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This is my review of Cosmos clinic in Double Bay,...

This is my review of Cosmos clinic in Double Bay, Sydney - For liposuction on multiple areas. Please read my whole story because I have a lot to explain about it, if you are REALLY considering liposuction then this will be helpful to you. I had Amazing results!

To tell you a bit about myself I am a 31 year old female and i have been struggling with extra weight on my tummy and waist for at least 9 years. I was put on seroquel and anti-depressants at the age of about 22 and gained 30 kilos within 2 months of starting it. This was devastating for me because i was used to having a slim size 6 - 8 figure with virtually no fat on it. Not only did i have a battle with mental health but now but in addition i had to also look in the mirror and see somebody who wasn't me, who was 30 kilos and overweight in my opinion and just unattractive compared to what i used to be. That made it even worse. After years and years of dieting, exercise, starvation attempts, multiple attempts to go off my medication that just made me sick again, and more, i finally gave up and realised that no matter how much everyone else was going to tell me to 'just go to the gym,' or suggest i reduce sugar, etc, etc... I realised i just wasn't going to get back to my natural size that way.

So, at about 28 i started thinking about liposuction, and started researching.
One day I decided to ask my Thai hairdresser about surgery holidays overseas. She started telling me about the horror stories about some surgeries that are done overseas. She warned me that if i was going to go through that route, to only do it at the main public hospital, and to never book with any small private clinics because she said that they take your kidneys or organs and you wake up in one of those baths full of ice like in the movies! I wasn't going to risk it!
I decided that life was too precious and i did not want to have to go through anything like that, or anything unsafe for me at all! That's when i decided to pay a little extra, and have my liposuction done here in Sydney! Close to home, and hospitals in case anything were to happen. And it was a very WISE decision! Ill explain why soon...
After even more research i finally decided to go with Cosmos clinic in Double Bay, Sydney. Here is a review of my experience:

Before the surgery:
I had meetings with the doctors and nurses in discussing what i wanted to get done. Dr Joseph Ajaka was very switched on and understood what i was asking for. I told him that i wanted to lose the weight on my stomach and get the pinched in waist look. I was a little bit nervous about getting the results that i wanted but the staff filled me in on all of the information that i needed and answered all of my questions so i was feeling pretty confident that everything was going to go fine after the meetings. I received a lot of information to take home and read explaining all of the surgery procedures, medications, requirements, expectations, etc. So after a few meetings I was feeling really confident about Cosmos clinic and decided to go for it! I am very happy i did too!

Surgery day (27/05/2016):
I had liposuction performed on my upper and lower abdominal regions, my waist, back and also on my upper arms. I followed all of the preoperative instructions, which were pretty easy, and was taken to get dressed and ready for the procedure. It was in the morning. Cosmos clinic was very clean, had all of the necessary equipment, and a lot of staff on looking after all of my needs for this very important day. I was given a mild sedative although i was awake during the whole procedure, and also happy gas to keep me from feeling the pain. The reason is that you need to be awake during the surgery so that they can move you around and get to all the areas of fat. I think it was much safer too, than full anesthesia. They basically create a whole bunch of tiny little holes and melt your fat off like butter and then liposuction it up. I am pretty tough so it wasn't very scary for me, or painful either. It was more interesting than anything, having the doctors work, talking to each other and me while i was laughing and saying some really crazy things on the happy gas. So i basically got to watch the whole thing while laughing my head off, so by the end of it everything went absolutely fine, the job was done, and i was taken to the recovery room for the iv drip and stayed there for a few hours being monitored by the nurses until i woke up completely from the sedatives. Everything went well and my mum took me home to recover at her place for the next few days.

Post surgery
Weeks 1 - 3:
After the surgery I had to use compression garments because your skin has to re attach in the areas that where lifted during the liposuction procedure. They were tight to keep the skin tight against your body and also antibiotics and pain killers. I found this to be the hardest part because you need to keep straight all the time and drink plenty of water to help your liver to process and restore your body back after the trauma. The worst part was that the garments were uncomfortable to wear but it was worth it. The first 3 weeks were the hardest because i had had my full abdominal area and part of the back done so I had to make sure that that whole area kept tight, which also stops fluid build up underneath the skin as well. You need to wait 48 hours before you can take a bath because the tiny holes that they made to do the liposuction need to close up. Because i had such a large area done i had about 10 tiny holes all around the area. They leak a little bit of fluid for a couple of days but you are given large pads to lie on for the first couple days until the fluid stops coming out.
The excellent part of cosmos clinic was that they kept seeing me twice a week after the surgery to check on how i was doing and to make sure the healing process was going well. This is why i was HIGHLY RECOMMENDING to get a procedure like this done close to home because you will need a lot of aftercare if you want your results to be tip top! The Cosmos clinic staff looked after me extremely well after the surgery day, and stopped me from doing anything that would stop my results going well. They gave me massages to help drain extra fluid and help the body to re attach the skin. The massages are also important because your body can create scarred tissue, which needs to be massaged to get rid of, for your body to replace with healthy tissue. The good thing is though that with such excellent aftercare you don't really need to worry because your body WILL heal up, it just takes a few weeks to get the worst part of it over which was really the discomfort from being padded up with the garments more than anything. The pain is tolerable and you get pain killers to help you in case it does get too much. This is why i recommend getting your surgery close to home becuase it is more than about the surgery day. After 48 hours you can start taking baths but you need to keep the compression going for 23 hours a day.

Weeks 4 - 6:
At 4 weeks you can reduce wearing compression garments to 12 hours a day but still need to keep lying in bed straight, and standing up straight, keeping your skin tight so that it will re attach to the right spot. I kept going for massages twice a week back at Cosmos, and needed to get even tighter garments because as the swelling goes down you will need tighter garments to keep the skin tight against your body. Lots of water, and occasional pain killers if needed. Also if you can move around like go for a walk this will help your body to keep healing as fast as possible. The staff at Cosmos really helped because i found the aftercare the biggest challenge and needed their advice to keep me going to get through the hardest part.
After 6 weeks:
After 6 weeks you get a 6 week follow up. Mine went well and my healing progress was going as planned with no complications. As long as you follow the advice and look after yourself very well you can get through the hardest part. Now i could stop wearing the garments too so the hardest part was over but i got through it.
My whole abdominal area is so tight now and i look like im 22 again! All of the fat that I had on my stomach, upper and lower abdomen, back and underneath my upper arms is all gone! Literally vanished! I have a tight looking stomach now and an actual waist! Before i had fat on all of these areas and had trouble fitting into my clothes anymore but I can now go back to buying the types of clothes that I used to. I still believe it would have been impossible to do this at the gym. The main part after 6 weeks is to just keep massaging your skin to keep it healing and to reduce any scarred tissue left and get your body to heal it into normal tissue.
The only obvious thing that i have had surgery are the tiny scars on my skin. Cosmos clinic gave me some scar therapy gel but assured me they will fade and go away completely. The scars are going away and I will be going in for my 3 month follow up soon!
I am so extremely happy that I did it! The fat is gone in those stubborn impossible to get rid of areas and i can see my muscles and waist again! =) Now i am going to the gym to tighten my muscles not to get rid of fat! It has honestly erased the hardest part for me, and now i am exercising to tone up which is much more rewarding. I can see my abdominal muscles and have a really nice waist now!!! I can wear skirts and clothes that go in at the waist and I have such a feminine figure now! I was struggling with my extra weight for at least 7 years and now it is gone and i dont have to worry about people asking me when the baby is due anymore !!! When i look in the mirror i can even see the line going down my stomach in the middle of my abs and I feel so great looking in the mirror! This has honestly changed my life in the way that i can walk around confident in my body again. I have bought a bunch of nice bikinis now and cant wait for the beach in summer.

VERY HAPPY with the results! Dr Ajaka really knew what he was doing and has the experience to improve your body in the way that you want to. Afterwards i am confident in saying that I did get what i asked for. And i got really well looked after too with no health complications and no negative consequences on my life! I believe that i made the right choice with picking cosmos clinic and would recommend them to anybody else choosing to have liposuction or other procedures done in Sydney. I am going back soon to get some mole removal done because i have a lot on my back but 5 star rating! I was very happy with the service and the results are AMAZING! Wow! Wow! Wow! =)

Dr Joseph Ajaka is a very skilled surgeon who performed my liposuction. When i came in for the consultation he gave me advice on what type of procedure would be best for me and was honest about what kinds of results i could achieve. I wanted to get quite a few areas done and he said that it was totally possible to get them done and get the body shape i was after. He has a vision and understanding of the body and anatomy and his liposuction results were simply amazing. I am very happy with the job and i highly recommend Dr Ajaka because he can be trusted to do the job well and has the experience to do so. Dr Ajaka performed the procedure well, it all went safely and there were absolutely no complications. I was looked after very well and safely. He spent a lot of time with me, marking out which areas were going to be done and preparing me for the surgery in advance. I am very happy with the results that i got and highly recommend him as a plastic surgeon! I will definitely go back to see Dr Ajaka if i decide to get any more work done!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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