Don't Trust This Stuff - It's Not Even FDA Approved

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This product disfigured me, caused lumps, constant...

This product disfigured me, caused lumps, constant inflammation causing pain and distorted appearance, made me physically ill (it is a synthetic) and consequently had very negative effects on my life.  AND, my doctor was a NYC "trainer" for Sculptra.  So, it's NOT about finding the right injector, it's about finding an injector that cares enough about you and your health to not use this product on you.  No one knows the long term effects of this product on the body.  This product has caused allergic rx when used for dissolvable sutures.  Do your research!   The FDA has not even approved this product for cosmetic purposes, and over 50% of the initial test subjects developed adverse effects ala nodules, granulomas, constant inflammation (for years) etc.

I am not alone, there are many people who have been severely harmed by this product.  Please be careful.

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