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After lurking on RS and researching for a couple...

After lurking on RS and researching for a couple of months, i have finally decided to do my surgery.
I feel like it's now or never.
I chose Dr. Baez in DR to do my bbl, but i'm a little concerned that I can't get a hold of her...
I did receive two emails from her (general instructions for bbl and a quote), but she hasn't contacted me regarding the surgery date. In the two emails i got, she told me to gain at least 10-15 lbs.
It seems like everyone has no issues reaching out to her... how did you guys do it? It is making me a little nervous :(
Also, i have a main concern at this point... i have an office job and it involves sitting for at least 8rs a day everyday. what do i do when i return to work? Can anyone give me some useful advice?

I wanted to know if i'm ready for this surgery and healthy... i did a full physical exam and it came back all normal :) excited for sure!
I still want Dr Baez though... i love her work.

Read this if you're going to DR

The news broke yesterday... Dr sej posted this on his instagram. Thoughts? It seems like mycobacteria can be a serious problem... Btw, i would love dr sej to do my bbl, but his price starts from $25,000-30,000 lol

Finally got a response from dra Baez!

I took your advice and I wrote to her in Spanish (thank GOD for google) and she asked me when i want the surgery! It took her two days to respond, but that's not too bad. I told her i want it in September... we will see if she has any availability.
By the way, has anyone gotten arm lipo from dr baez? i wanted to see her arm lipo work and the scars...but i couldn't find any...

Giving up

This is ridiculous. Is it always so hard to get a hold of doctors in DR? Why don't they hire patient coordinator ? I don't understand. It's been a freaking month to get my surgery date and i'm sick and tired of waiting and getting no response. Thinking about having done in the US. At least, all the offices i reached out -dr william bruno, vanity cosmetic, etc. - have responded promptly. Yea they are way more expensive, but i don't wanna deal with this stress No one should.

To shower or not to shower in DR?

As I'm having my surgery in a month, i have a couple of concerns... I've already read several reviews about the infection ladies got in DR...

Should I take a shower in DR after surgery? Should I just use antibacterial wipes and dry shampoo until i come home? Or should i shower with bottled water in DR?

I know it's gross and disgusting, but i would avoid shower if there's a chance getting infections...

What do you think? What would you do?

Prep half way done!

I can't believe i'll have a new body in three weeks...
I was overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions last night. I've always loved my body... i work out hard and eat healthy... but i've been always insecure about my upper body (i have unwanted fat here and there) and you know what.. change is good. This is a gift for myself and i'm happy with my decision.

My doc told me to gain 15lbs, so i've been eating pretty much everything lol i gained 10lbs in three weeks. I've always looked at calories before i put anything in my mouth, but it's good to be care free and eat whatever i want! lol

Flight booked. Bought most of supplies I need - kept simple though cuz i don't want to over pack... I'm getting my fajas in DR since i don't know what size i'll be after the surgery... she said she'll provide me the 1st faja and the 2nd would cost around $100.

Things i need to buy: lipo board, lipo foam, waist trainer (diff from faja), scar treatment cream, gauze, gloves, alcohol wipes, medical tape, etc.

I think i'm going to stay at Armonia or Maria's.

Internet trolls

The whole internet is making fun of kim's booty. I see that her body does not look natural... She lost a lot of baby weight and now her booty looks saggy and weird... This is my fear! A lot of people can tell what bbl butt looks like now calling it a fake ass.. I just want a small enhancement on my booty that still matches the rest of my body. I'd be so disappointed if my butt ends up looking like that after a few years...

New Update

Hello ladies!

I wanted to update you guys on my journey :) I'm getting bbl from Dra Baez on Sept 12, 2016.

1. Recovery House: Maria's House. She's nice and her RH is close to Baez's office. Massage is only $20 and they have an in-house nurse. The food looks good too! lol. I'm still low key debating between Armonia though... One thing I dislike about Maria's is that they only have hospital beds - it's a great option if you have TT or BA, but i'm getting bbl and have to lay down on my stomach... I wanted a regular bed with more cushion, but it shouldn't be a big issue.

2. Current weight and Hemo level: 154lbs! I have never been over 140 in my entire life lol I'm going to lose at least 10lbs after the surgery. As i stated before, i don't want a video vixen butt... My face looks fatter and my knees hurt after the weight gain. I took a few body pics and sent them to Baez, and she said "yes you have more fat now" LOL!! I'm 5'8 btw. I had a full blood lab work done last month and my hemo level was 14.7 and i've been taking iron everyday (on top of 6 other supplements), so i should be good.

3. Work Out: Ladies, you have to exercise before liposuction. It makes a big difference in your skin. I do not want lumpy saggy skin after all my fats get sucked out. I have been hitting the gym and do yoga at least 4-5 times a week. I come home from the gym and eat carbs and chocolates to maintain my weight lol I LOVE fooood

4. Concern: Pain meds. Baez said she could provide me some pain meds but they are not as strong as the pain meds here in the U.S. I'm only bringing tylenol... I really wish i could get my hands on percocet, but don't know how to get them (i'm too healthy plus no prior injury or anything..). Would I be okay? I hope i survive the first three days without them :( I also have to cut down on caffeine soon. How the hell would i function without coffee? Lastly, i'm worried about my Spanish... I only know a few words (literally) and i've been watching youtube spanish 101 but i sound so bad haha

5. Prep time: I made up my mind to get this surgery in early July... It took me two months to prepare everything and it's perfect. I don't know how some people wait for months sometimes a couple year for the surgery (unless you have to lose a significant amount of weight...) they are so patient and i'm so not :( i also hate being heavier than i used to... I gained 15lbs since July.

6. Doctors: Hernandez, Duran, Fisher, Baez and a few more... It came down to Fisher and Baez. Everyone says fisher is fully booked until Jan 2017, but i was able to get a surgery date in September and they even offered me october if i wanted it (cuz i told them i want the surgery asap lol). I love his works, but i read horrible reviews on vanity and i know fisher does at least 4-5 surgeries whereas baez only does 1-2. So i went for dra baez and never changed my mind.

7. Previous cosmetic surgeries: I had my eyes done twice and nose one time. I healed very fast, but during my last eye surgery i kept waking up and i was in so much pain. i'm def gonna tell baez that i don't want to wake up during the surgery...

Lastly,.. my emotional stage. Like everyone else, i also had my ups and downs. As of now, i'm no longer scared or hesitant about the surgery :) I haven't told anyone about the sx and NO ONE knows about it. It's very hard to have no one to talk to or vent to... so i appreciate all your supports on RS. The reviews here are my bible. I read some of them in my tears cuz i was going through the same thing etc. I also broke up w my bf... we had an argument and he said something like "your fake ass won't fix it" and i walked away and never looked back. He kept trying to come back but i stayed strong and did not let him... i know he's going to claim all the credits after the surgery if i stay w him. "oh, i stayed with u when u were lonely and picked u up from the airport blah blah blah" It's my surgery with my money and i'm gonna take all the credits to myself! Every time he gets upset, is he going to call me a fake ass? Yeah no thanks. I felt so discouraged and lonely after the break up... but, i'm only looking at the bright side. no matter what the outcome is, i know i've done everything to better myself and i'm happy about it. Wow i'm getting really emotional now lol i won't deny... i was so hurt after he said that... i cried until i passed out that night (after 20 glasses of wine lol) now every morning i wake up and tell myself "you got this! and you're cute even with the extra 15lbs lol" ha!

Thanks for reading it. If you have any questions, please comment below or dm me :) enjoy your day ladies!!

Only a few hours away

This is still surreal to me. I did go to baez office today straight from the airport and got all tests done. Have not met w baez yet but met w her assistant. I have to go to her office by 530am tmrw for the surgery. Nervous but excited at the same time :)
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