5'4" 410cc gummy bear implants - Doylestown, PA

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Today I had my pre-op vist at Dr. Marchant's...

Today I had my pre-op vist at Dr. Marchant's office. I am scheduled to have my surgery on march 11th 2015. I had to feel out alot of paperwork, I recieved some antibiotic soap to wash with on the day of the surgery, i recieved my prescriptions for pain medication, and a doctors note for when I return to work. I made my final decision on what type of implant, size and what incision I am going to get. I am going with the sientra moderate profile silicone implants (gummy bears)!!!!! Yay :-) im so excited. I am 5'4" and I only weigh 110lbs and I am a very very small A with no breast tissue, thats why I wanted silicone implants. I wanted them to feel as real and soft as possible being as though I have no breast tissue. Today I was so undecided about the definite size I wanted to get. I didn't want to go too small and reget the fact that I should have went bigger, but at the same time I didn't want to go too big being as though I was only 110lbs. I had my heart set on the size 410cc implants. When I looked at reviews of other ppl who were simular to me, and they only went to 350cc or 375cc. I just didnt know if 410cc was to big for my size. I didnt want to look like I had two balls sticking my chest. Luckily for me, I'm slim but I have broad shoulders and a wide chest wall. Dr. Marchant told me that I would be happy and I wouldnt regret getting 410cc and they would be too big b/c the width would fill up my wide chest wall. I was able to choose 380cc as well but I didnt want to reget of not going bigger. Melanie, Doctor Marchant's patient coordinator was great and very helpful and informative. Melianie is the best patient coordinator I met in a breast augmentation consultation by far and I've been to a few. She really helps you try to find the look you are going for. She even showed me before and after results of Dr. Marchant patients that were not posted on the website. The results were amazing!!! They should really update the pics on the website with new ones or add more. I am just super excited and nervous to get this procedure done. I've wanted breast augmentation for years now. Its finally about to happen. I will post before pics the night before surgery. Five more days to go let the count down begin!!!!

night before surgery

I am very excited cant wait until tomorrow

day of surgery

I am scheduled at dolyestown surgery center at 10:30am. Dr. Marchant saw me in the pre op room and marked my breast. I had my last questions and concerns put at ease. Dr. Marchant was very understanding with my concerns. All remember is going to the O.R room and then waking up on the recovery room and they were done. I love them!!! I thought that they were going to look too huge. They look very proportion it when I comes to my body. I felt like crap on the drive home and the first few hours was painful until the medicine kicked in. I recieved a call from melaine a few hours after surgery to see how i was doing. Dr. Marchant calked and checked up on me as welll. I told him i was fine just in alot of pain and from what I can see he exceeded my expectations. They look great and they are not as high up and werid shaped (frankienboobs) as i thought they were. I just have alot of pressure on my chest, im using ice packs, that seems to be working. but I will keep u guys updated.

more post op day one pics

There are some pics that I couldnt upload last night, my phone was acting up.

post op day one as well

Having trouble uploading pics

post op day two

I am feeling alot better as time goes on. Last night I got up to go to the bathroom and I threw up And I felt dizzy. when I got up it was the first time that I moved from the couch since I've been home. Im layin in bed now. I try not to get up or do too much movement unless I have to go to the bathroom. It feels like the pain has moved from the top of my chest to the lower sides. Im using ice. Ice has helped alot. Im lifting my arms even though it hurts. The doctor told me to lift my arms up and down like im doing a snow angel and he also said to try to lay on my chest for about 5mins a couple times a day so im working on that.

post op day 3

Today is the day I can get in the shower and take my bra off. Yay!!!!!!! Sooooooooooo they look alot bigger than I expected them to look under the bra. They are very boxy looking and high up on day 3 but I think they will drop just fine in a few weeks.

more pics

Feeling alot better and free with this bra off. Still alil bloated but able to move around freely with less pain.

12 days post op!!!!!

Things are getting alot easier. I am 12days post op. I've been off my pain medication for almost a week. My boobs are getting a lot softer and I can see that they are starting to drop. I still feel sharp pains in my chest, it hurts depending on how I get up or turn in bed. I can sleep on my stomach now, itshurts at first and I can feel the implants but after about 1 minute that feeliing goes away.My nipples are very very senative. I noticed that my right boob is dropping more than my left.I went to my week post op appointment last Tuesday. I had the silicone tape removed from on top of my stitches and Dr. Marchant told me to go bra less and do massages twice a day.

update pics

Here a few updates pics

16 days post op

I had my second post op visit yesterday. Dr. Marchant said everything looks good. I had concerns about my right breast dropping faster than the left. I was told it is normal and it's only been two weeks after surgery and both implants will drop a lot more and I have nothing to worry about everything looks great so far. I'm still doing my massages everyday. I can do things will more ease. It doesn't hurt that much anymore. My chest just feels sore sometimes. They look like they are dropping more and feeling and looking softer. I can't wait for them to drop and settle.

one month post op yay!!!!

So I've been back to work for about a week now. I am 're- adjusting well I thought it would be hard but everything is easy. I work in the sterile processing department of a hospital so some times I have to lift heavy stuff. I thought I was going to pull a muscle I was scared to lift stuff at first but I'm fine. My breast are healing wonderfully. I feel like my left breast is dropping more, trying to catch up to the right one. I can lay on stomach perfectly fine, before I could do it but it would feel weird at first. I haven't tried running yet. I am starting to feel them jiggle a lil now when I walk lol. But everything is going well before I felt like I had big pointy Barbie doll blobs but now I'm starting to feel like I'm getting out of that phase. I can't wait to see how they look when they completely settle. My next post op visit is on April 23. I haven't been approved to wear bras of any kind yet. I been going bra less, I like it b/c I really don't like bras any way. I think that when I do go get sized for bras I think I will be like a full c. That's it for now but I will keep u guys posted.

progress pic collage

Just a pic collage of the progress results as time goes on.

update pics

Just wanted to post a few pics I am sooooooooooo happy wit my results
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Dr. Marchant and Meliane are really great, they are very informative and you can tell they have alot of experience in breast augmentation b/c they can just look at you and size you up and tell you what type of implant and size cc's that would look great on you. Thank you Dr. Marchant and Melianie for all you help and guidance with the begining of my breast augmentation journey. I am so excited to see how the next weeks will turn out.

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