Want to Operate my Nose Tip/ my Nose Tip is to Round or Long

My experience is that Norwegian surgeons are not...

My experience is that Norwegian surgeons are not experienced enough to give me a good nose tip. I want it smaller and less dominating. I guess i have to find the best surgeon on nose tips in USA or other countries. Im looking for other people who have done similar surgery or looking for similar. And really appreciate your honest opinion about what I should do with my nose.

Thank you :)

Facial symmetri test

Don't know how reliable this test is, it was interesting and might give me some idea on my nose in relationship to the rest of the face.


Just wanted to add some photos of what i believe are great results from nose tip surgery and also added som inspirational photos

Some more photos of my nose (before surgery)

Photoshoppet photos of how my nose could look like :D

A surgeon gave me a photoshoppet version of my ideal nose! let me know what u think and if u recommend any surgeon that would done a good job!

New Photos

Im on the hunt again, im now looking for the best surgeon on nose tip in Europe, perhaps London, or anywhere, as long as he is the best.

Considering Dr. Denenberg

Hello Everyone,I am heavily considering Dr. Denenberg for a revision rhinoplasty.

I would appreciate any of you who has had previous experience with him to tell me how it went?

As far as I am concerned he has been a great doctor (pre-surgery) very reachable through e-mail and clearly replies to my concerns and has understood exactly what I want & has advised me honestly (I think) on what he thinks is possible and what isn't. I am just interested in hearing previous patients' testimonials as a final determining factor.

I am so nervous about making this decision because I have had a very depressing year due to a bad rhinoplasty and now that a year has passed and I can get my revision I can't even find who this "best revision doctor in the world" is. There are so many certified "best doctors" that have majorly messed people up - this is a very scary place to be, the uncertainty that your face will never look normal to you again :( I wish everyone of you who is in the same situation as me to figure it out without years of stress & depression - And for those of you who pulled out of it well and happy please share, with pics, your experience & who that miracle surgeon is!Any help, information or recommendations are welcome!
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