one is too damn long.

Later ladies, be safe, fab, confident and unapologetic

Hindsight is 20/20

I've been meaning to say this for 2 months now.
If you comment on my blog and I haven't responded it's not cuz I'm been Hollywood, rude or anything. But if you comment on older posts I get the notifications and can read but when I hit reply, it doesn't take me to the comment it just brings on to my blogs. And it's rather difficult to look through my 1,525.5 posts to figure out where the comment is. Sorry dolls!

Anywho, hindsight is 20/20 we I was early post op first week to week 3 I thought my waist was snatched. At times too snatched, a little weird at times. Looking back at those pics I realize she only really lipoed my lower back and love handles. By bra line down to the incision sites and abdomen seem barely lipoed. When you look at the side by sides you'll understand what I mean.

My love handles were sucked out and my lower back which made me look kinda snatched. But the upper back and the shoulders make me look like a T . I need the upper bra line from where it says sleeping , to my incision sites and the upper flanks to get that good good aggressive lipo. I'm hoping a lot of that fat will be viable. Two weeks ago I was 154lbs, today I'm 151. I'm trying to get to 158-161 ASAP, so I can maintain it for a good while.

I'm gaining weight because of scar tissue around my belly button that may make the fat in the area useless and cuz I scared of a doc saying I don't have enough fat or viable fat because I have now damaged my fat from the Rd1 lipo. Tryna cover my bases.

Things that make you go hmm.

So I'm officially 7 months Po, we all know the booty ain't bout to do anything magical.... So I have nothing to say about that. Just tryna gain alittle weight for Rd 2 and find my surgeon of choice.

About 2 weeks ago, I noticed my drain exit wond had a spot in it that seemed to be getting lighter. I was excited, cuz any progress in this situation is an accomplishment for me. So I was excited to go for my follow up with my dermatologist and get a second round of injections. Hoping it would make the entire wound the same as my complexion, because it is now completely flat. Well the week I was due to call and schedule my appointment, I get in the shower and noticed a light spot next to the scar. At first I thought it was skin peeling, a dry patch, dead skin, transfer from something somewhere. So I started to scrub it. It looked the same possibly a little bigger.

So apparently a side effect of the cortisone shot is possible skin lightening.... And I happen to be one of the "few" it has happened to. It would have been great if it would have lightened the scar instead, But that's too much like right now, isn't it?! So now I'm debating the second shot, I'll go in and see what my dermatologist thinks... But I don't want a whole bunch of light and dark spots on my body in places. Who got time for that?

Most memorable

When you can look back and laugh.

Here are my favorite surgical journey/recovery moments.
1.) When showing someone a picture on your phone and you accidentally stumble upon a booty pic. (They are prolly thinking you a freak, bow chica wow wow!)

2.) When you fresh out of surgery, and you wanna update so bad. And then later on your read your update and there of periods of 'ajdgdtnrkfirnfh whathtnfkvjf I needod too getebdgfuf some'. Still got that good medication in your system! Go to sleep boo.

3.) When your real sensitive the first week Po, and can't live without anybody. And your thinking ' why did I do this I must have low self esteem. Do I have low self esteem and not know' Nah...

4.) One night when I abadoned the Faja but wanted to use the wraps to minimize swelling and keep my waist small, the itch demon came to get me. I had wrapped my stomach after coating it with healing oils, I was itching soooooo bad. I was scratching like a cat or dog in heat in the Sahara desert with the mean arch in my back and one leg in the air. I lasted 10 minutes in that thing before I ran searching for scissors to cut the thing off.

5.) One day I ran to the bathroom cuz I had been holding my pee for whatever reason, I sit on the toilet to start peeing and it hear a different sound to what I'm used to. I realized I had panties on under tha Faja, and was peeing through the panties, all down the side of my inner thighs. When it comes to a BBL you're never too old to pee on yourself.

6.) When your early post op and cursing out everyone on RS for not clearly preparing you for how hard recovery is. And then you're swearing everyone who goes for RS 2 has serious mental health problems and needs an evaluation. 1 week later you're thinking bout your own RD 2.

7.) Last but not least, when I came home DR and I'm in the train station talking to a police officer and he gives me the evil eye, because I didn't realize I had pulled up my shirt to scratch my lipoed belly through the Faja! #whogotbailmoney

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you attain all your desires not just the big booties and luscious hips we are striving for!

Keep it cute, healthy and fabulous.

8 months Po!

Time flies.....

So every few days I say I'm gonna call my dermatologist and make my follow up appointment. And then I dont.....

Well the disclosed area is spreading, so it probably best that I didn't have the follow up and appointment and second round of shots because the area didn't become light until after I was supposed to go back in. So would have allowed her to do another series of shots and who know what color the area would be now.

And here are updated pics of the booty. At some angles it looks great and kinda full. I'm measuring .5 inche bigger, I have gained weight though about 7 lbs in 2 months. I've always been a fan of my profile view, it's my best angle. And then when I'm dead on you see how much I lack from my front view.

I forgot

The pic of the drain exit wound.

Soooooo wish we could edit our updates.

9 months po

So this is my official last post for this blog.

At 9 month Po, all the fat ( the little fat that was transferred) remained. But it wasn't enough, my result did not meet my expectations. Although well spirited Dr. baez did not produce the results that she said she could. And left me enough fat for a round 2.

So for info on round 2, click my name and read my other blog.



Cabral came through and did what Baez couldn't. See my other review for details.

This Tea is piping hot!

So if y'all learn anything from this current Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna fuckery it's to have enough money to politely and quietly hav surgery with out informing the temporary man in your life. It's not like we didn't know she's a surgery queen, but that video of them rolling her in or out semi high was all kinds of disrespectful and hilarious.
Furthermore, 100k bishes whettttttt?

Should have put that toward mortgage instead of paying 16k per month in rent. I'm glad I don't have thes kind of stupid people problems....
And extra glad I have told Nan sole that I had surgery.....
They ain't go no pictures or video tape so, all this perfection came from the ancestors and them.....

And my butt still full and round, Cabral did they damn thing!
I'll see him after my babies too, but Black Chyna and Rob and his cell phone gonna have to stay home! Snitching Ass NonNegro
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Baez is professional and courteous, I never felt rushed or dismissed. She is unwilling to risk anyone's health. The ER and pre op areas could use updating and having 1or 2 permanent English speaking staff & medical forms in English may make the process easier for others. I hope that she continues to work with patients who will not compromise her credentials or their health. I will admit that I am not satisfied with my BBL results. I have lost a lot of volume. My final minor issue is the location of my back incision site, that goes through a tattoo, there was other places it could have gone. REVISED: 10/12/14 I WOULD NOT GO TO HER AGAIN. I THINK HER LIPO AND BBL SKILLS NEED MAJOR IMPROVEMENT. WISH I WOULD HAVE SWITCHED DOCS.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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