Active Adult Male - Low BMR - Low Body Fat - Treating Abdominal Area - Ten Pounds Overweight - Downers Grove, IL

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I am an athletic, fit and active adult male. I...

I am an athletic, fit and active adult male. I work out five to six times per week. My girlfriend and I still like to compete in multiple sports, so we are exceptionally active. We do 5 and 10k running events, we do 8-person rowing races, the obstacle type races, some as long as 15k, play volleyball, softball and tennis. Despite all of that activity and excellent diets, I still had a bulging abdomen that my doctor attributes to my age and says there is nothing I can do about it - diet or exercise related.

So I researched non invasive fat reduction and over the last four or five years never found anything that made scientific sense - until SculpSure came out and was FDA approved.

I chose a facility in a Chicago suburb over the facilities in the city for one main reason. That was that I was assessed by a doctor, not a tech. After much discussion I worked out a price I thought was fair. In most Chicago and suburban locations the charge is $350 per paddle, so $1400 per full treatment area. There was no doubt that I would have needed both upper and lower abs done so I made a deal to do both upper and lower for $2100, if done that day, to which the doctor agreed.

The key to negotiating these sessions is to remember that they booked your time, and whether or not you use it, they still have that hour off the books. So to me it is better for them to make a deal and fill the hour than to have you walk. Plus I had written prices from other facilities and I would have walked if I did not get my price.

That said, I did the four paddles on the lower abs, then immediately did four paddles on the upper abs. The procedure is painful, just like getting a burn. Frankly, despite what they show on the show The Doctors, the procedure is unlikely to work unless it hurts. The mode of operation depends on high heat, high temperature and therefore, most likely pain. I had the tech constantly moving the level up and down as my tolerance allowed. I was not able to keep it at 1.4 due to having a skin injury from a fall in one of our races, but I managed to move from 1.1 to 1.3 and a few at 1.4, up and down.

There is absolutely no recovery time needed. I went from the chair to running stadium steps 20 minutes later. I had a lot of pain during, but zero pain after.

It has been ten days since the procedure and so far I see zero results. They want me to come back at six weeks for assessment and a second procedure (already negotiated at $1500 for both areas), but I will not return except to complain if I do not see results better than what I am seeing so far.

I was supposedly the "ideal" candidate - fairly lean, only ten pounds over weight, area to be treated is not sagging, BMR is low, total body fat percentage is low. And I included my activity above to give perspective. If this does not work for me I can't see it working for anyone consistently. I saw the before and after on the manufacturers web site and I am no where near as fat as the one guy who seems to magically lose 60% of his gut. My "before" is like his "after" and so far no results.

I will update after six weeks and let you know real results.

SculpSure - Round Two With Increased Intensity

My motivation for trying AGAIN with this treatment is two fold. Firstly, I am an athlete, competing in Tri's, cycling, swimming and straight running events. I also row competitively and participate in tennis and volleyball club events.

I had the first treatment for the same reason as I had the second treatment. Despite all of my activity and great diet, I looked like I never worked out a day in my life - due to the bulge of fat below my navel and just above. A front and unsightly fanny pack of fat. My first go 'round with SculpSure produced ZERO decrease in that fat pocket. Being open minded I considered the whole process, the tech, my prep, my mental state, diet, water I drank and so forth. The only deficiency I could identify was that the setting my tech used was one or two levels below what others typically use. I was at a 1.0 instead of 1.1 or 1.2. I could not tolerate the pain of the 1.2 and did the 1.1 intermittently. I surmised that because the tech had me shave my abdomen with cheap, 50 cent disposable razors, which caused a great amount of irritation and sensitivity, that the shaving made me less tolerant of the heat. So I made a call the office, explained what I thought happened and negotiated a GREAT price for the treatment. I paid about $1,100 for upper AND lower abs the first time. The second time I paid only $600 for upper and lower again - for five paddles, twice. Great deal and great doctor. This time I shaved three days ahead of time with five blade razors and treated the area with Aloe every day until the procedure. My skin was more or less normal sensitivity on treatment day. You may have seen on The Doctors that people describe SculpSure as a "warm" sensation, or like a "warm massage". I can tell you with certainty, it is not "warm" by any manner of description. If the device paddles are only warm, then they are not working. The hotter the paddles the more likely you will get a benefit. I cranked them as high as I could tolerate and my best description of the feeling is that they feel like someone is pressing a hot steam iron onto your skin. If you are lucky, you can count down in your head and wait for the cooling cycle to start before you squirm out of your seat. Proper treatment temperature is painful. So - this time I managed 1.1 and 1.2 for the whole session, upper and lower. A hot iron on my abdomen, cycled with cooling, for 22 or whatever minutes. It has been more than five weeks and I have had zero fat reduction. If I had paid going rate I would be pissed. But from what others have told me, I got a good deal and I can't complain - it was my decision to go, then go again. Now into my 16th week post first treatment I DID find something that works. I started the Atkins 20 two weeks ago and lost 2 pounds each week so far and think it will continue. Good luck.


The doctor that assessed me was easy to communicate with and seemed genuinely interested in a positive outcome. He is a board certified surgeon and being a surgeon, first recommended lipo suction of some sort over the SculpSure. He said I was an ideal candidate for SculpSure but also noted results are controlled and virtually guaranteed with lip and that the cost was not that much more. Optimal SculpSure results would require two treatments to as many as two or three areas and would ultimately cost over $4,000 if abdomen and flanks were each done twice. His lipo offer for the same areas was $4,500. He did not push, just wanted me to weigh cost versus outcome.

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