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So I'm back on the Bbl train, never really seemed...

So I'm back on the Bbl train, never really seemed to get off it...
I am currently planning Round 2 , which I don't feel is a Round 2 because round 1 my surgeon didn't use enough of my fat so once the swelling subsided there was minimal improvement.

So I feel like this is Round 1. Hope my blog goes on the BBL page instead of staying in the revision section. I'm not getting anything revised. Still on a quest to get a booty!

So I have been requesting quotes and researching doctors.
Initially I liked Dr. Cortez work in Texas and then thought about Dr. Salama in Miami. Then several Dr. Cortez's patients started to come forward about complications and deformities and I thought no thanks. One patient in particular had to get a section of her leg cut out because of a ravaging infection. Yikes!

Then I remembered all Dr. Salamas' cases of severe burns. And because I am on the leaner side of 154lbs, I worry about permanent burn scars from aggressive lipo. And I need aggressive lipo to get all the fat from my bra line, armpits and back and put it into my butt.

Plus I don't really wanna spend 10k because this is my second surgery and I have decided after I have kids, I'm going back in. I wanna be a mint condition mommy. So those two are out for me.

Then I was looking at them Fisher/ Hasan Vanity booties..... Yes, yes! They have been doing the damn thing. They have! Even on the smaller patients. But the Vanity reputations proceeds the results, so I don't know if I can overlook it. And they both use drains. I have dark scars from my rd 1 drain points and I really want to avoid drains, if I can.

But the real apprehension is I have PTbooty disorder. My first doc, didn't do it for me, and left me extra fat that could have , should have been used. And although I'm certain her technique is what didn't work for me, I'm still a little nervous that my booty doesn't want to retain added fat. Although it did retain what it got. I have seen several of her other patients had the same issue, so that some what puts me at ease. Known that it's her technique that my fat didn't respond too. But surgery, RECOVERY and just putting your life in someone's hand while sedated and unconscious is a big deal. So some days I think forget it. And other I'm like hell no, hell no. 1 little obstacle don't stop no show.

I have gotten the implant suggestion from several ppl and ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR ME! I'm not letting you cutting into my cheeks to replace a implant every few years. Plus you sit on them, higher risk of rupture. Higher risk of infection which can cause removal. And I prefer fat transfer because the idea of having your fat cells reprogrammed to be stored in a different area is enticing. My body current likes that abdomen and back to place fat, worst possible spot ever!

But I know the suggestions came from a good place ( kinda) cuz you wanna see me have booty and be happy. I think my key to happiness, is finding a surgeon who specializes in slim women, who can take the time to find, extract and process the fat PROPERLY, so that I get pure fat and and the highest chance or retention. I don't want the biggest booty. But a booty that I can see in jeans too, not just the tightest of tight dresses. AND a little bit of hips.

Some days I wake like yesss ! Let's get booty. Other days I'm like whatever. But since I cant stop thinking about one or the other, I need to have it done already! But I have to work on my anxiety about this issue and being confident about my decision to do it Again before I go into surgery. So Im considering having it done before Spring 2015! I need to be recovered before summer. No summer Faja for me!

Stay tuned.

Wish booties

I will love cherish and up hold any of the above pictures booties with class and jiggle.


Side not. Last week I weighed 154, today 151 and I been eating junk.... I've always said I lose weight eating ice cream chocolate and fruit. I'm trying to get to the 158-161 range cuz I'm Concerned scar tissue will hindering the amount of fat they can use.


I have been struggling with this weight gain. Going from 154 to151 to 148. Last week started off bad. Really bad. I was in a funk and things were just coming at me at once. It's very hard for me to eat when I'm stressed or being lazy. The only thing I usually have an appetite for is junk and since I can't eat 3k or 4k calories of it a day, its not helping me gain or keep on weight.

At one point I was so desperate, I started adding protein powder to ice cream. Not the best taste and my stomach didn't like it too much. It's a real battle with the scale, some days are good, other days are like wth? This is the heaviest I have been my entire life and my body is conditioned to staying in a certain range and to it fight weight. Which is usually a good thing, but not right now.

Towards the middle of the week, the funk started to lift, I got better about eating and right now I'm between 154-156. Which doesn't look much different on me, my weight kind distributes evenly. When I sit my stomach is projectile. Which I absolutely hate. I want an inverted lower belly. I'm gonna push and see where I end up in the next two weeks and then try and maintain that weight. Mama need a booty and some more lateral meat.


So I have been sitting deciding whether to update or not....
I recently realized that my rd 2 dreams may have to be postponed. Part of me was like nahhhhh, I'll make it happen. Then the other part was like forget about it for now and prioritize. Lastly I thought give it sometime and rethink it.

Then I got on RS and read londonmale2014's update.

There's a part where he says "think big, take risks and live your dreams"

Hunnnny, I lived! I live! I live for me. And what's more important than how I feel about me? There maybe a point where finances are never completely in order, student loans continuing to be outstanding and some dreams still unfulfilled. But what I am not willing to work a round is half a booty, no hips and yearning to feel complete. Feel like, I look like; the confidence I exude. I wouldn't say I have low self esteem a complex or am insecure. But what I am is aware. That I could look better, which would make me feel better. I've always considered myself a total package. Until I recently started losing weight and the little but of booty I had. In comes the yearning. When you are at point where you can wear any and everything because your shape allows you to do so. It's like a well constructed sentence. Everyone understands slang, Ebonics and text talk. But a well constructed sentence is always NOTED. It's almost like an announcement. "Im here!" I want to be noted, not noticed... Those are 2 different things. It's not about crop tops and mini skirts because I indulged in those before. It's about a certainty.
I said all that to say, I'm gonna make it happen! I have too.
So I am between 155.9-157.9. It seems to change daily in between those numbers. For today's the scale read 158, I didn know what to do with myself... It was short lived. But I will keep pushing. I have goals to meet and fat to harvest.

Bill Nye the science guy..!

So we always talk about getting hips vs. Laterals. I'm sure what the difference is but I'm not sure I truely understand what the difference is... And I need to be clear so I can clearly convey my needs.

I think I prefer laterals because hips would be too much of a tell for me, like where the hell did they come from? And laterals look more like you gained weight over all. I looked at some doctors explanation of laterals and one said its from the flanks down to the hips. I thought it was the upper hips (side booty dents) down to just below mid thigh.

I dont want my lower back lipoed it think the arch is carvered enough and I usually have back issue and don't want more lipo to trigger it. My abdomen is a big target for me. The fat there is hard an resilient and really needs to go! In some outfits I look like I have a pouch baby belly, because my fat rounds out and projects over were my abs should be. I need aggressive lipo there. That good good fat! And a little lipo on my flanks to lean me out. And then they need to hit that mid to upper back and bra line like it stole something.
I want fat transferred to upper hips, lower hips and maybe 3-5 inches past mid thighs. I can't have a nice booty and chicken legs.

And a few months back I heard they started doing stem cell fat transfer, and that it yielded better results. Anyone else heard anything about that?

And then here a pic I drew of my pre op and final body goals.... I'm not Picaso but I did pretty good. What do y'all think?

I think I'm staying here

So I've been struggling, pushing and forcing weight gain. It's not happening as fast as round 1. It's so annoying weighing myself everyday. I couple times I've had to tip/check the scale to see if it's properly calibrated.... It is. For rd 1 I was nearly 10 pounds under my normal weight, I had lost that weight the year before due to extreme stress and other factors, so putting it on was a breeze. This time around I think my body had a maximum fat allowance that it is in agreement with allowing me to have.

So one day I've gained weight, and the next it appears to be almost gone. Skipping meals some days doesn't seem to help either. But it's how I respond to stress and winter weather some times. So basically it's a real struggle.

One day I was playing around with this guy. Strictly PG, and he said "why are you breathing so hard!" I was like huh, what? He said , "you need to do some cardio." Then my brother saw me with a protein shake and he said "I don't know what you doing with that. You need to go to the gym. Talk a walk, something!" And in that moment I knew why black women are making their way over to white men. Some of these fellas don't appreciate the efforts we put in to being fabulous! Lol. Sike I'm kidding. I was like shut up! Then my brother goes on to say, you've been gaining a lot of weight over the last year, look at your calves...... Calves? Of all things. I think he ain't say ass, cuz my mother was there. Cuz you know I'm "suited up"

But for realy y'all I'm not even big. You see how the ppl in my life won't let me slide! Jeez. But they are playing into my plan of blaming the booty on weight gain. Boooooyaaaa suckers.

I had to create my own Booty Build Protein shake.

The basic version is
1 cup whole milk
1-2 scoops of protein powder blended.
Add some sugar

The delux version is
1 cup whole milk
4oz of Ensure, boost or similar
1-2 scoops protein powder
A little sugar

The Cake Boss Cake Shake!
1 cup milk
4oz boost/ensure
1-2 scoops protein powder
A little sugar
1 pack is Swiss miss hot chocolate with marshmallows or 3 Oreo cookies or pieces of a snack cake.
A scoop of ice cream if you fancy! I haven't been fancy.
Blend and enjoy

Patent pending y'all. This recipe has not been evaluated by the Fda, a nutritionalist or doctor. Please do not use if you have health issue to consider.

So I said all that to say, I'm between 158-160lbs changes daily. And im just gonna keep what I have. Buying candies, snacks, pizzas and mc'ds is just to much for me. So from here on out. I'm eating the crap I have left.whatever stays, stays and that it.

Irregularities and instagram

Ughhhhh guys I'm soo sick. I have a cold or im fighting a sinus infection....not happy times.

Anyway, I posted an update to my original review with new pics. Everyone keep saying that my butt looks bigger and some said even doubled in size. I kept tryna tell everyone is the angle and the mirror. My good camera broke and I don't know when I'm getting a new one so I can only take mirror pics. And they aren't as accurate as when someone takes a picture of you. The angle I have my arms at when I take the pic, also affect what the picture looks like.

I also want these pics to be a marker of my problem areas. My upper back, the Bain of my existence! My left side, one hip is smaller and less round, and the left cheek is smaller. Lastly my stomach there is a / under my belly button area, obviously the cannula didn't suction out the fat evenly. It's most noticeable when I'm smaller. I was 162 but I'm back at 160 because I have been sick and not eating. Now that I ve gained weight, it doesn't show as much. But in my rd 1 pics and videos you can clearly see it.

So I have a question for everyone....
How do you guys feel about dual journeys on RS and Instagram? I understand the usefulness because some ppl seem to only be active on instagram and its another medium for information. But then we have the people posting on IG about their journey because they want to be famous. You know public profiles, they let everyone know where they went, what they looked like before and after, thirst trap pics all day everyday and then link their RS profile in their description saying read my journey......

I think to each their own, but it bothers me a little. Some of us still want to keep things on the hush. But your open profile allows everyone to see everything and redirects them to RS, were the RS members may not know you have an ig, chose to comment on your posts and when people start making memes they have access to all our before and after pics. And for what?

Better yet, someone decides to write a book about plastic surgery and chooses to use our stories for content....
This is why ppl disappear, don't respond or help others. Too often there is a blatant disregard for ppls wishes and others are selfish and air headed. Even the doctors are kind enough to privatize their profiles and be selective about who they accept and this is THEIR business...

If RS makes a turn for the make me heal format I would love it, cuz only ppl who have your code can see pics. Better yet, I would actually like to make my profile pay per view. Sharing is caring but..... I'd give 30 ppl free access, everyone else got to $$$$.

Hey, Hey know.

Where do I begin?

Shortly after announcing the certainty of round 2 on my round 1 blog, I started requesting quotes.
In August 2014 I requested a quote from Cabral. He responded via email rather fast. He also indicated that I had enough fat and did not need to gain weight for rd 2. We corresponded for about a month or so with easy and I was leaning most toward him at that point. Then one day, I decided to send him a video of my body because I thought it would give a more accurate assessment of whether I had enough fat. I waited and waited no reply. I resent it a few times, then I got frustrated.

So I emailed YILY and Dra. Duran. Yily got back to me in a few days. Answered NONE of my questions, included package options that were confusing. It appeared if you didn't take her package then labs and meds were not included in the quote. Which would make her price close too or match Cabrals, and she does not have Cabral hands.....Dra. Duran too date nearly a year later still hasnt gotten back to me. As a matter of fact she still hasnt responded to my round 1 inquiry.......

Then I started looking at Fisher and Vanity. I was searching long and hard for women who were in my height, weight, shape range that had the results I was looking for. Going through profiles I stumbled upon a vanity patient ( dont remember her handle) so I reading her review and it go to a an update where talks about how a BBL is not weight loss surgery. And ppl need to go to the gym and diet, put the chicken down. be real with themselves....... I dont remember exactly what she said but I remember exactly how I felt. Her tone was soooooooo NASTY and judgemental, rude and arrogant. Then something clicked and I remembered someone had done an update months prior, saying she didnt understand why women on RS were so nasty and all up in ppl business, yadda , yadda, yadda. and how she was leaving RS. I remembered commenting on that update and telling her thats how ppl are and not to worry about it. At this point I hadnt seen the vanity patient update so I didnt know who or what. SO I put it all together and felt even more angry. The vanity patient post was soooooo nasty guys. It really didnt sit well with me at all. Like who the hell do you think you are? You are on a journey, yourself so how can you be an authority over someone else journey? I understood the message she was trying to send but the way she worded things was nasty, reeked or superiority and insecurity at the same time.
So I forced myself to keep reading a few of her updates. And just before surgery she posted an update up how she was out and saw her man out with another women, when he was supposed to be elsewhere. And how upset and hurt she was.

All I could thing was "well, would you look at that"

Then there were all these backlash updates about how all these skinny women are getting BBL's and they look like ants with big butts, lol..... I was like oh boy. Look how quickly and easily an environment can turn hostile.

Its posts like those that make people abandon RS, not show results and keep it moving. Its also posts like that to cause men to always wonder why women cant seem to get along.

On my rd 1 blog, people kept posting how I look good, and needed to waist train, do squats, get a trainer. Go to this doctor, they are the one. No that doctor they are the one... It all became too much and I wanted to make the choice of doctor on my own and do rd 2 on my own to avoid negative energy, Ill wishes and unsupportive thoughts. Round 2 needed to be successful and fulfilling for me, so it didnt matter who knew about it.**

I will say ppl always post why do ppl disappear from their blogs.
There are several reasons. No one reads, or comments. Negativity and the lack of useful information on other blogs. Pics are cool, but some ppl need other info too.

Basically I said all that to say, I had to embark on this part of my journey without y'all.

Not done

So here is what has happened until now.

At about 4 months before intended date, I started taking iron supplements. Taking one day and increasing the dosage as I got closer to my surgery date. I didnt have a date booked with any doctor but I had a date in mind that I was working with so I was making my plans around that. After thanksgiving I got concerned with was scar tissue and what was fat. So I decided to gain weight. Id rather the doctor go as big as possible and then I work off excess later than to still feel like I have smedium booty.

Months went by and I still hadnt secured a date. I had tried several times to decide on a doc. I was getting frustrated because I felt like I missing out on sales because I wasnt certain of my size. Most of my old jeans had been gotten rid of and I needed new stuff. So I guesstimated what size I would be after rd 2 and bought a few things. Then kept researching, doing reverse look up to see what unhappy patients had to say about the docs I was considering. Who already went for rd 2's and what their results were. The reverse look up basically knocked Vanity out of the running for me. Because I felt there were too many patients my size or bigger with okay results. So I started email Duran and Cabral again, and again and again. Re-reading there reviews. I searched so hard, I ended up on the latin version of RS. me and google translate had field day. I finally decided Cabral was my best bet. But we'll see if Duran gets back to me.

Then I got on whats app and hit Cabral up. He got back to me fast. I asked him to check his email, he said to send whatever to whats app. I still wanted to know if I needed to gain weight. So I made a video of the video, and sent it tooo him. Then I finally stopped being shy and decided to bend over and bust it open and send nude pics to his what app. He said I didnt need to gain weight. But he was also talking 1000 ccs, I wanted more. He sent me info on how to make and appointment and gave me my quote.

I decided I wouldnt make an appointment until I got to my goal weight. As you guys know, I struggled with that. Six to eight weeks before my wanted surgery date, I called Maria to see if the date was open. It was and I made the appointment. Maria was sweet, offered to pic me up from the airport and let me stay the first night at her house. She also suggested I stay at the Cipla for recovery. I told her I would get back to her. I then decided I would look for a new PCP so I could get post meds here.

So I looked on line and found a pretty doctor with a spanish name. (I know, Im trifling, lol) So I go in for my appointment, which is 5 weeks before my surgery appointment. I sit down and notice the doctor walking around in Chanel snowboots, with a Chanel phone case and a Chanel clip in her hair. Im like Yessssssss, she looks like she can appreciate a good snatching and pulling! When she calls me in the room, she ask why Im there. I run down some fake concerns I have and then say 'also Im going out of the country for surgery and wanted to know if you could fill my prescriptions.' So she like, " where are you going? Let me see the prescriptions." So I hop off the examination table and pull out the list, I had one for Cabra, Duranl and one Yilly sent me. So I tell her I just want the antibiotics, I read them to her and she electronically sends them to my pharmacy. Then she like what are you having done, I said lipo. She asked if I mind her running labs. I said not at all. I get back on the exam table, then she said done. The meds are sent to the pharmacy, but Im deleting them from the computer but you can go pick them up. Im like ok. So she comes over to examine me, before she get there she goes you not getting boobs? I said no. Then she says, why dont you just get a TT? Im like huh? What? I said because I havent had kids. She was like you dont have to have kids to get a TT. I said most doctors recommend that first. Then she like ooh I guess, because the skin would stretch if you get pregnant. She starts examining my stomach and says, did you try sit ups? Im like yeah.... Laughing inside. She examines my boobs and goes, "Oooh no, you dont need a boob job. You have no problem there." We finish up, I leave her office and go out to get my blood drawn.

Im gonna get it done

Four days later, I get a automated call saying I needed to make an appointment to discuss my labs. I was waiting on lab results before booking my ticket. So now Im concerned. There's a storm and I cant get the office on the phone for a couple days. One day I call and try get the doctor on the phone and they wont let me talk to her. So I had to make an appointment for a week later. I go in and she starts reviewing my labs. Then she goes, your sugar was high. She asks if I have a history of diabetes in my family. Then she says, Im 93% sure you are not diabetic but right now you on the borderline, so you basically need a diet. Then she said there was blood in my urine and I let her know it was from my cycle. So she had me repeat the urinalysis and told me to have a safe trip. I also think she said she is here when I get back if I need anything.... (Not sure if I imagined that)

So I go to book plane tickets and realize I need to wait a few days for a new card to come in the mail. Every day Im checking ticket prices and they are remaining the same, so Im hoping that it will last a few more days before my card gets here. I check one day and the price has increased by almost $100.00 and Im thinking its because its the weekend, if I wait until the coming Tuesday or Wednesday prices should go back to what Im used to seeing.

Nine days before my scheduled surgery and I have no flight booked or accommodations made. Im starting to think its best to post pone surgery. But im also thinking its now or never. Wanna miss the tax refund rush and F***ery. So I go on Priceline, hit the name your price button, enter a amount, cc info, cross fingers and close my eyes..... Yes, this is really what it came down to.
I open them and see that I got the EXACT departing flight that I had planned to book and a return flight just a few hours earlier than the one I wanted. I was boosted, like yessssss we are back in business. I signed on to Airbnb and booked and apartment I had been looking at for months.
Went to sleep, woke up in the morning sick. Nose running, bleeding every time I blow it. So I start taking more vitamin C. The next day I started drinking shots of apple cider vinegar. i kept alternating between those two methods. Then I started thinking I may need to cancel everything. I sat and thought about it and I realized I didnt have an infection. No fever or sinus pressure, but I was expelling mucus. So then I set a date in my head which was 4 days before I was supposed to depart, and if I didnt feel better then, I would have to post pone things. The day before my cut off day, I start feeling better. Two days later, im expelling more mucus than before. So i decided to text Cabral and see if he thought if it would be ok for me to start taking antibiotics. I never got a reply. I decided to go to DR and see if a few days after arrival, I would be completely mucus free.

DR bound

I arrive at the airport, the baggage agent is asking what Im going to Dr for. Are there beaches... I go to my gate, to see that a different flight is departing from it. I get online to see if there was gate change and before I could get to the counter a steward makes an announcement of the gate change. I go to the new gate and see a woman with a big ass boppy pillow attached to her backpack and im like , up she's having surgery too. Minutes before boarding starts, I look out the window and notice snow flurries. We board the plane. Sit at the gate longer than expected, meanwhile its starting to snow heavier and accumulations are starting to form. Then they announce we will be departing late, because now we have to de ice. So we get in line behind other planes waiting to de ice.... Two hours later we finally depart. Im sitting on the plane thinking and i remember minne3b saying she was willing to die for her surgery. I started thinking about how I was NOT. I started putting possitive vibes in the air, reaffirming that I would have a safe surgery. A successful surgery, complication free; but if I had to have a complication, let it be a lipo burn. A small one, somewhere I could reach it to clean and monitor it. And of course a nice big booty.

We land in DR and immediately my drain exit scar starts to itch. I get off the plane, and go straight to immigration because I purchased my tourist card online. I got to a currency exchange desk in the airport, the rate was 37.689 pesos to $1. That was lowered than what i remembered so decided to wait. I go to baggage claim, my luggage is one of the last to arrive. Now I am looking for the driver that was arranged by the apartment owner, I see a sign with my name on it. Porsha..... and I walk over to him. He takes my bags and leads me to the car. We are driving through town and I was sad i got in so late because it was carnival and i had hoped to see some of the festivities. All I go to see were some of the costumes. We get to the apartment and the custodian (Sa) lets me in, and the driver brings my bags in. I pay him $30.00 then Sa says, the driver said i have to pay him more money because he had to wait for me at the airport for 2 hours..... she says I have to give him $6.00. I give him the money and he leaves.

I ask her if there is a place I can change money nearby. Says yes, and walk me over there. On the walk she shows me a taxi station, stores and such. We get to the western union and it was closed. so we start walking back home. while walking there were groups of guys out on the streets still turnt up from carnival, they started getting rowdy, Sa abruptly grabbed my arm and changed routes. saying they were drunk and she didnt wanna be near them. We went to a store and i bought orange juice, eggs and a snickers all for 149 pesos. ( I had money from rd 1) we went home, I unpacked and made things more accessible for post op. Then I showered set an alarm and went to sleep.

Surgery day

I woke up at 7 no mucus to note, showered, dressed, pack overnight supplies and locked up. I went to Sa's to tell her I was going to change money then meet a friend and I would be back tomorrow. I asked if I could get a taxi, she said i could get one near the western union. I asked if it was safe she said yes. So off I went. I went to the western union and changed $100. Then I walked to the taxi area to get a taxi. I had printed directions from google maps on how to get to and from the Cipla to the apartment.

So I show the address to the driver, and he's asking what the building number is. and I realize it wasnt showing in the directions. So he askis me if I know it, I says yes. But I dont really.... I knew what the outside was supposed to look like. So I get in and ask him how much. He says 200 pesos. we start driving and he asking if i know it again.... there was a lot of back and forth, he pulls over and is looking at the directions. I tell him to call Cabrals office. He does, speaks to someone and she tells him the number and where to go. Then he gets of the phone and goes "Ooooh la clinica?" I said, 'Si.' He starts driving again. Hes like, la clinica? Im like 'SI!' he starts looking me up and down. Then he's like you married? Im like yuppppp. we have a whole conversation in spanglish. with a lot of no comprende's and what? followed by laughter. Lol. We get on the Cipla block and I can see it. He's driving up, pointing at the building im like yes. He looks at the building puts his fingers to his lips and kisses his fingers. Im like its nice? hes like "si," nodding his head. I paid him and got out of the car.

I walk in, the first floor is all glass. Chandeliers and decor on south beach Miami level. Im impressed. I walked to the elevator, and go up to the 5th floor. I get off and go in one office and realize its the wrong one. I cross the hall into Cabral's kingdom. I am again impressed. I walk up to the desk and there is 1 receptionist and she tells me to wait. so I stand there, the second comes from the back. its Maria Isabelle, she tells me to have a seat. I wanted to make sure she knew who I was and that I had an appointment. Shortly after she calls me to the desk and has me fill out a receipt form. I gave her $200.00, she owed me change. Then she told me to go get labs. I went down to the 2nd floor took a seat in small room filled with women, a few were from Cabrals office. I girl walks over and has me put my name on a clip board. Ten minutes late a woman comes out of a back room and says a name, and then point to me. I go into another room and sit down, a woman comes in and I was trying to ask her what name she called cuz it didnt sound like mind.

Either she didnt understand or paid me no mind, she drew three vials of blood. I went and sat back in the waiting area. Five minutes later, she calls my name. I go into that back room, and she looks at me like what?! Im like hey, boo thats what I was tryna tell you. I go sit back down, and she re-calls the girls name she thought I was the first time and she was muttering something. so the girl asked what was going on, and I explained to her. A aid from Serenity recovery house was there, ans she kept saying how good it was i was still there to catch the issue. The aid had 1 full arm, the other arm was cut off at the elbow. Then I was called in to do my chest x ray. He had me type my name into the computer, then pull my bra down to my waist and take a deep breath while my chest was pressed up against the machine. After that I went back to Cabral's office.

I sat for what felt like forever, while he did consults. I started getting annoyed because I had been there for 3 hours now. So I ask Maria if he know Im there for a consult, she says yes. I said how many surgeries does he have today, she said 2. Then she asked if I say the cardiologist. I said no, she wanted me to go but I didnt want to cuz I wanted my damn consult.... She had some guy come and take me to the Cardiologist office. I told him my name, past surgeries and what I was getting done. Then he took me in the back and had me lay on the table for the exam. I think the machine was older, but I have never seen a cardiologist in the US so, i have nothing but DR to compare it to. Then he looked at the chest xray, he said everything looked good. I asked why my heart looked bigger on one side, she said noooo its fine. I picked up the ruler to measure and show him that it wasnt even. LOL. He said no, its fine. I said es normale? he said si. Then I thought, what the HELL are you doing, dont have him say no you cant have surgery. I was just curious, is all. Then I left and went back to Cabrals.

For more waiting, every time he opened his door I would switch seats going from sofa, to sectional. Making sure he could see me and that I was getting frustrated. While waiting people are in and out. From 8-12:30 Cabrals office is a mad house. From consults to post op, to inquires, to drive by's there were soooo many people and not just women. I started thinking about leaving and going to Duran. At one point there were 2 men in there, big burly looking dudes and I kept thinking what are they having done. Then later on, they came back with 2 girls, almost like there were surgery brokers. And there was this one girl in the office all day, she was on facetime with her boyfriend, mother, cousin, aunts, uncles everybody, showing every bodies results to whoever she was talking to. At one point this one woman came in for a po check up, ol girl was like " baby oh my god look at her face," showing him..... Y'all know how I feel about that. VIOLation. But it was cool, cuz after our discussion on here about IG I was in Cabral office in full disguise. Your girl put on my weakest wig, a short maxi dress with a long shirt over it. You couldnt tell if I had a booty, boobies, elbows, rolls NOTHING. I be telling y'all these hoe's and loyal, but y'all don't believe me.

So its finally my turn to meet Cabral, I go in his office and sit down and he runs out. So Im sitting there, looking around taking pics, thinking about what I want to say. Pulled out my wish pics, the picasso and the booty diagram. He comes back in and says " what can I do for you?" Im like umm, ..... well I want a BBL I had one almost a year ago and she didnt do a good job. I show him my wish pics, and tell him I want laterals not hips and a BIG butt, but not to look nasty or scary. He says ok, lets see. So im like huh? Oooh take my clothes off. I take off the shirt and pull my dress around my neck. Im standing in front of him, seated next to him mirror. So he looks at my stomach and says, "why didnt she do your belly?" I said 'she did,' He grabs my stomach and make a angry emoji face with all the fat and I turn around. He grabs and squeezes at the back . Then I turn around and say, how many cc's are you thinking? she said 2000. I said per cheek? he said not 1000 each side. I said thats it? He said we can do 1500 if you like. I said I want that. he said I have a lot of work to do with your back, there's a lot of fat there. Im like yeah, snatch it all. LOL
Then he said lets mark you up. He starts marking, Im like what about here ( under arms, in between bra straps). Then he marking the fat transfer sights. Im like wait I have a dent here, he adds an extra circle, but he put it on the wrong side, so he added one to the left hip. Then Im like Im having surgery today right? I have an appointment. He says yes, Im like okay. Do you want to see the meds, that I brought with me? he said take them to my recovery room. Im like okay. So i go back to the lobby for more sitting people watching. Then Maria takes me in a backroom, where I pay. Then we talked about overnight nurse and she says, I can stay with you if you want. Im like okay, its whatever.

After sometime, I girl that I had been seeing all day comes back in, and she sits and asks me if Im having surgery today. Im like yeah. You? She says yeah, she said you supposed to be down stairs in the emergency room, with the rest of us. She like there are 3 of us, plus you and OL Facetime, Im like hmmmmm. shhhhoot. lookie here. I have an appointment. she asks if he marked me up, and then asks what I getting done. I said Lipo. She does what, needs too and goes back down stairs. I call Marie over. Im like how many surgeris does he have today? she says 2 or 3, I said that girl just said 5. She was like no. Lemme check. She comes back saying, no he has 3 maybe 4, but some ppl wont have surgery because of labs. BLAH, BLah, Blah. I had already changed my mind about questions and this convo, because I have no control over how many surgeries he does and I knew I wasnt switching doctors... So then Im like when am I getting my room. She's like we still havent gotten your lab results. Im like so?! but they are right, it doesnt make sense to give you a room only discover you cant have surgery because your numbers arent right. Although I knew mine were. Then she goes, this is crazy cuz I havent even eaten. I said me either!

She said, "no but your having surgery." Im like whatever. At this point, i know Im not have surgery til later. So I could have had breakfast and still been okay for surgery later. So I wait another hour or so, and then she takes me to the emergency area. Where, there is not staff only people waiting to be assigned rooms. 2 women were in front of me. Time rolls past, and they decide to get up and leave. I decided to get up and sit were they were. 5 minutes later, staff comes to start the admission process for i can get my room. They weigh me, 161 on an empty stomach. I complete the forms. We get to the abortion part and they ask me 5 different ways how many abortions I had had, as if 0 couldnt be possible.... Then they check me in and take me upstairs. I walk to the desk and was told to sit on the couches in the lobby. A older woman between 45-55 years old comes and talks to me. She is waiting for her niece. We have light convo. Then she says she wants to have surgery too, but her husband is too scared something will happen to her, so he said no.

Someone comes and takes me to my room. I had a pillow and a blanket. I was okay like, lets go. By this time its 3, something p.m. I unpack some, putting juices and water in the fridge. Surveying the room and bathroom. So I lay in the bed, trying to reserve all sleepiness for surgery, because I didnt wanna wake up during surgery. Then I started thinking where am I gonna put my passport and money during surgery. I decided to lock them in the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom and hide the key. First I was gonna stick it in my wig like Prettierbutt, but then I realized it wouldnt stay. So I locked my stuff and and layed back down. A woman came in and put two juices and 2 waters in my fridge. Like 30-45 minutes later she came in and put a bowl of something on top of the fridge. So I decide to inspect. It was broth, cold broth at that. Then I decided to put my original juices and water back into my back pack, and to hang my backpack on the back of the bathroom door.

Then I got back in bed. Another woman comes in with my surgical attire and tells me to get dressed. I put the stuff on, plus compression and anti embolism socks. Minutes later she comes back and inserts the IV unit and gives me the blue pill.So Then laid back down. around 5 something the woman comes back in the room and takes the broth. Maria comes and checks on me, I told her I wanted the AC off because it was too cold. An hour or so later, a man comes and tells me to take the blue pill, so I do. Then I go and insert a tampon. Minutes later he comes to the room with a stretcher. I get on and he wheels me to the elevator. We go down to what I believe was the ground floor. The parks me in the hallway. and Im start to feel the blue pill. I notice, 3 large soap and hand was stations. Then the anatheasologist comes over and introduces himself. A woman comes over and asks a couple questions. Im really feeling like Im about to know out. I remember then wheeling me in to the OR and seeing other rooms. Then stretching my arm out on to a table and then putting it back... Out of nowhere I see Cabral, and I muster up the strength to say. " Ohh Dr. Cabral. I want you, to use all my fat, put it all back in" Then I blacked out. LOL I just needed him to know.

Post Op

You may want a bottle of wine with these updates.

Next thing I remember is starting to come to. So Im thinking, oooh shit I waking up during surgery. I was like 'ummmm. I dont want no more.' Somebody said, your done. I was like 'I am?' Then they transferred me to stretcher and wheeled me to what Im guessing is an observation area. There were other patients there. I tried to roll on to my side, and a man yelled dont move. Another patient put her knees up, he yelled, dont move. They brought another girl in , she tried to turn over he yelled at her too. I was like well damn, homey. Someone came and wheeled me to my room. They helped me off the stretcher and onto my bed. I laid on my stomach and went to sleep. Maria came in my room, and asked if I wanted her to sleep in the bed with me. I said it was up to her, but really I wanted to say No. I needs my space boo. Then, I dug in my bag and found my bottle of water. I drank the whole bottle. Later I asked Maria to get my juice from the fridge, she said No. I dug in my bag and found a warm one and drank that.

Like and hour later, I remembered the tampon and told her I needed to get up and take it out. she was like, its ok is you can bleed on the bed. Ummm no ma'am I need to take it out. She called the nurses. One nurse came in, I sat up on my knees and watched her drain the catheter bag, it was completely full. Then we didn a song and dance about why I wanted her, she didnt understand what I was trying to say. I got furstrated and pulled out the tampon, put it in a full soaked chux, rolled it up and gave t to her. Then I told Maria to dig in my bag and find a diaper. The nurse helped me put it on and I laid back down. She covered me and I went back to sleep.

Couple hours later, I asked Maria if I could take a pain killer, she said no. Im like why, she said lemme call the nurse. The nurse comes back, and starts injecting something in my IV, it burns and im wincing and im like, the hell. Then she pulls out another needle. Im like whats that? Maria says vitamins, you need them. Im like ma'am, you can go. Enough of these needles and what not, I wasnt even in pain, I just wanted to stay ahead of it as I could feel the anaesthesia wearing off. She finished the shot and I asked her to take off my compression shock because I felt like it was cutting off my circular as one foot had pins and needles and the other was fine. There was some debate, she took off 1 sock. Then she emptied my catheter bag again and left. So Im laying in bed devising a plan to eat my goldfish crackers without Maria hearing me and calling the nurse or something. So I decide to put 2 in my mouth at a time and let my saliva soften them some before chewing. Worked like a charm, I had a field day. Drank another bottle of water and went to sleep.

Between 6-8 am the nurse came in to clean me up. They helped me up, had me sit on the bed and took off whatever was on me. I dont know what it was cuz I didnt look down. They wiped me down, padded my incisions and then Dr. Cabral came in. I asked him how many Cc's he said 1500. 1300 per cheek and 200 per hip, he said I had a lot of scar tissue but I looked really good. I told him that 1 left was numb and the other wasnt. He said it was ok, it was a normal reaction from the fat transfer. I was like hmmmm, didnt have that rd 1. Then he left I started thinking 200 per hip, Im gonna still look like gumby. Im like man I shoulda told him 500 per hip, then I was like no point stress nothing I can do now. The sat me in the chair while they changed my sheets. There was blood everywhere, on the comforter and everything, I was like eeeew I been laying in that?
They finished the bed. Then the heavier nurse looked at my Faja and says, mami you need to buy a faja. Im ike why, I have 3. She just kept repeating it. Then the other nurse took the faja from her and stretched and said something and I was like ooooh. It will fit. trust me. That was my stage 1 faja that I had material added to for more room, so I knew it would fit. They come over, take out the catheter and make a make shift diaper of a chux pad and tape it on to my body and then put my faja on. They close hooks and I go to zip it up and the zipper comes off one side. Im like oh well and lay back in bed.

Then I ask one of them to get my orange juice from the fridge. She brings me the peach juice. Im like whatever. Then the smaller nurse comes over with a cup of my BOOST that I had put in the fridge. She goes mami drink 1 of these every 12 hours, Im like cool but why didnt you just bring me the bottle. (thats what I was thinking.) Then they give printed post op instructions and a list of meds. I told them I had my own and they left. I drank my boost and juice and went back to sleep. Maria left and went to work. She told me to call her or the nurses station if I needed anything. I laid in bed and remember I had hid the key to the paper towel dispenser in the sheets, and they had just changed my sheets. I was like ooooh shoot, how am I gonna get my money. I decided I would go to a neighboring room and borrow there key.

An hour later, I had to pee. I got up and carried the IV poll to the bathroom, barely making it because I had that taped on diaper and was not trying to pull the faja down. I look over and see my empty BOOST bottle on top of the trash can. I leave the bathroom and go to the fridge to look for my orange juice. Its gone. Im like one of these hoes, done stole my orange juice and drank my Boost..... I look on top f the fridge and notice the paper towel dispenser key sitting there. I lay back down and a woman brings in breakfast. Some soup and crackers. I ate that in bed, spilling some of it and took a nap.

Close to 12 Maria calls and asks what time I was gonna leave, I told her 2 and that I needed the nurses help. I wanted them to take that taped chux off, because every time I ran to the bathroom, I couldnt get it completely off/ to the side in time. So she told me the number and I called the nurses station. The person on the phone said someone would come. Almost an hour later, someone comes in and asks who my doctor was and what time I was leaving.


Maria calls back and asks if Im ready for her to call my cab. I told her no because the nurse still hadnt come. SHortly after, the heavier nurse comes in my room in huff. Talking bout, what time are you going to the recovery? Why did I call Maria? Im supposed to call the nurses' station? Repeating herself over and over, I kept trying to explain but she was on repeat. So I got a little annoyed and started pushing myself up off the bed, saying LISTEN. LISTEN. I called the nurse station. They said some one would come, they didnt. Then someone came and said someone else would come. They didnt. And I didnt call Maria, Maria called me. At this point she looked like she knew I was bout that life, and she looked prepared to adjust her attitude. I told her what i wanted and the ripped the chux in section and pulled it through the faja and threw it away.

Then I laid back down. Lunch was served, grilled chicken breasts with vegetables, eggs whites and some fruity smoothie/ shake drink thing that was delish! I ate and drank nearly everything and layed back down. Around 3:15 I called Maria, they said she wasnt there. Five minites later Maria came and asked if I was ready to go. SHe told me to get up because the Taxi driver was outside and she didnt want him to see up my dress. So I got up, there was a wheel chair at the door. A gentlemen, helped me sit down and wheeled me down stairs to the minivan. He drives me to the apartment. I struggle up the 1 flight of stairs, open my door and lay in the bed.

I took a nap and woke up feeling warm. I got up and went through my things to find my thermometer. I took my temperature it was 102.2. I decided to start flushing my system with more fluid and eat some fruits. I took my temperature 2 hours later it was 101.9. Then I remembered all the vitamins I had and started taking them. Every hour or so I got up to pee and drink a bottle of water. And every 2 hours, I checked my temperature. It would drop then increase, but never more than the first reading. I figure it was normal, and since it was low grade I would just keep checking until it got closer to normal. Later that evening Sa, came to check on me. But I told her I was in the bathroom and didnt go to the door. I didnt wanna get out of bed. The soreness was getting to me, and my upper back hurt most pushing myself up from bed. So I just slept and only got up to pee, take meds and get water.

Recovery part 2

The next day, I noticed a burning sensation on my flanks one flank more than the other. I thought I may have had a lipo burn. So I decided to get up and change the pads, check my incisions and skin. I took off the garment. It was a struggle, when I finally got it off I had to fight to take the tape off my sensitive skin. I was annoyed they taped so much of my skin. Once I got the pads off, my pelvic incision started leaking immediately. Fortunately I was standing on chux, so it caught what had dripped down my legs. A decent amount of fluid came out. Gently touching my stomach was pushing fluids out, I started to feel a little wozy, so I put a new pad over the incision and laid down. I gave myself a few minutes, drank some water and decided to get back up. I got up, used prt of a pool noodles to roll over my lower stomach and push fluids out. I cleaned my incisions with iodine and taped new pads on. Then I looked over my stomach and didnt see an burns. I decided to cover my entire abdomen with Silvadene cream as a pre emptive strike. Thats when I notice the clear tube sticking out of my butt crack. I put on a new under shirt and bra. Then I decided to wrap my leg, calf and cheeks with kinesiotape. I wanted to see if it would help with the pins and needles in my foot. I did a bootleg job of it and put on my stage 2 faja and laid back down. Every few hours I would eat something, drink , water, take a vitamin, and pee. It was sooo annoying getting up every hour.

Next day I get up and Im still feeling the burning sensation on my right side. So i get up and do my routine, this time adding foam to that side and wrapping my waist with the sweat band. The foam definitely cushioned the area and helped a little but i still felt the sensation. When I checked my stomach the silvadene cream was still heavily coated but I didnt not see a burn. Today, I was able to stand up and cook myself some of the food had had brought with me from home. I also noticed that foot seemed to feel a great bit better. But Dr. Cabral did say things should return to normal on the 3 or 4 day, so I was happy that the numb sensation was going away. I was also sleeping for longer periods of time. I did add a muscle relaxer and ibuprofen to my med rotation.

On po day 3 I thought maybe I should go back to the Cipla for a check up. I woke up, ate took meds and didnt bother changing dressing because I knew they would do them there. I ended up falling asleep and waking up aging close to 1 p.m. I didnt want to be in the Cipla early with all the traffic, so I thought this was go timing. I went out on my balcony and saw a taxi parked in fron t of the apartment. I hurried myself to catch him, so I wouldnt have to walk to the taxi stand. I get to him and show him my directions and he looks at them and says to go to the taxi stand. I started thing maybe I should go back in to sleep. I go to the taxi stand and, im having a little bit of a time getting a car. Finally a taxi pulls up in the street and tells me to get in. I go to the window and show him the directions and he says lets go. I get in and we discuss price, and it was the same as my last ride. He seemed proactive.... So I asked him how much to take me to the airport and he says $40.00. I was like nooooo, that too much. He ask from where? when? what time? The he says $30.00 I said yes, much better "me gusta," and bust out laughing. He gives me a card with his number on it. Ask me to write down my number so he can call me. As he driving he hits a bump and sees me wince and asks if it hurt. I said yes and he said sorry. I started thinking he seems like he would fight someone for me. I might have to keep him around. We get to the Cipla and he ask what time I will be down. I tell him I dont know and told him I would call him.

I go in to Cabral's suite and its a ghost town. No patients and 1 secretary. Im like yessss, good timing. The nurse calls me in and I undress. She starts laughing at me, talking about why do i have so much stuff on, (pads, wraps, kinesiotape and foam.) She sees the kinesiotape under the booty is laughing and goes to get the other nurse. They are both like what is that. I pull ok the box and let them read it. They were both like oooh excuse me. Then they look at me and say wow, you look good. She asked if I had been laying on my stomach and she said ooh thats why. I had no fluid build up anywhere. She asked when I was leaving i told her 2 days. She pushed on the bottom of my stomach and a teaspoon of fluid came out. I start pulling out supplies like you need this? Gauze, bacitracin, pads, tape, iodine pads. She was like no. Then took the pads and gauze. She cleaned my incisions with alcohol and took the plastic tube out of my butt crack. She tape gauze over the incisions then taped on pads. I asked her if she wanted the Silvadene cream, she asked what it was for I said burns. She said nooooo, you dont have no burns. Then I told her my side hurts and burns when I move, so we have to put the foam and wraps back one. She did I got dressed and went back out. Then she said I wanna see you Monday. I said I leave on saturday, she said something to the other nurse in spanish and then said ok, you can go you dont have to come back. I told them I wanted to get some local food. The said I could get some at the cafeteria. Maria (spanish speaking one called for me) and they said it was too late. So Maria (english speaking one) calls me into the back, the break room. She is eating and I see her drinking the smoothie thing I had post op, I asked her what it was and she said some drink they make for Dr. Cabral and how its very good for you. The other Maria takes the cup and finishes it off. I looked around and notice 5 wholesale cases of ENSURE. I thought, these heffas drank my Boost when they have all this Ensure. Maria (En) then says I can go to Boca to get some food. She said it was around the corner and not too expensive. She told the other Maria to take me.
So we went.

We walked it was like 3 or 4 blocks, I was like wth, I didnt sign up for this. We got there it was really nice. Upscale, looked like it pulls in a nice wealthy crowd in the evening. Lots if indoor and outdoor space. The bar was nicely stocked with Johnny Walker Blue label and the likes. I ordered my food to go, as I waited in envisioned myself turning up with Haves in the spot on a day when I was recovered and fabulous. I got my food and we walked back to the Cipla, Maria had to stop at the bank. As I waited all the Dominican men were trying to talk to me. Not holler but converse, they quickly realized I didnt speak Spanish. They asked where I was from and I said Miami. We get back to the Cipla, Maria (EN) calls the taxi. When she hangs up, she says he's dark skinned right?.... I said yeah, she said he'll be here in 3 minutes. a minute later I got up and made my way to the elevator. I get down stairs, the taxi is there. He takes me home. asked about the airport trip again and I told him I would call him but I need to be picked up at 12:45. He said make sure you are there 2 hours in advance. I said I know, got out. went inside and took a nap. I was exhausted. I woke up ate and did the pee pee marathon. Sa, comes knocking on the door saying Porsha! I answer and she asks if I wanna go to the colonial zone, I said no. Im sleeping. I told her to call the taxi driver and tell him I need him to come earlier, because my flight was leaving a little earlier that I thought. she asked why I wasnt using the original driver. I told cuz I didnt like that he charged me more money and that he didnt say anything for the whole ride home. There was a little back and forth and she said okay and that she would call the new one. Then I told he I wanted to go out and buy food tomorrow, she said when she got home from work she would take me. I laid back down and watched tv shows online all evening.

Recovery part 3

The next day, I got up; washed clothes, bleached the bathroom alittle and what not. Then I went to change the pads and gauze and what do I see? A lipo burn. Im like I knew it. I know my body. I knew the sensations werent fluid or anything else. Fortunately it isnt big and its on my side just above the ugly drain exit wound from rd 1. So I clean it, cover it in Silvadene and finish dressing. Then I decided to take off the Faja, because I know Cabral usually has his patients without Faja if the have a burn. I didnt call him, didnt see the point. I already had what he would have told me to use and the burn is small. So I wanted it to get air to dry out and peel. Around 1:30 Sa came to get me so I could go get food. We walked to one place, I didnt like the way the food look or the set up of the place. We went to another and everything looked good. I ordered my food, we paid and then went into the bakery. I was excited. Sa, ordered a cupcake and I got one too. They looked soo good. I wanted red velvet but the lady kept hinting at the chocolate so I took that. We paid 250 pesos, so rice and peas with stewed chicken. An order of fries and 2 pastries. We walked back home I was starting to feel fatigued. Sa kept, saying you waste looks so small and what happened to your arms, bruising. I was tired but I made it into my apartment laid on the bed and took a little nap. Got up and ate and heard Sa saying "Porsha," so I get up and answer the door. She like O, the original taxi driver said he will take me to the airport for 1000 pesos. That happened to be exactly all the money I had left, so I said fine. Then I told her to call the other taxi driver and tell him not to come.

An hour later she comes back and says, you going out? Im like no, you? she says no only if you are. Im like nah I staying in. My ass too tired for all that. I wanted to save the majority of my energy for getting through air ports and going home. I continued eating, like amounts at a time. The food was soo good. Better than the upscale place. So I decided to save some of it for the plan ride tomorrow. The cupcake was the best I have had in a why. The frosting was different but yummy as hell.

D day, time to go back home. I get up. start cleaning up, packing throwing out trash and such. Laying down in between. Then changed my dressing, I hadnt been leaking fluid for the last two days. I got dressed, but an abdominal binder and the elastic wrap on, the my stage 1 Faja. Then I put on my black compression leggings. I hear Sa, calling me. She says O, the original taxi is here. Im like here now, already. I said ok. I hurried up and finished my stuff and struggle to put on anti embolism and compression socks. Then I here, "Hola" I looked out of the open door and the new taxi driver was walking up. I looked at him like what, Sa didnt call you. He like no, she starts rambling off in spanish loudly clearly annoyed. And im like ooh boy, walking around finishing stuff. He like noooo, we made these plans 3 days ago. Sa, is talking to him he keeps saying no. Yadda, yadda yadda. Then he talking to me semi aggressively, the other taxi driver comes out of Sa room and im thinking yeah handle this. New taxi keeps going, Im like 'No comprende" He kept talking til I was ready to leave. Old taxi picked up my bag and the three of us walked down starts.
So im getting into old taxi, and new taxi rolls down his window driving slightly towards me and yells, dont come back to Santo Domingo. I was looking sir, please dont get stabbed with my keys before i get on this plane to go home with my new booty. He drives off, I get in and we start driving. We passed by Adrian Tropical and all these nice sights. On the ride to the airport I sat in thought. Laughing about the cab driver, all I could come up with was he would beat a B down if he woke up from surgery and she stole his juice and drank more than half his Boost.

Bye Bye DR.... Hello US?

Get to the airport, after the driver almost drove me to the wrong gate. He busted a u turn in the terminal (not allowed) and i almost jumped out cuz he kept not seeing it. I paid him and left. Go inside the line is soooo long. I start worrying, I ask a Delta agent if I had enough time, she went to the counter to check and came back saying yes. I printed my boarding pass and waited in another line to check my luggage. I made it with 30 minutes or so before boarding. I didnt not get wheelchair service, because I booked a exit row seat (extra space) and they wont let you use wheel chair service for that seat assignment. So I walk. Im in line, security checks are taking forever. I finally get through and do the metal detector part and the girl pulls me to the side pats me down and tells me to wait. I tell her I had a Faja on and another agent says the word for hurt, I shake my head and he's trying to tell her but she keeps telling me to wait. So Im getting impatient cuz its 20 minutes til boarding. The other agent comes, slowly takes me to a room, has me pull down the legging which she can tell it hurts to do, she touched my butt, and garment and says I can go. I tell her to take me to the top of the lining because I have like 10 minutes left. She instructs someone to let me through. I walk fast as hell to the gate.

I get there and the plane isnt even there yet. I sit on a chair and wait. Boarding starts, Im zone 1. I get on the plane and sit on a bag I have stuffed with pillows. It kept my booty raised for sometime, but I kept getting closer and closer to the seat and swelling. I was not comfortable on the flight, but my carry on had my coat and another pillow so I kept me feet on it so they were elevated and and did stepping motions. I got out of my seat twice to walk a little, but it wasnt a long flight. We arrive, everyone is departing the plane. I get off and see two customs agents at the plane door. I was like what the hell! I have never seen that before. So Im walking all slow to immigration, I thought i was walking a decent pace, but before I knew it all the people had passed me. I do the immigration stuff and go to baggage claim. I went to the bathroom, to fix my hair and put on my coat. It was taking a while, then I started thinking what if they were watching me and wondering whats talking so long. So I decided to put on my hat ad coat and wait for my bags.

My bag finally arrives and I walk to the customs line. I didnt even get all the way to my spot in line before an agent comes and pulls me off the line. He asked for my passport, whiling pulling it out of my pocket my cards falling on the floor. I asked him to help me cuz clearly I cant get that low. We go to a table, and he checks my suit case, carry on and backpack. Asking 54 million questions. He's like what are all these supplies, who did you stay with. Who paid? How long? Looking through my passport, where did you go this year? where are you from, just made questions. He asked about the chux and stuff and I said I got hurt in DR. He asked if I had back support on. I said yes. He asked if I had paper work, I showed him the paper from Cabrals office. He went and got a female agent, she went and go another female agent. I asked him why I was being searched, and he said a lot people from my flight were. The ladies and I go in a room, they have me take off my coat. She starts saying Im gonna asking you to do this, Im like wait did he tell you I got hurt, cuz I cant do jumping and bending. She like you got hurt or you had surgery? I was like I got hurt. She was like, you sure? You got hurt or you had surgery? I was like, I had surgery. LOL She like, you should have said that. You wouldnt be in here. I said well, I didnt wanna say it out there. So she had me walk to her, one person on each side of me. Asked if I got boobs I said no, told to tell where to be gentle. I told I can take my shirt off. She said no. She asked what I had on I told her. She touched a little and said she hoped my results came out nice. Then they said I could go. Officer catch a criminal was waiting outside the door. I took my Ass, home!

Get home Im too excited, i didnt know what to do. Sleep, eat, wash. I laid down, then jumped up realizing I hadnt looked at myself. I took off everything and stepped in from of the mirror. I was blown away, I was very swollen but I swear my hips looked like NELLYJELLY's. I was like wth, what im a do with all this. Im gonna need to ask Nelly for tips." Then I started trying on clothes. All the jeans I had bought fit, some would close but i knew I had swelling to loose. I had looked at my results in DR, but was trying not to catch feeling for anything just yet. Somehow being home made me more like yesss, we did it. I still holding out on my opinion of my results just yet. But I will say, I think I look good and feel good and am excited for the summer. By this point rd 1 I already knew thing werent what I expected.

I said all that to say, becarefull of you thoughts. Look how much foolishiness I thought into existence.

SO without further a dou....

Urghhhhh Rs

It will not let me add the video I took forever putting together for you guys! But I can't stand the though of you all not having any thing to see, so I'll put up some wasp I pics for now.

Ps. Don't all curse me out at once. I'm might be happy RS isn't send me my notifications anymore.

Fix it, y'all we gonna try this again.

I want y'all too see!

I am crying because my power camera broke! I though we could upload via from Ipad? Maybe mine is too long. Maybe I'll try chopping it up.... Aye Dios.

The closet

I just can't get it... I don't understand what the problem is. But now that I done came out the closet, of course I ain't abot to the stay there!

I forget to say, that I decided to post because the are a lot of people that have been with me since before rd 1, during recovery and on this blog, that I genuinely sensed wanted the best for me and to be happy. I have pages of pm of convos with people, exchanging well wishes info and encouraging me to complet my journey and to be happy. And am now and will forever be grateful towards you guys, it's a blessing to have you guys no matter what I encounter on RS. So all these pictures and videos are just to show off, but because you guys deserve to know how things turned out and that I didn't give up.

Here are screen shots of the video. This is me today! Tomorrow will be three weeks post op.
Later loves!

Kingdom of Cabral

Otherwise know as the Cipla, the place where Yily and Duran Operate.

So while I was pre op rd 2 and doing my fbi investigation into Cabral, I found his full bio. It had all the details of his education and training, I was quite impressed. I looked for it to post here but couldn't find it, so I'm a post the snipped they put on the Cipla website.

And for those of you who don't know, he owns the Cipla. The entire building and trained Yily and Duran.

Dr. Hector Cabral is one of the most recognized plastic surgeon in Dominican Republic within and outside the country, Graduated as Doctor of Medicine from 1985 promoting the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo UASD. Post Course - Level of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics at the University of Aix Marseille II in 1994. Besides Facial Plastic Surgery at the University of Grenoble, both in France. Likewise he made the hand course in the Autonomous University of Madrid Faculty of Medicine, Department of Morphology. Dr. Hector Cabral Guerrero is a member of the Dominican Medical Association, and also belongs to the Iberolatinoamerican Society of Plastic Surgery and is a full member of the Society of Plastic Surgery of Santo Domingo.

Dr Cabral successfully exercised his specialty since 1992 in France and the Dominican Republic since 1994.
What I read had far more detail, but you get the point.
Now I'm not advocating for Cabral or any other surgeon, because I noticed a lot of people get on bandwagons and don't associate with others who aren't down. I was team Baez rd 1, look how that turned out.... Now and forever I'm team #30'sdanew20. With a side of I suppoert everyone on a journey.
But I will say, he is good at what he does. He is humble but effective and precise. Does that mean he will not mess up? No.
Does that mean his record is squeaky clean or forgivable? No
It just means he is a man about his craft. During the consult, I sensed that he didn't even need to mark me up, but he did to appease me. I sensed that he would do his job and give me the look that expected, because that is the standard he has set for himself. His work, is his art. And you know artist can be sensitive bout the sh**. You can ask him about his record, rumors and casualties and he will oblige.

When I was pre op, someone posted about hearing that Cabral uses fillers during his fat transfer. I nicely hit him up like looky here now! He nicely shut me down, like you can't believe what you hear.... I would message him from time to time with concerns, requests and random things that he could not address until he saw me in person, but he tried.
And never was smug or nasty toward me.

While I was in his office waiting all damn, I felt bad. Watching him do consult after consult, and try and manage his phone I thought about ways he could make this process easier. I didn't find any. He personally answers texts, chat inquires and emails, that elimapinates a lot of the but your office said..... But adds wait times. This situation was purely give and take, so I chose to loose any attitude I could have been entitled too, so I could take home the booty I didn't get in rd 1.

But everyone is different.

Look at the pics, while I was in the Cipla a woman got on the elevator with me and 50 other people. She started saying , looks at this they are all going to the same place for the same reason. He is the best. When Cabral walked in she stood up and gave him kisses then did a long twirl. I thought she said she was 5 months Po, he butt was huge! Huge! Her projection was out of this world. She was right on the borderline of amazing and scary. I didn't know what to think... Then her daughter went in for a consult. When she came back out I overheard her saying how she had a bbl prior, but they don't do a good job and Cabral did her mom 15 years ago and look at her. She said Cabral only did lipo. But her butt was so huge I thought is was implants with a transfer. Sorry I couldn't get a picture from the side, I wasn't moving fast enough. But trust me when I tell you, he had too have done he booty. From the front and back she looked like ok, flat stomach, full lats. From the side! It was a monster! I was like whattttttt?!

I did decide to notify Cabral of my burn about a week after I was home, via what's app. I sent him a picture. First he said hello, then I asked if he had seen the picture. I didn't get a reply.... I deleted the app.

Who I still go to him, or go back to him? Absolutely! But I'd give him a stern talking to. And tell him they stole me juice (I ain't over it) lol


Random pics & convos with Cabral

The lady is pink is who I was talking about in the kingdom of cabral update.

1 month po

I do have a lot to update you guys on, but I don't have the energy so I'm just gonna throw some pics up here.... And get back to my update another time.

I'm have been feeling small for the last 3 days. I had my first massage yesterday. I had been dragging my feet on that.

The pics in the blue panties are from the 4 week update video that I made that won't load and all the others are from today. I feel like I look very small today but my measurements are the same.

Oh brother

Oooh man, so I got caught slipping. My brother came over and I had on the red house dress from my three week update.

He was like you got ass shots?! I was like what?
Lolololololololol. Ooh my god, I wasn't expecting that. I'm still feeling small and wasn't wearing my garment.
Then my brother in law came over and my brother said, you know she had ass shots. And while we sleeping she is stripping in the club......

I gave him this look, like don't tell him that. So he can go tell his wife, who asked me if I had ass shots last year as soon as I got back from Dr, the first time.

Shit y'all.....

So me and my brother sat and he talked to me about how I've been gaining weight Over the. Last year, and he said I need to lose 15 pounds.
We discussed workouts, that I will not be doing with his trifling ass!

I find this all hella funny and annoying. I need to have on my hide away clothes at all times.

And I still think I look small, imagine what I would be dealing with if I had a boooty I thought looked big.

Do you think they believe the weight gain angle? I hate my brother, he's messing up my story.

Don't waste your rounds

After you've been on RS for a while you see that a revision or round 2 is par for the course. But don't ended going for a round 2 because your round one surgeon was wack. Want more botty is normal, having fat take better on one side than the other is normal.

Having mediocre to weak results is MOSTLY due to the ps skill set. Don't decide on a doctor too quick, don't fall in love with the doctor to the point where you fell that aren't for you but don't want to change because of disappointing them or RS readers. Virgin fat it important. A body that doesn't have scar tissue is golden, remember that when you on this journey.

Round 2 for me wasn't just about getting the booty she didn't deliver, it was also about me having faith in myself. Just before my rd 1 surgery day, I blogged about wanting to go to Cabral because I wasn't sure my round 1 surgeon could deliver. Those feeling were based off several reviews were women said the had too much volume loss or my doctors fat transfer skill were weak. But they did not provide pictures or clear pictures showing there concerns. So I could not tell if it was booty greed or the surgeons skills. Either way it made me weird, and I had planned to have a consult with Cabral. When I got to DR, the doctor never said I didnot have enough fat for my wish pics and decided to move my surgery date up which meant I had no time to consult with Cabral.

I should have insisted I keep my original surgery date and went for my consult. Just being in his office and seeing his post ops, and other people waiting for surgery I would have switched. My doctor had no consults waiting and the post ops I saw we're after my surgery. Also when I contacted her post op to let her know my feelings, she said she didn't understand why my butt was small because it was big when I came out of surgery....... SHADE!

So if I compare rd 1 to rd 2
Rd 1 Rd2
My butt was huge day 1-7 My butt was ok, hips and booty noticeable fuller.
I had extreme hip pain. No hip pain.
Terrible bruising in my fat transfer sites . No bruising in fat transfer sites.
Couldn't stand completely straight for 2 weeks. No problem standing.
Minimal swelling in lipo areas. Tons of swelling in lipo areas.
Booty softened up in the 1st or 2nd week. Softened 2nd- 3rd.
Abdominal hardness gone by 1 month. Several areas still hard.
Noticed volume loss 3 week on. Minimal volume loss, likely just swelling.

A few times on my rd 1 blog I said I felt like I barely had anything done. I meant it. Comparing that round to this one, I truely feeling like I'm recovering from surgery. I definitely appreciate a job well done over a job barely done. The difference shows in my results and hopefully my waist will stay small this time. I do wish my booty was alittle bigger. But when dealing with scar tissue and lack of virgin fat, I think 1500ccs is a good as find.

Also during rd 1 I noticed that whenever I sat on the toilet I felt like there were flat spots on my cheeks. Both cheeks but the right one more than the left. And the right cheek and hip were noticeable bigger than the left. Plus the left hip had a dent that the right did not. I looked threw old pics and the left hip dent was always there but I hadn't noticed it.

Recovery weeks 3-5. I'm 5 weeks tomorrow.

I hope the rd1 rd 2 comparison would have posted in columns.

So I have been in and out of my garments to let the burn heal and so that I could treat it a few times a day. Trying to get to wearing it all day is very hard. Especially since I don't have one that is extremely comfortable. My stage one is good but the zipper is a problem and when pulling it up I have to force it over my butt. My knee length stage 2 digs in my crack and my short stage 2 is tight on my left bikini line.

When I was out of garment the first few weeks it felt like someone had poured cement it my lower back and abdomen. I was both shocked and concerned. And hard to force myself to moisture the skin excessively to make sure it didn't become dehydrated.

A few days after getting home from DR I noticed a flat spot on my right cheek. I thought it could have been from sitting on the plane ride and hoped it would resolve itself. After a week of watching it, seem to get bigger, I started being annoyed, sad, regretful. Because I knew after rd 1 I felt a flat spot upon touching my cheeks and I did not mention it to Cabral. I thought because my right cheek was bigger/ had more projection and my left cheek was smaller and my left hip had a dent that I had to mention that. Another part of my thought that with rd 2 any fat transfered would fix that issue. So during consult I only indicated that my left hip had a dent, that why on the marked up pics there are 2 circles on my left side.

When I saw Cabral and he told me he put equal amounts in both side, I thought my right cheek would still be bigger and my left hip would still have that dent. Because I thought he should have added more CC's to the dented side. Later I realized it's not about the extra cc, but where he placed the fat. So now, my left hip is not as dented, I see it if i stand certain ways and my left cheek is the bigger, prettier perfect on now! Ain't that some bull. One night I was so sad about the flat spot, I put my stage 3 over my stage 1 garment. I tossed and turned so much, woke up on my back or with my legs on the wall until I finally tore the stage 3 off.

I had been putting off massages because I was still traumatized from the massages I got rd 1 in DR, ( too early to have gotten massaged). Plus I was concerned they wouldn't do the massage because of the burn or would be as through. Then I set a date that I was gonna force myself to go. I woke and my skin was peeling decided to wait another week. The next week, I go shopping and noticed the discoloration, and bruising on my back and was too embarrassed to go. I was just feeling down that week. Felt like my booty look small and my skin looked terrible. Im particular about my skin. I finally put my big girl panties on and went.
I went in for a full body massage. So I get undressed and lay on the table. She comes in to adjust towel and she see my butt and goes "Oh wow, beautiful". The massage was a combination of deep tissue and myofascial. She was even massaging my butt, I was like wait a minute is this extra cuz you like my booty? I swear after that massage my flat spot seemed a little more round. I had hoped that he pushed some fat down and it filled out that spot.

I bought a package of massages and on the next one I told her back only. She still touched my booty. Lol. So I've had 2 so far, and she def getting out the scar tissue, knots and cord feelings I had on my shoulders. It's an hour long massage, she does oils, hot stone, pressure points, she goes in. My flanks and the drain exit wound from rd 1 are sooooooooooooo painful. It feels like some one is slicing me, but I bare it. It might make healing faster. I also noticed that she often pushes right side tilting me in the air pushing me toward the left. I think she noticing something. She is Chinese and doesn't speak much English so I can't really expect a clear explanation.

I have been doing a cleanse, and started back on biotin, collagen and other supplements to help heal the bruised tissues that are causing the discoloration. It's not a matter of exfoliation I do that daily, thats the only way I shower.... It's more internal, so Im trying a few things to try and counteract it.
I'm also trying a few things to help the flat spot. It does drive me crazy and I feel like it noticeable and some outfits and not others. I plan to start working out this week, my arms need and eviction notice. And maybe excercises will help with the hard stomach.

I've also mixed up a concoction for my burn and I feel like its healing very well. The pain went away week one, so I main work on the visibility of the mark which is often hard when your in garment. I hope by next month it will be completely gone.

6 weeks po

Tomorrow I will be 6 weeks po. I'm doing well, with a few minor hiccups not letting them rain on my big bootie parade!

So I just wanted to re do the comparison of round 1 vs round 2 from my don't waste your rounds update. I feel those details are important.

Round 1
Immediately post op my butt was huge
I weighed 10-15 pounds heavier (saline in the booty?)
Extreme hip pain, very alarming
Couldn't stand up straight for almost 2 weeks
Long term bruising in fat transfer areas
Booty softened up in the 1st or 2nd week
Minimal swelling in lipo areas
Itching started in 1 week
Noticed volume loss on week 3, never got better.
Abdomen full soft by week 3.

Round 2
Immediately post butt looked, bigger, fuller but not huge.
Was 3 pounds heavier
No hip pain.
No longterm bruising in fat transfer sites
Could stand straight since day 1
Booty softened fully during week 2
Felt like I had cement poured into my waist and back from week 2-3.
Still swollen in lipo areas
Abdomen still somewhat hard
No volume loss

And incisions. Round one she made 10 incisions. 3 of those were for the drain. All three drain incision healed dark. And 1, back incision, 1 pelvic incision and the drain exit wound healed hypertrophically. The others that healed flat are still dark. Cabral re opened her incisions; he reopened 2 under the boobs, 2 on the pelvis and 2 on my back. He did not want to reopen the ones on my back because he said it would not allow him to work as well. But he did. I was cool with that mainly because I wanted to get the scar tissue out of the hypertrophic ones. He would not touch the drain exit wound, he was concerned it could get worse. He placed 3 new incisions, 1 in each armpit and 1 in my belly button.

How they have healed:
Way better than rd 1. I could only find 1 armpit incision to photograph, there is no mark from the one in my belly button. The pelvic ones are healing better than rd 1. One of the old incisions on my back he re opened is stil slightly raised and dark, but that is because his incision was 1 fifth the size of her original incision. The other one was already flat, so it fully healed flat.

My round 1 results were laughable. Round 2 was vindication!

Forgot 1

2 months po


I'm been slacking been going through a lot, so I haven't been mentally available to post but I just wanted to come by and put up some update pics. Maybe sometime this weekend I'll fill you in with what's been going on.

I hate my arms, still have upper back fat. My waist is 25 inches w/faja; 27 w/out, with swelling.

So far, I'm happy with my results. But I'm not done with my bbl journey. I have decided to get a revision (no time soon) for the small cheek/flat areas.And fill in uneven parts of my lats. And under the small girl code any left over fat is going to the booty.

10 weeks po

Picking up from my 6 week update:

So I have been very annoyed with the incision sites from rd 1 and 3 drain stitching locations. A total of 8 locations and decided to have them micro neddled. That's when they take a device that has hundreds of neddles and roll them over your skin causing cuts in the skin and the body to produce collagen and generate new skin. So I was over zealous, doing it everyday when you should be doing it maybe once a week every two weeks. At first I was see the dark skin peeling off by the next day and the area becoming the same color as my skin. I was super excited and started doing it more frequently. Then I noticed the peeled areas ( around the actual scar) becoming discolored like a bruise. So now the marks look larger than before. But the bruising scaring isn't as deep as the old incision scars. I was needling the areas then applying a variety of creams to aid the healing. And to apply the creams several times a day I had to be out of faja.

The marks were driving me crazy. When I was pre op rd 2 I was talking to another Baez pt who had rd 1 a few months before me and was having rd 2 with Cabral a few weeks before me. She was saying how she was frustrated with Cabrals responses times especially since we were used to Baez's communition skills. And I told her I completely agree but, we went with Baez the safe, reachable doc round 1 and look at us now, not even a year po and in NEED of rd 2. It's so crazy because my lipo burn from Cabral, that hurt, peeled and looked gross has healed 100x better than my rd 1 incision sites. It's really hard to deal with, especially as it gets warmer and I want to wear backless dress and swimwear. Not with these bullet whole looking marks places. So I was in my feelings, majorly regretful of rd 1 plus that 5k I wasted....

So I feel off big time. Not taking vitamins, stopped working out ( my booty grew .5 inches doing 2 weeks of squats), not going to massages that are already paid for. Just not doing recovery stuff.

Then this right cheek aggrevates me from time to time.

So one day I went shopping with a "friend." I would try on stuff and she'd be like you need a bigger size. Then it turned into where you getting all that butt from?

At one point we had some if the same outfits to try on and I didn't even bother because I new she would say something off and I did want to make her feel bad because she wouldn't look as good in it. So I was trying to let her sly comments slide, for her own sake!

So we go into another store. And while she trying on stuff I saw something I liked. So I'm like oooooh this is cute, but they only have a large. She goes, you need a large. I was like no I don't, I want a med. so I look and the have a small, I take both sizes into the dressing room. I put one on and step out, so she comes to the door and is like ooh what size is that the large right? I said no a small. Her feelings were hurt.... Internally. I could tell, but she asked for it. I'm a grown as woman who know what size I were in everything and the fact that she had even seen the dress and saying you need a large was crazy to me! So for shits and giggles I then tried on the large. So she like you have more room in it, look at your boobs. And I'm like yeah doesn't fit my waist as well and the bottom isn't staying put...... Others comments were made. I was basically like yeah my stomach is flat and staying that way so I don't need extra room in the waist.... I bought the small.

That little experience real bothered me. I'm not a fan of skinny ( hate that word) shaming, fabulous shaming, slim shaming I'm just not a fan of women who can't be woman enoug to admit that their unsecured or short comings are the reason they say certain things. This "friend" in particular I have know for decades and about 5 years ago I decided to put her on a limited profile. Not telling her a lot of things and doing loads with out her because I felt she is just too negative. All the time. About everything. It's a full time job to have a conversation with her. And too be honesty life is to hard in general to tip toe around others crazy issues all the time. So for the last few years she been getting info late, if ever and she's been like oooh I didn't know that or you didn't tell me.... Yeah because your ass too negative for my ears. So I told my other friend about the day of shopping and my friend was like she's a hater. Lol. I don't think she's hating on me she just doesn't know how to be positive, optimistic or happy for people . It's quite off putting. And it's not just toward me it's with everyone.

And honestly I can't deal with it anymore. So I decided she has to be cut off. So I'm slowly trying to see her and speak to her less and less. It's hard though because I am one if her closes friends but you can't have a good friend if you don't know how to be one. The other day I left my phone in the shopping cart and went to another store. If she had bedb with me, she would said forget it, it's gone and they have all your financial information, plus all your pics...... Mean while I ran back to the store and my phone was in the cart, right where I left the cart. When I really sat and thought about it I said imagine all the things you told her that she said good for you but was really thinking yeah right.... I can't keep people like that around me. I refuse to. Sometimes I feel bad because she has issues, always has but her issues can't become mine. We all have issues but our issues can't before another persons handicap. To be fair it is 100% off the times she negative and complaining its 70% off the time. She doesn't admit when she wrong, she not self reflecting and hypercritical of others. Onetime her mom came to me upset about something she said, and I felt bad for her because her mom is nice and tries to make up for not being able to provide her the best childhood. So she kind if let's her slide with a lot.

Anyway I'm on the fence with keeping her and cutting her off because sometimes I feel bad not returning her calls and not linking up with her. Noooo I don't want to have a conversation with her about it, it's not my responsibility. And she's already aware of her negativity and chooses to not work on it or not Really work on it.

After all that fuckery, I'm back in garment, trying to restart this workout thing and getting back to these vitamins. The discoloration around the scars is shrinking with help and some of the scars are going away. I'm hoping by the end of June they will be gone almost completely I'm almost a year po rd 1.... I had a scar free (mostly) life before rd 1.

3 months po

So I am 3.5 months po.
Booty still there. I feel like my butt has consistently looked the same size since I woke up from sx . My lats have gotten smaller but that could be swelling and the fact that I've been laying in my sides since day 2.

I started sitting when the nurse came to clean me up and told me to sit in the chair and never stopped. I will say Cabral allows his po to sits. Also the first few weeks I only sat on soft surfaces for short periods of time 10-45 minutes. I laid on my lats for hours at a time from early. If I sat and felt discomfort at any point I laid on my side in stead or got a different seat. I started walking as soon as I was released from the hospital so the knew fat was getting adequate blood supply early. My right cheek and lat are still smaller than the left but it's minimally noticeable.

Cabrals new incisions healed fabulously. The one in my belly button in invisible. The ones in my armpits a thin and small. The ones he reopened from Rd 1 are still dark. But flat. I was able to treat one on my back and it's almost invisible. Still have other to resolve.

Wasn't as consistent with my garment wear as I should have been but as you can see it didnt adversely affect the booty.

All an all I'm happy with my results and Cabrals work. I look forward to a lifetime of filling out my clothes and bouncing booty. I'm working on loosing a few pounds to tighten up and get these arms right.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Sooooo I just made 4 months po. I'm gonna come back and give an update on my results at another time. I had a little experience today I wanted to share with y'all.

So I swear, just swear that my booty look aight in jeans. Chalked it up to jeans not really being my thing. I've even been sending friends pic of my butt in jeans like don't it look blah? They are all like NO!

I'm still unconvinced. So today I threw on some jeans and a tee shirt and went to run to the store, on foot. So I'm coming out and walking home. I see this guy walking to his car do a double take, then drive up next to me. The light was green he kept going then pulled over a block ahead of me. So I know he's stopped cuz he tryna holla and I'm not with it..... So I keep walking and some dusty young boy is walking toward me and mutters something I ignore. At this point I'm also at dudes car, so I hear him say something but still keep it moving. So he drives another block ahead of me and parks.
As I get to the corner a car pulls up full of busters and all I hear is noise voices, damns and whatever. Then the front passenger is like I'm not tryna talk to you, I'm not tryna talk to you. The driver goes answer this how old are you, 21? I'm like what then some one in the back seat pops up and said you don't have to be mean. I gave him a stank face and rolled my eyes HARD! The front passenger goes answer this, you ran track right?

I bust out laughing soooo hard. And said yeah. They started driving off. Old dude in the back seat says have a nice day. I said thank you and kept it pushing.

Now original dude who pulled over is out his car waiting for me. When I get to him he's like excuse me. I sized him up real quick, and said no thanks I'm in a rush. He says can I wait here for you to get your number? I NAh unnnn. And bounced. I dipped home so quick y'all.

I can't even take a stroll these days! It ain't safe y'all Cabral got these dudes out of pocket! 50 x more than they were before. If I ask for a dollar everytime I'm stopped both rounds will be paid off by end of summer.



I've been bad so bad. I know you guys have been wondering where I've been but life.......

I came on here a couple weeks ago and typed an update, when I went to add pics the page crashed.
So lemme try again.

Ummmm my results. I have been good. Healed fine, got rid of the "seroma" with consistent compression through ace bandage. It took about 2 weeks with my massages and it's completely gone now.

Peoples reactions have been crazy.
So my good girl friend who saw me after rd 1 and was saying your booty getting big, was like WTF you been doing? I'm like huh, what? Then rambles off 5-10 different excuses. Her younger sister said that's a booty shot booty, I was like what???? Cuz I def see and recognize that I have a booty but I don't think it's ass shot/ vixen level. Then I was at my friends house and we were dancing, I looked over and her 3 yo son was staring at my cheeks like a 60 yo man. I was like boooooooy bye.

When it comes to revealing these cheeks, I have been very strategic with what I wear. Depending on who I'm going out with decides what I wear. Ppl who look at my cheeks and look at me sideways, usually won't catch me in a body con dress or do me booty jeans. Especially if I'm out with another person who is skeptical of all this new found booty. I don't wanna go to the bathroom and the two of them go in on where the ass came from.

All in all I don't think my butt is huge, even though I have been told it is. I think the real kicker is the flatness of my stomach. And the snatches of this waist. At one point I was bout to come on here and raveeee about Cabral because I thought he etched my abs. My abs were on FOH! After a few days I went through old pics from before rd 1 and after and I had abs before any rounds. It just that, at one point I had top abs, after rd 1 I had middle abs. And after this round all the abs come through from time to time plus the outer outline, at the same time. Also since surgery I have lost 6-8 lbs. if I gain weight my abs are less defined. I also think I lost an inch or two off my booty with the weight loss. I'm not stressing it, I need to get back in the squat lunge game.

Over all, I'm happy with my results. There are little imperfections that bother me. But I'm no where near the way I felt after rd 1. I do battle booty greed from time to time, but any other possible work would be several years from now. For now, I'm working with what I have.

Scar healing.

Hey guys

Just wanted to update you guys on how my scars are healing. So in a previous post I mentioned that I was micro needling the scars from rd 1 to get them off my body. I had flawless skin before rd 1 and still want that. At first the area around the scars looked darker and wide spread but that was just my body reacting to the treatment and creating new skin. If you look at previous post you will remember that my back drain stitch was a dark circle resembling a mole or something. It's much, much lighter now. The skin is still thicker than my other areas but it's far less noticeable than months ago.

The right incision on my mid back is also small but still somewhat dark, however it's flat so Im hopefully about my ability to get it gone. Now the raised one, When Caral re opened it, his incision was 1 fifth the size of Baez's original incision. So that small part of it is flat. I wish I had specifically asked him to cut the entire thing. I assumed he would, but later remember he wouldnt touch my drain scar cuz he was afraid it would keloid. He prolly thought the same for the back scar. So I recently went to the dermatologists and got a cortisone shot in it and that damn drain exit wound.... The doc, did note that they are extremely soft so hopefully they respond well to the shot.

I can't find anything that with bleach these scars. So far I'm tried hyroquionine 3% with bleaching soaps. My skin is just not coming up off this melanin! I don't understand how people bleach, my body isn't having it. If you guys have suggestions I can research let me know.

Also you can see in the pics how much bigger my shoulders look because my waist is so snatched. My mid to upper back and armpits, plus arms are areas for any future work. But losing weight has helped me look more smooth and lean. My arms are NOT cooperating with the weight loss though. They holding onto that fat.
But your girl still BAD for I'm not letting it get to me too much.

Hope everyone is well.

Reverse Fluffington!

So I have officially renamed this round, the round 1 redo.... Cuz round 1 was a joke... A learning lesson, a waste of fat and should not be counted as a round. I consider Dr. Cabral's work my first round after all I walked into the Cipla like a fat girl who hadn't see a plastic surgeon 9 months prior.


Recovering from round 1 the redo, has honestly been a walking in the park. I had no itching, that's right I said no itching, no shooting pains or burning sensations. Not sure why but I'm grateful. I also have very minimal scarring from Cabrals incisions, still working on those round 1 the mistake scars though. I'm hoping by next spring they will be gone.

So I have been up and down with the status of my booty, lately. All summer I was working out not very hard I might add, but I was working out daily. I had abs like no bodies business they were displayed in crop tops for days, errrrrbody was hating. Lol. I thought the booty was look just aight, then I'd see a video of me walking and be like laaaaaawd, God who ass dat? So I have lost 7-9 lbs since surgery day and was another 5 -7 lbs from my goal weight. When I started feeling extra small.

So my and my RS bestie swap pics weekly and talk smack and I started telling her I felt I was shrinking too much and the booty was going with. So at 153 lbs I stopped working out and eating. Candies and cakes again to see if the booty would stop playing peek a boo. 1.5 months since I stopped working out and now I am down another 3-5 lbs and lost another inch.

So ive been in my feelings like, was it me? If my body rejecting fat? Is it cuz I've been laying on my lats since day 1?
Truth be told, idk what it is. But it's aggravating, I have come to realize that I loved my body most in the 3-8 week po time frame, when I still had a lot of swelling. The first post if did with screen shots of the video that wouldn't post is my perfection point for me. So I will have an official second round! Ideally, 6 months after I'm done birthing babies. My focus will be fixing the smaller cheek, topping off the lats and booty and adding real dimension to my saddle bags and mid thigh for that full look.

However all of this is speculation cuz if my kids gimme more booty thigh meat, I'm keeping it pushing and not having another round. Tomorrow I will be certain I'm having rd 2 no matter what.

Oooh my waist? Last week I through on the faja for the night. Waist was 24 inches with it on, 26 with it off. That's whit cray! But I swear it looks normal, not tiny to me. And my boobs keep growing, maybe the fat from my lats are creeping up into the boobies. If you compare my June update photos to today's photos you see how much smaller I look.

I seriously didn't realize I was holding like that. Any way I think I'm gonna start working out again and squatting to see if it helps and possibly gain 5 lbs. But seriously, is this reverse Fluffington? So body be praying my booty go down, it ain't gonna work y'all I'm too determined to let it.

Lean with it rock with it...

Took these pics yesterday while shopping, I couldnt help but to share. #itwasagoodbootyday

1 year post op

1 year po
Tip toes in real quietly.

Hey, y'all!!!!! 8 )

First let me say,I cant figure for the life of me why I get so many inbox messages asking, who did your surgery. For both rounds, at that. Guys I have been very clear about who my surgeons were. So if you are asking i consider you a spammer or someone who might be remedial. And if you are remedial, medical tourism probably shouldn't be on your bucket list. Soooo thats why i haven't and wont reply.

No about these results.

Ladies, these cheeks boy. When Cabral said his fat doesn't die, his fat doesn't die. Since surgery I have lost between 11-16 lbs. As my weight varies, but them cheeks dont shift much. At all. There are days I feel like I look small. I personally feel like I have a nice body with a regular, normal sized butt. But random people on the street seem to think otherwise. And my regular friends who seem me frequently feel them same. I was hiding from people for the longest time. Trying to let the fat settle, and the drop a few pounds to see what stays and goes. And I am selective with my attire around certain people. But truth be told it don't help me none. All winter the booty been poking through the biggest of coats, cuz of the dip in my back.

So I have been trying to keep two of my friends separated so they don't compare notes on how big my butt has gotten. Then the time came for all of us to meet up. So I wore skinny jeans and a tunic sweater. As soon as I walked in my friend that has know me the longest, reaches to pull up my sweater. But from the front Im quite narrow, so it lead to not conversation. Then we were out, I got very hot and took of the tunic, later on the other friend says " When you took off that tunic, I was looking at your butt like when did it get this big! I dont remember you having this much butt when we were younger." I said, really its not even big, and i didnt have all this when we were younger, cuz Im gaining weight. Thankfully the other friend wasn't present for that convo either. But we've been trying to plan other events for when its warmer and im like Shhhhhhhh, I gotta keep these heifers away from one another.

So I need a new crew of friends. That aren't going to ask questions and start speculating. Especially since I think I wanna start showing off big time once its hot.

And I sent some pics to a friend I haven't seen in years, that has a big ol down south booty. Meanwhile I had been prepping her for years with these weight gain, birth control stories. As soon as she saw them she said you look like one of these video girls. I was like what? She was like no?..... Clearly, Im not fooling people but im going to keep trying. Cuz my butt doesn't look fake and isn't spewing of the sides of my legs like it was early recovery, so Im rolling with the I grew this chorus and keeping it moving. I just gotta hide my family members. LMAOOOO!

So here is video from this week.
I am officially 1 year po.
I def wish I HAD NOT gotten my lower back lipoed, Its tooo small! Cabral tucked my lower back into my bikini line, I do feel like having more lower back fat would have made my butt look alittle more natural. And given me more depth to add the lateral fat too, that would have given me just a little more width. From the front i need more with. (I WANT)
My lats, hip area did decrease alittle since early recovery but I only got 200 ccs, in that area and I laid on them since day 1 of recovery. I def feel my lats, saddle bags and hips need a little TLC. Tender LOVE and Cabral, but that will be years from now. I also think i feel in love with my swelling. Around my belly button still has alittle loose skin and unevenness, but I have read that it will continue to get better with time.

Otherwise, I love my results. If i had these results after Baez, I prolly would have waited till 2018 or 2020 for a round 2. I do think about my smaller cheek and my lat deficiency, but honestly Im in no rush and dont feel like it need immediate revision.
I have a definite booty, this thing in dresses. Laaaaaaaaawd. I really struggle with what Im putting on cuz Im like do I really want to do this to people today. Child this surgery was epic! Epic, it has given me a new appreciation for the medical field. And how resilient you need to be with perusing what will make you happy. (For Surgery: Be reasonable) Lil Kim, the Kardashians, and regular old folk look cray to me. Serena's Booty trumps Kim and no one suspects a thing.

Goodluck on your journeys!

14 mo

Cabral Said
So Im here still holding booty.... I gained a few pounds. but i do plan to tighten up soon. Booty is measuring 40'', 41'' and the waist is 26'' or 27". I dont think the video does me justice. No disappointment here, just booty greed from time to time. But i def have a nice shape, body. I tuck her away most of the time cu I dont think the world is ready for it and people get on my nerves.

Shine in peace

Hey guys just want to add so pics and address a few things.
I get a lot of Meg's about Cabrals info, Google will prolly help you more than I can. I don't know what up to date and what has changed so Google or his website is your best bet because I haven't contacted him since sx day and I'm cool with that.

All in all would I do it again?
With Cabral?
Absolutely.... In fact I'm sure where in between not letting someone else touch me and willing to explore other doctors for future work.

My biggest struggle is my favorite puns 1 scars still!!!!! I been experimenting heavily with different things to get them off, and made them worse by being impatient and not following directions. I was being overzealous because the round 1 scars are the only think that keep me from fully enjoying my body. I had virtually flawless skin before and I want it now. So if ANYONE has info on fast scar removal, please let me know.

Also if you are pre op and researching docs, look at their incisions, how their tummy tucks heal, what their drain wounds look like, if you don't see pics on people's profiles, ask for them! Because people give you bullshit about af having keloid prone skin and tendencies to scar and its more about how the incision it cut and how tightly stitched. If stitched at all, experts know how and what to, do for all ethnicities and our line of interest is cosmetic so we should be least scared as possible. I had incisions before Beaz, why none comet if surgeons and nothing healed hypertrophically and all Cabrals healed flat and unseen. Sooooooooooo, yeah. Not happy about that and may start looking into scar revision surgeries.

Other than that, I'm happy with my booty, size shape etc. I do get GREED every now and then but there's certainly no actual NEED. Another thing is my stomach is slightly lined, only noticeable sometimes, and only noticed by myself. I will be working on that because.....

I was out with a group of people and this guy starts talking about this girl he's dating. And how she got a banging body and huge butt...... And then he says he doubts it's real. I'm like why????? He like, idk I just don't think so. He was eluding to something he saw or felt during some sort of adult activities..... So I was like lemme see her picture. He pull up her social media, and he obviously is a bbl and implant girl. She had all the typical pics. The bbl lean pics and what not. So I'm here tryin to play devils advocate and I'm like maybe not, my friend is like she did, look at her stomach. ....... The girl had the lipo cannula lines showing I every pic. I was like damnnnnnnnn Gina! Everybody knows. And then the guy says, she said she going to DR and his friend said for what to get more work done? Lololololol but her work with 3/4 successful bbl round level. Booty projecting off he back and legs, hips from waist to mid thigh and big showing boobs. Plus she carries her self like a I just got my body girl, so it was a no brain. I couldn't save her and I wasn't going out on the ledge. I'm like that's her problem.
So I said all that to say, whether or not people know and can tell, has a lot to do with the kind of results you want, how fast you "change" and how you carry yourself. I keep it low key especially around certain people and that has kept people from coming for me. If it was me and people were talking about me and analyzing me like that for that purpose, I would be a bit annoyed. So I'm strategic with breaking out the sexy and never thirsting for attention. It makes a world of difference. Even if people are suspect, I told Carry myself if a way that makes them certain. And if they ask me, you already know I'm lying. I really did this for me. I don't have to inform anyone of diddly!

P.s. The faja always makes me look hella hippie and sexy. I'm not actually hippie, but I am sexy, lol

19 months po

Hey All,
I recently made 19 months post op Cabral and I'm here to say I still got booty! Whoop, whoop, pullover that ass too fat, whoop whoop.

I gain on and off 3-5 lbs and loss it, stomach stays flat, ass stays fat. I do want to lose about 10lbs and keep it off. The booty hip measurement is still about 41 inches, but I still feel I look a little narrow. I am the definition of slim thick. My butt is definitely full and there and my waist line makes people rethink all of their life's choices. But my boobs are full and perky and when you add the shoulders in, I'm very athletic built with an invisible stomach. I have realized women are more salty about the lack of gut than they are booty. Every other woman feels, every woman should have some sort of belly, and I don't so it's a little side eye worthy for some. But I had a flat stomach and small waist beforehand.

At one point I was alittle annoyed with Cabral cuz I felt he snatched that lower back too much. My curve is deep and impenetrable..... So I dug up some old pics and found I had a deep curve before and lipo, so the lipo made it very pronounce. So a deep curve and projectile booty can be very eye catching in certain outfits. Dress are a PROBLEM! Like all you can do is look. So a little lower back fat would help me dance under the radar. but it's whatever.

I wear a size 26/27/28 or 4, 6, 8 in jeans depending on cut. and I fill the legs and booty out the same, it's the waist line that varies. My waist is actually a 25 but I'm not a camel toe kinda girl so, I prefer sizes 6 or 8. Plus it leaves room for an impromptu round. I wear a xs or s in tight dresses, that have stretch.

Scars: I had another round of cortisone shots, and all the raised scars flattened, completely! Thank goodness, so now I'm getting the dark spot it left to disappear. I definitely have to be scar free. I do recommend the cortisone shots for anyone whose incisions are hypertrophic. Please be aware that is your a brownie like me, the cortisone shot can make the area turn white, like previously pictured but your natural color does return later. I prefer not to have raised scars all over so I deal with it.

Other wise, I'm happy, healthy and bouncing my booty. Hope you all are too!

I've been gone for a minute

Now I'm back with the jump off ...

My 2 year post Cabral update.
So......... My ass still fat, stomach flat and breast full and perky like I got them done. Actually someone came and asked if my boobs were real and I was like what?????? I had on a deep cut top and a good good bra, them tatas were snatching edges.

But my body, lawd. It's a problem. Like the flatness of my stomach, the narrowness of my waistline and the deep dip in my back be causing all kinds of trouble. Like, I forget how fine I am sometimes and random strangers come and remind me.

The Details:
I do wish my waist was less narrow. So I've been eating whatever to try and help it expand, the extra fat has made some of my abdominal irregularities less noticeable. But my waist hasn't gotten any wider.

My butt is not the biggest but its def out there. In dress and such I have to mind the booty. Oversized clothes don't conceal much cuz my whole silhouette is amazing.
Now my inner thighs rub together like it's their full time job, it's bad and annoying. I think the cheeks push the thighs together more.

I'm STILL working on my round 1 scars. I have been able to get rid of a few of them. The one in the small of my back especially.

As far as another round.....
I want it but have no sense of urgency. There are areas in my lats and saddle bags I want filled in, you can see it in the picture of me leaning very hard. I need upper back lipo, but again I love the way I look right now. So whenever I get around to it, I get around to it, will I add more to the booty? Just a little, to balance out whatever I add to my sides and keep her substantial.

Other, still happy healthy and strategically bouncing my booty!
Dr. Hector Cabral

He's great at what he does! No if ands or but's about it. I chose him despite all of past complications because I thought he was my best bet at getting the results I desired especially since I had a previously failed bbl.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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