410cc Saline Transaxillary - Dothan, AL

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I've wanted a BA since I was in high school and...

I've wanted a BA since I was in high school and can't believe the time is finally here! After breast feeding my little, my boobs shrunk to nothing. At 21, I was a 34A going into surgery. On April 3 I had my consult and I tried on sizers that, according to my PS, fit my body. I refused to have balls on my chest and I even showed him some girls I personally know with results I did not want lol. I tried on a range from 290cc - 371cc. I liked the way the 371cc looked so we basically decided to go as big as we could without looking fake. He thought anywhere from 330-360cc would be our range.
On the morning of May 16 (I had to schedule my surgery a ways out because of medication and my work schedule) I took a quick shower with hibiclens, grabbed our bags and we headed out the door. My arrival was set to be 930am. We got there at 925 and got called back at 940. I changed into a gown and socks, went over medical history, had my IV placed, and was given Pepcid and Zofran for possible nausea from the anesthesia. The next step was to just wait until it was time to go into holding. I arrived in surgery holding at 1101am where I had the sweetest nurse taking care of me. At 1120 my dr came in and marked on my chest, we went over "biggest without balls" goal again. At 1140 the anesthesia nurse came in and we talked about my concerns (I was freaked out about being put under for the first time ever) and she gave me something in my IV that totally relaxed me. At 1220 I was rolled to the OR room where I got on the table and was strapped down. They placed a heater under my blankets and some massage things on my calves to prevent clotting. I remember telling the nurse "okay I know the dr and I talked about 330-360cc but I changed my mind. I want to be a D" and I woke up in recovery not knowing what was going on, where I was, etc. they then took me to my presurg room where my BF was at about 145pm and they told him I had to eat before I could get any pain medication. All I remember is him shoving crackers down my throat lol, and my mouth was sooo dry! It's all a blur from waking up to going to our hotel room. I slept about two hours then we were discharged.
Apparently I got 390cc saline implants overfilled to 410cc with a transaxillary incision. ????????????
I slept on and off that night.
Today I'm feeling okay, my breasts are super itchy and I'm having trouble getting up and down. When I sit up it's like my boobs just are going to fall slap off my chest lol. My dr has me wearing a wrap only above the nipple line to help push the implant down. It's very uncomfortable and he said if I don't want to wear it he would rather me wear nothing at all... And he also said not to use ice for the swelling. I thought that was strange but doctors know best I guess.

what were your recovery instructions regarding ace wrap/sports bras/etc? And did you ice or not? I'm really tempted to. Does anyone know the reason not to?

Just a few photos

I didn't upload any photos yesterday when I wrote the original review so here are a couple.
Today is day two and so far I'm much better than yesterday but I'm still having a lot of heaviness in my chest which I expected. I am not a fan of the massage I have to do.

Before photo

Before surgery I was wearing a 34A, size small in swim tops. I am 5'6 and about 130lbs

Incision pictures

So today the sterry strips came off of my incisions... Ok I may or may not have helped them off once they started hanging. They look really red and I was just curious if this is normal or not? Tonight they're kind of stinging also. I put some bactroban on a telfa pad and have it under my armpits.

Left boob pain

So yesterday was a rough one simply because I think I over did it. I went out to town with my mom and we stayed about 4 hours. My chest was very heavy and it was getting difficult to breathe. I keep getting these sharp pains in my left breast, normal? My right seems to be feeling fine.
Also adding photos from yesterday to keep track of progress.
I tried on an old swimsuit and although it fits much better than it used to I have to admit I was a bit sad it still fit. I was hoping I would be way too big for it!

One breast hurts worse?

I was just wondering if anyone else had the same issue.. My left breast seems to be dropping slower than my right, it's harder to massage and more painful. Has anyone had something similar? any tips? I don't go back to see my PS until June 3. He said then we will clip the sutures and I'm done with this band and I'll be able to wear whatever i'd like.

Feeling better!

So I still feel like my left is coming along slower than the right. Today my son hit the crap out of it so it's super sore right now, I'm hoping he didn't do anything to it!
I'm still nervous about shaving and using deodorant, thank god for the AC, lol! I'm still using the post op wrap across the top of my boobs, it's becoming a lot less annoying. My chest itches so bad but I'm using a ton of lotion for it. Sleeping on my back sucks so bad, I hate the dreaded morning boob.. Ready for that to improve! Not much to update other than my worries of the left boob!
I'm ready to pick up my little and give him a bath, ride the four wheeler with him.. Ahh so many things to look forward to!

Throbbing pain?

So this morning I woke up and my left side felt smaller and softer. I had been propped on my side for about 20 minutes, then got out of bed and noticed this. I took the band off to get a better look. This really worried me since my son elbowed the same side yesterday. I massaged both breasts, put the band back on and it seems the implant is going back to where it should have been. It's beginning to feel just a bit fuller, but it's also throbbing at the top now. I'm planning to call my PS when my husband gets home from work. No point in calling sooner because I can't drive myself 2 hours away to see him. Does anyone have thoughts or experience of this??

9 days post op

So on my last update I posted about feeling like I woke up with one side smaller, I was worried about it leaking or rupturing because my 18month old hit me pretty hard in it the night before.
I called my PS office and his assistant said it could just be spasms moving the implant from when I was elbowed. She said it takes a lot to rupture the implant, but to continue to monitor it and call if I have any more problems with it.
So far I haven't had anymore issues with it.
Yesterday I stumbled over my toddler and fell down, I tried to catch myself with my arm and it really hurt my armpit and boob (that same left side, poor guy!) but today I feel okay.
I went swimming yesterday during the day and I haven't felt any issues. My biggest issue right now is I still cannot shave my armpits :-( my husband tried to spot shave for me but it looks awfuuuul. Nothing to complain about, id rather have the boobs;)!
I go back to work tomorrow, with a ten hour shift.
I'll post some more pictures soon!

First day back at work!

Yesterday was my first day back at work and it went pretty smooth! I pretty much worked the desk all day. They wanted to make sure I didn't over do it and didn't use my arms up in cabinets and stuff. Today has went well also, I'm thinking I'll be back in full routine next week. My post op appt isn't until next Tuesday. I'll get the remainder of my sutures clipped then.

2 week post op appt

Yesterday was my two week follow up with my PS. All he did was clip the sutures and take a look. He said everything is coming along great and continue the massage 5-6 times a day for another 2 weeks then once a day after. I got the clear to work out, have sex, lift anything. I'll go back in two months for pictures. This weekend we are going to a theme park so I'm glad I got clearance!
Dothan Plastic Surgeon

I feel like Dr. Owen listened to my wants and fulfilled everything I could have asked for! I love the fact he doesn't go overboard on his patients, he knows what looks good on your body.

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