Don't Go Too Small!

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I had my boob job done almost 2 and a half years...

I had my boob job done almost 2 and a half years ago, I had 280cc Silicone High Profile implants placed under the muscle through a crease incision. I would recommend having it done to a person who is thinking of it, but the reason why I have rated my satisfaction as 2 stars is that I was not pleased with the size or the implant placement. I unfortunately went to a doctor who was really not in the least bit interested in what I wanted from the procedure and I have ended up having to have it redone because the size is too small and I don't like the under the muscle placement(which I have just booked for). My advice to anyone considering the op is:
1) Make sure you don't go too small because so many people end up having to have redo's because of boob greed (like me!)
2) Make sure you know the end visual differences between all the options you have available because for example under the muscle and over the muscle look VERY different afterwards (and the implications of the different options on your body, such as a bigger implant the more chance there is of sagging etc.)
3) Don't get pushed around by your doctor... its your body, your money and your boobs! Get what YOU want.

I have also said that I did not experience much pain, but I feel I must mention that you experience discomfort and irritation because of a loss of mobility for the first couple of weeks. For example you cannot use your chest muscles properly so you can't put your arm far back (because it stretches your chest muscles out) and you can't pull inwards with your hands. Plus you can't sleep on your side for quite a while.

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