Got a Good Deal on Sculpsure So I'm Gonna Try It. - Doylestown, PA

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There's a place in doylestown pa that is doing...

There's a place in doylestown pa that is doing sculpsure for 700. They said its for 2 areas which at this time I'm not sure if they mean at once (4paddles) or back to back (8 paddles) so when I find out I'll clarify that.

3 years ago I weighed 160 had a sizable belly starting and no ab definition at all. Fast forward to today after 3 years of weight lifting and eating a high protien low carb diet I am left with a very small amount of belly fat that won't go away. It is still slowly getting smaller but it's taking forevor.

So I got a consult for this sculpsure next Thursday and I'll update this right after. Stay tuned.

Pre treatment picture update

Adding a few more pics. Here's 3 more pics. In the event they do the treatment tomorrow then these will be the most recent pics of the procedure.

Consult/procedure done/ cost update

I had the consult yesterday. The dr, told me to just go with 2 applicators. 4 applicators is the 700$ price I mentioned before. He did the 2 applicators for 350$ so I was pretty happy about that. My treatment area is very small and for the same price of treating a bigger area then I need I can treat the same area twice. I'll update pics when I see any difference.

2 weeks post

2 weeks post. I don't really notice a different but at 2 weeks I wasn't expecting to. Hopefully at 4 I'll notice something.

Here's the place I went to

This is the place

4 weeks post

4 weeks post pictures

Week 5 picture

Week 5 pic update

Week 6 photo

Week 6 photo. Think I'm starting to see a difference in this one.

Couple more week 6

2 more week 6 photos.

Week 7

More pics

8 weeks post pics

8!weeks post pics. I started seeing some results at 6 weeks or so but most people report the best results from 8-12 weeks so I guess we'll see what happens now. For 350$ I've had good enough results to do it again and I've made up my mind that I will. I wouldn't pay the 1000's of dollars I see people paying though, that's too much. If I had so much fat that I was going to spend that much I would get more of a traditional lipo.
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