30 Year Old Mom to Two Ready for Boobies!! Doylestown, PA

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After a successful TT in May 2015, I really wanted...

After a successful TT in May 2015, I really wanted BA. I didn't have the finances to combine the BA with the TT, but after seriously researching it over the past few months, I decided it was time. I did my research and after my second consultation which was with Dr. Marchant in Doylestown PA, I decided to go with him. My consult was on 2/2/16 and they actually had a spot on 2/10 which I quickly snatched up!
My consult went great; Melanie was so thorough and detailed and explained all of the behind the scenes stuff to me. That was when Dr. Marchant an I decided on sailine unders with inframammary incision. I have mild asymmetry which is why he recommended saline so he can change CC's if needed in the OR to get a symmetrical result.
At my preop, I signed all of the paperwork and had preop pics, and we discussed final size. Dr. Marchant told me he's likely going to do 475 overfilled to 525 in the right (smaller) breast and 475-500 in the larger one. I fully trust his judgement and am allowing him to do what is most aesthetically pleasing in the OR. I'm a bit nervous about the size as Melanie said I'd likely be an E after due to the swelling but will be a D or DD after they settle and stop swelling. Now, it's just a waiting game until Wednesday!!!

Before pics

Just some befores

48 hours to go

So I'm 48 hours away!! I'm working today and tomorrow, will get my last zumba class in tonight and will tie up loose ends with cleaning etc. I keep getting nervous that I'm going too big though!

Tomorrow is the big day!!

So tomorrow is my day!!! I'm nervous, excited, anxious but mostly excited!! I'm working today then it's two weeks off as I have a physically intense job. I'm the first surgery of the day so I know I'll need to be to the surgical center early, likely around 6:30 I was told. They're going to call today to confirm the time. Now I'm just counting hours, and am super excited that today is the last day with these silly looking boobies!!!


Today is the day!! I'm sitting on my couch waiting for my dad to come and stay with the kids while I'm dropped off at the surgical center. I didn't sleep much last night at all, nerves, excitement, etc. T minus 1.5 hours!!

I have boobies!!!!

Well I made it!!! Everything went smoothly, I ended up with 525 in my right and 500 in my left. The pain is manageable, not really pain, but soreness, tightness and pressure. From what I can see, they look awesome so I'm glad I trusted my ps in terms of size! I was out of f'd surgical center by 9:45am

Day 1 post op

So today is tough. Everything is so sore and tight, but it's not really painful. I'm icing all the time 20 min on everywhere all over the new girls and following my pain med regime. I'm just super sore and it's hard today. I'm really sore under my boobs and on on both sides. I have a stabilizer band above the girls to help keep them down. I'd rate the discomfort 7/10 today. Tomorrow I can shower and take the bra fully off so I'll post pictures

Some pics

Day 2 post op

So far so good!! I had super morning boob this morning and had a painful nights sleep last night but I feel ok. I can take a shower today which I'll be doing soon and can really get to see them!!


I'm worried that they're sitting low so soon post op that they're going to look droopy after d&f :( I have a lot of side boob too

Day 3 post op

Things seem to be on the up and up. The soreness is mostly gone but there are times when I can feel it. My right incision is hurting with a burning sensation, but no bleeding. I took a pain pill after I woke up because the incision was painful but other than that, I feel reasonably ok. Showering yesterday wasnt nearly as bad as I expected either. My first post op appointment is Monday

3dpo pic

Just a pic update

Day 4

So the pain is mostly gone except I'm having burning at the incision site and at my right nipple. The bruising has come as expected. I took another shower and loosely put on a bra but didn't close and got some nice cleavage finally. First post op is tomorrow


Wanted to see in a real bra they do seem to be higher than I though especially in the leopard bra which is no padding or enhancing

5 days

So I had my first post op today and ps said everything looks great but I'm concerned that I'm developing a double bubble in my left as I can clearly see the deliniation between my crease and the implant :( I noticed this after I left so I didn't get to ask but I'm regretting the surgery right now because I feel like I'm going to have this terrible double boob. I guess I didn't notice because of the tape but I also can clearly feel the edge of the implant at the bottom

Better pic of description

Double bubble?

6 days

Feeling sad today over the surgery. I feel like my left boob is all effed up with the fact that I can see and feel the implant under my crease. I feel like my results are already doomed and I'm at the regretting stage because I feel like I'm already dealing with a double bubble complication


Just some bra pics I think I'm only going to do weekly topless progress pics now so I can stop worrying about this under boob stuff lol

One week post op

I made it to one week! Nervous still about the under boob but feeling good otherwise. Hopefully I'm cleared for lower body workouts and aerobic next week as I'm feeling terrible missing the gym. I also hope they get closer together when they drop and fluff

Day 8

Still home from work due to my physical job but got out a big my to lift my spirits. This definitely made me feel better I can't wait to shop when I'm 100%


So almost two weeks today. I saw ps yesterday who said the under boob is just my anatomy and that while it will improve it may not go away totally (I had minor tuberous breasts). I can resume working out next week and no longer need the band. I'm at the point though where I'm unhappy with how they look bare I just think they look bad :( . I know I'm super dark but I'm hoping their naked look improves as time goes on


Things are progressing. I started back at the gym yesterday with lower body which felt awesome. Left has dropped but right is still high and tight. I went back to work this week which i believe was the perfect time (I have a really physically demanding job)

Almost 1 year post op

The only complaint is my left boob, it has almost a double bubble but he insists it's just due to.the preop tuberousness of my breasts but here are pics
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Dr Marchant and his staff have been great thusfar. They are thorough and attentive and truly want the patient to have a lovely result without being over the top or fake. They have listened to everything I want (and don't want) and have made for a great experience thusfar. My results are very natural looking so far and I'm expecting more natural looking results as I heal. Melanie has been incredible and everything so far has been geared towards getting great results.

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