Mom of 3, including twins, TT and BL with implants :)

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After giving birth to 3 children in less than 2...

After giving birth to 3 children in less than 2 years put my body in a state of despair. Unhappy with myself after delivering my last baby, I have been dieting and exercising for past year. Seen no significant changes since Oct. and hating my extra skin that pours over. I went for my consult a few weeks ago. Together we decided to have a breast lift with 400cc mentor gel implants, and an extended tummy tuck. Date scheduled for May 15th!

Feeling guilty

So I am about a month out from my mommy makeover and I'm starting to feel really guilty about it.. I have twins that are 3 today and the baby just turned 1 on Monday (and I have only cried a little, lol).. My husband is the best father and I know he can take care of them 100% without me but I'm worried that it's going to be too much on him while I'm healing.. Also feeling guilty about spending this kind of money on just me.. I know that I deserve this as I always put everyone else's needs before mine.. Anyone else have these feelings? Maybe it's because I have been slowly telling family and friends about it and although 99.9% have been positive about the transformation it's the 0.1% of negativity that gets to me..

Don't get me wrong tho.. This is still going to happen! No turning back! Lol

Pre-Op this week!

Ahhh! I'm so excited for my pre-op this Thursday! Then a few weeks til I'm on the flat side! I'm trying to think of any things to ask or will need before the big day.. May 15th! Any suggestions??

Pre-Op and payment made!

Just got home from my pre-op! Went very well.. Had my last few questions answered that I had.. Decided to go with sientra instead of mentor implants to get more of a "pop". Lol.. Going with the gummi bear 475 cc! I'm so excited I can't wait!! Waiting for the hospital to call for pre-registration . (I'm going to spend at least one night after surgery) .. The surgeon is recommending bloodwork and EKG because of how much "work" I'm getting.. Need to schedule that too..

Also, made my payment today.. Lot of money to put down.. Slowly had been withdrawing from the bank.. When the coordinator and I opened one of the $2,000 bands.. We counted out and found that it was missing $200.. Called the bank they checked their counts for the days I withdrew and didn't find any overages.. So basically I'm out $200.. I'm very upset about that!! But, except for that I am paid in full!

Hospital pre-registration done

Just got home from pre-registration at the hospital.. and EKG done! Stopped by the surgeons office and paid the last of it :) getting closer and closer! I've totally started "nesting" too.. Redid my bedroom, bathroom and living room.. It needed an update, right?! Lol.. My husband pointed out that I've bought more mirrors for the house.. I didn't even notice.. Maybe just getting prepared to see my transformation :) Here are some pre-kiddo pics of me.. I'm hoping I will be able to look like that and be confident in myself like I was.. That's my ultimate goal

2 weeks to a new me!

I'm 2 weeks out now.. And I am beyond excited :) I've been looking online and in stores at things I will soon be able to wear and not have to worry if my rolls are tucked away.. I'm hesitant to actually buy anything since I don't know what my new size will be.. And it seems surreal that something besides sweats will look good! I did pick up a maxi dress I saw, if I wore it now I would look like I'm smuggling inner tubes from the pool! Haha! Since summer season is coming I see all these cute dresses, shirts and bathing suits.. But, I can't actually picture myself wearing these just yet.. Especially a bikini!! I've been holding on to this fat suit for too long it's hard to imagine being any different!

I did feel good at work last night tho.. I saw a lot of coworkers I haven't seen in awhile.. 3 asked if I had it done already! Granted I do wear scrubs.. But I'll take it as a huge compliment!

Come on Friday!

Ahhh!! I can't believe it's happening this Friday!! I'm so excited and scared at the same time, lol.. I think I've got everything ready for recovery.. Just counting down the days now :)

T'was the day before!

I am on the edge of my seat excited!! Tomorrow is my big day! I am suppose to be sleeping now.. I work tonight until 0300.. Come home and prep/pack and off I go to the hospital by 0615!! I am so nervous too tho.. I will be going in by myself.. Hubby will be getting the kiddos ready for daycare then will be at the hospital to see me in recovery! I'm so glad I decided to stay the night too, that way I know I will have pain control and someone to watch over me. Here is my last before pics! Can't wait to post the afters :)

I made it!

Surgery went well yesterday.. Spent the night in the hospital with a pain pump.. Slept on and off the evening/night.. Saw my surgeon this morning (saw him after surgery too but don't remember much) said everything went well.. I did loose a lot of blood and that's why I'm feeling weak, on top of the narcotics.. I've stood twice so far this morning.. Wasn't as bad as I thought.. Just pulled my cath so now I will have to be getting up for bathroom.. They just d/c'd my pain pump too.. Will post pics when I can! Happy healing everyone :)

Quick sneak peak!

Was able to snap a quick pic of the new me! So excited to see how things progress!! I can tell I am swollen already.. But that's to be expected :)

Finally saw what's underneath!!

Wow!! I'm so pleased with my results so far! Can't wait to see how things progress over time!

Better pics

Few better pics while I'm waiting for cg to wash and dry


Before and 2 day post op sitting pic.. I swear it'll be the last one I post today... Maybe! Hahaha! I am just thrilled with the way things are so far!!

Post day 3

Holy swell!! Bandage change was able to snap a few pics.. Hubby and I ended in a huge fight over bandages.. Maybe it's the RN in me wanting it done a certain way.. And I've been taking one pain pill every 6 hours and was over due. Anyways, bandages back on right, pill taken and no love lost! Just need the swelling to subside now!

Comparison collage

You can see how bad swelling is in the comparison pics. I put an arrow on the before pic and yesterday's pic of a birth mark.. You can see how much lift my ladies now have!

My new belly button

Getting ready to change bandages.. Think my belly button is completely new! Will have to ask on Thursday at my post op appt.. Or maybe that's what it looked like all along under scars and blubber! Still swelling and noticing bruising along my scars.. Especially on my breasts! Think that's normal, right?!?

I'm a free woman!!

Yay!! I just got home from my first post op appt.. Had all 4 of my drains removed! As well as the steri-strips from my breasts! Ahhh!! Feels so much better already! I am walking almost straight now too! PS told me I can slowly start to become straighter too!! Still can't shower until tomorrow.. Can't wait!! Hubby has off of work still and the kiddos are in daycare all day.. Planning to go for a lunch/movie date!!

My new set :)

Here are aome pics of the breast lift and sientra implant 6 days out.. Still swollen and bruised but looking great!

Feeling more normal

Post-op day 8.. Feeling more myself.. Walking almost up right.. Still swollen and bruised but everyday is getting better! I would definitely do this again, I have no regrets at all.. Hubby even told me today that the only thing sexier than my new body is me having my confidence back :)

Little nervous!

So tomorrow hubby is back to work and I'm home alone with the kiddos.. Hoping for a smooth day.. Still not sure how I'm going to manage my 1 year old.. My 3 year old twins have ballet in the morning.. I'm going to have to pick her up to get her in/out the car seat.. Scared how that will go.. She's double the weight I'm allowed to pick up.. Wish me luck!

Been busy!

Haven't updated in awhile.. All last week I was on my own with my twin 3 years olds and my one year old.. Able to take them to their weekly activities (dance and swim class).. I hit my 2 week post mark this past Friday.. Had my 2nd post op appt.. Said I'm doing great, don't need to come back for a month!! Over the weekend took my girls on a 3 hour trip to see my parents.. Got to attend my best friends baby shower too :) I'm so glad I haven't had any major problems with recovery and able to do things I normally would! I still get tired and swollen by the end of the day.. Most of my scanning has fallen off and scar is looking good :) hope everyone else is doing well too! Will post new pics soon!

3 weeks and major set back!

So I went back to work Thursday night.. 12 hour night shift as an emergency room nurse.. So needless to say by end of my shift I was sore and swollen.. Not feeling too bad surprisingly.. Came home and fell asleep waking about an hour later in the worst pain I have ever felt and couldn't catch my breath.. Thought maybe working just caught up to me and I was a little panicky.. Texted hubby telling him.. Of course he was in a training class for work 2.5 hours away.. Took my narcotic and tried to wait it out but pain was getting worse.. Called several friends to take me to the ER.. About to call 911, but found someone.. Well after testing and a CT scan I was scheduled for emergent surgery... Appendicitis! So another night stay in the hospital.. Just got home few hours ago.. Feeling so down and depressed.. I'm back at square one again.. Not to mention an incision above my tummy tuck incision..
Eric Marchant, MD


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