20 Yrs Old Asian, 5'2, Getting 350cc Saline Implants - Doylestown, PA

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I'm a 20 years old Asian, and I am 5'2, 110 lbs....

I'm a 20 years old Asian, and I am 5'2, 110 lbs. My cup size is typically 32C or 34B (though these cup sizes are totally inflated in VS). I'm looking for a little more breasts, but nothing too overwhelmingly fake (like having two round balls on my chest).
I had my initial appointment with Melanie and Dr. Marchant a few months back, and I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly, patient, and understanding they are! I was first greeted by Melanie, Dr. Marchant's patient coordinator. She explained the procedure and everything it entails (from the different implant size, different types of implants, risks, etc.). Toward the end of our consultation, I felt super informed and confident in my decision to have breasts implants.
Prior to the consultation, I wanted to have silicone implants because of their ability to emulate breast tissues. Unfortunately, because I am under 22, silicone implants are not an option for me. In a way, I guess I may prefer the saline implants that I will be getting because they're less high-maintenance, and I would know for sure if the implants rupture. It was really difficult for me to pick the implant size that I want during the first consultation. I had a vague idea of how I want my breasts to look, but I couldn't pinpoint exactly how much cc I want, so I narrowed my choices down to 300cc and 350cc.
During our second meeting, Dr. Marchant came into the room and highly recommended the 350cc saline implants (overfilled to 400cc) to me. This is because I have a very wide chest for my height (12.5 cm), and I have a curvy body, so larger implants may complement my figure better. I am feeling a bit nervous about the 400cc part, but I trust the doctor's professional judgement (I have no doubt he's performed a lot of surgeries before mine, and knows what looks best). Anyways, I scheduled my operation for next week, May 11th. I am super excited! Can't wait to get new bewbies!!! ;D

Pre-op pics on the BIG day!

My husband is driving me to the surgery center right now. I'm scheduled to arrive at the surgery center at 6:10 am. I'm gonna post a few pics that I took after taking my sterilizing shower this morning to occupy my time and calm my nerves lol!

Done with the hard part!

So I finally got the operation over with. It's such a relief to wake up and know that the surgery was successful! Although my memory is a little fuzzy, I'll try to document the overall timeline as accurate as possible. I came in the surgery center at 6:10am to fill out paperworks and was called in by around 6:30am. Then I changed and was under the care of an extremely nice and welcoming nurse, I think her name is Pamela. I spoke with the anesthesiologist, and later, with Dr. Marchant. Everyone made me feel very comfortable and encouraged me to ask questions about anything I'm unsure of. Dr. Marchant then proceeded to make markings on my breasts, I'm guessing that's to outline where the implants will be placed. He also explained to me again the type of procedure I will be having today ( under the muscle saline implants with 350cc over filled to 375cc. The incision is below the breasts), and told me the exercises that I should do to relax the muscles. I think I was wheeled in the operating room some time between 7:15-7:30, and woke up at 9:30 am. I wasn't in tremendous pain, it's just that my chest area is very sore and tight. It feels like an elephant is sitting on top of it lol. The drive home was horrendous. I kept feeling nauseous and wanting to throw up, so I relied on my sleepiness to get me through the nausea. As of right now, I'm feeling ok, but still nauseous when I walk around the house. To be honest, I don't think the pain level is as high as I expected it to be, but then again, it may be because I'm still under the influence of pain medications. Well that's all I have to say for now. See you guys in my next update!!

One day post-op

It's been a day since I've had my surgery. I still can't take the surgical bra out yet, so there isn't an observable difference in the shape of my breasts from yesterday. I do feel like the pain is getting worse. I've had to wake up a few times at night due to the sore/pain. I tried to put off taking the pain meds, but ended up taking them early this morning to alleviate the discomfort.
The most annoying thing I've found so far is my inability to keep food down. Whenever I move around the house, or sit up for too long, I have this terrible urge to throw up. Since after the surgery, I've managed to swallow half a bowl of soup, and promptly threw it all up a few hours later. I've also been unable to pass gas, and have not had any bowel movements. I hope my digestive system improves soon. I miss being able to eat, and I hate this constant feeling of bloated-ness. For now, I will continue to have plenty of rest, do some of my doctor's recommended exercises, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Unless there are any new developments within today, I will continue my update tomorrow!

Post-op day 3

Hi everyone, today is the third day after my surgery. I was able to shower yesterday, and that was absolute bliss!! Moving my arms yesterday were still extremely difficult and painful, but it's getting progressively better today. Only moderate pain and soreness can be felt on my chest area today, so I'm able to move around the house and at least make my own meals. I'm also off Tylenol and oxycodone, but I'm currently taking laxatives ones a day to help with the bowel movements. I'm a little concerned about my right nipple's insensitivity. Has anyone experienced this? My breasts are still a little high, but I'm hoping they will drop soon. So far, I feel like I'm gonna love these new babies once they're at their final appearance!??

So far, I think he's very patient, and knowledgeable. He also understands what his patients want, and how to create a look that will best complement the patient's figure.

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