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I've wanted breast implants for so long and I...

I've wanted breast implants for so long and I finally encouraged myself to do it. I'm scheduled for me pre op next week on Tuesday Jan 29th and scheduled my surgery date for feb 6th. I am 22 years old, 5'0 and 97lbs. I am a 32A and hoping to get 325 OR 350ccs bringing me to a full c possible small d. I'm so excited! Will keep everyone updated

350cc left filled to 375 right filled to 400....

350cc left filled to 375 right filled to 400. Saline. Armpit incision. Under muscle. Brand: Mentor

Pre-op: 32A
Post-op: unknown for now

Pain from 1-10: 8 (due to nausea and depression but the soreness was ok. The nerves awakening in your breast was the most painful thing ever. It kept me awake at night.)

Had my breast implants done on feb 6 2013, Wednesday. My appointment was for 630a.m. Started paperwork and everything and went into the operating room around 7. Woke up around 1030 and felt so sore!

Went home and took a nap, or at least tried to. I did not have an appetite. I took my pills every four hours. I was prescribed Lortab. Later that night I had trouble sleeping because I was a stomach sleeper. I woke up every hour and was wide awake. I think it's because I slept during the day. I still took my pain killer every four hours.

Feb 7th
Woke up at 5a.m. I don't know why but I walked around my house for 30 minutes, drank some orange juice and went back to sleep. Woke back up at 10 and felt sick to my stomach. I threw up everything I ate or drank. I laid in bed all day. I also laid on my implants and did snow angel like motions with my hands. My doctor told me to do this so I could stretch my muscle.

Feb 8th
I woke up feeling depress. I didn't have a good night sleep since my surgery. I rested all day and couldn't eat anything. I had a few episodes of crying. I was very depress and emotional. I felt alone because no one was with me at that time. I felt like everyone was going to leave me. I stopped taking lortab and switched over to Tylenol. None of those pain killers helped with the nerves awakening though. So painful!!

Feb 9th
This day was the worse day ever! I was so depress, bloated, and constipated. I cried for three hours. I was able to shower also. I did not sleep at all. I pushed everyone away. I regretted my decision at one point asking myself why I wasn't happy with my own body. I was very depress. It's a feeling I wouldn't want anyone to feel. It sucked!

Later that night I told my family, boyfriend, and friends about my depression and it took a huge lump off of my chest and shoulders. I felt so much better. I think it's because everyone was at my house hanging out and I was around everyone I love. And... I was able to eat and I ate so much!

Feb 10th
Better day! I felt better but not 100% I suffered insomnia. I didn't sleep at all at night but had enough energy during the day. I was able to move around a lot more. Laying on my implants still hurt like hell though. I also drove to Panera bread and had lunch there and went to chuck e cheese with my sisters and nephews.

Feb 11th
Drove to class! It felt weird. I felt a lot though.

Feb 12th
First post-op appointment. Took my tapes off of my stitches. I had armpit incisions by the way.. Everything was going well

Feb 19th
Second post op appointment. I took my stitches off. It felt weird and a little painful! When I lift my left arm up, it feels like I'm pulling on a skin. It burns like hell. I'm not sure what it is. My armpits have this weird scent. It reminds me of the hospital. Gross!

Today, feb 27
I am three weeks post op and I am sitting in class while I write this. I feel a lot better! I almost feel 100 but not fully. I am able to lay on my side a little bit but its kind of painful. I do not regret my decision and I am very happy with my results so far. I would not want to go through the depression experience ever again though. I can drive normally. My left arms still hurt a little bit when I lift it up. I was clear to massage my breast after one week post op. I can feel my implant on the side a little bit but my doctor said it was normal. There's not much to update for now. I am feeling great! My breast is a lot more softer now. It jiggles a little bit.. I stopped the pain killers 4 days post op. I was taking zzz-quil for my insomnia but it didnt help at all! I was able to sleep a little bit more normal 1 week post op. I am sleeping on my back but I sometimes lay on the side but its still a little painful. Recovery sucked but it was worth it!

March 1- Three weeks and two days post op, went...

March 1-
Three weeks and two days post op, went tanning today and covered my incision with first aid tape. Everything turned out fine!

March 6th Four weeks post op I feel a lot...

March 6th

Four weeks post op

I feel a lot better than day one, that's for sure! I sleep on my side now but sometimes I catch myself waking up on my back because my side boob gets cramped a little bit when I lay on it for too long. My breast are still a little sore and tender but not as bad. I sometimes lay on my stomach also but I lay back on my side after acouple minutes because I am scared I will pop my implant. I'm going in for my one month post op next week. My incisions are healing nicely. I did some light workout two days ago. My doctor cleared me after three weeks but I wait for acouple more days. I went tanning at three weeks but I covered my incision with first aid tape and out SPF 30 on it.

Will keep everyone updated!

I forgot to mention!!! One is dropping faster than...

I forgot to mention!!! One is dropping faster than the other but I hear that it is normal!

It's been four months post op!

Hi everyone! :) it's been four months and a few days. Everything is fine so far. Sometimes I feel a sharp pinch but it is my nerves waking up. I am able to sleep on my stomach. I feel like they are mine now. Sometimes I forget about having implants because it feels natural.

Bra sizing?

Well I haven't been able to get sized get because I don't know if it's time yet.. But I've been trying on bras and lately I've been wearing a 36C.

My scar is healing nicely. I've been using scar cream. I am also tanning normally now..

Feel free to ask any questions!

Other scar

11 months!

It's close to 11 months now.. Everything is wonderful! I sleep on my stomach and side without a problem. My incisions are so much better! I can lift my arm up normally. I can exercise and move. My breast looks wonderful! I honestly couldn't ask for a better doctor. The only thing I miss is the upper pole fullness. That's it! Everything else is great :)

1 year anniversary!

It's been one year!! I honestly could not ask for a better experience. I am feeling great and looking great as of now.. I sleep normal now also.. I can sleep on my stomach and side comfortably.. One thing I do miss is the fullness.. I wish I went a little bigger too. I guess I have booby greed like everyone else hahaha.. If anyone would like to see photos, please let me know!
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