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I used to have hidden/hooded double eyelids. My...

I used to have hidden/hooded double eyelids. My eyes looked very small. On my vacation to Taiwan, I got suture eyelid surgery in Dou Liou, a city in Yunlin County of Taiwan. The surgeon is very experienced and does 100+ surgeries per month. People as young as 13 and as old as 80 go to get double eyelid surgery done there. My experience there was great. And it only cost 6000 New Taiwan Dollars, or $200 USD!!! My eyes were washed, and then anesthesia shots were injected into each eye. That was the part that hurt the most, and it was only a sting for a few seconds. I could only feel three shots at most in each eye. After that, the sutures were put into my eyes. The whole process only took about half an hour. Then, the surgeon let me look at my eyes in the mirror to see if I liked it. If I didn't, he would either take the whole thing out and charge me nothing, or adjust the sutures until my eyelids were to my liking. I liked my eyelids, so the sutures were then secured. After the surgery, my eyes were a bit sore for just the rest of the day. Swelling was minimal because my eyelids were pretty thin to begin with. There was little bruising, which healed pretty fast. The swelling went away quickly. After one week, my eyes looked big and natural! I would definitely recommend getting double eyelid surgery done in Asia because the surgeons are experienced, and the price is cheap so the plane ticket is worth it.

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