Grammie Makeover 55 Years old. Long Awaited to Make Outside Match Inside - Dominican Republic

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I am making my deposit tomorrow for mommy makeover...

I am making my deposit tomorrow for mommy makeover with Dr. Rafael Estevez in DR. So excited. ...but procedures are not scheduled until March 28, 2017. To have TT, Liposculture. Front, back. Lipo with TT as well as muscle tigthening of abd muscles. Lipo of inner thighs and breast lifts. Will begin count down. Couple pics of before posted. I know it will be awhile, but I will also post the afters so you can witness what this awesome doctor can do. Plan on staying at Seaview RH. Looks great !! Now looking for flight.


The first TT is actually a BBL. He is doing so much to make this grammie smokin. Will need to work hard on bringing up the hemaglobin!

Down payment. Check.

Well took three attempts to get the down payment through, but it did happen !! So step one completed. Still looking for airline tickets at a reasonable rate. Got all of the alerts set up so I can jump on them. Dr. Estevez said I shold eat high protein and low carbs. This isn't a problem cuz I already follow this diet. My only downfall is "Mexican " coke. It has no high fructose corn syrup. This is actually made in Mexico and with real sugar and in a glass bottle. As you can see I love it cuz I have talked about it way to long. Haha. So on to the doctor to see what my hemaglobin is. That as we know is the critical number. 14.....14....14....14. Plz be close at least.


Woo hoo hgb is 13.9 that is before iron tabs to start when they arrive! Guess high protein / low carb has helped. Also have been on vit b12 for long time. This is such a relief. One less thing to stress over.

Little R &R

In Mexico city for Independence day celebration. Wow... never seen anything like this. To say they go all out would be an understatement. I needed this before hammering down to keep hgb at 14. Also gonna try to lose as much as I can

Come on March 2017

Besides reading great advise on here about what to get for supplies and what to expect. .... which some posts sounds like a lot of pain for first few days. Am also trying to find good price on airfare. This is a different kind of pain....ugh. But, it is also exciting as this is just one more step to completing this journey. It feels so far away ( surgery is March 2017). Now every time I look in the mirror I try to imagine what I will look and feel like. My husband says he is happy as things are and doesn't want me to be disappointed afterward if I don't get what I am hoping for. I am only conflicted by his statement. I know he is supportive of what I feel I need to do. Has anyone had these feelings? Maybe I just planned this to far out. Maybe I should jump on a plane tomorrow morning hmmmm.

Airline tickets. ......check!

Yes, I stayed awake late to monitor my flight alerts. Since prices have pretty much stayed the same....I just went for it! !! So another step of this wonderful plan coming together. Can't wait to be on the flat side. RH next to be confirmed since I have flight info. Then onto supply shopping. Vacation requested. Whew just enough time to be off the 2 weeks. Hope I feel good enough to be at full speed then.

Recovery House.......CHECK!

Well...just made last reservation I need!!!! I am having a hard time thinking this is 6 months away. I feel this is good in one aspect as I have started on iron tabs....which are giving me diarrhea, sorry. So I have a lot of time to prepare. I purchased supplies online for items such as lipo foam and abdominal board, butt cushion. But on other side I am anxious. I need to return to work day 13 post op so I hope to feel ready for it. Also anxious to just get there and be on the flat side. I hope this time goes fast!!!

Dreambodydiva RH....looks amazing!

Dreambodydiva. ... the recovery house where I will be staying after surgery. Tried to contact Seaview a few times, but no answer to phone, then when did get an answer, both ladies spoke only Espanol. I know some, but do not want to stress about communication when in pain. So did more digging and this place looks and offers so much more. Including supplies (some) a nurse 24/7 and will only take 3 people at time. So I feel very good about that. In addition, via email was very quick to respond in perfect English. Please look at the site if you are looking still.

Recovery House dreambodydiva

Well heard/seen good reviews about dreambodydiva , then read a pretty concerning review of just 3 wks ago. I emailed the owner then she called me to reassure me that the nurse speaks English and there are translators. She said if I was not happy when I was there she would help find a different one. So now I am rethinking this decision. Can anyone who has stayed there please help me with this VERY important step? I appreciate it!!!!

some thought about what to wear after surgery

Just picked up 6 light cotton summer dresses for post op. What could be easier then slipping this over your head, and if a quick trip from a slow moving doll to the bathroom happens.....cake. I am hoping the faja has an opening strategically placed or the whole plan is a bust. On the positive side they were on sale for 5 bucks each. Some things you just gotta love bout Walmart. Tried to post pic....didn't work

Wish pic for post bbl

Have always had a flat butt. This would be a great lol

Another pre. Full frontal . HELP!!

After seeing so many reviews and brave people who can just put it out there. have given me some courage to do the same.

Change doctors? ??

I am bum fuzzled. My doctor does reply to my emails. His assistant NEVER has. So yesterday I emailed a couple questions, he answered. Informed him when I would be arriving, which is a Sunday. His reply was on Monday morning I will meet with cardiologist and surgery at 9am. Ummm hello. I keep asking for pre op instructions. ...such as well my surgery is actually scheduled for Tuesday. Did we just move it up a day? Just from reading all of your helpful I asked...should I stop any meds such as hormones? Maybe not eat anything 12 hrs prior? What time should I be there Monday morning? What is your protocols to prepare for surgery? Anything.....just roll off the plane Sunday and mosey on over to have this major surgery? Wat? I told him you wonderful people are the only ones I get information from. It is intimidating enough to travel to a different country alone, but to not know what...where. and when does not make me feel secure. Is anyone else feeling like they are pulling teeth to get instructions? I am busy preparing by arranging a RH, buying supplies, buying airline tickets. But unfortunately I feel like I am really not included in the big plan. I like Dr. Estevez, and maybe he is just so used to doing this that he doesn't remember this is my FIRST time. I am sad to have to think of starting all over again ; ( I need any advise if you have had this happen, and suggestions please!!

Requested another quote from different doctor

I just want to know whoever is going to cut my stomach apart and insert steel tubes / cannulas to sucks out my fat is the one in control and leading me. I am now just so unsure. I will just have to sit tight to get new quote. I believe I will be just as happy, if not more comfortable with a change. Well...just wait and see.

Still asking for quotes

I have been doing a lot of soul searching as to what to do about a PS. Man, I really thought I had this plan cemented down. I am a planner and want to get it set and work towards it with peace, calmness and security. Now I feel so Un everything. Getting more quotes from PS after doing my due diligence. Have airline tickets for March 26th so I know I have some time, but just didn't want to feel so unsure and decide again. Well...guess that is life. I am sure this is nothing compared to some issues others have...just bummed!

new quotes

Wow....just received quote from a great doctor who has great reviews and is sought out frequently. Waiting for one more that is supposed to be to me by end of this week. Another great doctor as well. I hope this is a good sign to complete this journey. I am feeling so much more relieved. ??? feeling blessed ???

it's official. .... Dra. Medina

Sent deposit today ! I never did get a quote from Dr. Goico. I know he is really busy as well. I dug deep into reviews of Dra. Medina. First let me say, she does amazing work. I realize I am not 35 yo, but pretty sure she will give me some inner love for my body. Back to the reviews; there are SO MANY positive reviews. I did follow a lot of reviews so I did find a thread of a few people complaining about their results. The interesting part of this is that it was just one comment or the rest would not provide before and/or after pictures. They were requested by people who were interacting. .....but a lot of excuses provided, no pictures. Then people were coming to Dra Medina's defense with their satisfaction. It was questioned if they ever really had surgery with her and then things just fell off. I wanted to tell everyone this bc I am not stupid, but I really wanted to believe we were on here to share truthful information. Women helping women and giving support to each other. So, I have not only learned that Dra Medina is the best choice for me but also to keep it real and hope I get the same in return. So ladies, I am filled with excitement and I am very happy for all of you who have chosen to have your journey. If it's not your time yet.....remember I am 55 yo. It isn't to late. Good night to all the beautiful women (and) men who are brave enough to have your journey to the best U !

FINALLY. confirmation confirmed

Wow. ... Wouldn't think that the confirmation of receiving money would take so long. I have been stressing about this since Monday when I sent it. Although they probably got pretty sick of seeing my name with emails. So I called this morning and her assistant answered said she would look into it and let me know. We'll 5 mins later got an email saying yes I am booked for March 28th. So now I can chill a little. So RS'ers, have a beautiful weekend and my thoughts and prayers to you who are not yet flat, and those of you recovering. Will be joining you in March! ! Peace.

SHOUT out to Dr. Rafael Estevez Hernandez

I contacted Dr. Estevez to ask for my deposit back. The quote did not say "no refund for deposit ", so I thought what the hell.....I will at least ask. So I sent him an email to let him know I would not be keeping my March 28th surgery with him and asked for my deposit back. As I nervously waited, he sent back this very nice response and said of course he would send the money back. So I just waited and a few days later he sent an email with a picure of the receipt and confirmation number, as well as wishing me the best in whatever I wanted to do. WOW...can you say what a awesome attitude? I certainly will remain with Dra Medina. She is just crazy good and I feel so much more peace in my decision. I wish March 28th would come...SOON I'm ready to do this !!! Peace and love to all dolls who have already made it to the flat side and all of us sisters who are coming behind you !!!!!

Gathering slowly the essentials

Been taking one iron tab a day now for about a month. Hgb was 13.9. Would love to know what it is now. Will see my primary doc 2nd week of March for a annual physical. Of course she will do bld work, but I need to find a way to have it checked before that. I believe there is a Lab here that will do a CBC for about 35 dollars. Think I will do this mid January. That will give me little over 8 weeks to hammer down on it if below 17. Yep...17 is my goal. Maybe a little high for a goal, but that's what I am really aiming for. Been getting front opening pj's and robes. Female urinal which I really want to practice with so that may help when real situation calls for it lol. Got a botty pillow and found a boppy pillow, that was on Letgo site Score!!! So got a real nice one for 10 bucks. Got folate tabs as after research it is better to work with iron then folic acid. Plan on starting this and Vit. C a month before. Have a stack to pack in guest bedroom. Plan on taking Magnesium citrate along with more mild products for the dreded but inevitable constipation. .... I was told I can get chlorahexidine in DR. Need to buy some depends. Don't know why..but I just don't want to think about having to wear them. But have heard these are a necessity with so much drainage so will hang my head and just buy the damn things. Husband is not saying much, but not being negative either so that's a plus. He just would rather be there. I would welcome that since I'm going alone, but I am pretty strong minded, so hoping that will work out. Broke my ankle about 5 months ago, so after the repeated cast non wt bearing and now still in physical therapy I am just not able to do any aerobic or weight lifting I decided to try Yoga. This is an unbelievable strength and flexibility regime. With a smart TV going to YouTube was such a relief to be able to find these classes. I read many journals where people wanted to exercise to be more healthy before surgery, which is an awesome thing to do, but I thought what the hell can I do to help myself? ?? So this is perfect for my situation! !! I am so happy as time is going fairly good. Not counting the days. Went back to work full-time so that is helping and keeping me off here so much. When I was off....I was becoming addicted !! So been reading about traveling after these procedures. The fear of a clot has really been on my mind. I think is throwing a clot and dying worth looking better? Is it better to just chose to stay home? Then I do see many people travel to DR and back home without any incidence. Most are younger then me. I am 55, but pretty healthy. So that is my thoughts for the day. I pray for you all to have great experiences and successful results without any complications :) Good night wonderful dolls.

Merry Christmas to all

Yes....still waiting. Wish I would of scheduled for January. Wanting to get this over and back home. Been doing yoga every morning. I am feeling much stronger. Few recent pics.





Not sure why can only upload one at a time...

6 weeks away !!

Wow..hard to believe the 4 months have counted down to just 6 weeks. I am both excited and nervous. I am a positive person so, I believe these procedures will go smoothly and I will heal beautifully. Staying in DR for 2 weeks at a recovery house. Oh, don't get me wrong, I am not in LA LA land and think there will not be some REALLY bad days. But from reading a LOT of reviews it seems like the first 3 days are the worst. Then start having some okay days and progress to some good days. I am sure there will still be some bad days, but fewer of them, I believe or at least hope!!! I recently broke my leg, then my ankle. Same side..what the heck right? Well that has taught me so much patience. To recover and get stronger....twice. it took one year for the swelling to go down the first time. It hasn't happened yet for the second break as yet. So I hope this new found patience will keep me mentally slowed in expectations so quickly. I think everything has a reason. If not for these two breaks, I probably would of been my own worst enemy. But knowing the first 3 or even 5 days are the worst you can kinda bear it cuz you know there is an end in site. So in May we have a "destination wedding " in St Lucia. That will be 6 weeks after my procedures. No, I do not believe this will be the best vacation as it will be hot which means I will probably be in swell hell. Anyway leaving March 26th. Happy as can be cuz I am very tired of this BIG roll over my pants especially when I sit. Bonus...first time in life I will not have a flat butt and some great looking boobies. So ladies and gents please keep me lifted in your prayers on March 28th for a successful surgery and thereafter for a smooth recovery. Will post pics and updates.


Today is March 3rd. I packed my suitcase. I can't believe I started at 8 months and now I am leaving in 23 days! This is so so unbelievable. I did labs Thursday and will see my PCP for my annual physical. I will finally get my hemaglobin after months of Iron supplements, folate, vitamin C and two weeks before surgery begin zinc for healing. Hgb started at 13.9 my goal is 17. Can't wait till Monday to get the results! ! Got coupons from GoodRx for all meds that totals around $120.00. I have a great doctor, but not too sure if she will be on board to prescribe the meds. Not running through insurance so that should help. Also gonna ask her if she will handle any problems if something comes up. Pretty much decided to NOT have implants, just lift for the boobies. I am already a 36 DD, so if I can stay natural and perky maintain a D cup this chickie will be happy. Well ladies and gents with that I will say goodnight sweet dreams and God bless you all!

Need Reassurance BIG TIME

Well today is March 12th. I get on that big ol jet plane in 14 days. Unfortunately there was 2 deaths in Miami in not quite one year. One just March 9th, and just seen the Facebook group of the horror stories from DR. I personally don't have a Facebook pg so was looking via my husband's page. Of course he is right there and now really not wanting me to go. All but a couple were about Cabral. He really has caused a lot of pain in people's lives. I think it's 2 or 3 deaths, including NYC. Then other mistakes. Sure makes you think if the reach for "beauty, or being happy" is worth death. Yes, I realize there are thousands of procedures a year and the percentage may be low, but not one person I am sure thinks death is worth it. I just need to put some time and confidence between now and 14 days from now. My heart goes out to all who are hurting either with complications or the finality of losing someone you love.

yikes. 12 hr to the airport

It's hard to believe that Aug 30th 2016 I began my search to find a better outside. Inside has been confident, but outside..not so much. My flight leaves at 0600 tomorrow morning. Heading to DR to meet Dra. Tania Medina on the 28th. Wanted to arrive 2 days earlier to settle and pick up things I couldn't pack. These last 8 months I thought would never pass and now its a little scary that it is here. Well here's the support breakdown; hubs not thrilled but won't stop me. Son not to happy. One sister on the fence and the other I was planning on calling tonight, but big moth on the fence has already done that, so sister #2 has called twice and left one msg. She will I am sure be very vocal and not in a good way. That is why I didn't want to talk to her until tonight. Why you ask tell either? Because my husband bless his heart didn't want to have this just on his shoulders and asked me to tell the sisters. Weirdly enough I am not feeling way to anxious that I would change my mind. So onward and forward. I will keep posting updates as this process moves along!!! Hope everyone healing feels better every day and peace to all who are preparing.

Arrived in DR!!!

The flight went well. Just as promised there was a friendly guy holding up a white board with 3 names...and one was mine. Wow great relief. Feeling a little better knowing I wasn't in a city with 3 million people plus 1 that would of been crazy lost. Anyway Jorge took me to Diva Dolls International. Felt secure as is gated and guard present. The recovery house is on the 7th floor with a sitting area outside that has a great view of the stunning ocean. Settled in for the afternoon and night. The women who run the house are friendly, experienced as both have had same procedures we look for, and keep things organized. Staff are helpful, actually always there. The food is tastes good. To the clinic today, not the smoothest of days, but made it through. Even though my HGB is 13.2 Dra. Medina will do TT BBL and liposcluture but not BL. I was informed of this from her coordinator. I didn't actually get to see her. I respect that decision as I know her focus is on safety and I'm good with it. However, just a word to the wise....take your lab history. I have been on same dose of levothyroxine for 5+ years and just had my annual physical with labs. No change in dosage. However, now I have to pay $200.00 to be evaluated by an endocrinologist. Will pay it, but what a waste of money. Then even though I don't smoke, also have to pay $100.00 to pulmonary doctor. The reason for that is that like everyone else I will be wearing a restrictive faja. I do not believe everyone who has a TT has to pay this. Actually no one I have come into contact with. I do however believe it has to do with my age. I also can give credence to this for safety, but please call it what it is. I am older then everyone in this house. I accept this. The clinic was clean, but the areas of testing is not state of art. But, is functional. Nothing wrong with that. So I get picked up at 0530 tomorrow to go to the clinic. No one is advised of their surgery time. Not to thrilled with that. 4 surgeries scheduled. Not thrilled with that either as I was told she limited herself to 2 a day. Was told my time envolvement from prep to pushing me into my post op faja would be 4 hrs. I realize she does not have to be involved in that whole process, but kinda seems like a long day for surgeries. Well, that's all of the details at this time. Keep me in your prayers please. Will post more after coming out on the flat side!!!

Good morning !!

Sorry haven't posted. First post op appt was yesterday. Dra. Medina said all looked good except I need to contact to hunch over. That's a hoot since I have used a walker everyday. Anymore hunching I'll be kissing my knees. Lol. First peak yesterday it does look nice. Getting accustom to this faja and painful but necessary lymphatic massages. Day 3 today and I just open my eyes and say to myself. ...the worst is about over. My sisters, son and hubby appears to be more accepting now they know it's done. I want to thank you for your support as well. Funny how strangers can become a great source of information and say what you need to hear. I will post pics. May not be until I get home, but I'll try before that. Have a great day and God bless.

Day 5 post op

Still in DR recovering. I read on someone else's post that this not for the faint of heart. Those are very wise words. I am still using the walker, than goodness these ladies who own this place has been and done that. Only taking toradol which is an anti-inflammatory med. Sides of incision are red still, but think that is normal at this stage. Not so sure bout BBL as Medina said not enough fat in back and thighs. Too bad couldn't use abdominal fat.....was plenty of that. Lol. Well, I think I am done anyway. The 28 yo and 39 yo aren't as active as this ol gal. Seems to stay in bed a lot. The weather is fabulous and an ocean view. If this was just another year and that beach would be friends. Anyway just wanted to give an update and couple pics. When I get home I want to sit down and let you all know what happens here as I see it firsthand. It is concerning to say the least

Guess only one pic at a time?



Hello!! Hope everyone is feeling wonderful today. Arrived in DR on Sunday, March 26th. Surgery was about 0700 on March 28th. After swallowing the infamous "little blue pill" was out after Medina marked me then a nurse walked me across the hall into the surgery room. Laid down on small surgical bed, was cold I remember that.....but thats it. Woke up in recovery. So fast forward (or slow forward :) ), today being April 8th and leaving at 2 pm. Happy! !! It's been a journey for sure. Still leaning forward BUT gave up the walker a few days ago. Will be going home with my drain ; (
I guess this buttercup will just suck it up cuz it's better then a seroma. I will be pulling it myself after 2 days of less then 50cc. See my PCP on Monday morning. So happy she is going to help me and follow me in the states. Massage scheduled for later same day. Then back to work on Tuesday. Probably gonna be a pretty tired kitten by Friday, but been walking frequently and feeling stronger! So both sisters said they are "coming to see me tomorrow " I told them " you ain't kidding me, you are coming to see the parts that changed on me" lol. Oh well, that is still a great sign. Will take pics either little later today, or tomorrow to post. Have a great Saturday, and to my sisters, so happy for your kind supportive words and YES finally on the flat side. Yay. US ???

3 weeks.....

Well I am where I have read a lot of journeys from you. I am swollen, bent and getting a little exhausted. I went back to work Tuesday WITH MY DRAIN. That day was less then 50 cc, so I took it out before going to sleep. Today was a little better. I am not able to wear my 2nd stage faja. From the beginning, after my massage it could only be fastened on the 1st of 4 rows of hooks. It was painful and kinda funny as the massage therapist pulled so hard to get that around me she lifted me right off the chair I was sitting / leaning back on. The next day she put in the backboard and abd board. I literally could not breathe. It felt like my ribs were being crushed. Pretty sure that was just a little small. So I am trying to use what I have to keep compression on. Sleeping in a recliner. So to be honest, I feel like I am failing in this recovery. I realize it's only been 3 weeks, so I keep telling myself to chill. Just wanted to give an update and some pics. Good night :)


3 wks

Happy Easter !

I know I haven't posted to much after coming back home from DR. I landed late April 8th, Saturday night. I had already planned on doing an infusion for a patient Sunday, but to rest then as much as possible rest of Sunday and Monday. My PCP had already be made aware of this surgery in DR and gave me most scripts before I left, but also wanted to see me Monday morning 0815. Had my first lymphatic massage, then did another infusion. I thought at least I had planned to stay low key in the office from Tuesday until Friday. Well that didn't happen at all. In those 4 days I put in 42 hours. I pulled my drain at home Tuesday night. I wore it to work, concealed of course, on Tuesday. Yes mostly 10 to 12 hour days. AND since I am salary had to work 1/2 day yesterday, Saturday. This has just about done me in. I couldn't even stand upright. So...that's why I haven't posted. Had a decent night of sleep so feel a little human at the moment. I have a few questions for you who are past this stage. 1) what does your stomach feel like? Mine is soft and hard at the same time. I feel swollen, but not sure ....will it become more pliable? Feel more like it's my body anytime soon? How long does the lipo areas stay sooooo sore? I am not so much bruised, just sore to the touch. When did you begin scar therapy? I don't really want to put anything over the scabbing and don't know I should as I have embrace. This is to be left on 10 days, so I won't be able to see what's goin on under there. I am not as savvy as most, so do not know how to do side by side photos. I took photos today. So on the very positive side the measurements are impressive. least to me anyway. So please scroll to see the comparisons. Also...back numb from lipo? I appreciate all your support and encouragement. I will keep posting, and still want to do a post on the whole DR experience. Hope this is a wonderful day for you all and will anxiously be awaiting your answers, just to know if I am on the right track. GOD bless you all

post measurement

post pic

post pic

post pic

3 weeks and 3 days...Tired of it already

Hello friends,
We'll it's been just over 3 weeks now. Been a rough ride so my humble opinion anyway. I have let myself think 'what the hell was I thinking' but I keep trying to turn those thoughts around. The drain site is now filled with slough tissue as well as a few spots across my incision. That is dead tissue. I realize it is non healing areas. But with so much and for extended time with swelling it is always possible since the fld is just sitting there. Anyway using manuka to debride them areas. Tried the shrunken stage 2 garment again last night. Didn't work. ...again. so just given up on that. My husband feels bad that he put it in the dryer, but he was just trying to help, God bless him. I have another garment that is supposed to be a stage 2 as well, it feels good except the hooks and zippers are on the sides. I wore it to work yesterday and was almost crying by the time I got home. The zippers began to have dips and valleys pressing so tight in the areas that by the time I got it off I had pitting edema, swelling that you can run your fingers over the skin and feel the deep ridges. I am going back to the garment I have been wearing with a waist cincher. It is not a stage 2, but surely striking out on the stage 2's that I have wrapped up over three hundred dollars in. Feel like swelling hasn't went down at all. No wonder, right? Guess I will look online to find my 3rd stage 2. Sorry this sounds like a lot of belly aching, but who else can relate to this, except you who have been there. I will try to be more positive next time, but just keeping it real. Oh...I can end on a positive note. I am down 10 lbs pre-surgery, even with all this swelling. Hope all is going well for the new and more experienced flat siders. For those who are in the pre stage, I know it gets better, but we all want things to happen quickly. Please remember this to shall pass, and I will try to focus more on that myself.

3 wks 3 days

3 wks 3 days

7 weeks....

Just wanted to touch base for an update. On a preplanned destination wedding in St. Lucia. Weird cuz I am not able to get in any pools nor the ocean. Really don't want to explain that I have open areas from surgery which will lead to only more questions that I don't want to answer. The weather is perfect, so just enjoying the relaxation. It is well needed thats for sure. A few positive seromas after I pulled the drain. That was just after 2 weeks post op. No signs or symptoms of infection. Just 2 non healing wounds. I guess at this time gonna say...slow healing wds. They are making progress, just slowly. All slough, or dead tissue gone. Using aquacel twice dly. So this far in, does anyone else feel like if you are sitting too long, 20 mins or so, that you need to stretch your skin? My sides and lateral sides feel like I am pulling my skin apart. Burning. This is getting a little less as time goes on, but I guess it would depend on who and how much skin was pulled to tighten the abd. I have only been able to wear my stage 2 faja probably 2 out of these 7 weeks. Think I may have injured my intercostal left thoracic ribs with the compression. It was painful to take a deep breath, then cough for 2-3 mins. So, been wearing a spanx and waist cincher. Keeping it low and off the rib area. I really want to get back into it tho as I believe it will help shape me, but I will in a little more time. So, overall, guess progressing as well as expected. Here a a few pics from here and openings, need to get new ones of incision. Will do and post when I get home. Thank you all for you thoughts and encouragement. If I can help answer any questions, I would be happy to help. Happy healing to all my sisters pre and post procedures :)

another pic

Dra T Medina

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