On my Way, Hoping for a July, 2015 Surgery Date. - Dover, Delaware

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I'm a 71 year old that's battled my weight for...

I'm a 71 year old that's battled my weight for many years. Since retiring 15 years ago I've developed arthritic knees that have limited my activities and increased my battle with weight. In Dec. 2014 I attended a Bariatric seminar and decided to change my life. I had a consultation with my surgeon on 12/23 and began my new adventure. My bariatric center has a coordinator who arranges everything, appointments, etc., making the entire process a breeze. Two months into my six month pre op and I've completed all the requirements except the required 6 monthly nutritionist meeting. I've read everything I could find to prepare for my new life and have already lost 14lbs. I hate this 6 month wait requirement but it will be well worth it in the end. Keeping my fingers crossed for a July surgery date.

I think I've got this !!

Hey everyone, how are you ? It's early yet as I'm only two months into my 6 month pre op preparations but I'm pleased with my progress. I started out on 12/23 at 338 lbs. and as of 3/21 I'm at 317 and feeling good. I've reduced portion size, eliminated bread, pasta and potatoes. My diet consists of meats, veggies & Progresso soups, snacks are celery, cucumbers with small amounts of dips. The hardest adjustment has been eliminating fountain diet cokes, I am accustomed to two 32 ouncers a day......I'm missing my carbonation and caffeine ! I committed myself to adapt to as close of a post op diet as I can now to ease my later transition. So with that said..........I got this !!!

Finally........I got this, the sleeve, that is.

Well my sleeve finally arrived on 8/6/15. I'm late with an update and it shall be brief. As I mentioned previously I'm 71 at the time of my sleeve and I've had a few complications. The sleeve surgery was flawless, everything went well. Prior to entering the OR the surgeon wanted me to be better hydrated delaying the operation a couple of hours.....no big thing. I also had hernia repairs completed at same time and all went well. I was originally scheduled for a 3 nigh stay but was held for 4 nights.
I have a history of occasional gout attacks, it usually happens in either foot and lasts a day or two...........for those not aware, gout rates slightly below childbirth for pain. Well as luck would have it my 14 day pre op protein diet triggered an attack in BOTH feet within hours of arriving home. It seems that Protein is a major contributor to gout attacks.
So now being totally unable to get off my back I wasn't able do the walking/exercising that I needed and finally after a few days forced myself to try and shower......bad news, collapsed and taken to hospital for treatment of gout and dehydration.
I'm going to break this update short for now but will return with more later........please understand that the sleeve procedure was flawless and NOT responsible for my complications, I'm just pointing out that things can into play that would be the last thing one would expect.
Cheers, my friends
Dr. Rahul Singh

I can't imagine having a better experience that I'm having with Dr. Singh and his staff.

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