I Never Had a Butt, but I Am Ready for One Now

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Hello ladies, I have been stocking this site for...

Hello ladies, I have been stocking this site for about 3 months and I have been thinking about getting a BBL for almost 2 years now. I am in a toss up of doctors Dr. Cortes, Salama and Hasan. I have been reading a lot of ladies reviews about their experiences and outcomes. Dr. Hasan and Salama do have some neg. Reviews. I saw one lady with very burns from lipo. And I really don't know if I am up for that. Dr. Cortes on the other hand I haven't seen anything negative about him or his work. Or patients end results. He is up there in prices. But i rather do it right the first then having to go back and fix anything.
But i sent photos to all 3 so now just waiting for feed back. And I am going to continue reading and doing my research on the drs. If any of you lovely ladies have suggestions I would love them thanks.

little disappointed

Hey ladies so, I have receive a quote and data back from Salama, cortes and vanity
Salama said for me not to gain or loss weight but he said that my he could give me a little waist but the big butt I want he will not be able to give it to me because he states I have tight skin on my butt. That he wouldn't be able to inject alot of fat in to there. But he said that he would do his best to put as much as he could to give me projection . Dr. Cortes stated that he could lipo me and get me small but my waist will not be as small as others because of the built of my body. He had I am large up top and very small at bottom. That he also said that he could not give me a really big butt because my butt frame isn't that big. And also skin tight. He said he could definitely give me a better body but not the one I truly want. Vanity really did m t state to much but don't loose or gain. And they could give me the shape and butt I want. I am really bum because I see all these big booty and definitely thought I could get one. Well waiting for quote from Dr huge before I put my deposit for one of the doctors. I guess as long as I get a little some thing plus hips I am happy cause I totally hate my body now.


Did any of you ladies go through this?


Dr. Hughes email me and he stated that my wish pic were Un realistic. That he could give me a very big noticeable change. So I guess my body structure sucks. Lol.... He qoute me for 10500, dr. Cortes is 10,500 but his procedure cost is only 6,799 but when you include hospital, hospital stay over night and a few other things it comes up to 10,500 so your not really paying that for him to work on you. Thinking do I really want to pay that much just to stay in hospital. Salama is 9,499 guess I am waiting to talk to vanity again to see how much fisher is because she only gave me qoute for hasan which he is having a special 3800 bbl.... only if Rs ladies would keep posting pictures up to a year could really help.....talk to yaw later


Hello ladies, trying to choose the right doctor is krazy. Never knew it would be this stress full. I see a lot of good results. ..but only for a month or two. This is a lot of money to gamble with....just wanta make sure I make the right choice. I got the qoute from fisher yesterday 5,000 that's not bad. I seen some of his work on you ladies and it looks good. He gives high butt, though maybe that is what I need due to the fact I have a small short butt frame. But does it last ? I really wanted cortes but I don't see my self paying all that extra then still have to pay for hotel and airfare. Hughes they say is the god of lipo. So I would definitely get good results there. Since I am already going in knowing that no one can give me the butt I truly want. I guess I am between Hughes, Fisher and Salama

Here are some more post pictures

Still thinking

He ladies hope all is well... so after seeing some great results from you ladies. I have narrow my choices to Dr.Hasan or Dr. Fisher... any suggestions is more then welcomed. ...eeveryone have a good day

Was it training

Okay ladies I have seen women on here with very tiny waist. I Know YOU HAVE To Train them. How soon after surgery can you start wearing waist trainers and how many hours a day do you wear them. Great reviews on saline vest 313 from classic shapewear. Definitely getting one of those.

Still thinking

Hey ladies how is everyone? I am still thinking.. dr. Fisher or dr Salz. I have seen some really good work from him...hopefully I would have made my decision soon. Cause I am on this site 24 hours day looking and researching. All I have been doing is working to get up this money to get my butt done. Rather pay in cash. Also sending my lovely parents to Vegas in September. So a lot on my plate. I want to get my surgery done in Nov.


I will be dropping some of these lbs before I get my big booty..lol does anyone know any good diet plans that are very effective. I am going to cut out all carbs and drink lots of water. I heard lemon water is really good. My problem is my late night honey bun problem. I am addicted. And not getting a whole 8 hours of sleep. I am a single mother of 3 and my youngest is 16 months and I just stop breastfeeding him 1 month ago. So he is still adjusting and has a hard time at night staying alseep. Single mother struggles lol. But i think I am going to try and loose 20 pounds. 1 am 195 now my height is 5'7 . I think that would be a good enough goal to reach. And I will be hitting the gym again any work out plans you guys recommend. Would love suggestions thanks dolls and further dolls. Here are some post pictures before my weight loss journey

So upset

Hey ladies so upset right now I need to vent. Today my job cut over time... so they took me off the schedule for 4 shifts. So mad. That was going to be the rest of my deposit to schedule my date. :-( guess it's just going to take a little longer then what I thought. But as long as I pay the deposit to hold my price for dr. Hasan of fisher I will be fine plan on paying it on the 8. So I am guessing I will be shooting for feb. 2015. Hopefully my job will stop being so cheap and give us back over time. But anyways ladies have a nice day.... hope everyone has a happy 4th of july


So tomorrow I will be putting my deposit down. Just still very confused on who to go with fisher or salama if hasan did hips he would have definitely been my pick. But i guess I will sleep on it.

Hey ladies

I decided to go with Dr.fisher I put down a deposit t o hold my price at 5,000. So excited the it has really begun. But for so reason i keep thinking about dr. Hasan.... i really love his butts, but i dont want to take the chance of him not giving me no hips....Well I hope everyone is well and please take care.

Hey girls

All I seem to think about is butts, I so can't wait to get mines. I am thinking after I would like a breast lift but think I am going to texas for that...look at me....let me get one surgery out the way first before I think about another.

Well I have loss 5 pounds I have 15 more to go. BUT I Am Telling YOU The Honey Buns Be Calling Me In The Middle Of The night. I am really trying my best to stay away from the food after 9 pm and drinking lots of water walking....it's so hard....but i have to get in the habit of it

Well ladies have a good Friday I have to go make that money for my new booty lol...

honey buns

Last night I woke up because my 1 year old was tossing and turning in bed. Went to get some water then the next thing I know I was eating two honey buns then went back to bed. I was so mad when I woke up and got ready for work. Then today when I got out of work at 10 I came home and eat some food. This is so hard. I pray to get the strength to say no to food

hey ladies

its been a while since my last up date. I had a death In the family so I had to put the booty on hold. But now I am back and I have gain a few extra pounds. So my plan is to loose 40lbs before surgery. I haven't officially set the date. But I am hoping for feb 9 or the 16. Of 2015. So that's a lot of hitting the gym and no soda, junk food lots of water. I am still going with dr. Fisher because his worth is amazing and I haven't seen any bad reviews for him. But I am so excited and I can't wait.

Hey ladies

its been a very busy end of the year. Happy New Years. I still haven't book my date yet. Still trying to see when the best time for me to go. I need to talk to Jessica but she hasn't called me back. My sister just got a quote of 4500 for fisher and I don't understand why mines was 5000 just would like a little more info. Also would like the how far out are his surgery dates. Plan on paying my whole balance off tomorrow. If all goes well. Unfortunately I have gain a few extra pounds I now weigh 205 I really don't see how but I know before I do any surgery I need to loose 20 to 25 lbs and I will be happy I am paying all this money. Want the best results. I have been following a lot of you ladies through your weight loss journey and I have found a lot of great ways to loose weight. Just got to be strong enough and focus enough to stay at it. My main problem is junk food and soda

So date is set

hey ladies I hope all is well. I have the finally paid off this surgery it's been a long journey. My date is April 13 2015 so now I just need supplies and hotel. Can anyone give me any suggestions on where to stay. What hotels are close by. Also time to get on this diet 20 lbs need to be lost. Well wish me luck

About 2 months

i know its only been a day but I already mess up on my diet. I was doing good until I came home from work and am ate a honey bun small bag of chips a slice of cake then turn around and ate to 3 slices of pizza. I am telling the fat girl struggle is real. I should stop buying junk food all together but I buy them for my kids. Doesn't help that I eat it from them some times. I would like to loose this weight. Not understanding why I just can't say no to the junk food. Smh....

Well ladies if anyone can help find out all the things I need for surgery would be nice also any hotel suggestions

Thanks and happy healing to those that have made it to the other side.

hey ladies

so step on thT scale today and to my surprise I lost 5lbs so far.. Super excited. My FMLA from work has been approve I will be taking a month off. I also am having a hard time finding what is everything I need for surgery I am trying get them now and get it all out of the way. But I really am hoping I lose this 20 lbs in two months. Well got to get to my home work talk to you guys later

Anyone have a supply list please be kind and share thanks!!!! I am completely clues. Jessica sent me a checkless but it's completely not showing up. All I know is I need to take iron pills . Well bye every one good healing

49 days

hey ladies so I am going through it with this weight loss. Every time I believe I doing good. It goes bad.... Well all last week I was in New Orleans for my birthday eating all the amazing foods. Smh
I am addicted to food
But I have a little over a month to loss these 20 pounds I know I can do it just have to stay focus.
I decided to add my arms for another 500 dollars I kind of want to do my inner thighs too. But don't want too small of legs.

I don't know if it's just me but I have been starting to get nervous about my surgery. All the horror stories about going to sleep and not waking up. And the blood clots that could kill you. That's so scary. But I am going to pray to God that nothing goes wrong and make sure I am at my healthiest. Just a lot of reviews are not updated just wondering if those people are still a live???? I know I have a crazy mind. But I got to get back to class hopefully the next time I post I have lost some more weight than have gain some

Feeling depress

So I really am happy about my new booty. But starting to get scared about my butt and if it's going to be as big as I want it. I remember dr. Salomon, Hugh's told me that I couldn't have a big butt do to the tightness of my skin on my butt and my body frame. I wonder is this true? I wonder if fisher can give me what I want. Just so confused cause this is a lot of money to not get what I want or close. Thinking out loud


Trying to not eat after 5pm and no carbs only water and lemons

38 days

hey ladies how are you guys. I hope all is well. Well as for me I am still trying to lose weight. I have 16 lbs left and I will be happy. I have not been eating carbs and only drinking lemon water. I have also stop eating after 5 pm and it's been a test with in its self. I want to order my garment and my waist trainner but just don't know what size to get???

33 days

hey ladies I hope all is well. So today I decide to call vanity to get someone information since I haven't heard from them since I made my full payment. I call and spoke to lia and ask her the nears airport and also when should I be there since my surgery is on the 13 of April which is a Monday. She told me the day before surgery. So we hung up. So then I was like well day before surgery is Sunday are they even open and what time should I be there. So I call her back and ask her are they open Sunday . She said no so come on Saturday before 2 pm I ask was dr. Fisher going to be there Saturday she said she doesn't know so come on Friday but if you can't make it you can still do your pre op on Saturday and meet dr. fisher Monday before my surgery. I wish they would have told me that. Thanks so glad I didn't book my flight yet. Even though I do have to get a hotel room for another night. Smh


So I been calling vantiy since yesterday to send me the link so I can log in to the portal but they still not not sent it. I was told that is where they will send you the lab information for blood work.

Message ????? I need to find someone

I was reading a profile and seen that there was someone that does message for 150 if I am my mistaken. So if any one has any information on who to use please let me know thank you?

30 days

well to day I was looking at my invoice and it reads abdominal waist flanks bra area. What happen to the back. When I made my first payment it included the back??? Definitely going to have to call her Monday about that? She was also suppose to give me the information about my lab work.. Smh I feel like I don't have enough information but I will sure be asking a lot of questions come Monday... And I really hope it's just an error cause my back should be included

29 days

So I thought that The BBL with Dr. Fisher the full abdominal the fullback the flanks the broad area was included in the lipo section. And my first invoice when I paid it said that now and my last payment invoice the back is left off so I'm hoping that it's just the error. I guess I will call them on Monday to find out about that I've been waiting for her to send me my lab paperwork so I guess I will be calling them back I hope everybody that's Artie had a procedure has a happy healing29 days left

Getting close

well today I talk call vanity and after being on hold for 15 min. Two ladies that barely spoke English I was able to talk to some one about my up coming bbl. In the last message I mention that It didn't say back in invoice. It is included. I also was told of my blood work comes back good that I am all set to go that i can come on my surgery day. But lia told me I had to be there sat so I am just going to go early should be doing blood work tomorrow

26 days

hello ladies I hope everyone is healing well or excited about getting the new booty well today went got my blood test done they said it takes 48 to 72 hours before they will send lab results to Vinity I have been doing the last bit of shopping for my suppliesI still have to get some maxi dresses some flip-flops and a little more items but I basically got everything still just so nervous can't believe I'm actually going through this for me it hasn't really been a secret everybody at my job knows that I'm getting a BBL so they're all looking forward to it so I'm hoping that when I come back it with mybut done it looks marvelous so I've been looking at the booty buddy but they are sold out so I think I'm in ago with the BBL pillow even know was like $78 I might just use a yoga matI so can't wait to get to the other side is I daydream about having a different shape wearing nice clothes that forms the butt and not having the droopy saggy area in the back that looks like I just took a shit LOL excuse my language but I'm hoping that everything goes well in surgery I am hoping that I wake back upand everything hills because I have three wonderful kids that I need to get back to you but all I know is that I'm just going to pray and pray God has my back well that's enough for now talk to you guys later

Weight loss

since my diet that I believe I started at the beginning of March I have lost 14 pounds so I have six more to go only from drinking water lemon water no carbs and not eating after 5 PM so hopefully 23 days left so hopefully if you lose the rest of the pounds the rest of the pounds

Lab work

lab work is good I got the green like for surgery.... I am so excited and scared at the same time. I hope my surgery goes well and recovery..... I can't believe I am finally doing this... Hips and ass !!!!!!!

a wish pic


do I take the bromelain pills before and after surgery or just after

Hold up

So now my Job is saying my Fmla form is not correct so now I have to fill it back out again. I just hope this stuff gets fix

Getting nervous

i am getting so nervous..... I know everything is going to be okay. I got to get some tank tops!!!

Is there a store close to vanity

I forgot to order my Lipo foams and ab board and it's too late now... Was wondering is there a store close to vanity where I can buy these items or does vanity sell them?

Getting really upset

So I have been having trouble with my FMLA paper I have fax email and everything to vanity over 6 times and he keeps not filling out the paperwork correctly. I have underline areas that need to be filled in and he still has not filled it out. I need the duration of treatment and recovery filled out on my paper. All he has to do is put 3 to 4 weeks I am really not understanding what the problem is. I don't know who to talk to I have message through portal I have fax letter but still nothing today I got a message that his assistant will be contacting me but when ???? I don't have that much time this paper work has been going back and fourth from my employer to them since March 19 this shit is really starting to piss me off I am going to call and try and talk to his assistant I need answers

Booty buddy

has anyone use or plan to use thinking about ordering it today any reviews on it please tell me

Booty buddy or bbl pillow

hello ladies I hope everyone is fine. So I was wondering has anyone use or is going to use the booty buddy or bbl pillow have any reviews on either one. I want to order one but kind of confuse which one toget. The booty buddy looks short in with but fluffy and the bbl looks longer but not to much cushion. So if any of you ladies have any suggestions they are welcome


so I have been looking at a lot of reviews and for some reason I am falling in more in love with dr. Hasan booty's he was one of my choice from start. But I did not choose him cause he did not give hips. But the shapes he is sculpting looks like he gave hips. I don't know I don't know I have surgery in 6 days..... What to do???? I kind of want to changing doctors.

For ladies that wanted to know

for ladies who wanted to know I ask if the whole back was included in price because I read a review where the lady had to pay an extra 500.00 dollars

From last post

so I have decided to switch doctors

so I have decided to switch to dr. Hassan dr. Fisher work is great but I am drawn to dr Hassan I am waiting. For them to call me back to see if I can switch to Hassan I hope he has an open day on the 13 or even the 14 fingers cross cause he does do hips if I knew that from the beginning I would have went with him....


well unfortunately I will not be able to switch to dr. Hassan he is book till June... Wow so I am still happy I have dr. Fisher I know he does amazing work too... And should do an awesome job on me .... 5 days now...... This all seems so unreal soon I will have a booty and a women's shape


so I finally got my FMLA paper work approved!!!!!!!! And just receive email to stating make sure I confirm my surgery 72 hours before surgery or it will be canceled. And they will charge 1500 dollars smh definitely have to set my alarm

Leaving to Miami to night

hey ladies so it's about that time for me to be heading out... Right now I am in Tennessee I took my 3 wonderful children to wilderness at the smokies for their spring break they had a awesome time. Wanted to do something for them before I had this surgery. I am so nervous I don't know why I just pray I have a safe and speedy recovery and that fisher hooks this body up. Well talk to ya later going to take the kids swimming one more time before we leave

Made to vantiy

so I am here at my pre op I just saw a young lady that must just had surgery coming in for a follow up looking like she was is serve pain :-(
All I can say is miami is hot as hell ready to go back to room and shower and stay in doors for the rest of the day but definitely think I will be hitting up the beach


so I did my pro op sign my life away so many possible complications grrr.... But I am going to hope for the best and make sure I follow the aftercare direction and take good care of myself she said you could be swollen for up to 6 months, that he is giving drains now and he takes them out after a week so if you leave before the week is over you will have to have your pcp take the drain out. I had to get 5 messages which cost 350 I has hoping to find cheaper so if anyone knows of someone please let me know so I can cancel. Then they told me that my compression garment was too tight needed bigger due to all the swelling that is going to happen and that they don't want the garment to destroy body issue. Cost 150 then my dumb ass forgot my foam and ab board which is going to cost me 80 dollars grr 580 all together smh lol

Got my time

surgery is at 6:30 am Monday
Think I am going to go to south beach tomorrow

Ladies please know

dr. Fisher is giving drains now. He will remove them after a week if everything looks good if you leave earlier you will have to have your pcp take it out

Tomorrow wow

so tomorrow is my big day I am so excited and nervous all in one I hope and pray surgery goes well and a speedy recovery with no complications. I have 3 wonderful children that I need to be here for and take care because I am a single mother and am all they got. Boy do I miss them now. Well about to relax my mind going to south beach


i was only able to loose 14 pounds 205 to 191 I believe if I would of eWorld out i oils have lost more. I did only water and lemon water, no eating after five no carbs and no soda or junk food. But around Easter and my trip with the kids o kind of pig out hopefully this is health full to anyone trying to lose weight and it was a month on the diet

Here at vanity

here at vantiy 6:28 the door was open so I walk in and the lights were on in the back but no here to greet us.... Just adding more stress.... It's like a ghost town.... Tried calling no one answers but I hear voices behind a door about to go knock on it

In the back

took pregnancy test which was neg took more pictures, put my compression socks on meet with the guy who is going to knock me out lol... He was sweet made me very relax even though I was still bitting my nails. My legs are shaking I am trying to tell myself to get it together. Waiting to meet with fisher to talk and ask questions and for him to mark me up and take pictures.

Made it to the other side

hey ladies sorry took me so long to write you guys and let you know what's going on the first two days were so horrible for me after surgery I tried to get into my car to lay down to go back to my hotel room and I passed out twice and one of those Honda but I may put me back in will chair in my butt and I kept saying that my but not my butt I didn't go back to my hotel room until 5 PM because they brought me back in and check my battles and let me lay back down for a while and I got back to the hotel room walking was no joke I can stand out more than two seconds without feeling weak lightheaded and like I was about to pass out and throw up second day went for my massage barely could walkmassage heard it so bad it made me feel like I was going to pass out again so she didn't do my stomach I go in for my second massage today at one I'm feeling much better today still very sore and stiff really haven't been able to take pictures of my bottom but my sister tells me it's very bigand my shape as nice a dead end up having loose skin in the front and the front I have soon maybe get a tummy tech in the future but I don't know if I can go through this again this recovery part is no joke you really need to make sure you have a love one with you. I was able to take a shower yesterday but I was bleeding everywhere and start making feel lightheaded so I laid back down the feeling is so awful I was so worried about the surgery the thing that you have to wear the most about his recovery but it's getting a little bit better for me I will update you girls later bye pictures when I take a shower later on again tonight because my garment is awful blood again talk to you ladies later bye

hey ladies

its 1240 am and I am walking around my room. My body is very sore and Lipo areas are crazy sensitive d my 2nd message earlier today it was very pain full. I have a lot of fluid in my back. When we got to the stomach it was horrible I felt sick to my stomach but when it was all over I was able to walk better. I am so thankful for my sister because she has been a blessing. Can't seem to stay comfortable laying on my stomach my breast hurt I feel like I can't breath a little bit my arms go numb and tingling I can only sleep a good 4 hours at a time the pills are okay but the prec make me feel a little sick. Drinking lots of Gatorade and some pineapple juice but stuff is way too sweet for me. My mouth seems dry all the time I know you guys are waiting for pictures as soon as I feel a little better I will be sure to post some pictures kind of wishing my butt was way bigger though.... But he made it clear to me that I will have loose Skin in the front and that my butt had her tight skin so he would definitely try and fit as much as he could in.

Still very swollen

Damn even though I am swollen still a major difference from my flat ass from before surgery

Day 6

i am feeling a whole lot better and I am able to get up go to the bathroom and shower by myself. Still taking medication which the pain pills make me feel sick so I have tried only to take them at night and when I really need them. I have been having the booty blues because I seen other girls when I go to vanity with big bootys and I wish I had one of those. But then I think about every One has different body shapes and booty shapes and my but she was very small frame and very tight skin so there was only so big that he was going to make it and I think that from where I was to now it is amazing awesome work but only time will tell how much bigger it will look when the spelling on my hips and on my sides and on my back goes downso I need to lay off myself because my surgery work is wonderful. Monday I will be going to get my drain out spoke to one of girls today and she got hers out and she said they just pulled it out so not looking forward to that. Then back home on Tuesday..... Which I can't wait we'll talk to your dolls later and remember don't try to compare your results to others because everyone is different as long as you are happy and notice the transfermation cause comparing will drive you crazy and depress you when you should be i enjoying your new body

Home sweet home

hey ladies how are you? I am in way better spirits and mood. Well mondAy I gotta drains and sutures remove and I cry like a baby when she was about to remove the drain. To my surprise it didn't even hurt lol. I took some more pictures then spoke with fisher before I left. He was very laid back had a little swag about him lol. But he told me I was looking great that my back is going to take the longest to heal and to show change. The told me he took out a lot of fat out my back and love handle area and right now they are just swollen. He said I will have some loose skin. So I might just have to make another trip for a tummy tuck but that is not any time soon. I am very please of my results and can't wait to see the booty and body transfer over time. Thank you ladies for being so supportive. HAppy healing

Forgot to mention

I am back home and I know my recovery will be even better because I am with my love ones. I drove back to ga which was a 9 hour drive but I stop every 3 hours to walk and use restroom. But laying in back seat was still torture definitely would fly the next time lol.

So I was trying on something old

sorry about dirty mirror but so in love with how I look I have never look like this in cloths

some pictures

hey ladies happy healing so I took some pictures today lower abdomen and back still very swollen

More pictures

Just realize

just realize I wasn't logged into my account so I just notice all you dolls messages in my inbox. I am so sorry that o have not responded to you guys


its 1:18am and I can't seem to sleep I can't get comfortable at all.?this laying on my stomach is killing me I can only seem to sleep 2 to 3 hours before waking up with back pain stiff neck and my arms tingling. And know I am starting to fill itchy in areas especially my lower back. I still have a lot if swelling in my stomach and back . My sides still hurt when ever touch or even when something brush lightly against it. My garment I believe is getting to loose so I order a smaller one off eBay but I think may get this one Fitted. I haven't token any pain pills today trying to deal with the soreness.

Can't sleep

woke up for the 5th time sore my back hurts my sides hurts. I just can't seem to get comfortable... I just want to cry.... My period started again today I had one already at the being of this month for 7 days now again??? I think I am going to have to break down and take a pain pill

Officially 2 weeks post op

hey dolls, so today is my two week update and boy will I way it's been a struggle. As I look back I am like damn i came some ways since day one. When u couldn't even walk to the bathroom myself. So just know it does get better for you dolls that are in day 1 or 2 hell 3 or 4 lol. So I am still very swollen in my sides lower back and abdomen. I hope it starts going down soon. Cause I love my shape under. I feel as if my butt has gotten smaller but dr fisher said that I may think that but once all the swollen goes away and my butt fluffies and rounds out it will look even bigger. Just waiting on that day. My back is still swollen my upper back still hurts and when I bend over I feel sharp pains some times. Still can't sleep through the night right. I am experiencing itching episodes on my sides. But here are some pictures of my swollen abdomen

So I tired

so I tired waist training today boy was that thing compress I could only wear it for 3 hours. But when I took it off I had intentions from the wasit trainer. I hope they go away really ugly. Any suggestions ladies on how to stop this from happening.


so I have to go back to class tonight I tried seating on bobby pillow but it doesn't feel comfortable I think I am going to try some pillows I really hope I don't flatten my butt. Wish me luck ladies and happy healing other dolls

I have a problem

hey ladies so yesterday I had class I had to drive there then sit down for about five hours but I stood walk around some. But when I ce home I realize my stomach was extra swollen and hurt like crazy. This morning still hurts my stomach is hot could this be fluid build up. Or do I need a different compression grament.

Feeling a lot better

so I talk to dr. Fishers assistant and she told me if I had fluid I would feel it moving inside when I push on it. Which I don't so I decided to make sure I were my foams and board at night and now I am wearing a 38 size garment. Today I have token the foams off and now wearing my cincher. So let's see how this goes but as for the swelling it has went down a whole bunch and I feel way better

So yesterday

was my first day back to work and my job I am on my feet all day. It wasn't as bad as I thought I made it through it. But after the 8 hours on my feet I had to go to class and sit for four hours that shit made me swell up like I was 4 months pregnant I was going to wear my clincher but it is uncomfortable to move around in. And especially sitting it makes dents in my sides. Grr... Just can't seem to catch a break. I am still very swollen in my lower abdomen area on my sides.


I had to work today and I actually made it through the whole 8 hours and did not take a pain pill. I am so happy. Well today I decided to start walking the trail. I love my new hips and ass but now I think my arms are fat and giggle and I feel disgusting when I see them in a tank top. It's like they blew up over night. I have a lot of side boob. It's like grr... Never really notice it till now. Definitely thinking about getting a breast lift and reduction and tummy tuck.... I know I know I told my self I wouldn't do anything else but I hate how my arms and my breast look

hey sorry its been awhile

hey ladies 13 days before it marks the 2 months. i love my results at times i wish my butt was bigger though. my stomach is no where near as bad as i thought it would be. i still swell up if i dont wear my waist chincer i jave to buy an other compression garment because mines is too big. my low back and sides still feel uncomfortable and numb at times. i am going back on a diet and also starting to walk 2 miles every 2days u need to start going to the gym to tone uppp especially my arms i hate my arms i should have gotten them lipo. but i am almost finish with lpn school i am done june 18 so excited but happy healing dolls pictures coming soon

Hey dolls

Hey girls I am sorry been very with school and work. My sides still hurt and I am still laying on my stomach to sleep. My lower back and stomach still swell up if I don't wear my compression garment. Which I need to order a smaller one question when is the fluffing is suppose to happen. I think I am going to go for a round two I want more hips and a bigger butt. The booty greed is real


More pictures

More pictures

Hey ladies I hope all is well. Been super busy with work studying and kids. I feel like my butt has Horton smaller and simply is not big enough. But my sides still hurt my back and stomach still swells up.

Just dropping in

Hey ladies hope all is well, I have been very busy but I just wanted to keep you guys up to date . I love my new shape but I feel as if my butt is not big enough and that I have lost some volume and projection. So I decide that I will be going for a round two with doctor fisher plan on having surgery in February 2016 also thinking about having a tummy tuck with fisher quoted at 4,000 my bbl I have not yet got the price for she told me she will call me either tomorrow or Monday with the price. But I will do my Bbl frist than tummy tuck and than I should be happy I hope lol. But my sides are still sore and my back still aches some times and I still wear my garment and waist clincher

Hey it's been a while

Hey girls it's been a while, my butt is still here though to me it seems to have gotten smaller but everyone's saids it's big. But I think I want it bigger. my sides are still a little sore I still wear my compression garment not all the time but most of the time. I am going for a round two in May I am still thinking wether to choose dr Hassan or fisher! So I guess I will continue to follow you guys and see your results. Happy healing dolls

Some pictures

Here are some more

Round two

I am thinking really hard but I don't know fisher or Hassan. I know when I get ready to book it's going to be 6,000 for either one but I just don't know who I want....

Merry Christmas

Hey ladies, I hope everyone is healing well. I am so looking forward to booking my round two with Doctor Hassan in January. It's going to be 6,000 dollars. I am thinking of getting my inner thighs and arms done. But I have been reading a lot of reviews and ladies say it seems like their arms and legs look the same. Has anyone seen a improvement. Because I want to do mines but it will be 1000 more dollars just don't want to waste money. My top part of my body is just so big I still don't like it I hope they can suck out this arm fat lol

Merry Christmas

Happy new year

Happy new years
So I am still going with dr. Hassan for my 2nd bbl I defiantly want my arm fat and bra roll suck out more. I know I am really going to need a tummy tuck but I am way too scared for that. Any vets that have done a round two have any information for me and was the healing time better than first time. Even though my sides are still sore.


I am really wanting to go with dr Hassan but I just find out that he doesn't use drains. I thought that the drains help with the fuild release. So if you don't have drains I your site closes how does the fuild countuie to come out. With fisher I had drains and no issues. Do you think it's better with drains or with out?

Another question for you dolls

after doing more research on the tummy tuck and also the great feedback and expriences you dolls have sharevwith me. i decided to do a tummy tuck. but not before my round two only because they do still give you lipo and your flanks and stomach. dont want tto waste that fat when i could use that for my booty. but if i could find a good doctor that does both at the same time. i am willing to switch doctors

Any dolls have bbl with Hasan

I was wondering if any of you ladies have had bbl with Hasan and if he gave you hips? and are you satisfied with results. Thanks

Quick update

I decided to change my doctor to doctor fisher. I really like the butts dr Hasan gives but he does not do hips. So I will go back to fisher who did my first bbl I hope he will give me the hip to waist ratio I am looking for and a more rounder butt. He is very great at what he does I am sure me could give me what I want. Vanity told me that I am defienatly going to need a tummy tuck after this 2 round of bbl so I completely understand that so I will be back 2017 for a tummy tuck and I will be done lol. Though I am thinking of a breast reduction with lift and implants.

Hey ladies

It's been a while! I am still interested in round two I want a smaller waist and more projection from my butt. More hips. I am actually thinking about going to Duran in DR. I have seen her work and it's amazing. Her tummy tucks and breAst work are awesome. I am also looking to do a tummy tuck and get my breast done. I have sent her office my pictures and questionnaire so hopefully I will have a price tomorrow or sometime next week. But will keep everyone posted and I will be following you Duran dolls!

Still can't get in contact with Duran

Hey ladies I am still waiting on a quote from Duran I have called her office several times. No one ever answers. I sent my pictures on Thursday last week. I know the weekend plus it's now the holidays. So it might be a while before I get i quote. How long does it generally take to hear back from her. Or is there another way to contact her other than email and office? But I guess I will be waiting!!!????

Still no quote

Still no quote from Duran I am going to have to call at 230am in the morning band see if she picks up. I did receive an email stating they got my pictures and I will get a quote in 2 to 5 business days. But it's the holidays so it might be longer. But I been starting to look at Baez work! I read some reviews and it states she is the only Dr. in DR that uses FDA implants! Don't know how true it is. But I am going to call to see if I can get a quote!

Still no response

So I still haven't gotten in contact with Duran. Though I have got in contact with Baez. I just have to send her pictures which I will do tomorrow. I really want Duran though

Wish pic

I have chosen Dr. Manon

I decided to go with dr Manon. He does amazing breast work being that is my biggest concern! His bbl and tummy tucks are awesome to being that I already have a Bbl I just want more fat added I believe he will deliver the results that I want! Only problem is I been trying to get in contact with his assistant Diana through whatup app for a week know so that I can put down a deposit and select my date. Really starting to frustrate me! But I guess I will keep trying until I get in contact!

2 years

Dr. Fisher

Well I must say when first meeting him he reminded me of dr. Green from the old t.v show E.r he was one of my favs and I will say I had a little crush on him❤️ But fisher was nice and smooth made me feel very comfortable because I will tell you I was scare as fuck. He answered all my questions and some how knew the questions before I ask. Which I really like... He was very to the point no sugar coating he let me know what he could and could not do for me. So I was left with no surprises. I am very happy with my results and plan on coming back to him for future tummy tuck

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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