Hernia Repair, Diastasis Repair, TT - Updates to Follow - Dothan, AL

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I have surgery scheduled for 9/27. I will post...

I have surgery scheduled for 9/27. I will post before pics and keep you posted on my journey. The closer it gets the more nervous I am getting but I have full faith and confidence in my Doctor and his staff. I will be having umbilical hernia, diastasis repair and TT. Its been 2 years since my last pregnancy. I had no idea why my stomach area would not improve - exercise, sit ups, nothing was helping - then I learned about diastasis - I have frequent lower back pain which I assume is partly due to my lack of proper ab muscles. I am really hoping this surgery will make me feel like me again. I will post updates and pictures along the way - the good, the bad and the ugly lol. .

Updated/better photos pre-op

Hello - I am just 5 days away from surgery and honestly I am freaking out! I am so incredibly nervous. I really hope I am making the right decision. I am tired of stomach pains and just not feeling "right" I am just really worried about complications. I will try to update regularly but it may be a few days before the first one depending how out of it I am and what meds I'm on lol. If you have already had surgery and wish to leave me any advice please do!

2 days post op update

Had surgery yesterday 9/27 I am 24 Hours since end of surgery. So far I don't feel too bad. Of course there is pain and discomfort but so far it's bearable.

One week post op

So it's been a full week - still can't really tell true result as I am still
Swollen but I have learned something... LISTEN to your Doc!!!
Originally I was just to have hernia and DR repair with TT but I insisted on Lipo of the flanks. Doc and nurse didn't really think I needed lipo but I insisted. I wish I never did the Lipo part. I'm just mentally upset with myself. The pain (burning and tingly) is unreal. I think I would feel ready good considering if not for the Lipo. I know this will pass just hard going thru it.

2 full weeks post op

Doing well so far. No real pain just some discomfort here and there. Incision looking pretty good so far. Still some swelling. Overall still very pleased. I'm not one to sit still so it's easy to overdo it. Definitely take your time and don't try to rush recovery.

2 months post op

It's has been 2 months and so far I am very happy. Such an improvement - not just visually but I feel so much better.
Dothan Plastic Surgeon

The Doctor and his staff have been amazing so far. They have been very patient and understanding and answered all of my questions.

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