385cc Sub Glandular placement. No kids, 22 Years Old, 110lbs, 5'4, Started at a 32B

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Hello! I've been scouring this site for months and...

I've been scouring this site for months and now finally have a real reason to post.
I've got my BA consultation tomorrow at 16:00 at Nuffield Health! I have wanted a boob job for what seems like forever, but what is realistically just since everyone else started growing boobs and I never did.
I've got a tonne of questions for my PS. I'm quite sporty and one of my main concerns is whether or not it would disrupt my Judo in the long term by having implants.
Another of my concerns is how I would look if I chose to have children and breastfeed after my BA.
I assume I will be having sub muscular implants, as I haven't got much breast tissue, and I would love to be a 32DD.
I'll update after the consultation... incredibly excited!

P.s Attached is my main wish pic, would love for breasts like that!

My Consultation

Sorry I'm late with my update! Had a busy halloween- I hope you all had a good one too!

My consultation went really well. Nuffield is a private hospital in the UK and the staff were all friendly. My PS, Ian, was very punctual and easy to talk to.
Ian said that he thinks sub glandular silicone implants would suit me best. I was surprised by the sub glandular part, as I didn't think I had enough breast tissue to cover the implants sufficiently.
He said that silicone implants need less coverage, and unless I choose quite a big size, he wouldn't feel the need to put them sub muscular.
Apparently there is also a 100% chance of breastfeeding, as they don't detached any tissues or anything around the nipples, which is nice to know.
I was pleased that the PS agreed that a DD would be a good size for me, he has asked me to have a go with rise sizers between 250-450 and then call back to book a pre-op and surgery date.
My incision would be under the breast crease and I was told the scars might look quite dark and prominent for a while because I'm quite pale, but they don't seem to be too visible so I don't really mind.
My only thing is that I wish I could have them done sooner! I can't take time off until the beginning of February and it just seems sooo far away! How long did you ladies take off when you had your BA?
I'll post a 'before' photo soon if I feel brave!
Lots of love,


I've got my pre-op in ten days, but I'm thinking of booking another consultation before that.
I've got friends who have had their boob jobs done with Ian Whitworth, and I have full faith in him as a surgeon, but all the before and afters that I think look best and how I'd like mine to look are the ones that are sub muscular. Ian decided on sub glandular, as he thinks I have enough breast tissue.
HE'S the surgeon who's been doing this for longer than I've been alive so I know I shouldn't doubt his decision, but I want them to look as natural as possible. And I'm so paranoid that with a B cup and 400cc implants, they're not going to look as I want them to.
I'm spending £4000 on them, which is an awful lot of money for me, and I'm just so worried that they're going to be different to how I want them to be.

Has anyone else had a similar situation? Do you think I just should stop worrying and let it be? Help!
K xx

Had my pre-op!

On the 13th I went to Nuffield to have my pre-op.
Deborah, the anesthetists staff nurse, collected me from the reception area and took me upstairs to a room they use for pre-op appointments.
First off all we sat down and she introduced herself. We went through some paperwork, the first half was just lots of question about any existing medical conditions, which was very quick and easy as I am fortunate enough to have none. Then we went through my occupation, meal requirements, allergies. She did my obs- Blood pressure, pulse, temperature, my height and weight, MRSA swabs.
The second half was guiding me through what to expect on the day. I arrive at 7:30 on the 28th of January. We take before photos, I sign a consent form, they have me in theatres by around 9:30 and I should be awake to eat lunch.
Next we tried on some chicken fillet sizers. Deborah asked me what size I was now (32b), and gave me the according sports bra. She then asked me what size rice sizers I had agreed on at home. I told her I was toying between 350-400.
She gave me 385cc and 415cc sizers to put in my sports bra, with a vest over the top- this was to help me decide on which size by showing how full my breasts would look after the op.
After about 15 minutes deliberating, I chose 415cc, thinking that 385 looked more like me in a very good push up bra, and 415 looked like me with fuller, more voluptuous breasts.

After I'd decided, I met with Mr Whitworth. It was a very quick meet. He simply asked if I had any questions, to which I mentioned about the sub glandular/ sub muscular placement. I said that being a B cup (that sinks to an A when I have my week break from the pill), I was just so worried about not being able to cover a 415CC implant sub glandularly. I told him that I prefered how all the sub muscular ones look and I was worried about the adverse effects that are more common with sub glandular, like rippling.
He said "I have examined your breasts. You have adequate breast tissue to accommodate this implant. They will look natural, they will look good."
It must be very frustrating hearing so many people come in with their own thoughts about a topic he knows SO much about, but I trust him, and I won't think about the unders/overs any more.

I'm starting to get scared. A breast augmentation has been something I've wanted for FOREVER, but now I keep second guessing myself. I keep looking in the mirror at my small boobs and feeling sad that I'm changing them. I'm quite an earthy person, and sometimes I feel so... silly. For caving in and changing my body just because it isn't 'perfect'. Has anyone else had these thoughts so close to their op?

Lots of love,
K xx

3 Days to go... 385 or 415? Chickening out

I've got three days to go until my op and I am absolutely terrified. I decided (after 20 minutes consideration) on 415 at the pre-op but now that I can't see them I'm so unsure. It seems so BIG. I want to still look petite, maybe I should go for 385? I want to be a full D.
I'm a nervous wreck! I'm booking another consultation for tomorrow to double check.
I've wanted a boob job for so long but now it's so close I'm just so worried. I keep looking at my boobs in the mirror and getting so freaked out that they're going to be different in 3 days.
Scared.. not sure. :(
K xx

Surgery in less than 9 hours!

Wish me luck! Xx

I did it!

And boy, they look great!
It's currently nearly 7am, I came out of recovery at about 1pm yesterday and have had my overnight stay since.
I've been really sick from the pain medication so am quite dehydrated, despite the anti sickness they iv'ed to me. But I'm feeling much better now.
They. Look. AMAZING.
I had some self doubt at the very end about whether I really wanted to change my body forever via silicone, and I am so so pleased I went ahead with it. I'll post a pic update as soon as possible!
I'm so so so pleased with the results, they look perfect already!

Sorry for being AWOL! A Recap:

Day 1-5
I think I was very unlucky with the pain medications. For the first 5 days I had bad memory loss and extreme fatigue, sleeping up to 14 hours in one go. I called the nurse, who put it down to a bad reaction to the general anesthetic. On day 5 I had a brainwave and halved my prescription pain medication, and I'm pleased that I did because my memory came back within 12 hours. The nurse called me a 'lightweight' at my one week post op appointment, saying she'd never seen such a severe reaction to paracetamol!
I was so sore these first few days. Sleeping on my back is so unnatural for me but I was so zonked out from the pain killers that I slipped into slumber at ease.

My pre-op:
The day before my pre-op I was quite worried. It's difficult to know what's normal and what's not, and I was having horrible pains through my right nipple, which I discussed at my appointment and found out was a very common thing to have. My pre-op appointment was very quick. The nurse took off my dressings and said the incisions were healing well. She examined my breasts and said they felt fine, and told me I could go and get a more comfortable bra as long as it's very supportive.

This whole time, my incisions have been itching like CRAZY. I know three people who have had boob jobs done in the sub glandular placement, and all three said it was a walk in the park... I thought I'd be the same! I've got a high pain tolerance and I'm generally quite healthy, I eat well, exercise regularly and sleep lots, so thought my body would get through this with at least some ease... WRONG. I don't know if it's just because I haven't had kids so my breast tissue is a lot firmer, but I've felt rubbish up until 2 days ago!

Yesterday was the first day that I felt like I would have been able to go back to work. Though I am pleased I've got another two days off!
Lots of love and hugs to you all, I hope you are all well.
K xxx

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