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I went to the doctor and complained that my face...

I went to the doctor and complained that my face looked tired and had concerns about under the eye area. We talked about autologous fat transfer and fraxel (CO2). He should me pictures of many patients that had it done, and I saw great improvement, but honestly I am no where near where these women started and wasn't ready for such drastic measures. I asked him what we could do in the meantime for my complaints.

His suggestion was botox and some filler in the nasal folds. I don't know why I didn't ask about WHY he was suggesting the filler there, I just thought maybe it would give lift to the under eye area. Figured the doctor would know, and it all happened so fast

I'm about 3 weeks out and VERY disappointed. First off I was not told of the bruising and swelling that would last a week! I had to spend an extra $150 on makeup products lest someone think my husband was abusive. We are talking a large purple/black bruise on one cheek. Second of all, the sides are not even. I noticed immediately after injection, but thought "there must be a reason he did that." Now the top of one side (nasal fold) looks oddly protruding. Not significantly noticeable, but the problem is that now my eyes looks more tired/loss of fat - on both sides. And I notice marionette lines that I didn't before.

Many years ago I had Juvederm placed there and other areas (1 syringe) and it looked nice and natural. This just looks fake in the nasal area, and makes other areas look worse. Fortunately the botox is perfect. I guess it's a good thing I didn't go with the fat transfer for my whole face. Who knows what I would have ended looking like.

11 month update on Radiesse

On a followup visit - my doctor suggested we add more along the upper cheekbone area. He gave a discount for that since I was unhappy with the original treatment. That ended up making it worse. It is now 11 months later and I can still see where some "leaked" and created this little worm looking mark on one side. (NOTE: For some reason I was very nervous when he did the needle around my eye and got very woozy. His staff had to lay me down as the needle was still in and I don't know if this contributed to the problem.)

The worm (and new severe eye bruising) were quite severe the first 2-3 months and I could not go out (or stay in and let hubby see it) without make-up. 2 months later and I did another followup. My doctor was surprise to see the yellowing under my eye and my "eye worm". He ask why I waited so long to tell him and then offered 2 options: 1 he could try and remove it. He did not advise this and said it would probably leave a scar. Option 2 was to wait it out. I've gone with option 2. The yellow bruising is finally gone and the worm is getting better. It's taken a long time to get to this point though. 11 months. My doctor told me to come back after it went down and he would "make it right". I will post an update here once that occurs.

As an aside, my doctor spoke to the Radiesse rep and took pictures as he said he has never seen this happen. When I went back later, he said the Radiesse rep saw the pics and had never seen that before either. I will say that my cheekbones looked really good, but only if you could overlook the worm/yellowing problem. Which I could not.

9 months after the surgery I met with my son and his girlfriend at a store. Apparently I had not done a good job with my make-up and he demanded to know if my husband had hit me. So embarrassing and I couldn't even admit that it was all because of vanity (though I did emphatically state and convince him that my husband did nothing and it was just a makeup mess-up.)
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