Grammie Makeover 55 Years Old but Feeling 42. Long Awaited to Make Outside Match Inside - Dominican Republic

I am making my deposit tomorrow for mommy makeover...

I am making my deposit tomorrow for mommy makeover with Dr. Rafael Estevez in DR. So excited. ...but procedures are not scheduled until March 28, 2017. To have TT, Liposculture. Front, back. Lipo with TT as well as muscle tigthening of abd muscles. Lipo of inner thighs and breast lifts. Will begin count down. Couple pics of before posted. I know it will be awhile, but I will also post the afters so you can witness what this awesome doctor can do. Plan on staying at Seaview RH. Looks great !! Now looking for flight.


The first TT is actually a BBL. He is doing so much to make this grammie smokin. Will need to work hard on bringing up the hemaglobin!

Down payment. Check.

Well took three attempts to get the down payment through, but it did happen !! So step one completed. Still looking for airline tickets at a reasonable rate. Got all of the alerts set up so I can jump on them. Dr. Estevez said I shold eat high protein and low carbs. This isn't a problem cuz I already follow this diet. My only downfall is "Mexican " coke. It has no high fructose corn syrup. This is actually made in Mexico and with real sugar and in a glass bottle. As you can see I love it cuz I have talked about it way to long. Haha. So on to the doctor to see what my hemaglobin is. That as we know is the critical number. 14.....14....14....14. Plz be close at least.


Woo hoo hgb is 13.9 that is before iron tabs to start when they arrive! Guess high protein / low carb has helped. Also have been on vit b12 for long time. This is such a relief. One less thing to stress over.

Little R &R

In Mexico city for Independence day celebration. Wow... never seen anything like this. To say they go all out would be an understatement. I needed this before hammering down to keep hgb at 14. Also gonna try to lose as much as I can

Come on March 2017

Besides reading great advise on here about what to get for supplies and what to expect. .... which some posts sounds like a lot of pain for first few days. Am also trying to find good price on airfare. This is a different kind of pain....ugh. But, it is also exciting as this is just one more step to completing this journey. It feels so far away ( surgery is March 2017). Now every time I look in the mirror I try to imagine what I will look and feel like. My husband says he is happy as things are and doesn't want me to be disappointed afterward if I don't get what I am hoping for. I am only conflicted by his statement. I know he is supportive of what I feel I need to do. Has anyone had these feelings? Maybe I just planned this to far out. Maybe I should jump on a plane tomorrow morning hmmmm.

Airline tickets. ......check!

Yes, I stayed awake late to monitor my flight alerts. Since prices have pretty much stayed the same....I just went for it! !! So another step of this wonderful plan coming together. Can't wait to be on the flat side. RH next to be confirmed since I have flight info. Then onto supply shopping. Vacation requested. Whew just enough time to be off the 2 weeks. Hope I feel good enough to be at full speed then.

Recovery House.......CHECK!

Well...just made last reservation I need!!!! I am having a hard time thinking this is 6 months away. I feel this is good in one aspect as I have started on iron tabs....which are giving me diarrhea, sorry. So I have a lot of time to prepare. I purchased supplies online for items such as lipo foam and abdominal board, butt cushion. But on other side I am anxious. I need to return to work day 13 post op so I hope to feel ready for it. Also anxious to just get there and be on the flat side. I hope this time goes fast!!!

Dreambodydiva RH....looks amazing!

Dreambodydiva. ... the recovery house where I will be staying after surgery. Tried to contact Seaview a few times, but no answer to phone, then when did get an answer, both ladies spoke only Espanol. I know some, but do not want to stress about communication when in pain. So did more digging and this place looks and offers so much more. Including supplies (some) a nurse 24/7 and will only take 3 people at time. So I feel very good about that. In addition, via email was very quick to respond in perfect English. Please look at the site if you are looking still.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Estevez has always answered each time I sent him a message, but not only answered, he has always been patient. He is not pushing for something I was on the fence about, just to do more. I feel he is honest and very upfront. I can't wait to meet him and see the results of his magic skilled hands!

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